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  • Experienced Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China
  • Made from Natural Materials including Sand, Limestone, Soda ash
  • No Chemicals and Contaminants
  • Glass Bottle is the Healthiest Bottle for Hydration
  • Stable, 100% Recyclable, Reuseable
  • Safe for Store Food
  • Preserve the Flavor of Your Dairy Product
  • Keeping Your Food Safe from Mold
  • The Only Fully Safe Package Material Designated by the FDA
  • Custom Your Glass Bottle Design and Packaging
  • Screen Prints, Decal Prints, Frosting, Spray Paint, Labeling Sticker
  • Priority Customer Service to Boom Your Business
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Most Popular Glass Bottle Models

As one of the Professional Glass Bottle Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. REACHING (with own brand LaiKoe) enjoys a high reputation by the importer, retailer, distributor, and dealer of a custom glass bottle.

Laikoe Manufactures full series of glass bottles, including food glass bottles, food glass jars,  liquor bottles, glass cups, beer glass bottles, wine glass bottles, glassware, high borosilicate glass bottles, etc.

Laikoe glass bottles are made from Natural Materials including Sand, Limestone, and soda ash, No chemicals, and contaminants. There are lots of advantages like Stable, Lead-Free, BPA Free, safe to store food like milk, yogurt, Cottage cheese, the smooth surface easy to clean, and easy to have your unique new originality.

Laikoe is able to provide customers around the world with premium-grade custom glass bottles. The glass bottle’s shape, size, color, logo prints, packaging could be customized.

Laikoe glass bottles could be decorated in different ways like screen printing, decal printing, frosting, spray painting, labeling sticker, etc.

Contact LaiKoe today to boom your glass bottle business!

Transparent Glass Bottle

Glass Bottles With Corks Wholesale

Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles

Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles

Glass Medicine Bottles

Glass Medicine Bottles

Glass Bottle Packaging

Glass Bottle Packaging

GlGlass Milk Bottles with Lids

Glass Milk Bottles with Lids

Glass Storage Bottles

Glass Storage Bottles

Custom Glass Bottles

Custom Glass Bottles

Glass Flask Bottles

Glass Flask Bottles

Glass Beverage Bottles

Glass Beverage Bottles

Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Clear Glass Bottles

Clear Glass Bottles

leakproof glass containers

Leakproof Glass Containers

Skinny Glass Bottles

Skinny Glass Bottles

Wide Mouth Glass Bottle

Wide Mouth Glass Bottle

Printed Glass Bottles

Printed Glass Bottles

Bulk Glass Bottles

Bulk Glass Bottles

Frosted Glass Bottles

Frosted Glass Bottles

Colored Glass Cups

Colored Glass Cups

Glass Coffee Cups

Glass Coffee Cups

double glass cups

Double Glass Cups

double wall coffee cups

Double Wall Coffee Cups

glass cups for kids

Glass Cups for Kids

glass reusable cup

Glass Reusable Cup

double wall glass cup

Double Wall Glass Cup

glass cup with handle

Glass Cup with Handle

vintage glass cups

Vintage Glass Cups

Glass cup with lid

Glass Cup with Lid

glass reusable coffee cup

Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

glass beer bottles

Glass Beer Bottles

transparent tea cup

Transparent Tea Cup

unbreakable glass cups

Unbreakable Glass Cups

glass travel coffee cup

Glass Travel Coffee Cup

Custom Your Unique Glass Bottles to Boom Your Brands

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Custom Unique Glass Bottles to Boom Your Brand

Laikoe is one of the professional glass bottle manufacturers and suppliers in China, has rich experience in providing your glass bottles and cups with an attractive surface treating in a different process way, including screen printing, decal printing, frosting, spray painting, labeling sticker, etc.  Contact Laikoe today to Boost your Business!

  • Silkscreen Print
    Silkscreen Print
  • Sandblasting
  • Heat Transfer Print
    Heat Transfer Print
  • Bronzing
  • Laser Engraved Glass
    Laser Engraved Glass

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing glass bottles, jars and growlers, Laikoe is one of the most professional glass bottle manufacturers China, knows and runs the most advanced glass bottle manufacturing process, enjoys a high reputation in glass bottles Customers, Importers, Dealers, Retailers and Brands.

Because the glass does not contain organic chemicals when people use glass to drink water or other beverages, no need to worry about harmful chemicals that hurt you. Meanwhile, the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people use glass to drink water is healthy, and safest.

Laikoe glass bottles are 100% recyclable and durable high quality, the healthiest package container for beverages, liquids, and foods. They are impermeable, protect contents from chemical reactions as well as outside contaminants.

Laikoe offers a wide selection of high-quality glass bottles for a different size, shape, color, etc. The most popular styles include food glass bottles, food glass jars,  liquor bottles, glass cups, beer glass bottles, wine glass bottles, glassware, high borosilicate glass bottles, etc.

Laikoe glass bottles are made from Natural Materials including Sand, Limestone, and soda ash, No chemicals, and contaminants. There are lots of advantages like Stable, Lead-Free, BPA Free, safe to store food like milk, yogurt, Cottage cheese, the smooth surface easy to clean, and easy to have your unique new originality.

Laikoe glass bottles are manufactured to be premium food-grade glass container and package, have passed the FDA approval and SGS tests, safe to drink water, milk, coffee, tea, and more beverages.

The day production volume of Laikoe glass bottles is over 30,000pcs. It takes about 35days for an order of glass bottles with lid, stainless straw or stickers, personalized wrapper. Welcome to contact LaiKoe glass bottles to Boom your brands!

Glass Bottle Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

With the world striving to go green and conserve the environment, manufacturers have embraced glass bottles as opposed to plastic bottles.

This is because of the desirable characteristics of glass such as being 100 percent recyclable and chemical-free.

Which Types of Glass Bottles do you have?

Some of the most common types of bottles include:

· Drinking Glass Bottles

These bottles are used to store, package and transport water, juices, smoothies, sodas, and other beverages.

They are also known as food packer glass bottles because of their application.

Drinking glass bottles can be crystal clear, green or amber, with beer and wine bottles being the latter and former respectively.

Some are wide-mouthed for example juice and smoothie bottles or narrow as in the case of wine and beer bottles.

Glass bottles are chemically inert thus do not interfere with the taste or aroma of the content.

They neither contain bisphenol A (BPA) or lead substances nor leach them thus are safe for human use.

Drinling glass bottle

 Drinking glass bottle

· Perfume Glass Bottles

Ancient Egyptians used to store their fragrances in clay and stone containers before evolving to other materials such as glass bottles.

In fact, perfume bottles have become common recently.

With the growing demand for perfumes, glass bottles became popular storage containers.

This is attributed to the fact that the glass bottles preserve the fragrance scent and aroma for long without degrading it.

They can also be designed to add to the aesthetic beauty of the fragrance giving it a more sophisticated appearance.

 Perfume glass bottle

Perfume glass bottle

· Cosmetic and Toiletry Glass Bottles

These glass bottles are mostly used in the packaging of skincare products which are very sensitive.

Glass bottles are preferred due to their non-reactive nature thus they maintain product quality and freshness.

There is no risk of chemical leaching or product deterioration overtime unlike with plastic bottles .

· Laboratory Glass Bottles

Scientific laboratories use glass bottles to store their chemicals due to the inert nature of glass.

They are mostly amber in color to protect the chemicals from the ultraviolet light that leads to chemical reactions.

· Medical Glass Bottles

Most medical drug syrups are stored in amber glass bottles to maintain drug freshness and chemical integrity.

Other drugs that are not affected by light rays are kept in clear glass bottles.

Glass bottle is preferred because it does not leach chemicals with time as compared to plastic bottles.

Are Glass Bottles better than Plastic Bottles?

Yes, they are.

Glass bottles are made from naturally occurring materials such as sand, limestone and soda ash.

These materials are chemical free hence they do not leach chemicals into the bottles’ content.

Glass bottles can withstand hot temperature liquid unlike some plastic bottles which are likely to deform with hot liquid.

Finally, glass bottles are smooth in nature thus do not allow buildup of microorganisms that are likely to cause odor.

What Determines the Glass Bottle Prices?

As you plan to import glass bottles, you should consider the following:

1. Purpose of the Bottle

Different glass bottles are manufactured for different purposes therefore, different specifications are used during the manufacturing process.

As a result, the cost of a 500ml wine decanter bottle would be higher than 500ml cosmetic bottle.

2. Raw Material

Glass bottles made from borosilicate are more expensive than the traditional soda lime glass bottles which costs less to manufactures.

Borosilicate glass bottles tend to be better at heat resistant and are also harder than the traditional glass bottles.

3. Bottle Design

The design for a glass bottle also determines the price of that bottle.

The more complex the design of the glass bottle, the higher the cost of the bottle.

For instance, vintage bottles cost higher than plain bottle.

4. Lid Design

Glass bottles with plastic screw lids cost less than glass bottles with sprayer lids.

What are Glass Bottles used for?

  1. Drinking and holding water, beverage such as soda, juice, protein shakes and many others. Such bottles have wide opening for easy filling and are reusable.
  2. Packaging of perfumes, essential oils and skin care products to preserve their quality for long without breaking down.
  3. Storage of laboratory chemicals which require chemically resistant bottles that are also sturdy and durable.

What are the Benefits of Glass Bottles?

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Purity

Glass bottles are pure because they are manufactured using natural material thus do not interfere with the taste of your content.

  • Clarity

Glass bottles are transparent in nature therefore, they give your product better visibility thus marketing it.

  • Stability

Glass bottles are inert and do not react in any way which their content thus maintaining the quality of the content.

  • Easy to cleaning

Having a smooth surface both inside and outside makes cleaning by hand washing easy and safe. They are also dishwasher safe.

  • Odor free

They do not have scratches that may hide residues and encourage bacterial growth which leads to odor.

  • Reusable

Glass bottles can be used severally before disposing it. All you need to do is clean it and use it again for whatever purpose you deem fit.

  • Recyclable

Glass bottles are 100% recyclable, they can be recycled back into glass bottles or any other glass products such as countertops.

  • Multi-use

Drinking glass bottles that have wide mouth can be used to carry water, juice, smoothies or protein shakes, sodas, etc.

  • Safe

Glass bottles have been tested and approved by relevant authorities to be safe for human use.

This is because they have been found to be free from harmful chemicals such as lead and bisphenol A (BPA).

These substances are associated with human diseases such as cancer.

What are the Disadvantages of Glass Bottles?

Glass bottles are heavier compared to plastic or stainless bottles thus are expensive to transport.

They cost more than their counter parts because glass bottle production is energy consuming thus raising the cost of production.

Glass bottles are fragile thus can easily break when accidentally dropped and so it may lead to injury to the handler.

How do you Manufacture Glass Bottles?

Glass bottles are manufactured using raw materials such as soda-lime or borosilicate using hot end process, blowing and pressing technique.

The soda-lime raw material is considered natural and it comprises of sand, limestone and soda ash and with no chemical traces.

The manufacturing process include stages such as: hot end process, press and blow glass mold or blow and blow glass mold

· Hot End Process

This is the first stage of manufacturing process; the mixed raw materials are subjected to very high temperatures to produce a glass.

This is done in very hot furnace at 1675 Fahrenheit in order to come out with a molten glass container.

About 15-50 percent of recycled glass residue known as cullet is added together with the raw materials into the furnace.

The next stage is either press-and-blow molding or blow-and-blow molding process.

· Press-and-blow Molding

In this stage an individual section (IS) machine is used, this machine has identical compartments of about 5-20 IS.

It is therefore capable of multiple production at one go.

Molten glass at 1050 to 1200 Celsius is cut and shaped into a glass container known as gob.

The cut gob is then let to roll into a mold where a metal plunger presses it into a blank mold.

It then assumes the shape of the blank mold forming a parison.

The parison is moved to the next mold where it is blown into final shape.

This method is commonly applied with wide-mouthed bottles and thin necked bottles.

· Blow-and-blow Molding

This is an alternative to the press-and-blow method, it also uses the IS machines and the gob.

However, in this case, the god is blown into the blank mold using compressed air and not a metal plunger.

The resulting parison is taken to the final mold and blown to form the inner part of the glass bottle.

Various treatment is done to strengthen the inner surface to make the bottle chemical resistant.

A gas mixture of fluorocarbons is used in this internal treatment.

This is particularly common for alcohol bottles and other degrading substances.

Blow molding is usually applied with bottles that have varying neck thickness.

· Annealing

This is done to rectify unequal cooling that may result into bottle stress.

An annealing oven is used to reheat and cool glass bottles for a stronger uniform end product.

· Cold End Process

Finally, the resulting glass bottle is individually inspected for common faults such as cracks and stones.

Only glass bottles that meet the standard quality requirements are packaged ready for shipping.

How do Glass Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

Manufacturers ensure all quality control staff are continuously trained on quality management procedures in order to maintain international quality standards.

The trained quality assurance staff oversee the implementation and adherence of the quality guidelines by factory staff.

Before the production begins, all the raw materials are inspected and checked against the recognized quality standards.

This is also done during the production to random glass bottles confirm strict procedures are followed.

At the end of production, quality personnel carry out individual inspections of glass bottles to ensure no cracked bottles are packed.

Finally, manufacturers have staff who follow up on any customer complaint on glass bottle quality.

This enable the manufacture to rectify where necessary thus retaining glass bottle quality.

Do Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China have Flexible MOQ?

Minimum order quantity for glass bottle is 3000 pieces for mist manufacturers.

However, this quantity is flexible because China manufacturers allow lower orders for clients who want to carry out market trial.

They make reasonable cost calculations for the lower orders and share with the clients.

What are the Properties of Glass Bottles?

Some of the main properties of glass bottle are:

· Heat Resistant

Glass bottles are not deformed by heat, they are good absorbers and conductors of heat. Thus, they can be used to hold hot liquids.

· Transparent

The clarity of glass bottles provides good visibility of products held hence they enhance their display.

However, for products affected by light, the glass bottles can be colored brown or amber to provide protection against light.

· Chemical Resistant

The fact that glass bottles do not chemically react makes them chemically.

This property makes them preserve the taste and aroma of their content for a very long time.

They also do not contain BPA or lead that can leach into the bottle’s content.

· Sturdy

Glass bottles are mechanically strong and hard thus can withstand stress such as collision during transportation.

· Smooth

The production process of glass bottle involves quick cooling thus preventing crystallization of the materials.

This gives a uniform smooth finish due to the sudden drop of temperature that fuses the materials together.

· Fragile

Glass bottles are mechanically strong but very delicate in nature. They can easily break when accidentally dropped or when too much pressure is applied on them.

· Non-porous and Impermeable

Glass bottles provide a barrier between the content and the external environment.

Therefore, liquid and gases cannot permeate and interact with the content making it to retain its original taste and quality.

How do you Test Quality of Glass Bottle?

To test for internal pressure, glass bottle is filled with carbonated drink and observation made on how the bottle behaves.

The presence of any rapture signifies the bottle cannot withstand pressure well.

Leakage test is done by filling the glass with water and checked for any leaks on its body.

The lid is also closed and the bottle shaken, no spillage should occur.

Glass bottles should remain impermeable to environmental factors such as gases, temperature, light, liquid in order to maintain content freshness.

A filled glass bottle is subjected to water vapor, odor, oil, light and gases and content evaluated after certain intervals.

When the contents remain the same in quality, the glass bottle is fully impermeable.

Are there Color Limitations for Glass Bottles?

Different colors of glass bottle

 Different colors of glass bottle

Color is not a limiting factor for glass bottles, they can be transparent, amber, dark, or any other color of choice.

Amber color is to protect the content from UV light degradation while transparent glass bottles are to enhance product visibility.

Most essential oil and beer bottles are amber in color or green for beers that do not need much light protection.

Dark bottles are mostly used for packaging in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to completely block light penetration.

This is because light may lead to chemical reactions which may compromise the quality of the products.

What are the Available Sizes of Glass Bottles?

 Different sizes of glass bottle

Different sizes of glass bottle

Glass bottle come in a variety of sizes depending on the purpose of the bottle.

They range from small sizes of 3ml for essential oils and fragrances bottle to 1000ml for packaging glass bottles.

Majority of beverage bottles are between 350ml to 500ml in size, while perfume bottles are mostly 30ml to 100ml.

The sizes are not restrictive as clients can order for a size that suits their needs.

Do Glass Bottle Manufacturers offer Warranty?

Glass bottle manufacturers do extend 100% guarantee for their products against any manufacturing defects.

When clients are not satisfied with the glass bottles outcome, they are allowed to request for a new glass bottle exchange.

What is the Free Sample Policy for Glass Bottle Manufacturers?

Manufacturers do offer free existing glass bottle samples for client who would wish to confirm their quality pre-production of mass orders.

For customized glass bottle samples, a small fee is charged for molding the samples design.

This amount is refundable upon order placement of certain quantity.

The samples are shipped using courier services such as FedEx, DHL, etc. on client’s account or pay manufacturer for freight charges.

Are Glass Bottles Safe?


Glass bottles are safe because they are made from chemical free materials such as limestone, soda ash and sand.

Why should you Import from Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China?

China manufacturers have at least a decade of experience in glass bottles production.

This guarantees client of high-quality glass bottles production.

The raw materials are readily available in China thus it reduces the cost of production.

It, therefore, makes it cheaper to import from China manufacturers because they offer very competitive prices on their glass bottles.

Another reason to import from China manufacturers is that they have a variety of glass bottles at a time.

This offers clients a wide selection of high-quality bottles to choose from at one go.

They also have dedicated designers who are willing to guide clients who would wish to design their glass bottles from scratch.

They make customization of glass bottles easily accessible to clients.

Also, manufacturers of glass bottles from China have advanced machinery that applies modern technology to design and manufacture.

As a result, they are able to produce several glass bottles in one production increasing their turnover. This makes all their deliveries timely.

Glass bottles manufacturers from China offer a warranty return policy on their glass bottles.

Therefore, clients who are not satisfied with their orders are free to request for product exchange or a refund.

This boosts clients’ confidence on the manufacturer’s glass bottle quality.

Additionally, China manufacturers offer to assist with shipping of glass bottles order to clients’ destinations worldwide.

In so doing, they reduce the hustle of outsourcing for shipping agents, making the import process smooth, enjoyable, and convenient.

Furthermore, the manufacturers have trained professionals who handle all customer inquiries throughout the ordering process.

They also offer aftersales services and accept customer feedbacks even after delivery of the orders.

Lastly, China manufacturers are the top supplier to clients from countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

This is because they follow a strict quality manufacturing process that results in very high-quality glass bottles.

What is the Significance of Amber Coating or Browning Glass Bottles?

The amber coating is to protect the bottle’s content from ultraviolet light which easily degrades essential oils and beers.

Glass bottle with umber

Glass bottle with umber color

What are the Available Design Options for Glass Bottles?

Glass bottles are available in many different styles such a long neck, Boston rounds, French square,

Syrup bottle, liquor bottle, etc. Clients can design their bottle from scratch to suit their intend purpose.

How do Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China support OEM Business?

Manufacturers support OEM business by allowing them to design their own glass bottles from scratch using their research and development team.

They also allow upgrading of existing glass bottle by adding their own logos and design before producing in large quantities.

This improves on quality of the glass bottle thus increasing its value.

China manufacturers provide a marketing platform for the OEM business hence improving product visibility thus promoting their products.

They are offer warranty of the products as well as licensing.

What is the Turnaround Time for Glass Bottle Manufacturing?

Standard glass bottle manufacturing takes an average of 30 days between the date of order confirmation and delivery.

This period varies depending on the complexity of glass bottle design, it’s size and quantity.

Large complex orders usually take longer than the standard glass bottle of the same quantity.

But with the use of automated machinery, manufacturers are still able to deliver within a short period of time.

What are the Lid Designs for Glass Bottle?

Lids provide closure to the glass bottle hence avoiding spillage of the bottle content.

It is therefore, important to get the right lid for the bottle.

Some of the lid designs include:

Lid types for glass bottles

 Lid types for glass bottle

· Screw Caps

Screw caps can be made of plastic or stainless-steel metals that are BPA free.

They have a continuous thread that locks with the mouth of the bottle and is twisted to close and open.

These are available in different sizes and colors and can be found on medicine bottles, drinking bottles, etc.

· Stoppers or Cork

Mostly made of rubber or wooden material and are common with wine bottles, oil bottles. they provide closure by pushing it inside the bottle neck.

· Dispensing Caps

Dispensing caps give out a fine mist spray when gently pressed on the lid.

They are common in handwash, perfumes, and lotions bottles. Dispensing lids are made of plastics and have a tube, nozzle, and a pump.

· Child Proof Lids

Child proof caps are meant to keep children away from drugs. They are operated by pushing down before twisting to open.

They are made of plastic materials and have a continuous thread.

Do Glass Bottle Manufacturers have Product Return Policy?

Normally, manufacturers offer an exchange withs new glass bottles or a refund depending on the agreement with the client.

This is strictly on condition that the client raises complaint within the required period from the date of order receipt.

Client who has an issue is expected to communicate with the manufacturer via email attaching a photographic evidence of the product.

The manufacturer then assesses the complaint before deciding on the next course of action.

Once convinced with the client’s reason, the glass bottles are returned to the manufacturer in their original package and unused.

The manufacturer then compensates the client accordingly upon receipt of the returned glass bottles.

What Payment Terms do Glass Bottle Manufacturers Accept?

Manufacturers require 100% payment for readily available glass bottle stock before shipping.

For customized orders clients are required to pay in two instalments of 30% and 70% respectively.

A 30% deposit is made prior mass production and the 70% balance cleared upon production completion and against bill of landing.

The modes of payment are through telegraphic transfer (T/T), cash, Western Union, PayPal or letter of credit (LC) on sight.

The accepted currency includes: USD, Euros, HKD, etc.

Clients who wish to make payment through any other means are welcome to discuss with the manufacturer in advance.

Will Glass Bottle Manufacturers help in shipping Process?

Majority of glass bottle manufacturers have shipping department that handles order delivery to clients.

Clients who wish to ship through the manufacturers pay freight charges depending on the mode of shipment.

The modes of shipping used include, express courier services such as DHL, UPS, air freight, sea freight or by road.

Small orders are couriered by express services while orders less than 1 ton are shipped by air as air freight.

Air freight are very expensive because they are charged by weight. These take the shortest time to reach the client, normally between 2-7 days.

Orders for clients within China can be transported by road if they are heavy and delivered at their doorstep.

Large oversea orders of 1 ton and above are packed in containers and shipped by sea to the designated ports.

They take the longest to arrive between 30-60 days and are cheaper than air freight.

Should you Buy from Glass Bottle Manufacturer or Alibaba?

Buying glass bottles from manufacturers is better because you are able to negotiate for discount per bottle for large orders. Alibaba has fixed prices per bottle.

Another reason for buying from manufacturer is that you can customize your bottle from scratch unlike Alibaba that sells ready-made designs.

Manufacturers accept returned glass bottles provided they are unused and in their original package within the specified time.

Alibaba do not accept returned goods once sold.

Manufacturers support OEM business by allowing them to design their glass bottles then manufacture for them.

Alibaba does not have manufacturing capacity thus cannot offer the same support to OEM businesses.

Manufacturers offer clients free samples for existing glass bottle designs upon request and charge for customized designs whereas Alibaba sells samples.

It is possible to negotiate for lower minimum order with the manufacture because for Alibaba the minimum order is fixed.

Are Glass Bottles Environmentally Friendly?


Glass bottles are 100% recycled without loosing their purity or quality.

They are recycled back to glass bottles or other products materials used in countertops, landscaping, flooring etc.

Are Glass Bottles Durable?

Yes, they are.

Glass bottles are made from high-quality materials making them sturdy to withstand pressure for longer thus are durable.

How do you Print Glass Bottles?

Printing on glass bottle can be done by decal printing as follows:

  • The desired logo or image is printed on a plastic vinyl thin film using a special software.
  • The vinyl film is pressure sensitive and has an adhesive side which is plastered on the glass bottle.
  • Decal printing is ideal for any surface and is not affected by external environment.

What are the Available Glass Bottle Surface Treatment Options?

Various surface treatment options are available to achieve different needs.

For instant, amber coating is done to protect the bottle content from UV light deterioration and frosting to make it translucent.

Other surface treatments include, spray painting, gradient painting etc.

Do Glass Bottles Leach Chemicals?


Glass bottles are inert and pure therefore, they do not leach any chemicals into the bottle’s content thus retaining content quality.

What Features do you Consider when Choosing Glass Bottle?

When choosing a glass bottle that suits your needs, you should consider the following:

  1. The glass bottle should be smooth without any cracks on its mouth and abrasion on its body.
  2. It should be airtight when sealed with its lid to prevent spillage.
  3. Glass bottle should have the right coating depending on your needs, ether amber or transparent.
  4. The bottle should be toxins free and chemically inactive.
  5. There should be no stains on it.
  6. It should have the right type of lid for the intended use.

Is Glass Safe for Hot Liquids?

Glass bottles can withstand hot temperatures and can hold hot liquid without breaking hence are safe for hot liquids.

Which Quality Certificates do Glass Bottle Manufacturers offer?

Glass bottle manufacturers undergo quality tests to confirm compliance to set standard manufacturing guidelines before they can get approvals.

They are tested on good manufacturing practices, health safety and environmental conservation among many others.

As a result, they offer quality certificates such as FDA, SGS, EU, ISO9001, etc.

With the information in this guide, you can definitely choose high quality and reliable glass bottles.

For inquiries or questions about glass bottles, contact LAIKOE.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Glass Bottle's Material?

Laikoe glass bottles are made from Natural Materials including Sand, Limestone, and soda ash, No chemicals, and contaminants.

What's Advantage of Glass Bottles?

Laikoe glass bottles are food grade and safe to drink. There are lots of advantages like Stable, Lead-Free, BPA Free, safe to store food like milk, yogurt, Cottage cheese, the smooth surface easy to clean, and easy to have your unique new originality.

What’s the period to get my Order ready?

For glass bottle order with normal quantity, it takes about 30days for a new order from the very beginning, order details confirmation to final delivery of goods.

What’s your Sample Policy?

Free glass bottle samples are available to potential clients.

In case needs customized glass bottle samples, pattern fee will be charged from clients.

Courier costs will be collected as well while refundable after order.

What’s The Payment Method of Laikoe Glass Bottles?

T/T, 30-50% Down Payment, Balance Against Copy of Bill of Lading for Sea/Boat shipment;

All balance to clean before Air shipping or Courier shipping.


What’s MOQ for your Branding on Glass Bottles?

There is a minimum of  3000 pcs for clear or the existed colors and screen prints, laser engraving, etc.


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