LAIKOE- Your Leading Wine Growler Manufacturer

LAIKOE wine growler sometimes called an insulated growler and wine thermos is an amazing insulated wine bottle to keep wine and beverage for cold or at the optimal temperature for 12 hours.

LAIKOE wine growler is in the material of Premium lightweight 18/8 (304) stainless steel, triple insulation technology maintains wine or beverages at an ideal temperature for all day long.

LAIKOE metal growler is the perfect travel companion for your Picnic party, Dinner, Holiday, Hiking, Camping, or your long Trip, you could get released from carrying a breakable glass wine bottle.

Need to check more Styles, download PDF file here.

insulated growler, pink color, sweat proof, narrow month
metal growler, red, stainless steel, with lids, insulated
wine growler, stainless steel,silver, leak proof, eco-friendly
growler thermos, insulated vacuum, silver, narrow month
insulated wine bottle, red color, with lids, leak proof,
homebrew growler, wine thermos, narrow month , sweat proof
stainless steel wine growler, rose red color, vacuum insulated

Your Premier Stainless Steel Wine Growler Manufacturer in China

  • Premium 18/8 (304)  food-grade stainless steel
  • Unbreakable and recyclable
  • Double Wall Insulated Wine Growler
  • Narrow opening design, minimize the heat transferring
  • Food grade material, BPA and liner free, Lead-free
  • Triple insulation technology, maintain ideal temperature over 24 hours, and the taste of wine
  • Secure, leak-proof top on wine growler

LAIKOE wine growler is unbreakable and durable, it makes no sweats outside the metal growler, prevents condensation on the outside of the wine bottle to keep it classy.

There is no need to worry that there will be moistures made on the outside of this metal growler thermos and get your backpack wet.

LAIKOE insulated wine growler is recyclable, non-leaching and will not retain metallic taste or odor.

All these advantages make this wine thermos a popular insulated wine bottle in the USA.

A variety of shapes and colors are available for LAIKOE wine growlers. There is a lot of youth and eye-catching colors for choice for this stainless steel wine growler.

750 LAIKOE wine growler (750ml growler) is the standard size for this Insulated stainless steel wine bottle.

Among LAIKOE wine growlers, Small size like 500ml steel wine bottle, extra-large growler thermos 64oz is also affordable.

For 64oz LAIKOE wine growler, it is also used as a huge Metal Beer Growler by Beer fan.

Thanks to Oregon’s “new wine growler law”, LAIKOE wholesale stainless steel growlers are the hot seller in Portland, Oregon, and Washington, USA.

LAIKOE is a professional manufacturer for a series of insulated Personalized Stainless Steel Wine Growlers, supplies lots of advantages for the wine bottle thermos users. 

Double-wall vacuum insulated wine tumbler keeps the wine in to go wine cup the right temperature to enjoy every sip.

Kitchen-grade stainless steel growlers for wine, BPA free, No toxic, maintains the exact Wine taste.

LAIKOE Will be Your Best  Wine Growler Supplier and Partner in China

In LAIKOE Growler thermos, wine is secured by the Leak proof top on Wine Growler.

LAIKOE has developed excellent technology to produce high-quality hydro flask wine bottle and homebrew growler, as well as more wholesale stainless steel growlers.


Various lids in the latest designs are coming soon to match LAIKOE wine tumbler thermos. An alternate lid includes a loop is requested by some clients.

LAIKOE wine tumbler will add more like a carabiner, hand strap or shoulder strap for carrying onto this stainless wine metal bottle, to make LAIKOE wine tumbler a great and considered design for a personalized Insulated growler and wine bottles.

LAIKOE has full experiences in Stainless steel Vacuum flasks, Hydro Flask wine bottle, etc., we have mastered the whole processing technology to manufacture wholesale Stainless steel wine growlers.


The quality is reliable from LAIKOE, the delivery is within 35-45days, OEM/ODM is welcome. LAIKOE keeps working hard to keep customers satisfying for ordering bulk growlers for sale. You could check more styles and download PDF Files here.

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