Hydro Vacuum Flask Kids Manufacturer and Supplier in China

As a professional hydro vacuum flask kids manufacturer and supplier in China, REACHING enterprise supplies high-quality hydro flask stainless steel water bottle, baby hydro flask, small flex boot hydro flask, insulated tumbler, and mug.

Reaching export hydro flask throughout the world, including North America, Germany, UK, France, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and so on, and win a high reputation for reliable quality and timely delivery.

Laikoe Hydro flask kids now are very popular all over the world, there is a various capacity for the customer to choose from, among them, hydro flask 10 oz coffee and hydro flask 12 oz kids are most welcomed by adults to choose for their children because 12 oz hydro flask kids are the suitable size for kids to hold and carry with.

Laikoe Hydro Flasks are manufactured with 18/8 stainless steel, which is 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and 74% iron, it is a Food-grade kitchenware material, extremely safe for kids and adults.

As a main hydro flask manufacturer and supplier in China, LAIKOE kid hydro flasks have developed lots of different bottle mouths, including hydro flask wide month, hydro flask standard month, and narrow month, there are suitable lids to match them.

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  • Specially Designed for Hydro Flask Kids using
  • Material in High grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Technology
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Phthalate Free, Food Grade, Safe for Drinking
  • Does not retain any odors
  • Lightweight, sturdy and sweat proof
  • Various Colors available
  • Hydro Flask Kids Size 12oz, 16 oz, and 18oz
  • Graphic way: Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV Printing.
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

Laikoe Hydro flask 12 oz kids wide mouth is deeply loved by importers and distributors of hydro flask kids and mini-hydro flask.

Besides, Hydro flask importers and retailers are also very interested in hydro flask kids bottle with straw. Hydro flask 12 oz kids sippy is also a trend of the baby hydro flask.

REACHING Enterprises has rich experiences supplying hydro flask baby bottle with straw, quality is well guaranteed.

What’s more, there are various choices for hydro flask kids color. Reaching Hydro Flask manufacturer provides OEM service, customers can choose the color from PANTONE color card, then show us, we can make the same color as customer requests. Nowadays light warm colors like yellow, red, mango, multicolor is more welcomed by kids.

Working as a reliable manufacturer and supplier in china, REACHING has exported hydro flasks for 15 years. The day output of Laikoe Hydro Flask water bottle is 20,000pcs, the maximum monthly capacity reaches 600K.

Therefore, the production lead time is guaranteed for customers. Normally the delivery time of Laikoe hydro flask is 35-45days for an order.

Rely on rich experienced Hydro Flask Factory in Yongkang, the base of hardware in China, REACHING has won high reputations for full series of Stainless steel Hydro Flask water bottles with strictly controlled quality, timely delivery, and favorable price.

LAIKOE hydro flask kids are specially designed for children with colorful looking and the latest design, it will definitely draw your kids attention.

Hydro Flask for Kids: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import hydro flask for kids from China, read this guide.

It covers everything you need to know about a hydro flask for kids such as features, design, safety, surface finish, lid options and capacity, amongst others.

So, if you want to be an expert in the hydro flask for kids, read this guide.

What is Hydro Flask Kids?

A hydro flask is a bottle designed to keep drinks at their initial temperature for at least 24hrs.

They are specifically made to help with kids’ drink storage wherever they are, be it at school or outside playing.

They are made with a double-walled vacuum.

The vacuum keeps the drink’s temperature constant, whether hot or cold.

Thus, making them better food packages than the regular plastic water bottles.

Hydro flask for kids

 Hydro flask for kids

Why is Hydro Flasks for Kids so popular?

Hydro flasks for kids are very popular among young generations that include generation z mainly.

The flasks are popular due to their stylish look since they come in various colors and different designs.

They are also tiny, meaning they are very suitable for kids who are even in kindergarten.

The uniqueness of hydro flasks and their colorfulness make them attractive to the kids.

Additionally, hydro flasks keep their contents with the storage temperatures, making it easier for you to store beverages for kids in their preferred temperatures.

An example is using plastic water bottles when it is hot, and the water also becomes heated up.

Kids are unlikely to drink warm water, indicating that they will probably stay dehydrated until returning home.

What the Unique Features of Hydro Flask Kids?

Decorated hydro flask

 Decorated hydro flask for kids

Hydro flasks for kids are designed with unique features that make them attractive to the kids.

They have pictures of cartoons in their designs which make them intriguing for the younger generations.

Famous cartoons like SpongeBob are drawn on the outside, making them suitable for kids.

Hydro flasks are also unique in that they are built to serve the same purpose as thermo flasks but are not made with glass.

Thus, significantly more robust.

Most water bottles and food packages are usually plastics.

These plastics can be affected by temperature; hence their contents change in taste and become less delicious.

Juices, for example, taste better when they are cold, and hydro flasks have delivered that to the kids.

What are the various Uses of Hydro Flask Kids?

Hydro flasks are used to store a wide variety of foods.

Hot beverages like tea and coffee can be stored in the flasks and stay hot.

Juices and other cocktails can also be stored in the hydro flasks.

Sodas too can be stored in the flasks since they will keep the gas and are strong enough not to be damaged.

Some foods can also be stored in the flasks if they are needed, warm or cold.

In what sizes do Hydro Flask Kids come?

Hydro flasks come in a variety of sizes.

The kids’ hydro flask is 12 OZ which is the smallest, while the biggest hydro flask is 64 OZ.

Various intermediate sizes are available depending on what you desire, including 48 and 12 OZ.

Hydro flasks also have a customization option where you can get the size you want.

There are also a variety of lid sizes depending on what size you prefer.

Is the Outer Surface of the Hydro Flask Bottle for kids reinforced to Prevent Dents and External Damage?

The outer layer of a hydro flask is made with very thin powdered paints that make it strong.

The powdered coating protects it from deep dents.

However, it depends on the impact of the damage.

If a hydro flask falls from a very high place, scratching or having a dent is high.

Children are prone to be careless and clumsy.

That is why hydro flasks are manufactured with the powdered paint layer.

It prevents minor scratches and dents.

Can Dents and Cracks on Hydro Flask Kids Affect its Contents?

During the significant impacts in hydro flasks, dents can form.

However, the hydro flask has three layers, the double-wall and the thin powdered paint.

The dent could get through the paint if it were high impact damage.

The double wall is made from metal that makes it hard to get damaged.

Therefore, the double metallic wall will protect the hydro flask’s contents since it cannot break.

The inner wall is also stainless.

Thus, it cannot scratch and distort the hydro flask’s contents, making it safe.

How do Hydro Flask Kids compare to regular Hydro Flask?

First, hydro flasks for kids are small, meaning that they can fit into their tiny hands, making them easy to carry.

The regular hydro flasks are for adults and big.

Hydro flasks for kids being small make them light and easily portable for kids.

A kid cannot carry a 64 OZ hydro flask; it will be heavy considering they have to take them everywhere.

Hydro flasks for kids are very colorful.

They come in the brightest colors, unlike for adults that you find in mundane colors like black.

Hydro flasks for kids also have smaller nozzles that are easier to drink, considering children can be very clumsy.

Regardless, all hydro flasks perform the same storage roles and have the same storage quality of maintaining their contents’ temperature.

What Material do you use to make Hydro Flask Kids?

The two inner walls of hydro flasks for kids are made from stainless steel.

Also, the outside layer is made from a thin layer of paint.

The lids are usually made from plastic to make them easier to open.

The stainless steel ensures strength.

Since it is stainless, the hydro flasks are easy to clean, increasing suitability for children.

Which Insulation Technology do you use for Hydro Flask Kids?

The hydro flask uses temperature shield technology for its temperature retention quality or its insulation.

For a change of temperature, heat needs to travel by convection, conduction, evaporation, condensation, among other mechanisms.

These ways in which heat travels lead to the loss or gaining of heat changing temperature.

The hydro flasks are manufactured by creating a vacuum between the two stainless steel walls.

Since heat cannot travel in a vacuum, it acts as an insulator.

The lid is also made from an insulating material.

It is also leak proof, meaning it prevents the loss of temperature to the outside environment.

Does the Insulation for Hydro Flask Kids work the same way as that of Hydro Flask insulated?


All hydro flasks work with the same vacuum-aided insulation technique.

Their uniqueness is retaining the temperature of its contents.

This indicates that hydro flasks for kids work in a similar way to regular hydro flasks.

What are the Safety Considerations for Hydro Kids?

Hydro flasks for kids are made with a material that does not break, like glass or plastic.

When glass or plastic breaks, they leave sharp edges that may be dangerous to the kids.

The powdered paint also acts as a shock absorber by reducing falls that may injure the kids.

Additionally, hydro flasks for kids have an excellent holding nozzle that enables them to hold it comfortably.

Thereby, reducing the risk of spilling the contents that can be hot or fall and injure their feet.

Lastly, hydro flasks for kids do not have sharp edges since their shape is well curved. This reduces the possibility of injuries.

Powder coated hydro flask for kids

Powder coated hydro flask for kids

What is the Liquid Capacity for Hydro Flask Kids?

The kids’ hydro flasks are usually 12 OZ. they can carry a liquid capacity of 0.34 liters suitable for kids since they do not take much.

What are the available Color Options for Hydro Flask?

Kids are attracted to color every day.

It’s realistic that kid products are made in very bright and a variety of colors that appeal to the kids.

The bottles are available in pink; a color loved by little girls, and blue for the boys.

Other bright colors include white, yellow, cream, and orange.

Some bottles are also made in beige, grey, and black for those who do not like bright colors.

 What is the Proper way of Cleaning Hydro Flask Kids?

A hydro flask usually is easy to clean.

In most cases, you only need to rinse well with warm water, and you are good to go.

However, there are times that you will need to deeply wash them to avoid permanent stains.

There is a cleaning set for a hydro flask that includes a bottle brush.

You are supposed to clean the flask using the brush and warm soapy water.

If the stains cannot come out, you can pour warm water mixed with a spoon of vinegar or baking soda.

After soaking for about five minutes, the stains will come out.

You can wash the lid and straw in a dishwasher if you have one.

Hot water can distort the hydro flask’s insulating properties, you should be careful not to use in cleaning.

Also, you should not be soaking it entirely in hot water because it will remove the powdered paint.

What Lid Options do you offer for Hydro Flask Kids?

 Lid options for hydro flask for kids

Lid options for hydro flask for kids

There is a variety of hydro flask lids depending on your preference.

Also, there is the wide mouth flex sip lid, the standard mouth stainless flex lid.

There is also the simple fit in the straw lid and the wide mouth straw lid.

Other lids include the standard mouth insulated sports cap.

Since there is a customization option, you can also be creative with the lid they want.

Is Hydro Flask Kids with Straw Lid Leak-proof?

Yes. The hydro flasks straw lids are manufactured with very fitting measurements and tight grips that cannot leak.

Why should you choose Hydro Flask Kids with Nozzle instead of Hydro Flask with Wide Mouth?

There are high chances of hydro flasks with wide mouth spilling than the ones with a nozzle.

The nozzle hydro flask fits in the mouth.

In case they fall, not much of the contents will be spilled compared to the wide mouth.

In the case of kids who are not as careful as adults, the hydro flasks with nozzles are more favourable.

They have straws in that the contents can only come out when one is drinking from the hydro flask.

Without pressure, the contents cannot come out.

Is the Spout Lid on Hydro Flask Kids Replaceable?

Yes. There are various accessories for hydro flasks in online stores and regular stores.

They sell different types of lids depending on the type and size of the hydro flask mouth.

Therefore, you can get a replacement of a hydro flask lid in stores all over.

Which Finishing Options can you consider for Hydro Flask Kids?

Hydro flasks can have different designs in the form of unique colours to make them more appealing.

They can also start designing other shapes other than the regular round shapes.

More cartoon features and other kids’ TV shows can be printed on the outside.

They entail specific television Shows children relate to according to their ages.

Customization can also be made by children suggesting how they want their flasks to appear.

What are the Benefits of Powder Coating for Hydro Flask Kids?

The powder coating in hydro flasks provides a protective layer that prevents dents on the flask.

It also acts as a shock absorber in case of high impact and protects the flask’s contents.

The outer powdered layer also enhances the flask’s beauty since anything, including color, can be put on it.

The outer powder also makes the flask durable by acting as a shield to the insulating vacuum.

The powdered coating is too soft to hold and is always at room temperature since it does not conduct heat.

Are there other Coating alternatives for Hydro Flask Kids?

The thick powdered outer layer on hydro flasks is the best coating favorable for the hydro flasks.

Mainly because it makes it easy to design anything on them.

However, you can use ordinary water-based paints to paint your hydro flasks.

Since it won’t be as thin as the powdered coat, it might not protect the hydro flask from dents.

However, it can still look beautiful since there are a variety of paints on the market.

After painting, you can use paint sealers to ensure the paint does not peel off quickly for durability.

What Techniques do you use to Print Logos and Images on Hydro Flask Kids?

Silk printing is one printing technique used in the hydro flask.

It brings excellent results when only two colors are in use.

The artwork of silkscreen paint can be used on both the front and the back of the hydro flask.

Another technique is laser marking, whereby something is engraved permanently on the flask through burning in it.

Laser techniques also print permanent logos on stainless steel.

Laser marking  includes engraving on top of the painting, whatever suits the buyers.

Thirdly, there is a technique known as sublimation printing.

Here, heat is used to stick artwork on any surface, including hydro flasks, permanently.

Various other methods can be applied depending on the customization of a specific flask.

Some will need engraving, which requires laser marking.

While some need pictures that can use sublimation.

The other techniques include hydrographic printing and 3d printing.

What do BPA-free and Phthalate-free mean for Hydro Flask Kids?

BPA or Bisphenol-A and phthalate are chemicals found in plastics known every day as everywhere chemicals.

They have been proved to bring developmental complications to children in terms of hormonal complications.

Therefore, you should be careful not to expose your children to these chemicals.

The chemicals get to the babies by peeling from plastic bottles and other baby materials into their food, bringing health complications.

Therefore, stainless hydro flasks are the best alternative to plastic kid bottles.

They do not contain these chemicals that can harm children.

Steel does not peel off into the children’s foods making the hydro flasks safe for food storage.

What are the FDA Requirements for Hydro Flask Kids?

The FDA requires that hydro flasks are free from all substances that may bring harm to the body.

Food safety requires that all FDA regulations are followed.

Chemicals like BPA and phthalates are used in the manufacture of plastics.

Whenever a plastic material is exposed to hot foods, they corrode and leak to the food substances hence ingestion.

Therefore all food-related products should be free from harmful substances like polythene, and mercury among others.

What is the Purpose of Silicone Flex Boot on Hydro Flask Kids?

Silicon flex boots are silicon rubbers that cover the mouth of hydro flasks.

They have approximately a 2mm thickness that enables them to protect the hydro flasks from dents.

They come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the hydro flask mouth.

What Accessories do Hydro Flask Kids come with?

Hydro flasks come with many accessories, including the silicon boot flex that is used to protect the flask.

They also come with cleaning gear that helps in cleaning the hydro flasks and straw lids.

Caps and lids are also hydro flask accessories since they are necessary for a functioning hydro flask.

Slings are also accessories that make carrying easier.

Hydro flasks also have little carrier bags that they fit into, making them easy to carry around.

Is Hydro Flask Kids Recyclable?

Hydro flasks are very durable and can last up to a lifetime.

The stainless steel does not wear.

They might look old due to the normal wear and tear.

However, they will still perform their purpose if well maintained.

They can be used every day.

You can sell your old bottle.

And it can be repaired to create a better performing hydro flask or other products that use similar materials.

Are Hydro Flask Kids durable? What Features Support its durability?

The hydro flasks for kids have many features that make them durable.

The material cannot break like ordinary glass and plastic bottles.

Hydro flasks are also not distorted by temperature since they are made in a way that withstands temperature.

The following features support their durability:

  • The powdered coating also makes them durable.
  • They have excellent grips on the lid that make carrying them more manageable, and they are less prone to falls.
  • Hydro flasks have the silicon boot flex that covers their mouth, preventing them from dents hence durability.
  • Lastly, hydro flasks are made from stainless steel that cannot be corroded easily, making them last for a long time.

Are Hydro Flask Kids Covered with a Warranty?

Hydro flasks come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defaults.

The warranties are applicable in situations whereby the hydro flask does not retain temperature due to manufacturing errors.

Another place where a warranty applies is when it is delivered with dents or scratches.

However, the hydro flasks warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

The hydro flasks guarantee to retain the contents’ temperature.

If it does not work, you will be allowed to make an exchange for one that functions well.

What are the Considerations for Choosing Hydro Flask Kids?

Printed hydro flask for kids

Printed hydro flask for kids

Hydro flask for kids is easy to use since they have plastic lids that are very easy to open.

They also have straws that are easy to use and prevent spills due to the kids’ possible clumsiness.

They are also easy to clean since the steel is stainless.

Just rinsing the hydro flask with warm soapy water makes it ready for use again.

Additionally, hydro flasks do not have leaking tendencies since their lids are leak-proof, and they do not have to be stored upright.

You should consider them because they have durable material.

Materials which are manufactured according to FAD rules, meaning it does not put the kids’ health at risk.

You should also consider hydro flask since they are very diverse and come in different colors.

The available designs are also suitable for the younger generations.

Lastly, hydro flasks are very affordable.

Considering they are a lifetime investment, the price is very fair.

They range from around $30 to $60, indicating that most people can afford them.

Hydro flasks have brought a unique product to parents to better kids’ lives when they are away from home.

In short, there are many factors you should consider when choosing hydro flask for kids.

As a leading hydro flask for kids manufacturer, we can help you develop you brand.

Contact us now for your OEM and custom hydro flask design.

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