Accessories / Parts for Drinkware

Laikoe is also a Drinkware Accessories Manufacturer, supplying Hydro Flask Accessories and Bottle Parts Compatible with Lots of Sizes & Colors:

  • Hydro Flask Replacement Lid /Mug Lid
  • Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid
  • Stainless Steel Straw/Mug Accessories
  • Silicone Coffee Cup Sleeve Holder/Cover
  • Paracord Strap Bottle Handle
  • Steel Tea Infuser & Coffee Strainer
  • Canister & French Press
  • Tableware & Tableware Accessories

Drinkware Accessories /Bottle Parts Manufacturer

Equipped with plastic injection machines and metal working lines, Laikoe is not only a professional drink bottle manufacturer but also an experienced tableware accessories and mug accessories supplier in China.

LaiKoe drinkware accessories include bottle parts and components like thermos flask replacement mug lids, coffee mug cap, silicone sleeve for travel mug, stainless steel straw, tea infuser for mug, silicone hydro flask protector, mug cover, flask pouch, straw brush, bottle cleaning brush.


All those drinkware accessories and bottle parts are available for clients’ warranty purposes and custom orders, help maintain good after-sale and boost the profitable business.

Besides these coffee cup mug accessories, Laikoe also supplies sourcing custom travel mugs, coffee mugs and glassware like french press and more.

Welcome your inquiry for any custom mug accessories!

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Product By Features

Spout lid with hinge lock

An innovative spout lid that allows for easy drinking or pouring with one hand. It comes with an innovative hinge lock that keeps the cap out of your way while drinking leak-proof. Fits HYDRO FLASK Compatible with all bottle sizes in 12, 18, 20, 24, 32, 40, and 64 oz.

Flip Top Screw On Lid

Flip top screw on lid, One-handed easy hydration and pouring. Portable and Easy to open and close. Fits all HYDRO FLASK sizes:  12, 16, 18, 20, 32, 40 oz bottles, and 64oz growlers.

Upgraded Spout Lid w Hinge Closure

An upgraded premium spout lid, one-handed for easy drinking or pouring, leak-proof. Bigger hang portable to go. It is compatible with all bottle sizes 12, 18, 20, 24, 32, 40, and 64 oz. Lots of existing popular colors to choose from.

Silicone Sleeve Bottom Base
Colorful Silicone Sleeve Bottom Base

Silicone Protective Sleeve or Bottom Base, soft hand touching, custom design, custom size, custom printed logo available.

Stainless Steel Straw Silver or Color Painted
Steel Straw Silver or Color Painted

Stainless Steel Straw Silver or Color Painted, Sizes optional, add letters/icons by silk printing or laser engraving, a straw brush available. BPA Free, Safe for Drinking.

Silicone Straw Custom Color Size
Silicone Straw Custom Color/Size

Silicone Straw Custom Color Size Foldable Matching Different Bottle Caps/Lids, Flexible, No Toxic, BPA Free, Phthalate Free.

Paracord Strap Bottle Handle
Paracord Strap Handle Custom Color

Paracord Strap Bottle Handle, easy to grab, Durable, comfortable, and fashionable, fits most brands’ wide mouth bottles – HYDRO FLASK, TAKEYA, SIMPLE MODERN, NALGENE. Compatible with 12, 16, 18, 20, 32, 40oz bottles and 64oz growlers.

Silicone Bottle Brush Cleaner
Silicone Bottle Brush Cleaner

Long-handle silicone flexible bottle brush cleaner for water bottles, glassware, mugs, Hydro Flask, vase, and narrow neck containers. 100% BPA Free food grade, free of pollution, and absolute environmental protection.

Thermo flask accessories - Mug Lid

Hydro Flask replacement lid is of the most common travel coffee mug accessories and tea tumbler cup parts, like pink Hydro flask wide mouth straw lid, Hydro flask flex cap, Hydro flask spout lid and more, all these Hydro Flask accessories are available for brands/distributors exploring the Hydro flask water bottle and the sideline range of hydro flasks.

There are more cup lid covers matching different brands. Yeti mug cap for Yeti mug accessories, Starbucks coffee cup cap for Starbucks accessories. With the brand authorized letter, the brand name and Icon could be marked on these extra replacement lids.


Replacing lids for coffee tumbler
Ice drink with steel straw

Steel Straws food grade

Acting as the bottle parts and components, a stainless steel straw or PP/PE food-grade straw is a must for replacing mug accessories for branded bottles manufactured. Like Hydro flask wide mouth straw lid and Starbucks coffee tumblers straw, these straws are well designed to fits the mug lid and bottle, with laser engraved logo/embossed logo for brand promoting.

More than Stainless steel straws, there comes with silicone straw, clear PP/PS straw, and paper straw. They all passed the food grade tests and are safe to drink.

Stainless Steel Coffee/Tea Infuser

In some custom coffee mugs, YETI mugs or Starbucks mugs, a stainless steel coffee/tea infuser is installed as the mug accessory to filter out tea leaves or coffee residue for a clearer drink. For coffee tumbler dealers or glassware distributors, a tea infuser coffee mug has been of the same function as the French press.

With the development of drink bottle styles, hundreds of stainless steel infusers are created to match that drinkware and tableware. A custom infuser is available from Laikoe to enlarge the client’s business scope on stainless steel water bottles.



Coffee/Tea Infuser
Silicone sleeve on coffee tumbler

Silicone Sleeve for Travel Mug

Travel mug with leather or silicone sleeve has been popular at anchor stores like Target, Tesco and Dick’s Sporting Goods. There are lots of advantages to drinking hot beverages or iced liquid. The silicone cup holder sleeve is helpful for heat insulation, anti-sliding, easy to hold, and protects the bottle from grooves when drop accidentally. Tough enough for any adventure.

Hydro flask silicone sleeve and bottom cover are the best hydro flask protector. Laikoe supplies the silicone bottom sleeve base, silicone seal, and silicone cup cover lid to contribute to your drinkware business.

Iron Flask Accessories - Steaming Pitcher

For Coffee shops or bars, a stainless steel milk frothing steaming pitcher is the most frequently used tool for every cup of Cappuccino, Brista and Latte Art. It is food grade, durable, portable, and stackable to save some space for the store owner, also coupled with the characteristics of heat and sturdiness, it is easy to sterilize and clean.

The milk steamer cup is of thick texture, excellent heat conduction, and easy to feel the temperature by hand touching, big help to make fragrant milk foam. Size ranges from 150ml, 350ml, 600ml, 1000ml.

Steaming Pitcher
Coffee Press

Tea Cup Accessories - French Coffee Press

For tea fans or coffee fans, a French Press is often appeared in the kitchen room, at home or in the office. The French Press makes drink coffee or tea cleaner for long time use. Varies sizes and styles are optional for importers on coffee mug accessories, and coffee mugs, especially tea strainer mugs.

For the classic french press, the inner material is high borosilicate glass, wrapped with stainless steel frame protector, inserted with stainless steel strainers, and covered by a steel cap, good shape easy clean. A pure stainless steel French Press presents options of very tough staff with a durable, simple shape, big capacity and long-lasting experience.



Tableware Accessories - Steel Canister

A canister is a kitchen organisation with window to store grains and spices in kitchen. Glass inside visibile and brushed stainless steel outsidedurable. 3 different sizes are available. Ideal for dry foods such as sugar, tea, coffee bean and cereal.

With the glass window, the dry food could be easily seen together with the contents quantity, no need opening the container lid; the outer steel of canister body could be spray painted to color outer, make it looks more active; the inner could be airtighted to keep food refresh much longer. Durabel and Stylish for dairy using, hot seller in Amazon and goods imported from China.

Steel Canister
Silicone Bottle Brush Cleaner

Silicone Bottle Brush Cleaner

After using your glass bottle for a period of time, or using a coffee tumbler to drink coffee or tea many times, or just celebrate the Christmas holiday, a steel brush cleaner is necessary to clean the steel/plastic straw, glass, or stainless steel tumbler cups, especially for those coffee tumblers with the small neck so that your hand cannot get into the bottle thoroughly. At that moment, a silicone bottle cleaner release your customers’ worry and make them all relaxed.

Straw brush and silicone bottle cleaner in various sizes, styles, and shapes are ready for your picking up.

Porcelain Coffee Strainer

Tea strainer cup/mug comes with different raw materials of porcelain, stainless steel, and even paper. These easy manual brew makers are the old-fashioned way slow-brewing accessories for homes, cafes, and restaurants.

With these well-designed coffee strainers, your clients could brew delicious coffee directly into a pot, coffee cup, or insulated server in just minutes. All Laikoe coffee strainer is durable, easy to handle, and convenient to use for small or large quantity hot drinks, easy to clean

Custom Hydro Flask Manufacturer - LaiKoe
LaiKoe Stands Behind You for Drinkware Accessories!

LaiKoe drink bottle parts range from replacement Mug Lid/Cap, Straw, Steel Infuser, Tea Strainer, Brush, Silicone Sleeve/Base/Seal, Paracord Strap to Flask Pouch, and more Custom Drinkware Accessories.

  • It has been a pleasure working with Mike and LaiKoe Team. Big thanks to Mike and his colleagues for being informative, professional, and prompt especially the “can-do” attitude.  LaiKoe is a very reliable and trustful manufacturer and Supplier of Hydro Flask, and Coffee Tumbler in China. I also appreciate Mike, his friendship and partnership for such a long time, it will be great for our long-term tight cooperation.

    Ben Menendez
  • It has been a wise choice to use LaiKoe as our Steel Drink Bottle manufacturer in China. Our business increases so quickly, we are very happy! LaiKoe team knows steel bottles, know English, and more importantly knows our hearts. LaiKoei team has knowledge and resources for most projects, knowledgeable about drinkware accessories, customs, shipping, landing, tariffs, air freight, boat, etc. Hopefully, you guys can work together! CHEERS

    Robin Williams
  • As a Distributor and occasional final user of Clear tumbler and Steel Travel Coffee Mugs, and Growlers in the USA, we really need good quality, good price, and on-time delivery. LaiKoe and his Team helped us to make it realized.

    LaiKoe uses well-explored molds and virgin plastic raw material to ensure each high-quality injected plastic coffee tumbler for the drinking bottle business!

    Merian Grace
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