Hydro Flask Silicone Boot Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Hydro flask silicone boots is the latest and most popular style that Reaching developed.  Excepts for this, more styles like Hydro Flask with standard mouth silicone boots, wide mouth silicone boots, and kids bottles silicone boots are a hot seller this year.

These magic silicone boots have different sizes to fit Hydro Flask in the capacity of 12oz, 18oz, 20oz, 22oz, 32oz, 40oz with brand Laikoe.

Laikoe Hydro flask can be decorated by the multicolor silicone boots, it also provides extra protection against bumps and dings so that the decorated look can stay longer. It’s durable and easy to clean and switch.

You can stock different colorful silicone boots and use them when you need it since it’s removable, you can have a different Hydro Flask silicone boot everyday.

The silicone boot is made of high-quality silicone, it’s flexible and durable, and printings could be added on it, such as your logo, slogan, etc.

Besides these Hydro Flasks with Silicone Boot, to protect Hydro Flask Water Bottles thoroughly from those everyday scratches and dents in accidentally dropping, Laikoe has new designed and manufactured Silicone protective sleeve cover cases, to match multisize like 18oz, 20oz, 22oz, 32oz, 40oz, and lots colors and mix-colors are available from Reaching (Brand in Laikoe).


Check the Latest Hydro Flask Silicone Boot Today to Skyrocket your business with Reaching

  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Hydro Flask with Silicone Boot
  • Hydro Flask with Silicone Protective Sleeve Cover Case
  • Multi Sizes and Color available
  • Durable and Condensation Free
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Lightweight, sturdy and sweat proof
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Different Capacity available for Hydro Flask Silicone Boot
  • Various Silicone BootColors available
  • Graphic way: SilkScreen Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV Printing.
  • Experienced Engineer & Skilled Workers

Hydro flask with silicone boot works as another tool to show your brand by giving away the silicone boots during promotions no matter what kind of bottles they’re using.

The extra-large area of the silicone boot supports up to whole circle advertising like silk printing, cutout icon or debossed icon on the barrel, as well as embossed text like original country, capacity, care instructions or any text you hope to add on the inside or outside bottom.

With this portable and removable silicone boot, the Hydro flask for those on the go has much more functions out of your imagination.

For example, the silicone boot serves yourself or your accompany another drink, contains some ice, nut, coffee or tea, or acts like water or food containers for your pet, or more fun things you find, just not forget to let us know.

REACHING has been in drinkware line for 15years, with rich experience in plastic injection and stainless steel plate and tube processing, Graphic printing and adding, has been developed to professional Hydro Flask bottles silicone boot manufacturer in China.

REACHING has a team know the technology of Hydro Flask manufacturing technology and quality control, knows the Stainless Steel bottles key points, knows what importer, distributor, dealer, store and brand care, and regards clients’ requests as the vital importance to working together with.

Reaching Will be Your Best  Hydro Flask Silicone Boot Supplier and Partner in China

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