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Have you been looking for a professional Painted Hydro Vacuum Flask factory in China? Here we are.

Reaching Enterprises is a reliable Painted Hydro Vacuum Flask manufacturer in China, with own brand Laikoe. Reaching supplies Wholesale Stainless steel water flask, including skinny hydro flask, graphite hydro flask, custom painted hydro flask, holiday hydro flask, glitter hydro flask, gradient hydro flask and other wholesale hydro flasks in china.

The surface of the Hydro Flask steel bottle is covered one color layer, it is added by hand spray-painted, or powder coating. It helps to protect the powder-coated hydro flask bottle steel surface from oxidation (rust) and enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. You don’t need to worry the painted hydro flask painting get rust.

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  • Painted Hydro Flask could be a multi-way processed manufacturer
  • Including Spray Painting /Powder Coating in multi colors
  • Experienced Engineer & Skilled Workers
  • Strict Quality Control on Painted Hydro Flask
  • The supplier with High grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours Painted Hydro Flask
  • Different Capacity and Various Colors available
  • Lots of Lids fit Hydro Flask painting
  • Graphic way: Silk Screen Print, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV Printing.
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

Laikoe Painted Hydro flask manufacturing is in the material of high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, durable and reusable, eco-friend. Matched with a virgin plastic lid, BPA Free and Phthalate Free. It fits your backpack, drink holder and is good accompany for getting hydrated timely in shopping, traveling, camping and other outdoor activities.

This Painted Hydro flask is of a double stainless steel wall structure and utilizes insulation technology, thus it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot drinks hot up to 6 hours. Reaching has professional vacuum facilities that can promise the insulation quality.

Different lids, caps, and accessories are available for your options based on your usage and budget, to make your Hydro Flask painting business going on smoothly and fast.

Laikoe Painted Hydro flask has 3 processes to assure the insulation quality for all semi-products. Both no-tail vacuum technology and with tail vacuum technology are applied in vacuuming, 3 manual detection procedures are carried out to ensure a high insulation rate. That’s why we have a high-quality insulated Painted Hydro flask wide mouth’s insulation.

Reaching Will be Your Best  Painted Hydro Flask  Supplier and Partner in China

REACHING has been in Stainless Steel water bottle Painted Hydro Flask industry for 15 years, we have professional hydro flask factory in Yongkang, the base of hardware and stainless steel drinkware, and consideration team to your business, more important we have passion.

REACHING is fast in response to client requests based on our industrial chain advantage and experience, for example, Laikoe double-walled Powder-coated hydro flask sample can be made within a week, by adding spray painting, silk printing logo, or laser engraving logo, Power coating w existed color.

A dynamic team is already for you, we cherish every second based on the time difference, to cut down the unnecessary time during the procedure to save both sides time on manufacturing painted hydro flask.

Painted Hydro Flask: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Painted hydro flasks are becoming popular due to better surface finishing.

In fact, most hydro flask manufacturers in China use spray painting technique.

So, if you have any question about painted hydro flask, you will find the answer right here.

What is Painted Hydro Flask?

Hydro flask painting adds a layer of paint or coating it to make it durable and have an appealing appearance.

Painted hydro flask

 Painted hydro flask

Why Paint Hydro Flask?

Painting adds a unique feature to your Hydro Flask. This makes it stand out from the standard hydro flasks.

In some instances, painting extends the shelf life of your hydro Flask. This is by adding a protective layer of paint to your Flask.

What kind of Paint can you use on Hydro Flask?

The ideal paint to use on a hydro flask is acrylic paint.

Acrylic paints are highly water-resistant when they dry, making them the best to use in these flasks.

You also need to apply a sealant to minimize the chipping and peeling of the paint.

How can you Make the Best Painted Hydro Flask?

The painting process starts with selecting an ideal paint to use.

Acrylic paints are the best ones for use due to their unique characteristics of drying quickly and making them water-resistant.

Before painting your Hydro Flask, you have to sand the surface to offer a smooth surface using sandpaper. Sanding helps in better paint sticking.

The next step is the application of a thin stainless-steel primer coat. Allow the primer coat to dry before applying the paint.

For best results, you should use spray painting technique.

Spray painting results in a smooth and even surface with a higher visual appeal than brush painting.

How you paint your Flask depends on your design.

However, when painting, you need to apply an even layer of paint to your Hydro Flask.

Does Painted Hydro Flask Peel Off?


A hydro flask paint can come off depending on various factors. For instance, poor maintenance and handling can lead to its peeling.

You can also remove the paint through the use of conventional means such as sanding and use of turpentine.

Figure 2 Painted hydro flask

 Painted hydro flask

How do you seal Painted Hydro Flask?

The process of sealing a hydro flask paint involves the use of a waterproof sealant. This helps in preventing the paint from chipping and peeling.

Is Painted Hydro Flask Waterproof?

Yes. The use of an ideal hydro flask paint offers waterproofing properties.

Such a paint is acrylic paint.

How do you customize Painted Hydro Flask?

You can customize your hydro flask painting by selecting unique designs that fit your specifications. For instance, you can paint flowers, images, names, or other objects on your Flask.

The colors you chose and the size of the object to paint depending on your specifications.

Where can you get Hydro Flask Painting Ideas?

There are different sources of sourcing for hydro flask painting ideas.

The choice of which source to select depends on which idea you are searching for and how you want to apply it in your Hydro Flask.

Some of these sources include magazines, manufacturer’s samples, and internet sources like Pinterest.

In fact, at Reaching Enterprises, we will help develop some of the best ideas for painting hydro flasks.

Can you remove Paint on Hydro Flask Painting? How?

Yes. It is possible to remove the hydro flask painting.

There are various ways of removing hydro flask painting depending on your selection. These methods are:

Use of Turpentine

Using this method requires you to have a small piece of cloth which you are to use to wipe off the painting and turpentine.

Apply the turpentine on the piece of fabric and start wiping off the painting from your Hydro Flask.

Repeat this until the painting is off from the surface. You then rinse the Flask in clean water, which is at room temperature. The resulting surface is clean and does not have paint residue.

The advantage of this method is it is environmentally friendly since it produces little to no pollution. It is also a relatively more straightforward method to use, which does not require expertise.

However, purchasing turpentine is relatively expensive, which makes this method costly.

Use of a Sandpaper

In this process, you select sandpaper with refined grains to sand your Hydro Flask to remove the paint. When sanding, you have to do so until the paint is not visible on the Flask.

The resulting process should be a smooth surface that is free of paint. It is a cheaper option both in purchasing the materials and using them.

The main limitations to this method are its environmental impact and a tiresome process. You have to continuously scrub to remove the paint, which can take hours, incredibly thick paint.

The residue after scrubbing consists of toxic substance which affects the environment negatively.

What causes Painted Hydro Flask to chip?

The paint of your hydro Flask can chip due to several reasons. Some of these reasons are easy to avoid, while others you don’t have control over.

However, to minimize the chipping, you need to use and maintain your hydro Flask as per your manufacturer’s description. Some of the chipping causes are:


You can easily avoid scratches on your hydro flask painting. For instance, if you store these flasks properly, then you minimize the chances of scratches occurring.

When cleaning your Hydro Flask, you have to use the right piece of cleaning cloth. This minimizes scratching when you are removing stubborn dirt from the Flask.

Using High-temperature Water to Clean

High temperature has the effect of warming the paint of your hydro flask painting. The warming impact causes the paint to peel off either when drying or using it.

You can minimize this cause by using the proper water temperature to clean your hydro flask painting.

Inappropriate Detergent

Most detergents consist of individual chemical elements which react negatively with the painting on your hydro Flask.

Such chemicals can negatively affect the quality of hydro flask painting, leading to its peeling.

Always check on the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you use the proper cleaning detergent.


The more you use your hydro flask painting, the higher the chances of it chipping.

This is because the frequency of use affects the quality of the painting, which results in its peeling.

You don’t have any control over the age of your hydro flask painting. This means you have to replace your hydro flask painting overtime to maintain its quality.

How do you Fix Hydro Flask Paint Chip?

The process of fixing a hydro paint chip depends on its extent. If it is a small and shallow ara, then you can easily polish and paint to cover the chip.

If the chip is relatively small, you can choose to ignore it or cover it with an appropriate sticker. However, in some instances, especially if the chip is deep, there is a need to sand a large area of the Flask before you can paint.

What are the Best Colors for Painted Hydro Flask?

Figure 3 Different colors of painted hydro flask

Different colors of painted hydro flask

The choice of the best hydro flask paint color depends on your preference. However, when selecting which color to use, you have to consider several factors.

For instance, you have to consider the age and gender of those using the Hydro Flask. You also have to consider the occasion for using a particular flask.

Does Hydro Flask Painting affect the contents in the Flask?

No. hydro flask painting does not have any impact on the content of the Flask.

This is because hydro flask painting is an external process while you pour fluid into the Flask.

Which is better between Spray Painting and Hand Painting Hydro Flask?

You have to consider several factors when choosing the best method between spraying painting and hand painting your Hydro Flask.

Figure 4 Spray painting hydro flask

Spray painting hydro flask

These factors are:


Spray painting is costly compared to hand painting your Hydro Flask. This is due to the cost of purchasing the materials in spray painting, especially the spraying machine.

You also have to hire a professional spray painter for quality painting which can be costly. You can quickly achieve hand painting without necessarily hiring a professional.

However, using spray painting reduces the labor cost of painting your Hydro Flask.

Painting Effect

Spray painting results in a smooth paint surface compared to hand painting. Hand painting usually involves the use of painting brushes whose bristles affect the quality,

The bristles tend to leave marks on your hydro Flask, which affects its quality. In spray painting, you adjust the size of the nozzle to get the quality application you require.


Spray painting involves the use of a thin paint layer on your hydro Flask. This tends to reduce the lifespan of the paint since it can easily chip or peel.

Hand painting allows you to apply a thicker paint layer to your Hydro Flask.  The thick layer reduces the scratching or peeling effect of your paint, which enhances its durability.


Hand painting your hydro flask painting tend to take longer compared to spray painting. This is due to the manual application process.

You also have to make different layers of paints before finalizing the painting process. This can b tedious, especially when washing the other brushes, an ideal paint to use.

Spray painting involves the use of a sprayer which facilitates the process hence reducing the time it takes.

How does Painting Hydro Flask compare to Hydro Flask Stickers?

Painting embeds the paint onto your Hydro Flask. This makes your design to be part of your Flask.

Hydro flask stickers are external; hence they don’t form part of your Flask.

This reduces the durability effect since you can easily remove a sticker compared to removing paint.

The quality of a hydro flask painting is high compare to a hydro flask sticker. This is in terms of visibility and compatibility with your Flask.

Hydro flask painting is relatively costly compared to a hydro flask sticker. This is due to the painting process, and the time it takes to complete it.

The frequency of change of stickers is higher compared to hydro flask repainting. This is due to the durability of the stickers, which fade quickly.

Changing maintains the quality of your stickers while increasing the overall maintenance cost. Painting is durable and retains its quality compared to stickers.

It is challenging to customize hydro flask stickers to meet your specifications. These stickers are available in a preformed design which allows you only to choose

How do you Clean and Maintain Painted Hydro Flask?

The cleaning process for a painted hydro flask depends on your manufacturer’s guidelines.

However, you have to use a detergent that does not react with the paint to prevent peeling.

The water you use should not be hot enough to warm the paint, which initiates its peeling.

The maintenance procedure involves proper storage to prevent damage to the Hydro Flask.

For instance, you have to handle it not to cause chipping of the paint. This enhances the paint’s durability giving your Flask an elegant appearance.

Does Hydro Flask Warranty Cover Paint on Hydro Flasks?

Most warranties cover flaws on your hydro Flask, which are due to your manufacturer’s fault. You, therefore, have to prove that you did not cause the damage for the warranty to cover it.

As such, most manufacturers do not offer a warranty against painting in a hydro flask.

What is the Cost of Painted Hydro Flask?

The cost of hydro flask painting varies depending on various factors. These factors are:

Figure 5 Different cap sizes of painte hydro flask

 Different cap designs of painted hydro flask

Method of Painting

There are two methods of painting your hydro Flask, that is, spray and hand painting. Spray paint tends to be costly since it is a modern method that eliminates the use of labor in its operation.

The cost of using a particular method affects the overall cost of your hydro flask painting. Spray painting hydro Flask have a higher cost compared to hand painting.

Size of Hydro flask

Hydro flasks are available in different sizes and designs, which affect the final painting prices. This is due to the materials and time they take to accomplish the painting process.

Large and unique hydro flask designs tend to consume more materials hence have a higher price than small and simple ones.

Painting Design

There are different painting designs that you can have for your hydro Flask, depending on your specification. These designs tend to affect the final pricing since their paint application process is unique.

How do you Ensure the Quality of Painted Hydro Flask?

The best way of ensuring the quality of your hydro flask painting is by hiring a professional to do the painting for you.

You also need to purchase quality paints for you to get excellent results.

If you are not sure of the painting process, you can contact your manufacturer for guidance.

Can you Print on Painted Hydro Flask?

Yes. It is possible to print your hydro flask painting. However, the choice of the printing design depends on your specification.

How do you Print on Painted Hydro Flask?

Figure 6 Silk printed hydro flask

 Silk printed hydro flask

Various printing methods exist for your hydro flask printing. The choice of which one to choose depends on multiple factors such as price and compatibility.

Standard printing techniques include:

Silk-screen Print

Silk-screen printing involves the use of a stencil and a mesh screen. Here, you transfer the design you want on your hydro Flask from the stencil using a mesh.

The mesh helps paint the desired parts and leaves out those parts you don’t want to paint. There are various benefits of using silk screen printing.

For instance, it is cheaper and produces high-quality print. This allows you to use it on sizeable hydro flask printing orders.

The print under this method is highly durable, which helps in saving the overall cost. you cannot, however, use this method for small hydro flask orders due to its purchasing cost and that of setting up

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses laser beams to print on your hydro Flask. It is a relatively simple and easy way of printing since you have little control over its working.

It is an automatic process that enhances the quality of the print on your hydro Flask. Printing using his method is faster, which means you can print large orders of your hydro flasks.

The only limitation to its use is the relatively expensive cost. Such cost includes the purchasing, setting up, and maintenance cost.

UV Printing

UV printing is a fast and relatively economical way of printing on your hydro flasks. The minimal human interference means you have a high-quality and durable print.

It is the best method to use if you are printing large orders of your hydro flasks. The only limitation is it is relatively expensive compared to silk-screen printing.

Painted Hydro Flasks are available in which Sizes?

There are different capacities of hydro flask painting available in various capacities to fit your requirements. The choice of which capacity to use depends on several factors such as your usage and area of application.

The advantage of these flasks is you can have your manufacturer customize the perfect size for you. This is by designing and engaging a reputable manufacturer.

In case you need custom painted hydro flask, we are here to offer a perfect solution for all your market needs.

Contact us today for a custom solution on all you painted hydro flasks.

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