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Based on over 15 years of experience in manufacturing Giant hydro vacuum flask, REACHING Enterprises (Brand in LaiKoe) is your premium Gallon Hydro Flask Manufacturer in China.

Laikoe Gallon Hydro Flasks, includes hydro flask wine cup, hydro flask beer growler, hydro flask wine glass, hydro flask jug.

Laikoe Gallon Hydro Flask supplies the largest Hydro flask biggest size like 1-gallon hydro flask and half-gallon hydro flask. Also, hydro flask growler 64 full oz and hydro flask beer growler 32oz are available in Reaching.

hydro flask 64oz wide mouth insulated bottle is recommended as a classic hydro flask beer bottle, coffee, and tea flask.

Your Premier Gallon Hydro Flask Manufacturer and Supplier in China

  • High grade 18/8 Stainless Steel, Sustainable
  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Technology
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Big Capacity ranges from 64 oz, 0.5 Gallon, one Gallon Hydro Flask
  • Different Various Colors available
  • Brushed Silver Surface / Spray Painting /Powder Coating /
  • Short Sampling Set Up, Quick Delivery
  • Strict Quality Control on one Gallon Hydro Flask
  • Team with fluent English skills for barrier-free communication
  • Fast Response Time,High Efficiency
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

All these Large hydro Flasks are made out of high-quality Food Grade Stainless Steel, as well as the strictly controlled hydro flask manufacturing process, making it the best hydro flask for coffee, alcohol and beer bottle.

A custom hydro flask growler is affordable. Whether you are Hydro Flask Dealers, Retailers, Stores, Distributor, Importer, LaiKoe Gallon Hydro Flasks could match your personalized hydro flask growler requests in sizes, cap styles, colors, graphic.

You could choose your preferred Hydro Flask sizes, colors, and types via Hydro Flask Manufacturer China. You could also send us your snapshot for our reference.

Hydro Flask stores or importer to buy hydro flask in bulk, could just text us your requirement on your stainless steel hydro flask insulated growler.

Reaching Will be Your Best  Gallon Hydro Flask Supplier and Partner in China

Laikoe Hydro Flask insulated growler serves both Supermarkets like Costco, Target, Walmart, or online sales like Amazon, eBay, Etsy.

Laikoe Gallon Hydro Flask has lots of advantages such as big capacity, Lead free, BPA free, Dishwasher safe. REACHING Enterprises has passed food grade test like FDA, LFGB and SGS certification is ready for your Enquiry and Quote.

REACHING is the leading Gallon Hydro Flask manufacturer in China.

The day output of hydro flask 64oz wide mouth insulated bottle reaches 5000pcs.

The normal sample lead time is 3-7days for current styles, the mass production period for big Hydro Flask order is 35-45days after all details are approved.

Contact us today for your next Gallon Hydro Flask order, REACHING is no doubt to skyrocket your business!

Gallon Hydro Flask: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for any information about gallon hydro flask, you will find it right here.

Whether you want to learn about the design, size, finishing options, functionality or technology, I have compiled all that in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more.

How big Is Gallon Hydro Flask?

The sizes do vary.

We offer sizes of 32oz to 64oz.

Remember, while choosing the size, you ought to assess how you intend to use the hydro flask.

Knowing this factor will give you a better glimpse of the size you ought to buy.

Are Gallon Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated?

Yes, our gallon hydro flask is vacuum insulated.

There are a few reasons that make vacuum insulated gallon hydro flask the best.

One of them being the hydro flask is non-toxic.

Plastics bottles emit chemical bisphenol-A.

Ever since people understood the dangers of these chemicals, more manufacturers have leaned towards producing bottles without the toxic chemical.

Hence by choosing a vacuum insulated gallon hydro flask, you are certain that you are safe.

The other positive effect of using a vacuum insulated gallon hydro flask is that there is no flavor transfer.

Therefore, your soda will taste like soda, your juice will taste like juice, and your water will taste like water.

Finally, a remarkable feature that makes vacuum insulated hydro flasks the best is that it keeps the temperature the same.

Simply if you put in some cold water, the temperature will remain the same goes to when you put in some hot beverage.

How Do You Check Quality Of A Gallon Hydro Flask?

We have various teams that counter checks the quality of the gallon hydro flask.

We aim to send out gallon hydro flasks that will satisfy the client’s needs.

Therefore, we ensure that the flask is safe for use before sending it out.

There are a few tests that our team conducts to ensure that the gallon hydro flask is of quality.

One of the tests conducted is the temperature test.

This test helps our team see which bottle keeps its content coldest.

Also, we do a leak test to see if the hydro flask leaks.

We only design gallon hydro flask that meets the standard requirement set by the authorities.

Also, we check on the gallon hydro flask design to ensure that its features make it stand out from other bottles.

Who Should Use Gallon Hydro Flask?

Anyone can use the gallon hydro flask.

The exciting factor is that it comes with different features.

This is particularly true as the gallon hydro flask suits both outdoor and indoor needs.

Before buying it, all you have to do is assess the intended use in order for you to choose one that fits you.

How Much Do Gallon Hydro Flask Cost?

The hydro flask cost between $30 and $60.

However, the cost is not definitive.

For the reason that a few elements influence the total cost of the gallon hydro flask.

The size of the hydro flask greatly influences the total cost.

Also, the design of the hydro flask determines the cost.

Finally, the features of the gallon hydro flask have an influence on its total cost.

Can You Recommend the Best Gallon Hydro Flask Design? 

Yes, we can recommend you a few of the designs available.

It is wise to recognize that the designs vary in body and the kind of top cup you choose to have.

 Gallon hydro flask

With the body, the designs imprinted on them could be desert, mountain, and coast.

These are some of the popular designs our team receives.

With the top cup, the kind of design you wind up choosing is solely dependent on your taste.

There are those top cups whose handle is on the left, whereas there are those whose handle is at the top.

Gallon hydro flask with handle

Also, a few gallon hydro flasks have a straw on them, whereas there are those that do not have.

The listed designs are some of the recommendations our team can offer.

However, this should not be mistaken that the designs listed are the best.

Only choose a design that suits your needs.

Can Dropping A Gallon Hydro Flask Damage It?

Dropping the gallon hydro flask is unlikely to damage it.

This is because the hydro flask is made up of stainless steel both on the outside and inside.

Also, this feature makes the hydro flask more durable.

You do not have to worry if the gallon hydro flask will still keep the drinks cold or hot as the vacuum insulated wall does not easily break.

 What Can Cause A Bad Smell From Gallon Hydro Flask?

One main factor that may make your gallon hydro flask to produce an awful smell is the gasket.

A gasket is an object sitting directly over the lip of the bottle.

If the gasket is not clean, it can cause some smell or make the water taste differently.

When you wish to clean the gasket, you ought to be careful because it might make the gasket leaky if it tears.

Hence you can use a knife or a paper clip to take it out.

Once you have it off, you need to clean it thoroughly.

You could choose to use white vinegar to soak it and later wash it with a toothbrush.

The main purpose is to remove the mildew and mold as they make the hydro flask to have an awful smell.

In some rare cases, the mold might fail to come off.

This is usually caused by the constant friction produced when twisting the cap.

This inverse tears the gasket.

If this happens then, you might need to replace the gasket.

Which Drinks Or Beverages Can You Up In The Gallon Hydro Flask?

You can feel rest assured as you can put in anything in your gallon hydro flask.

The gallon hydro flask has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it can withstand any kind of beverage.

Therefore, you can put in your soda, water or wine.

It is good to note that once you put in your soda, you may have a surge of pressure every time you open the flask.

However, this ought not to worry you as this kind of pressure cannot damage the gallon hydro flask.

How Do You Wash Gallon Hydro Flask?

It is quite essential to wash your gallon hydro flask.

This is because every time you sip from the flask, you accelerate the spread of bacteria in the bottle.

If the gallon hydro flask is not washed, the flask may experience some discoloration.

Here is how to wash a decorated hydro flask.

You can use a bottle brush to wash the clean hydro flask.

If your gallon hydro flask has a straw in it, then ensure that you have a straw cleaner.

You can use soap and water to wash the hydro flask.

Moreover, you could choose to make use of distilled vinegar if you wish to have some deep cleaning.

The good thing about using distilled vinegar is that it helps remove discolorations inside the gallon hydro flask.

You may utilize lemon juice as an alternative to vinegar.

You ought not to put the gallon hydro flask in the dishwasher.

This is because the dishwasher can ruin the insulation properties.

Also, the high temperatures in the dishwasher can discolor the powder coat.

Also, while washing, avoid soaking your entire gallon hydro flask as it will discolor the powder coat.

Lastly, do not use bleach to clean the gallon hydro flask.

The chemical will make the stainless steel rust.

 Can Gallon Hydro Flask Have Mold?

Mold grows whenever it is in a dark, damp environment.

Given that your gallon hydro flask is used to store beverages and can remain wet for long periods.

This kind of environment increases the risk of having mold in your gallon hydro flask.

If your gallon hydro flask has mold or wishes to prevent your hydro flask from having mold, make sure that you follow the following steps.

Rinse it well. This helps get rid of any leftovers from the drink that was in the gallon hydro flask.

  1. Add vinegar. Vinegar is a well-known resource that helps in cleaning things. Once you put in the vinegar, shake it, and leave it for about thirty minutes.
  2. Make a baking soda paste and use a bottle brush to brush away the mold.
  3. Once you have cleaned it with the baking soda paste, leave it for fifteen minutes.
  4. Then, you can rinse it with some boiling water. This will help disinfect and wash away the mold.
  5. Once you are done, scrub it again as you would not wish to have leftovers of vinegar or baking soda in the gallon hydro flask.
  6. After you scrub it, rinse it well and leave it to dry off.

 Can You Put Gallon Hydro Flask In The Fridge?

Yes, you can put the gallon hydro flask in the fridge as it will not get damaged.

However, you ought to understand that the same properties that help make the water remain cold will stop from making the water cold when put in the fridge.

    Gallon hydro flask in the fridge

The gallon hydro flask has a vacuum insulated wall that has no air inside it.

It is good to understand that the vacuum keeps out heat from the outside, and the inverse is true.

Therefore, if you put room temperature water in the gallon hydro flask and then put it in the fridge, the water will maintain its temperature.

This is because the vacuum-insulated walls prevent the cold from being emitted from the fridge to reach the water.

Hence if you wish to have cold water, it is best that you cool it in a separate container and later on place it in the gallon hydro flask.

What Are the Components Of Gallon Hydro Flask?

The two main components that make up the gallon hydro flask include stainless steel, which helps improve the durability of the gallon hydro flask.

Also, it has a vacuum insulated wall, which helps maintain the drink or beverage temperatures.

Components of hydro flask

How Does Gallon Hydro Flask Work?

The gallon hydro flask’s great temperature retention is achieved with the help of its TempSheild technology.

It has two walls of stainless steel and a vacuum between them.

The vacuum helps to stop conduction.

This technology helps prevent heat from getting in or out.

The metal lining between the outer and the inner chamber prevents heat radiation.

Also, the lid on the gallon hydro flask helps in insulation.

 Are Gallon Hydro Flasks Safe?

Yes, the gallon hydro flask is safe to use.

One element that makes it safe is that it has no toxic elements in it.

Also, the gallon hydro flask has food-grade stainless steel.

These features make it safe to use and help maintain the taste of the beverage or drink.

Are Gallon Hydro Flasks Leak-proof?

Yes, they are leakproof. A gallon hydro flask’s standard mouth is convenient enough to sip, add ice cubes, or any other supplements.

The leak-proof feature ensures that the drink does not spill in your bag or car seat.

Before we send out our gallon hydro flasks to our clients, we do the leak test.

While doing the test, our team fills in the bottle with water dyed with food coloring.

The test involves placing the bottle on its side for over 24 hours and assess if there are any leaks.

The leak test also includes how the lid seats on the bottle.

How Does Gallon Hydro Flask Have Double Wall? 

The double-wall in the gallon hydro flask are made up of stainless steel, and they serve various purposes.

One of them being maintaining the drink’s temperature.

Also, if you put in some hot beverage in the double-wall, you do not have to worry about it burning your hand.

This is because the double-wall helps prevent the transfer of heat from the outside and inside.

Moreover, manufacturers insist on using the double wall as it makes the gallon hydro flask condensation-free.

This means anytime you are holding the gallon hydro flask, the bottle will not sweat on your hands.

What Are the Available Cap Type For Gallon Hydro Flask?

There are various cap types available for your gallon hydro flask.

Here is a checklist of some of the available cap types.

· Standard Mouth Insulated Sport Cap

This kind of cap is best for people who are on the move and only can use one hand to hydrate.

The cap is insulated. It is compatible with all standard bottles.

However, the cap is meant for cold drinks and not hot ones.

Standard cap

Wide Mouth Flex Cap

The cap is compatible with all wide-mouth bottles, such as the gallon.

It has honeycomb insulation, thus ensuring that the temperature of the drink remains the same.

It is durable, and also the straps move easily.

Wide mouth flexible cap

Standard Mouth Flex Cap

This kind of cap is ideal for a spontaneous campout, epic road trips.

It is durable and has honeycomb insulation.

How Do You Customize Gallon Hydro Flask?

There are various strategies you can make use of to customize your gallon hydro flask.

One of them is using stickers.

It is quite easy buying stickers.

You can as well use laser engraving.

This method is bound to last forever.

Besides, you could also choose to use glue crystals.

You could also paint the gallon hydro flask.

However, ensure that you only use water-based acrylic paint.

This will help ensure that the outer coat is not ruined.

While customizing, you ought to avoid any method that will require you to drill the gallon hydro flask or cut it.

Additionally, you can engrave hydro flask.

It is also a better way of having unique designs and unique marking on the hydro flask.

Engraved hydro flask

Are Gallon Hydro Flasks Insulated? 

Yes, the gallon hydro flask is insulated, which helps ensure that the liquids remain at the same temperature.

How Do You Choose Strap For Gallon Hydro Flask?

Our teams check various elements to ensure that we only make use of the right strap for the gallon hydro flask.

One of them is the durability of the strap.

This is an element our team often ensures that we do not overlook as we wish our clients to be content with our products.

The other element is the color of the strap.

The color of the strap is solely influenced by the design of the gallon hydro flask.

Also, there are some straps that are detachable, whereas others are not.

The other element our team assesses while choosing a strap is the material.

In order to ensure that our client feels at ease holding the strap, we only produce straps that are made of nylon.

What Material Is Gallon Hydro Flask Made Of?

The hydro flask uses stainless steel in its manufacturing process.

However, this does not mean that steel is the only material used.

In fact, steel is the secondary material used while manufacturing the gallon hydro flask.

Some other materials used to create the desired steel are nickel and chromium.

The good thing about using these materials is that most of them are recycled, therefore reducing the likelihood of mining new materials.

What Is The Best Base Design For Gallon Hydro Flask? 

Some gallon hydro flasks have a beveled base, which makes it easy for you to grab them.

There are those that have a narrow base.

Remember that the base you chose solely depends on the kind of feature the gallon hydro flask has.

Base of hydro flask

Do Gallon Hydro Flasks Have A Warranty?

Yes, the hydro flasks have a warranty.

Our team is convinced that the gallon hydro flask has the best quality; hence the warranty is bound to last for one year.

However, it is ideal that you read through the warranty policies as they will help you understand what is covered in the warranty.

One common issue our team often battles with is whenever our products are bought from unlicensed suppliers.

Note that we will not cover the gallon hydro flask if the flask was not from a reputable supplier.

Our team covers some of the manufacturing defects like leaking flasks, flasks that got damaged during the shipping process, and flasks that no longer insulate and rattling flasks.

 How Long Will Gallon Hydro Flask Keep Its Content Cold Or Hot?

The period as to when the gallon hydro flask can keep the content cold or hot is solely influenced by the technology the gallon hydro flask has.

However, most times, cold water can remain cold for almost 24 hours.

Whereas if you put hot drinks, some can keep the drink hot for about 12 hours.

Also, there are those that can maintain the temperature of hot drinks for 6 hours and keep cold water cold for 12 hours.

In summary, always check the kind of technology the gallon hydro flask has as it will help you know how long it can keep the liquid hot or cold.

Why Is TempSheild Important In Gallon Hydro Flask?

TempSheild is important in gallon hydro flask as it is the technology that helps provide excellent thermal resistance.

Therefore, anytime you put ice water in the gallon hydro flask by noon, the water will still have its original temperature.

And for people who struggle sipping hot coffee while on the go.

Having a gallon hydro flask that has TempSheild technology will come in handy.

For the reason that the technology will keep the coffee hot for you to drink it anytime you want.

 Are Gallon Hydro Flasks BPA-free?

Yes, the gallon hydro flask is BPA-free.

BPA, which stands for bisphenol A organic synthetic compound found in most plastic bottles.

BPA is quite harmful to adults and kids.

The compound has adverse effects on the brain, the prostate glands of fetuses.

Also, some research links BPA to increase rates of blood pressure.

The good thing about gallon hydro flask is that it has no liner making them very safe to use.

 What Are The Benefits Of Gallon Hydro Flask?

There are few benefits you are likely to experience once you buy a gallon hydro flask.

Here is a list of them:

                                    Gallon hydro flask

  1. One the gallon hydro flask is reusable-The good thing about using the hydro flask is that you do not have to throw it away as the only thing you need to do is wash it, and then you can use it again.
  2. Customizable designs- The good thing about using a gallon hydro flask is that you can customize the flask’s design.

This is highly favorable as the designs are not limited to anything.

Therefore you can put in any design you want.

  1. Various color options- One is not limited to a particular color.
  2. It is safe to use- say goodbye to constantly wondering if the container you are using is safe. Gallon hydro flask is safe to use because it has no BPA in it.
  3. It maintains the drink’s temperature- With TempSheild technology’s help, you are certain that the drink put in the gallon hydro flask will maintain its original temperature throughout the day.
  4. Durability- The materials made to design the gallon hydro flask is quite strong.

You do not have to fret anytime you drop the hydro flask as it is not likely to break.

  1. Sweat-free- You do not have to worry about the bottle having a pool of water underneath it.

Also, your papers will not get ruined due to condensation.

This is possible because the gallon hydro flask will not be sweaty.

  1. Cap types- The sad truth is that most bottles tend only to have one kind of cap.

But this is not the case with using a gallon hydro flask. The hydro flasks come in different cap types.

This gives you options to choose caps that suit your personality.

  1. Lifetime warranty- The warranty lasts for a hundred years; the guarantee is commendable as designed to help their clientele for a very long time.
  2. Both adults and kids can use the gallon hydro flask.
  3. Marketing- The good thing about having a gallon hydro flask is that they support an active lifestyle.

They know the kind of gallon hydro flask that is best for hiking, camping or running.

Also, there are hydro flasks that are suitable to use when socializing.

This kind of strategy perfectly matches their marketing ideology.

  1. The good thing about using a gallon hydro flask is that its size is best suited for people who desire to drink a lot of drinks.

The size comes in handy when you intend to share the beverage with other people.

You will not be prompted to carry along many bottles as the gallon hydro flask will serve you.

  1. It is easy to clean.
  2. The gallon hydro flask does not transfer any flavors anytime you use to put another beverage in your drink.

Hence you can put some juice in it in the morning and later put some water and not feel that the water tastes differently.

  1. You are not limited to the kind of drink or beverage that you ought to put in the gallon hydro flask.

 Are There Limitations Of Gallon Hydro Flask?

There are few limitations to owning a gallon hydro flask. Here are some of them:

  1. They are quite expensive- The downside of having gallon hydro flask is that they are expensive.

Sadly not every single person can afford it.

However, it is good to note that the prices of every gallon hydro flask differ.

This is because the total is often influenced by the features and design it has.

  1. It is likely to get mold- If you do not clean the gallon hydro flask, it is likely to get mold in it. Hence one is required to take good care of it.
  2. Portability- As the gallon hydro flask is quite big, you cannot carry it everywhere as you need a bag to hold it.
  3. You cannot place it on the cupholder as it is quite big. Hence one has to find an ideal space to place the gallon hydro flask.

 What Are The Available Color Options For Hydro Flask?

The good thing about the gallon hydro flask is that there are various color options you can choose from.

You have the option of choosing a bold color or choose a play it safe and choose a dull color.

The colors include but not limited to, black, grey, yellow, and green.

Different colors of hydro flask

 Different colors of hydro flask

Can Gallon Hydro Flask Accommodation Ice Cubes?

Yes, you can put some ice cubes in the gallon hydro flask.

You can put in standard-sized ice cubes in your gallon hydro flask.

If you fill-up the gallon hydro flask with a good amount of ice cubes and put it in cold water, then the ice cubes are bound to last for more than 24hrs.

However, there are a few elements that might make the ice cubes melt fast.

One of them being the hydro flask has lost its vacuum seal.

Remember that the vacuum seal prevents heat transfer.

However, if the vacuum seal is lost, the ice cubes are likely to melt quickly.

If you in this predicament, then it is high time that you replace your gallon hydro flask.

If you put the ice together with some room temperature water, the ice is bound to melt quickly.

Therefore, always ensure that you put cold water if you want the ice cubes to last long.

Also, to ensure that the ice lasts long, ensure that you put in a fair amount of ice cubes.

For this reason, if they are few in a gallon hydro flask, the chances are high that the ice cubes will soon melt.

When you constantly leave the lid open, you expose the ice cubes to some heat, making them not last long.

Lastly, if you are drinking the water a lot of times, the ice cubes are likely to melt quickly.

This is because every time you open the gallon hydro flask, you let in warm air from the outside.

The Gallon hydro flask should have a certification stating that the packaging specifications.

I hope you found the information you’re looking for about the gallon hydro flask.

However, if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us right now.

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