Your Premium Hydro Vacuum Flask Limited Edition Manufacturer and Supplier in China

With the right supports from 15 years Hydro Flask factory in Yong Kang, the hometown of hardware in China, REACHING Enterprises specialize in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting limited edition hydro vacuum flask worldwide such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

In last year, Laikoe has manufactured more than 10 styles of hydro flask coffee cups. Among them, hydro flask limited edition ombré 40 oz wide mouth bottle, hydro flask limited edition, hydro flask limited edition mountain, hydro flask desert limited edition are the most popular styles in the market.

Compared with other competitors in the hydro flask limited edition field, REACHING has its own brand of LaiKoe which established in September 2018. Laikoe hydro flask limited edition collection is widely accepted as the best limited hydro flask made in China.

Laikoe hydro flask limited edition now is very popular all over the world, there is a various capacity for the customer to choose from, including 12oz, 18oz, 20oz, 22oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz to 64oz. Importers and distributors can choose different sizes according to their requests. Among them, hydro flask 40 oz limited edition is more welcomed.

Inquiry Personalized Hydro Flask Limited Edition Today to boost your business with Reaching

  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Limited Edition
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • Phthalate Free and BPA Free, Safe for Drinking
  • Different Capacity and Various Colors available
  • Lots of Lids fits Hydro Flask Limited Edition
  • Graphic way: Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV Printing.
  • Flexible in Design and Order Quantity
  • Team with fluent English skills for barrier-free communication
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

As a main limited edition hydro flask manufacturer and supplier in China, There are tons of colors to be your choice. Clients can choose the suitable color for their hydro flask limited bottle design from the Pantone color card.

Using suitable ink and powder, the Hawaii limited color, hydro flask looks nice but firm from fading, also Laser engraving could be added onto the Gradient layer, make the whole graphic stereoscopy and more outstanding to promote your business.

Working as a reliable manufacturer and supplier in China, REACHING has exported hydro flasks for 15 years. The day output of Laikoe Hydro Flask water bottle is 20,000pcs, the maximum monthly capacity reaches 600K.

Therefore, the production lead time is guaranteed for customers. Normally the delivery time of Laikoe hydro flask is 35-45days for an order.

REACHING has a very professional team and workers, in developing new styles, mass-producing, good quality controlling from raw material, in line checking and a final inspection before shipping, as well as forwarding to the final destination of Hydro Flask clients.

LAIKOE hydro flask has so many advantages. You could rely on REACHING Enterprises to skyrocket your Hydro Flask limited edition business!

Hydro Flask Limited Edition: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want something unique that will make your brand stand out – try hydro flask limited edition.

You can include unique features to identify your brand, members or event.

But wait a minute – before you order for hydro flask limited edition, definitely you could be having a number of questions.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about hydro flask limited edition.

What is Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

A hydro flask limited edition is a special type whose production is limited by either quantity or duration.

What is so special about Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

The unique features of a hydro flask limited edition are what makes it special.

These features include:


Most hydro flask limited editions tend to have a higher price compared to the normal flask.

This is because they have a limited number of productions; hence the demand is usually higher.


The limited-edition has a fixed quantity production.

Owning such flasks, therefore, means you are among the very few who have them.

The limited quantity is advantageous since you don’t require a huge warehouse to stock your flasks.

If possible, you are purchasing to a ready market that has booked them.


There is something special about these flasks, which is not available in normal hydro flasks.

Such features enhance their uniqueness hence an increase in demand for them.

Why buy Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Apart from its unique features, a hydro flask limited offers other benefits that should entice you to purchase them.

Such benefits are:


the essence of having hydro flask limited edition in the market is to entice buyers into purchasing them.

This has the effect of increasing potential buyers, which in turn increases your revenue.

Long Term Buyer Connection

Clients who purchase hydro flask limited edition tend to remain loyal to you.

This is by engaging on the issue relating to their flasks and hopes of having other limited editions soon.

By keeping your customer base, you always have an assurance of purchase of your hydro flask limited edition.

Revitalizing Your Product

Every hydro flask product has a product life shelf, after which they become obsolete.

However, when such a hydro flask is a fan favorite, there is always a way you can bring it back to the market.

This is by adding unique features and making it a limited edition.

By doing so, loyal customers will purchase these flasks, which increases your revenue.

What are the Best Uses of Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Hydr flask limited edition

 Hydro flask limited edition

Purchasing a hydro flask limited edition means you are one among the limited people owning such a product.

One of the ways you can use it as a marketing tool due to its uniqueness.

Another use of this flask is to hold your fluid, either hot or cold, and carry it around when performing various activities.

How do you Manufacture Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Proper manufacturing starts with the collection of all the relevant materials.

These materials include stainless-steel, vacuum, and either rubber or plastic.

The next step involves testing these materials to ensure they meet all the quality standards.

This ensures the production of a high-quality hydro flask limited edition.

You then form the double-walled shape of these flasks using your stainless steel.

There are different formation processes that you can have here, depending on your design.

However, the most preferred method for fabricating your double-walled shape is casting.

This is due to their relatively low price and ease of using it.

The next step involves removing air present between the double-wall to create a vacuum.

You can achieve this by sucking the air present using a sucking machine.

Vacuum is the main insulation necessary for the efficient functioning of your flask.

It is therefore important that you ensure there is a complete vacuum between the walls.

Once you achieve this, you have to spray a silicon layer on the space between the inner and outer walls.

This seals the vacuum and prevents air from flowing in between the space.

The next step involves designing the flask according to the available specifications.

Here, you have to decide on the type of paint and printing method to use.

The essence of this is to give your flask a unique identity that stands out from the other flasks.

Passing your hydro-insulated flask through an electrolysis process is critical.

Electrolysis removes available dirt on the surface of your stainless steel.

The result is a polished surface that is clean and easy to maintain.

Another advantage of electrolysis is to enhance several of its properties, such as anti-corrosion.

This makes it have unique characteristics which improve its performance.

The next step is to form the flask’s lid, which you use to cover your flask’s top.

You can achieve this by the thermoforming method.

One factor to consider when deciding your lid is its design which should correspond to your flask.

You have to ensure the lid fits and closes the flask tightly.

Now your flask is ready for testing and quality control.

The importance of this stage is to ensure you only produce flasks that meet the set quality standards.

There are various tests you can perform on your flasks.

For instance, leaking test, vacuum test, and heat-retaining test.

Once you have your quality flasks, you have to pack them properly ready for shipment.

The packing process should take into consideration the sensitivity of the flasks.

As such, you have to minimize damage such as scratching and breaking of the cap.

How can Hydro Flask Limited Edition Benefit your Business?

There are different ways that a hydro flask limited edition can benefit your Business.

For instance, stocking these flasks for sale means that you have increased customer flow which translates to an increase in profit.

Creating a customer base is essential for the success of any business.

The chances are that once a customer identifies with you, they want to come back and purchase more.

This creates continuity of your Business, which means you have steady revenue.

You can use this opportunity to introduce other products that you sell.

The advantage you have here is creating diversity while maintaining your customers.

What Types and Styles do Hydro Flask Limited Edition come in?

 Hydro flask limited edition with wood finish

Hydro flask limited edition with wood finish

There are different types and styles of hydro flask limited edition.

The choice of which one to pick depends on your specification and the price.

Common types for these flasks include:

  • Hydro flask insulated limited edition
  • Wide Mouth Flex Sip hydro flask limited edition
  • Wide Mouth Straw Lid Hydro Flask Limited Edition

The advantage with these limited-edition flasks is you can have one customized to your specifications.

This includes having your print and design incorporated into the manufacturing process.

What is the Difference between Hydro Flask Limited Edition and the normal Hydro Flask?

The main difference between a hydro flask limited edition and a normal hydro flask is in quantity.

A limited-edition tends to cap the quantity of production, while a normal hydro flask lacks this.

The price of a hydro flask limited edition tends to be higher than that of a normal hydro flask.

A hydro flask limited edition has unique features that make it attractive compared to a normal hydro flask in certain cases.

What is the Cost of Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

To determine the exact cost of your hydro flask limited edition, you have to consider the following factors:


The price of a hydro flask limited edition depends on its design.

This is in terms of the various accessories it has and the printing technique involved.

Accessories have the effect of increasing the production cost; hence it affects the final pricing of these flasks.

A complex printing technique increases the purchasing price of your flask compared to a simple printing method.


Different manufacturers use varying methods to produce hydro flask limited edition.

These manufacturers have to factor in the cost of using the processes in the flask before selling them.

You, therefore, have different flask brands costing differently in the market.

It is important to check on the type of manufacturer before you purchase your flask.

This is to ensure that you buy from a reputable manufacturer.


The availability of these flasks in different sizes helps in increasing their sales.

However, the prices of these sizes differ.

It is, therefore, upon you to specify which size you want for you to get the accurate price.

Which Material is Used to make Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

The main material for a hydro flask limited edition is stainless steel.

This forms the outer and inner parts of your flask.

The lid of these flasks is usually hardened plastic or rubber.

This helps in preventing heat loss due to convention from the flask.

In another edition, you also have rubber forming the handle of your flask.

This makes your flask comfortable when holding it.

It also makes the flask fashionable and attractive.

What Surface Finish Options does Hydro Flask Limited Edition come in?

Preference is key when coming to surface finish option selection for your hydro flask limited edition.

This is due to the availability of several finishes for these flasks.

Each type of finish tends to have its unique characteristics on the flask.

Common surface finish options available for your hydro flask limited edition are:

Polished Surface Finish

A polished surface finish is usually smooth and reflective.

It involves rubbing the surface of your flask with a certain chemical treatment.

A polished surface finish enhances the properties of your flask as making it corrosion-resistant.

It also facilitates the designing of your flask, such as print application.

Matte Surface Finish

This type results in a non-glossy surface of your flask.

The advantage of this type is that it is relatively cheaper compared to other types of finishes.

Electroplating Surface Finish

The advantage you have with this surface finish is that it has enhanced properties such as corrosion and abrasion resistance.

It involves the application of a thin layer of another metal on the stainless steel through electrolysis.

Powder Coating Surface Finish

This type involves the application of free-flowing powder on the surface of your hydro flask limited edition.

Also, this method’s advantage is that it results in a thick coating and cures faster compared to other types of surface finishes.

What is the Difference Between Wide Mouth Flex Sip and Wide Mouth Straw Lid for Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

The main difference is that you have to unscrew the cap entirely from the flask with a wide mouth when drinking your fluid.

However, a wide mouth straw lid has a straw that you pull from the lid and sip your drink.

Another difference is that their prices vary depending on the manufacturer.

The wide mouth straw lid flask usually has a higher price than a wide mouth flex sip flask.

How long is the Warranty for Hydro Flask Limited Edition, and What does it Cover?

The warranty duration for a hydro flask limited edition and what it covers vary from one manufacturer to another. Common warranty duration ranges between 6months a one year.

Such warranties usually cover malfunction due to the manufacturer’s fault.

For instance, it can cover a lack of insulation, cap, or handle breaking.

It can also cover scratches to the flask at the point of delivery.

When submitting your flask for such warranties, you have to prove that you are not the cause of the problem but your manufacturer.

 Hydro flask limited edition

 Hydro flask limited edition

What is Ombre Colored Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

This is a type of hydro flask limited edition whose design consists of several colors.

The design of these colors is such that they have graduation in terms of the tone.

This creates a unique color design for your hydro flask limited edition.

How does Ombre Colored Hydro Flask Limited Edition compare to Solid Color ones?

The main difference between an ombre colored hydro flask limited and solid color one is in the colors.

A solid hydro flask limited edition consists mainly of one color.

If they are two, the colors tend to be visible and uniform in tone and appearance.

An ombre-colored hydro flask limited edition usually has two or more colors with varying color tones.

Such colors tend to appears solid at the top and fade as you move down your flask.

The fading is gradual, which creates a unique color appearance of your flask.

Hydro Flask Limited Edition is available in which Sizes and Capacities?

Hydro flask limited edition is available in different sizes and capacities.

This is meant to entice our loyal customers to purchase these flasks according to their specifications.

Certain manufacturers even opt to customize the size and capacity of these flasks to meet your specification.

Does Hydro Flask Limited Edition Stop Working? Why?


A hydro flask limited edition can stop working due to several reasons.

For instance, the efficiency of your flask is reduced when the cap breaks.

The working of your flask fails when the vacuum present escapes.

In such a situation, you cannot replace the flask but purchase another one.

How do you know if Hydro Flask Limited Edition is Faulty or not?

You can identify if your hydro flask limited edition is faulty or not y carrying out various tests, including:

Heat Retention Test

This test checks how long your flask can retain the temperature of a particular fluid.

The procedure is to fill your flask with a particular fluid and check for any temperature change over a given duration.

The heat retention for an ideal hydro flask limited edition ranges between 8 and 12 hours.

Vacuum Test

A vacuum test checks the availability of vacuum on your flask.

The vacuum acts as an insulation material for your flask.

A vacuum test machine is instrumental in carrying out this test.

Leaking Test

This test aims to ensure there is spillage of your fluid when carrying it.

You can perform this test by filling your flask with fluid and observing if there is any leakage.

The presence of leakage means the flask is not ideal for use.

40 oz hydro flask limited edition

40 oz hydro flask limited edition

Where does Inspiration for Hydro Flask Limited Edition usually come from?

The inspiration for a hydro flask limited edition comes mainly from the demands of our clients.

We listen to our client’s needs and design flasks that meet their specifications.

Is Hydro Flask Limited Edition available in Insulated Options?

Yes, a hydro flask limited edition is available in the insulated option.

This is to give our customers a range of options to select when purchasing these flasks.

How do you Print Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

There are various printing techniques that you can on your hydro flask limited edition.

The selection of which one to use depend on various factors such as cost, preference, quality, and the printing effect.

The common printing methods you can have are:

 Silk printing hydro flask limited edition

 Silk printing hydro flask limited edition

Laser Marking

Laser marking is an expensive method to use to print on your hydro flask limited edition.

However, it produces durable quality prints.

The process involves engraving prints on your flask using laser beams.

As the beam passes across the surface, they leave the desired print, which is durable.

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a screen, ink, and squeegees to transfer a print design to your hydro flask.

For the process to be successful, you have to start by creating a design on your screen.

Once the design is complete, you expose the screen to a bright light to harden it.

The next step is to wash it off using an emulsion.

This results in the formation of a stencil which you are to use to print the image on hydro flask limited edition.

It is important to clean the flask before the final printing using the stencil.

There is a need for large space for this method to be successful due to the steps and materials.

This can be a challenge, especially in situations where such a space is not available.

Pad Printing

You can conveniently use this method to print two and 3D images on your hydro flask limited edition.

The main working principle is the gravure printing technique.

Is there a MOQ for a hydro flask limited edition?

Yes. There is a MOQ for hydro flask limited edition, depending on the manufacturer.

This is to allow others to purchase these flasks before they run out of stock.

How do you Package a Hydro Flask Limited Edition for Safe Shipping?

When packaging your hydro flask limited edition, you have to check several factors to ensure safe shipping.

For instance, you have to ensure the packaging material protects the flask against external interference.

Such interference can cause scratching, damage to the flask, or breaking of the cap, which affects its usability.

The essence of this is that your clients need to receive the flask in the same condition as you have manufactured it.

What are the Quality Standards of Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Quality standards assure you of the safe usage of your hydro flask limited edition.

You, therefore, have to check on these standards before you purchase your flask.

An effective hydro flask limited edition should adhere to the following quality standards:

  • Safety Vacuum standards
  • FDA standards
  • BPA-free
  • LFGB Certification
  • CE Certification
  • CIQ

How do you check the Quality of Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

You can check the quality of your hydro flask limited edition by observing several factors.

For instance, you can carry out tests liken leak, vacuum, and heat retention tests which determine if your flask is leaking.

This ensures you have a flask that functions appropriately.

You can also check on the quality of the painting technique.

There should be no chipping of the paint on the flask, and the image should be visible and of high quality.

You can also check on the quality of the cap of your flask.

A quality cap should hold your flask tightly, and there should be no leaking.

What are some Myths and Misconceptions to dispel about Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Myths and misconceptions tend to have a negative reputation on these flasks.

This tends to lessen your sales and ultimately leads to loss.

You, therefore, have to demystify these myths and misconceptions at the very start.

Some of the Common misconceptions about hydro flask limited editions are:

Hydro flask limited edition

Hydro flask limited edition

Flasks are Pricey

The price of the hydro flask limited edition is not as pricey as compared to other hydro flasks.

Given the unique characteristics and value you get by purchasing these flasks, you guarantee the money you spend.

Hydro Flask Limited Edition Causes Cancer

This is a misconception that you ought to rebuke with the facts.

The main material in the manufacturing of these flasks is 18/8 stainless steel.

This material is hygienic and has some chemical resistance properties, which make it suitable for its role.

This is unlike other materials like plastic which tend to attract chemicals that can cause cancer.

No studies have suggested the usage of these flasks results in cancer.

Hydro Flask Limited Edition does not have a Warranty

A warrant assures you of the functionality and durability of these flasks.

Therefore, it is a myth to think that you won’t have a warranty when you buy a hydro flask limited edition.

However, the duration of the warranty differs from one manufacturer to another.

The only way you cannot get a warranty is by purchasing the flasks from a non-reputable manufacturer.

Lead is Present in Hydro Flask Limited Edition

Lead is a dangerous element that’s present in these flasks can have serious consequences to its uses.

The belief is that lead is useful in creating a vacuum, which acts as an insulative material.

However, the truth lead is not a component of your hydro flask limited edition.

Instead, we use a proprietary method to create the vacuum present.

This is a safe method that does not pose any negative effect to the users of the flasks.

What is the Care and Maintenance Tips for Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Taking proper care and maintenance of your hydro flask limited edition is essential to enhance its durability.

There are different ways you can achieve this.

For instance, it is important to ensure you tighten your flask properly when string fluid.

This maximizes the flask’s efficiency by ensuring the fluid does not get cold quickly.

You also have to consider cleaning your flasks adequately.

This removes dirt which can contaminate your fluid.

Cleaning helps in ensuring you have quality fluid in your flask.

Proper storage is also important since it helps prevent scratches or breakage, which can harm your flask.

How long does Hydro Flask Limited Edition Last?

Proper maintenance is essential to the durability of your hydro flask limited edition.

The main consideration should be ensuring the insulation material does not escape from your flask.

When this material escapes, usually vacuum, your flask cannot function anymore.

You also have to prevent scratches on your flask.

Scratches tend to reduce the aesthetic appearance of your flask.

With proper maintenance, your flask can last as long as you want.

Do you provide Replacement Parts and Accessories for Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Yes. We offer replacement parts and accessories for your hydro flask limited edition, depending.

However, you have to make an order requesting a replacement.

Remember to submit the specifications of the replacement part for accurate delivery of the replica.

If possible, you need to ship the worn-out part for us to manufacture a replica.

With years of experience in this industry, we can design and incorporate unique features in your hydro flask limited edition.

Contact us today for competitive prices on all your hydro flask limited edition needs.

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