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As a leading hydro vacuum flask growler manufacturer and solution in China, Reaching Enterprises supplies Hydro Vacuum Flask styles custom drinkware, such as tumbler, Hydro flask growler, wine growler, for beers and drinks in the party and transportation.

The Laikoe Hydro flask growler is made of the 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, it enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, which means you don’t need to worry the hydro flask growler rust even though you put the beers and other drinks in it, it doesn’t spoil the taste of the drinks.

Laikoe Hydro flask growler has a big capacity, 32oz, 64oz, 1 gallon and bigger, it’s suitable for some parties and family reunion, more drinks can be ready for the party to use, don’t need to worry the lack of drinks.

Get Magnificent Hydro Flask Tumbler Today to Boost Your Business with Reaching

  • Food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Hydro Flask Growler in big capacity 64oz
  • perfect for Family or Meeting
  • Contain huge Beer, Wine, Alcohol in a bottle
  • Phthalate Free, Safe for Drinking
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Technology
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • Does not retain any odors
  • Hygienic and easy to clean Hydro Flask Growler
  • Lightweight, sturdy and sweat proof
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Brushed Silver Surface /Powder Coating
  • Graphic way: Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving
  • Fast Response Time,High Efficiency
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

Laikoe Hydro flask growler use vacuum insulation technology, thus it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot up to 6 hours.

It can be used in different situations like parties and celebrating events, big capacity can supply everyone easily. Laikoe offers different kinds of printings to show your distinct logo to impress customers, also with other accessories like holders and separate cups.

REACHING has been in Hydro Flask growler industry for 15 years, we can easily provide valuable advice to your business with our professional team and production facilities.

Fast response time is essential for both of us, it’s also Laikoe’s advantage, we offer 24/7 service, your problems can be resolved any time soon.

Our dynamic teams cherish barrier-free communication with fluent English skills and relevant product knowledge on Stainless steel water bottles, it can reduce friction in the process.

REACHING culture is to provide the maximum value to you and minimize your issues, that’s what we’re doing for our partners.

If you have any new markets or ideas on Hydro flask growler to implement, Reaching is your reliable partner in China.

Hydro Flask Growler: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about hydro flask growler.

Whether you want to learn about the design options, uses, benefits, sizes or surface finish options – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Hydro Flask Growler?

Hydro flask growler

Hydro flask growler

This refers to a vessel that you can use to store carbonated drinks. Such drinks include beers, sparkling wine, and cider.

The main material for hydro flask glower is stainless steel.

What is the Origin of Growler?

You can trace the origin of growlers from the 19th century when there was a need among drinkers to carry their beers home.

As it became common, the process growled hence birthing the name growler.

During the early 2oth century, kids joined the fray as they would purchase beer growlers to take to workers or parents at home.

The growing popularity of the use of these growlers resulted in technological change.

This included change from using glass growlers to the use of plastic growlers and even pressurized growlers.

There is a belief among some that the name growler suggests the feeling of bartenders when filling these vessels.

This is due to the process of rinsing and scooping out foam from the growlers.

Who should Buy Hydro Flask Beer Growler?

There are different reasons for purchasing hydro flask growlers depending on the different parties involved.

If you are a manufacturer, you can reduce the overall cost of production by encouraging the use of growlers.

This is because these growlers are recyclable hence you don’t have to worry about filling your beer bottles.

If you are a consumer, the use of a growler lets you enjoy your drink whenever you are.

This is because it is an easy way of carrying your beer due to its lightweight.

It also tends to maintain the temperature of your beer which means you get to enjoy a chill or warm beer at your convenience.

The use of a growler is not only limited to beers. You can also use these growlers to hold your favorite carbonated drink.

The advantage of these growlers is their durability. This allows you to get value for your money in the long run.

They are also affordable since you require an initial high cost and no maintenance cost. Compared to other growlers which have a lower initial purchasing cost but are not durable.

This means you have to purchase such growlers often.

 Hydro flask growler

Hydro flask growler

Which Applications is Hydro Flask Growler best suited for?

The design for a hydro flask growler allows for mobility. This makes it possible for use during activities such as camping and traveling.

You can also use this flask to carry your carbonated drink to the office. The flexibility of the handle makes it easy to hold and enjoy your drink.

What is the Difference between Hydro Flask Growler and Normal Beer Growler?

The main difference between a hydro flask growler and a normal beer growler is in the type of material. normal growlers consist of main glass or plastic-coated material.

A hydro flask growler has stainless steel as its main material.

The stainless steel is double-walled to enhance its performance.

A hydro flask growler, therefore, has unique functionality compared to a normal beer growler.

For instance, it can maintain the temperature of your drink without having to refrigerate it.

This is unlike a normal beer growler whose temperature varies depending on external weather patterns.

The price of a hydro flask growler is relatively higher compared to that of a normal beer growler.

This is due to the durability of the hydro flask growler when you subject them to the same external factors.

Are Hydro Flasks Growlers worth it?

Yes. Hydro flask growlers are worth the price you purchase.

This is due to the several benefits that it offers. For instance, they are highly durable which reduces the overall cost while ensuring you get value for your money.

Durability in these growlers means they are not affected by external factors excessive force which can break them.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about their safety when hiking or doing vigorous activities

The lightweight nature of these growlers allows you to enjoy your drink at your convenience since you can carry the growler around.

A hydro flask growler can maintain the temperature of your drink for a long. This means you don’t have to worry about refrigeration when you have our growler.

Hydro flask growlers are recyclable. This reduces environmental waste while minimizing the cost of purchasing these growlers.

Hydro flask beer growler

Hydro flask beer growler

What Material is Hydro Flask Growler made of?

The main material for a hydro flask growler is stainless steel.  The stainless steel is usually double-walled which enhances the performance of the hydro flask growler.

There is an insulation layer between the doubled wall which consists of a vacuum. The vacuum minimizes heat loss from the hydro flask growler.

This is essential in maintaining the temperature of your carbonated drink. Plastic or hardened rubber is another material that you can find on a hydro flask growler.

It is the top part of the growler and it seals its opening. There are different designs for the seal but the function is to prevent heat loss due to convention.

How does Hydro Flask Growler compare with Glass Beer Growler?

A hydro flask growler is durable compared to a glass beer growler. This is due to the double stainless-steel material for the hydro flask growler which does not easily break.

Glass breaks easily when you subject it to external factors such as excessive force.

The price for a hydro flask growler is relatively higher compared to the glass beer growler.

A hydro flask growler has higher functionality than that of a glass beer growler.

This is due to its material and unique features.

The price of a hydro flask growler is higher than that of a glass beer growler.

Hydro flask growler

 Hydro flask growler

What are the available Dimensions of Hydro Flask Growler?

We have different dimensions of hydro flask growlers available in the market depending on the manufacturer.

The advantage of this is you can easily get a customized dimension from your manufacturer.

However, such a dimension should adhere to the specifications and quality standards available.

When should I choose Hydro Flask Growler 32 vs 64 oz.?

The choice of which one to choose between a 32V or 64 oz growler depends on your requirements.

However, you have to consider where you are going to use the growler and the amount you want to carry.

How does Hydro Flask Growler work?

The working of a hydro flask growler depends on its various parts. The top part lid or seal is an airtight part that completely seals the growler
This minimizes loss of heat through conventional means which ensures you enjoy the same temperature of your drink.

The seal or lid also maintains the freshness of your drink.

It is important to limit the number of times you open the growler to maintain freshness.

The presence of the double-wall stainless steel and vacuum prevents heat loss through radiation and conduction.

Stainless steel is an ideal material due to its unique properties that enhance its performance.

It does not easily corrode or reacts with the drink which minimizes contamination.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and has excellent microbial properties. This assures you of the quality of your drink.

Is Hydro Flask Growler the same as Hydro Flask Insulated?

No. a hydro flask growler is not the same as a hydro flask insulated.

A hydro flask insulated features an excellent insulation property. This enhances its usability by allowing drinks to maintain their temperature for long.

A hydro flask growler has unique features which allow it to maintain the freshness of your rink over a given time.

The design of these two in terms of the lid, opening, and closing mechanism also differ.

How do you Open a Hydro Flask Growler?

There are different ways of opening and closing your hydro flask growler. This depends on your manufacturer and the design of your growler

Common ways include flip open and screwing. Flip open involves flipping the top lid either sideways or upwards to open and flipping it down to close.

This works well when there is an additional cover for the lid.

The screwing option involves the cap having threads that you screw onto the top of your growler to open or close it.

The choice of which one to use depends on your preference since they all offer excellent closing and opening mechanisms.

Can You Use a Normal Hydro Flask as a Growler?

No. You cannot use normal hydro flak as a growler.

This is because certain features make a hydro flask growler ideal for use compared to a normal growler.

For instance, you cannot store carbonated drinks in a normal hydro flask and expect it to maintain its freshness.

Do you provide Accessories for Hydro Flask Growler such as Hydro Flask Silicone boot?


We do offer a variety of hydro flask growlers to meet your demand including a hydro flask silicone boot.

However, you can only get these accessories directly from us or through our trusted dealers. You must identify the specifications of the accessories that you want before engaging us.

This is to enhance the compatibility aspect with your hydro flask growler. The Advantage of our accessories is we can easily customize one that fits your requirements.

 Wine growler

 Wine growler

What are the considerations for choosing Hydro Flask Growler?

You have to consider the following factors when selecting your hydro flask growler:


You have different sizes of these growlers to select from. However, the size that you pick should comfortably handle the capacity of your drink.

It is important to consider the applicational area for these growlers when deciding the right size for you.

Quality Standard

Always ensure the hydro flask growler you select meets all its quality standards.

This is to enhance efficiency in its operation and to ensure that it is durable while eliminating the purchase of counterfeits.


Different hydro flask growlers have different design features to fit different customer requirements.

The growler that you select should have all the features that you want.

Such features include the handle and lid type, fresh carry system, and insulation property.


We have different manufacturers who use different technologies to manufacture their hydro flask growlers.

The different manufacturing processes have an impact on the selling prices for your hydro flask growlers.

You must purchase your growler from a recognized manufacturer. This eliminates the chances of purchasing an ineffective growler.

Such manufacturers usually solve issues relating to your growler when you get in touch with them.

Is Hydro Flask Growler Compatible with any Hydro Flask Cap and Lid?


A hydro flask growler is not compatible with any hydro flask cap and lid.

This is due to the difference in terms of the size and design of the cap and lid. However, if the lid and growler are of the same size and design, then they can be compatible.

Hydro flask growler lid

Hydro flask growler lid

What is the advantage of the Slip-free powder Coating for Hydro Flask Growler?

Slip-free powder coating offers unique benefits for your hydro flask growler. Having this coating improves the anti-slip features of the hydro flask growler making it difficult to break.

The availability of the coating in different colors enhances the visual appeal of your growler. This allows you to have a color that is unique and ideal for your customization.

Slip-free powder coating is relatively easy to apply which reduces the overall cost since you can do it yourself.

Its durability also allows you to enjoy value for your money since it does not peel off easily.

How do you print on Hydro Flask Growler?

We have several printing techniques that you can use on your hydro flask growler.

The choice of which one to use depends on several factors.

Such factors include printing cost, printing effect on the growler, and the availability of the printing technique. Common printing techniques are:

Screen Printing

Silk-screen printing is the common type of screen printing available. It involves the use of a mesh screen to transfer the print from a stencil to your hydro flask growler.

The function of the mesh is to transfer the design of your print onto the growler and leave the non-printing areas.

The benefit of using this printing technique is its cost-effectiveness.

It also results in a high-quality print which enhances the visual appeal of your hydro flask growler.

The durability of the print means you get to minimize the overall printing cost while getting value for your money.

The only limitation to the use of this method is you cannot use it on large orders. This is due to the high cost of setting up the printing procedure.

You also have to purchase numerous stencils and mesh which makes the cost high.

Laser Engraving

Laser beam plays a critical role in the success of this printing technique since they are responsible for creating the design.

This method is ideal due to its cost-effectiveness and simplicity.

There is a minimal human intervention which makes the method ideal for large orders. However, the overall cost of purchasing and setting the laser print hence not ideal for use.

UV Printing

UV printing is ideal for faster printing of your hydro flask growlers.

It uses ultraviolet light to print on your growler hence there is minimal human intervention.

Lack of human intervention increases the accuracy of the process resulting in high-quality prints.

You can also use this method to print large orders of your hydro flask growlers.

Cost is however the main limitation to the use of this method. The cost involved includes purchasing the materials and setting them up for use.

Which is better between Printed Hydro Flask Growler and Hydro Flask Paint?

The choice of which is better depends on several factors such as cost and preference.

A printed hydro flask growler has an even surface since the print becomes part of the growler surface.

A painted hydro flask usually has an irregular and uneven surface.

The cost of painting is relatively lower than that of printing regardless of the method you use. The print in a hydro flask growler is durable than that of a painted hydro flask.

Painting is time-consuming compared to printing.

This is because the painting has levels of manual control while printing is automated

Is Hydro Flask Growler Leak-proof?

An effective hydro flask growler is leakproof due to its fabrication process.

For instance, the double steel material passes a leaking test which ascertains this.

The availability of a tight lid makes prevents your drink from leaking via the top opening.

What is the Significance of the ‘’Fresh Carry System” for Hydro Flask Growler?

“Fresh carry system” allows for holding your carbonated drink for a longer duration. This allows you to enjoy your drink at your convenience.

The free carry system makes it easy to carry your hydro flask growler. You are therefore at liberty to move with your growler anywhere.

This system allows you to conveniently pour your drink on your cup when enjoying without worrying about spillage.

What is the Advantage of Hydro Flask Growler with Handles?

Hydro flask growler with handle

 Hydro flask growler with handle

The main advantage of a hydro flask growler with a handle is its ease of holding. This allows you to comfortably enjoy your drink.

The handle facilitates the carrying process as you move from one place to another.

What do BPA Free and Phthalate Free mean for Hydro Flask Growler?

BPA and Phthalate free means that the fabrication of hydro flask growler does not use any plastic or related compounds.

Does Hydro Flask Growler come with a Warranty?


Most hydro flask growlers offer a warranty on their hydro flask growler.

However, what the warranty covers and its validity differ depending on the manufacturer.

In most cases, the warranty covers faultiness that is the cause of the manufacturer.

Such faultiness includes lid breaking, lack of insulation properties, and poor painting or printing work.

What are the usage precautions of Hydro Flask Growler?

You must use your hydro flask growler as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Such precautions include minimizing the frequency of opening your growler when it has your drink.

This minimizes loss of freshness since opening encourages warm airflow which contaminates the freshness.

It is also considerate to handle the flask appropriately while using it.

This reduces the chances of damaging or breaking the hydro flask growler which affects its efficiency.

What is the Care and Maintenance Tips for Hydro Flask Growler?

You can care for and maintain your hydro flask growler in several ways.

Caring involves storing the growler in a proper condition away from external factors which can affect its performance.

This includes storing it in an environment where it cannot be scratched or damaged.

Always ensure that it is dry when empty before storing it.

Proper maintenance involves cleaning the growler thoroughly. This involves soaking the growler in hot water for about five minutes.

Use a scrubber to clean the inside and outside of the growler. This removes any remnant of the previous drink while killing any bacteria available preventing contamination.

Remember to properly clean the growler cap too. After proper cleaning, you have to let the growler completely dry before storing it.

With the information in this guide, you can choose a perfect hydro flask growler for your business.

For any inquiries or question, contact us now.

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