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Most Popular Shaker Bottle Models

As one of the earliest established shaker bottle manufacturers and suppliers in China,  LaiKoe supplies the latest style of wholesale shaker bottles for Distributer and Dealer and Brand.

Laikoe plastic shaker bottle could be finished with a Clear body and Frosted Body respectively, meanwhile, the steel shaker bottle could be a native silver steel body or powder-coated body with surface graphic added.

To make your brand stand out among the countless other competitors on the shelf, it is the best way to decorate your own design on the Laikoe shaker bottles.

You could custom Laikoe shaker bottles through Silk Screen Printing, UV Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, and In-Mold Labeling (especially for the disposable plastic cup manufacturers).

Check all models today to boost your brand.

24 Ounce Shake & Go Fit Shaker Green Bottle Mix Powders Shaker Bottle, Screw Top Lid With Push In Closure, Leak Proof, Plastic Mixer

30 OZ Red Color Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, BPA Free Plastic Leak Proof ,Twist Cap Shaker Screw Top Lid With Push In Closure

24 Ounce Yellow Color Phthalate-free Plastic Leak Proof Bottle Twist Cap Shaker Screw Top w Push In Lid, Leak Proof, Plastic

24 Ounce Green BPA Free Plastic Leak Proof Bottle Twist Cap Shaker Screw Top Plastic Mixers Shaker Bottle, Sided Pill Box.

24 Ounce Twist Screw On Cap with Top 2 Push In Lid, 2 Separated Compartments Shaker Bottle, Leak Proof, BPA Free and Phthalate Free.

New Sports GYM Shaker Bottle,  500 ml Tumbler +  200 ml Compartment, BPA Free, Auto-Flip Leak-Proof Lid. East to use, Plastic Ball Included

28 Ounce Shaker Bottle  Measurement Remarking Lines, Durable for Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Pre-workout, and More Sports Drinks

Protein Shaker Bottle SK009

650ml (22oz) plastic shaker bottle with leakproof spout lid, twist-off cap, and a portable loop handle. The bottle presents the easiest way to mix the supplements and soft fruits.

Mini Protein Shaker Bottle SK010

400ml promotional single-layer shaker bottle, full wrap printing children’s mug with lids straw,  reusable creative custom patterns in-mold labeling ice cream cup for events.

25 oz Steel Insulated Shaker Bottle for Workout Gym

25 Ounce Insulated Shaker Bottle in Double Stainless Steel Layer, Measurement Remarking Lines, Durable and Reuseable for Workout and Gym

2 In 1 Shaker Bottle 400 ml , assembled with Base Container 100 ml, for Body exercises and Yoga

2 In 1 Steel Shaker Bottle 400 ml (Top Half), assembled with Base Container 100 ml (Bottom Half)  Portable, Durable and Reuseable for Body Exercises, Yoga.

Steel Shaker Bottle Visible Window SK-106

Stainless steel protein shaker bottle with visible measuring window & food grade plastic mixing ball, full 28 oz safe for gym, workout, fitness, single-layer lightweight.

Custom Your Own Shaker Bottle to Boom Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Design Idea for your Shaker Bottle
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment
  4. Your Shaker Bottle Production & Shipment
Send us Your Requirements

Custom Unique Shaker Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As one of the earliest established Shaker Bottle manufacturer and Suppliers in China, LaiKoe masters those processing way to decorate your custom shaker bottle. They are Silk Screen Printing,  UV Printing, and Heat Transfer Printing etc.  Contact Laikoe anytime to skyrocket your business!

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Frosted Coating
  • Silicone Band
  • Gradient Coating

Shaker bottle, also names as shaker cup, protein shaker, and mixing bottle. They are used for mixing up your protein powder, vitamins and supplements.  It can also be used for any other drinks, like juice, iced coffee, and tea. These shaker bottles are particularly helpful to the people who go to the gym, while cycling, running and while on to any other activities. By using shaker bottle, they would be able to keep their drinking track. Also, they could definitely reach their daily drinking intake.

Laikoe shaker bottle is lightweight and durable, which means you can carry this all the time and take it with you, on the go. Laikoe shaker bottles are made from food-grade stainless steel materials which are extremely user-friendly. Odor-free shaker bottles will help each user to clean easily their bottles. This shaker bottle comes in a variety of sizes and capacities. From 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, to 32oz, you have a lot of choices to choose from.

These shaker bottles are designed with a sturdy lid. It will help secure every content from spillage and leakages. Shaker bottle features a great mixing mechanism, which allows blending properly and breaking up ingredients together into a smooth liquid drink. Laikoe designed shaker bottles that allow you to instantly create your protein drink. Whether you’re at work, in the office, at the gym, on the beach, in your car, or at the campsite, shaker bottles are a perfect way to sip your protein drinks.

The variety of shaker bottles fits allow it to fit in all standard sizes of car cup holders. And also to suit every pocket of backpacks. Laikoe designed shaker bottle in double-wall insulation. They enable the content to maintain its ideal temperature for over 24 hours. Some shaker bottle comes with a handle for easy bottle carrying all day long.

With Laikoe shaker bottle, you have the best drinkware solutions for every customer’s needs. As a professional shaker bottle manufacturer, Laikoe is dedicated to providing you with the best shaker bottle for your business and personal project requirements and demands. In Laikoe, you can wholesale shaker bottles at a very competitive price.

For more than 20 years, Laikoe has continuously developed and designed innovative bottles, especially shaker bottles. With the help of our highly trained and knowledgeable team, we are able to produce world-class shaker bottles. At the same time, we do fabricate custom shaker bottles to satisfy your needs. Our engineers will handle your artwork and they will design it exactly what you want it to be.

Laikoe shaker bottles have been acknowledged by several customers around the globe. We had been serving customers from the USA, Canada, European countries and so on. But we are still looking forward to dealing with customers from great distances.

Shaker Bottle Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Shaker bottles also known as mixing bottles are used for blending pre-workout liquids, protein powders or supplements.

They are popular among fitness and wellness enthusiast.

They can also be used for other beverages such as coffee, juice, tea, water, etc.

What is Shaker Bottle used for?

You can use shaker bottle for any of the following:

 Shaker bottle

Shaker bottle

· Physical Exercise

Frequent gym goers normally take supplements to help them build their muscle mass, recover after work out or lose weight.

Shaker bottles have made it easy to mix the supplement or protein powder by a quick shake.

· Nutrition and Health

Shaker bottles come in variety of sizes and have measurement marks on them.

One can make a protein shake or smoothy for one off drink or for whole day consumption.

This has enabled health enthusiasts to keep track of their supplement or water intakes.

· Kitchen Mixes

The whisk ball gives an even blend of the protein powder.

This can also be applied in the kitchen to make pancake butter or eggs without lumps.

  • Making cocktails

Shaker bottles can be used to blend different drinks into a cocktail.

Additives such as sugar syrup, fruit pulp, and crushed ice can be added and shaken into a smooth mixture.

· Instant Tea/ Coffee

Due to its ability to mix powder and liquid evenly, shaker bottles can be used to prepare as tea or coffee.

It is also able to retain temperature for long thus allowing you enjoy your beverage while still hot.

· Hydration

Besides making mixtures, shaker bottles can hold water or any other beverage of your choice.

When not making shakes, you can remove the shake ball and fill it with your drink of choice.

This will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Which Material do you use to make Shaker Bottle?

Shaker bottles can be made from different materials such as plastics, food grade stainless steel or glass.

Plastic materials used are of food grade quality and are free of bisphenol A (BPA) chemical.

Also, shakers made from food grade stainless steel are safe and BPA free.

They are however, vacuum insulated hence suitable for hot and cold shakes.

They are odor free as compared to plastic shakers.

Glass shaker bottles are however delicate but also the safest to drink from and BPA free.

How do you Choose Protein Shaker Bottle?

When choosing a protein shaker bottle to buy the below guide can be used:

1. Material of the Bottle

This entirely depends on your preference and needs. Shaker bottles can be made of plastic, stainless steel or glass.

Stainless steel shakers maintain liquid temperatures for long.

Glass shakers are very delicate hence not durable.

Plastic shakers are good but they are prone to odor absorption and do not maintain temperature.

2. Bottle Originality

It is important to buy a genuine protein shaker bottle.

Bottle originality can be ascertained by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

From the site one can get the correct price as well as key features to look out for.

3. Product Review

Product review can be gotten from manufacturer’s website.

Good reviews will give you a glimpse of the product functionality.

It is important to note that absence of review does not equate bad product.

It could be a new product in the market.

4. Bottle Color and Design

Whereas women tend to pick pink or bright colors, men are likely to choose black or grey shakers.

The design could be simple or complex depending on intended use.

Simple shaker bottle comprises of lid and a whisk ball.

Whereas complex designs have extras such as storage compartments and side measurement.

5. Size of the Shaker

Protein shaker bottles are available in various sizes ranging from 10oz to 45 oz.

The size to choose will depend on your intake rate.

They higher your protein consumption rates the bigger the protein shaker bottle and vice versa.

6. Material of the Shaker Ball

The shaker ball is the most important piece of shaker bottle.

It can be a ball or spring in shape and differ in sizes.

It is important that they are made from BPA free stainless-steel materials or US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) complaint plastics.

Can Shaker Bottle be used for Coffee?

Yes, they can.

Shaker bottles made from stainless steel can be used to hold coffee either hot or chilled.

The whisk ball is removed in this case.

Can you Put Ice in Shaker Bottle?

Yes, you can.

Insulated shaker bottles can hold cold drinks up to 30 hours.

This will make your shake remain cold for longer period of time.

The wide mouth also enables easy filling of ice cubes.

How Long does Shaker Bottles Last?

Durability of shaker bottles depend on material used and handling methods.

Shaker bottles made of stainless steel last longer compared to glass or plastic shaker bottles.

When handled as instructed by manufacturer such as avoiding microwaving, bumping or dropping, shaker bottles can last for years.

Different colors of shake bottle

Different colors of shaker bottle

Are Shaker Bottle BPA Free?

The shaker bottles made from stainless-steel and plastics materials are BPA free.

Stainless steel is of food grade quality and the 100% virgin plastics such as Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS) are FDA compliant.

How do you Customize Shaker Bottle?

Customizing a shaker bottle entails designing the bottle into the specifications requested by the customers.

The customers are required to send their product specifications to the manufacturers.

These include color, logo, artwork, design, desired sizes, printing techniques, and or materials they need for the shaker bottles.

The specifications are sent via the official communication channels to the manufacturer in acceptable formats such as JPEG and PDF documents.

Thereafter, the production department will design a sample with the stated specifications and send it to the customer for approval.

Upon approval of the sample by the customer, an invoice is sent by the manufacturer stating all the customization costs.

The manufacturer and customer then sign an agreement if the customer is satisfied with the quote.

Production is then initiated upon payment of 30-50 percent deposit.

The bottle shakers are then shipped to the customer when the production process is complete.

What are the Available Sizes of Shaker Bottle?

The commonly available sizes of the shaker bottles range between 24 ounces to 30 ounces

However, manufacturers provide room for the customers to request their own shaker bottles sizes.

This can be less than 24oz and more than 30oz.

Different sizes of shaker bottle

Different sizes of shaker bottle

How do you Choose Best Shaker Bottle?

When purchasing a shaker bottle, one has to consider the following properties:

1) Odor Free

Shaker bottles made from Kitchen grade stainless steel do not absorb odor as compared to BPA free plastic shaker bottles.

They, therefore, make the best shaker bottles.

2) Leak Proof

A good shaker bottle should not spill its content when shaking it or placed in a gym bag.

3) Measurement Markings

This enables you accurately measure the liquid for your mixture.

The measurement markings can be in milliliters or ounces and are easy to read.

4) Easy to Open

The flip open shaker bottle is the most ideal as it is easy open and sip a drink without causing spillage.

Gym users prefer this type of shaker due to ease of use.

5) Insulated Bottles

Gym users prefer having their shakes or water chilled after a vigorous workout.

As a result, they normally choose insulated shaker bottles that are able to maintain the temperature of the beverage for longer.

Stainless steel shakers are mostly insulated.

6) Easy to Transport

Shaker bottles that fit in cup holders make transporting them easy and convenient.

They also fit well in backpack side pockets.

7) Sweat Free

Insulated shaker bottles do not sweat.

You need not worry about wet hands or surfaces with such shaker bottles.

8) Easy to Clean and Refill

A good shaker bottle should have wide mouth for easy cleaning by hand washing and filling with protein powder or ice.

9) Easy to carry by Hand

Some shaker bottles have a loop on their lids to enable easy carrying by hand.

You can carry this bottle whenever you go all day long.

10) Mixing Ability

Shaker bottle’s main objective is to mix protein powder without lumps.

It is therefore important that it comes with a good whisk ball for proper mixing.

The whisk balls are of different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose of the shaker bottle

Are Shaker Bottles Leak-proof?

Yes, they are.

The shaker bottles are leak-proof because they have screw-on lid that is well fitted thereby making the bottle airtight.

This feature ensures that the liquid carried does not spill when carried in a backpack or pour when shaken.

What are the Benefits of using Shaker Bottles?

Some of these benefits include:

· Blender Alternative

Shaker bottles are do not spill when shaken and can be used in place of blend machines.

Some of the mixtures that can be prepared include sauces, marinades, eggs, etc.

· Portability

They are not bulky and thus easy to carry wherever you go.

· Multiple Usage

The shaker bottles are not only used for nutritious shakes but can also be used to carry water, juice or coffee.

· Affordability

Unlike blenders, shaker bottles cost much less.

· Easy to Use

Shaker bottles just need a good shake to blend your mixture for manual shakers.

Some are self-stirring and blend by a push on the button.

How much does Shaker Bottle Cost?

A700ml stainless-steel shaker bottle cost between USD 7-10 and USD 1-5 for a plastic shaker of the same size.

It is important to note that stainless steel cost more than plastic due to its superior quality and higher production.

Besides material, the cost of a shaker bottle is determined by the size of the shaker as well as printing technique.

Larger shaker bottles will cost more than the small volume and simple printing methods cost less than complex printing techniques.

Also, some manufacturers do offer discounts on large size orders.

Is there difference between Shaker Bottle and Tumblers with Lids?

Both shaker bottle and tumblers with lids have the same features.

Tumbler with lid

Tumbler with lid

Shaker bottle

Shaker bottle

The only difference between the two is the presence of a removal shake ball in the shaker bottle.

It is this removable whisk ball that enables it to mix smoothies or shakes into a consistent mixture.

Are there Limitations of using Shaker Bottles?

Some of the most common limitations include:

· Smell

Plastic shaker bottles are prone to smell overtime due to accumulated bacteria if not properly washed.

· Lumpy Shakes

Shaker bottles are not able to crush like a blender thus they do not give 100% smooth shakes for fruity mixtures.

Can you Print Shaker Bottles?

Yes, you can.

Many Chinese manufacturers always decorate the shaker bottles by the use of different printing techniques.

However, each printing method is priced differently hence it is advisable for the customers to inquire on the costs charged beforehand.

The available printing techniques are silk screen printing, silicone band, heat transfer printing, gradient coating, and frosted coating.

Printed shaker bottle

Printed shaker bottle

How do Shaker Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

Manufacturers understand that good quality products will earn them repeat clients as well as new ones.

As a result, they have invested heavily on quality assurance department by training the people in charge.

This department ensures quality standards are adhered to from verification of raw materials used to the production process.

They make sure only quality materials are used and inspect the shaker bottles during production process.

This eliminates the possibility of packaging and shipping low standard goods.

Do Shaker Bottles Retain Temperature of Beverages?

Insulated shaker bottles are able to retain the temperature of the beverage held.

Cold beverages last for 30 hours and hot beverages for 8 hours.

What Colors Options do Shaker Bottles come in?

The shaker bottles come in a variety of colors, with pink being popular among women and black among men.

Customers can also decide the color for their shaker bottle order when placing their orders.

They can request manufacturers to match the Pantone color scheme for their customized orders.

Which Payment Options do Shaker Bottle Manufacturers offer?

Shaker bottles manufacturers accept payment through telegraphic transfer (T/T) or letter of credit (LC) on sight.

Stock orders are fully paid for before shipping, whereas customized orders are paid 100% upfront for invoices below USD 2000.

Customized orders above USD 2000 are paid in two installments of and a 30% deposit and 70% before shipping.

Are Shaker Bottles suitable for Cold Beverages?

Yes, they are.

Shaker bottles that have vacuum insulation are able to maintain content temperature for longer.

Ice cold drinks remain cold for 30 hours while hot drinks remain hot for up to 8 hours.

Do Shaker Bottle Manufacturers offer Samples?

Yes, they do.

Manufacturers provide two sample of stock shaker bottles to the customers.

However, for the customized shaker bottles, the customers are always charged.

The amount is then refunded upon order placement of large quantities.

Do Shaker Bottles have Quality Certificates?

Yes, they do.

Chinese shaker bottle manufacturers are always compliant with all the standards of safety and quality production.

They are therefore awarded certificates such as SGS, FDA, CE and ISO amongst others.

Which Design File Formats do Shaker Bottle Manufacturers Accept?

Manufacturers do accept file in form of JPEG, AI, PDF or any other as stated by manufacturer.

Their engineers are able to create a mold or print screen from these formats and create a sample for client confirmation.

Will Shaker Bottle Manufacturer Help in Shipping?

Manufacturers of shaker bottles do offer to assist with shipping to their clients’ address.

This can be to warehouses, office or clients’ home or through a nominated forwarder.

Some of the methods used include express shipping, airfreight or sea freight depending of the order weight.

Few pieces order can be express shipped using DHL, UPS, FedEx service and light orders by airfreight.

Bulk orders are shipped via sea freight to named seaports.

Payment of shipping services can be done by clients directly or to the manufacturer during order placement.

What is the Average Lead Time for Custom Shaker Bottle?

The average lead time for the custom shaker bottles ranges from 21-30 days depending on the design complexity order size.

Is Shaker Ball Replaceable in Case it is Worn Out?

Yes, it is.

They go for as low as USD 0.01 per piece.

They also come in packs of four which is ideal for easy replacement.

A variety of whisk ball exist and so one has to be keen when choosing the replacement.

What is the difference between Shaker Bottle and normal Water Bottles?

Shaker bottles have an agitator in form of whisk ball for mixing purposes whereas normal water bottles do not.

Sports water bottle

Sports water bottle

Shaker bottles can be insulated for temperature retention while normal water bottles are single walled thus uninsulated.

Whereas shaker bottles are wide mouthed for easy filling and cleaning, normal water bottles have narrow mouth.

Shaker bottles are made are reusable thus durable while normal water bottles are single use and disposable.

Protein shaker with ball

Protein shaker with ball

Do Shaker Bottle Manufacturers in China have Product Return Policy?

Most Chinese manufacturers offer a limited product return policy of 30 days.

This is only acceptable for unused products in their original packaging.

This can happen when a client is not satisfied with the products’ functionality or appearance.

In this case, the client is expected to contact the manufacturer’s customer service personnel to address the issue.

A refund or product exchange is done when manufacturer ascertains the complaint as genuine.

Manufacturer may deny the client a refund or product exchange when the returned product is used.

This is normally explained to the client via email coupled with photographic evidence.

Do Shaker Bottles from China have a Warranty?

They do have a limited warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects such as failure to functional properly.

As a result, a client may claim replacement for shaker bottle.

Damages due to mishandling such dents or lid breakage are not covered by warranty.

How do you Manufacture Shaker Bottle?

Shaker bottles are mostly made of plastics or stainless-steel materials.

Manufacturing design depends on the raw material used.

Raw materials used in both are inspected for compliance before production begins.

Plastic shaker bottles are made by thermoforming process as below:

  1. Thin plastic sheets are heated to pliable temperatures without melting them.
  2. This pliable plastic can be manipulated into desired shape. It is loaded into a machine that molds it into the desired bottle shape.
  3. Vacuum insulation is then created by eliminating air between the double wall using a vacuum machine.
  4. The formed bottle is then cut and trimmed off any excess plastic.
  5. The shaker ball is made according to material used.
  6. The lid is made by injection molding of molten plastic material
  7. The formed bottle is then allowed to cool and inspected before packaging.

Stainless-steel shaker bottles follow a different manufacturing process:

  1. Stainless steel pipes are used as the raw material. They are cut into two pipes with one being longer than the other.
  2. Both pipes then undergo expansion using water pressure.
  3. A steel plate is then welded to the longer pipe at the bottom to form the outer bottle.
  4. The same process is repeated for the shorter pipe to make the inner bottle.
  5. The two are then welded together using a presser machine both at the bottom and the mouth.
  6. It is then cleaned to remove residues.
  7. Insulation of the bottle is then done using a vacuum machine and the botte then tested for temperature retention. Leakage test is also performed on the bottle at this stage.
  8. If the bottle passes the tests, it is then polished on its surface according to specification requirements. Different printing techniques can be done at this point.
  9. Another round of cleaning and inspection is done here.
  10. Shaker ball or spring is manufactured from stainless-steel material as well. Whereas the lid mostly plastic is made by injection molding.
  11. The bottle is now ready for assembling and packaging ready for shipping.

With all these in mind, now we would also like to hear from you.

In case you have any questions or inquiries about shaker bottles, Laikoe is here to help.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Material is Shaker Bottle?

LaiKoe Shaker Bottle is in Material 100% Virgin Plastic PS, PP, ABS. The Lid is in PP, ABS. Some Gripper are with Silicone or TPR sleeve covered. For Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, its body is made of 18/8 Food grade Stainless Steel, Allows for Safe and Easy Mixes On the Go

Are these Plastic Material Safe?

PS, PP, ABS Laikoe used is BPA Free, Lead Free and Phthalate Free (6P). Some mix ball are in Grade 304 Stainless Steel. They are safe for drinking protein, smoothies, sports drinks, and pre-workout drinks.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

The averaged lead time of shaker bottle order is 35 days, starts from the date order confirmed with deposit paid, and logo printed preproduction samples approved.

What’ your Sample Policy?

Free charge for existed shaker bottle samples.

Printing Plate charge (Pattern fee) will be charged for Heat transfer printing.

Courier cost will be charged and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T, with Deposit no less than 30%, balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on shaker bottle?

5000 pcs to start your custom shaker bottle

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