LAIKOE-Your Leading Vacuum Flask Manufacturer and Supplier in China

LAIKOE  is your premier vacuum Flask manufacturer and supplier in China, with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask and Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottles.

Our Production Facilities are based in Yongkang, China, the “Vacuum Flask Capital”.

LAIKOE vacuum Flask, made in 18/8 (304) food-grade stainless steel, is the best thermos flask for hot and cold drinks. LAIKOE vacuum Flask is in double-walled structure, vacuum insulated, and leak-proof flask.

LAIKOE meets and exceeds EN12546-1:2000 for technology standard in manufacturing Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask.

Check more styles, Download PDF file here.

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Your Premier Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Manufacturer in China

  • 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel, Food Grade, and Unbreakable
  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulated
  • a Capacity available for whole day drinking
  • Some styles come with ultralight bottles
  • Lots of Furnishing Way on Double Wall Vacuum Flask

The most classic style of LAIKOE vacuum Flask is a bullet thermos flask, with a one-touch switch stopper or innovative push-button stopper for quick pouring, and lid in bullet shape, considered designed to drink coffee, tea, cold or hot water freely.

The lid of LAIKOE vacuum Flask is a serving cup that works as the dust-proof cap, meanwhile acts as a shot glass to drink.

Lids with 2serving cups are applied on some travel thermos flasks, so with Bullet style LAIKOEvacuum Flask, more people could drink at the same time.

LAIKOE vacuum flask water bottle ranges from different sizes, they are 350ml thermos flask, 500ml vacuum flask, 750ml, and 1ltr thermos flask water bottle.

The surface of LAIKOE vacuum flask could be decorated by colorful spray painting or powder coating which is more durable from color fading. LAIKOE vacuum flask with Gradient treating is of amazing look and more and more popular in the market.

LAIKOE vacuum flask behaves excellent in heat retention quality, Mirror electrolysis (than normal electrolysis) is applied for the Inner surface of. 

For luxury grade LAIKOE vacuum flask,  LAIKOE has developed the latest porcelain painting technology to take the place of electrolysis, which make the inner surface of LAIKOE vacuum flask super smooth, anti-corrosion for acid drinks or salt soup, less the possible pollution to the earth, and save cost for LAIKOE vacuum flask.

LAIKOE Will be Your Best  Vacuum Flask Supplier and Partner in China

To meet the personalized demands on Stainless Steel Thermos Flasks, LAIKOE vacuum flask supply logo printing services.

You could custom your graphic onto LAIKOE vacuum flask in various ways like embossing or debossing, silk screen printing, Air-gas printing, heat sublimation.

As special efforts LAIKOE has explored for unique requirements on Vacuum Flask, UV printing technology has put into mass production with a daily capacity of over 3000pcs for a certain areas.

Ultralight LAIKOE vacuum Flask provides a solution for the same volume but half weight Stainless Steel thermos drinkware.

LAIKOE is proud to be able to supply a lightweight flask for highly portable and big capacity.

Whether you are kids or teens, boys or girls, young or old, use inside kitchen or outdoor, you could find your most favorite style from LAIKOE vacuum flasks.

LAIKOE has world advanced Vacuum Pumping Equipment and High vacuum testing instrument, Hydraulic pressure expand equipment, Multi-way graphic printings as well as the assembly line and R&D resources, which ensure the stability of product quality and fashion.

LAIKOE Insulated flask could keep the beverage cold or warm for long till 12/6 hours.

LAIKOE is the reliable thermos flask manufacturer and supplier, we aim to supply the best wholesale Vacuum Flask, to help you to boom your drinking flask business. You could check more styles and download PDF Files here.

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