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Thanks to the continuous Study, Practice, Laikoe has been developed to the latest brand of Reaching – a Professional Hydro Vacuum Flask wide mouth lid manufacturer in China.

LaiKoe Hydro Vacuum Flask wide mouth lid fits most of the needs like Camping,outdoor activities, Gym, at home, at the office, or  Travel in Car, Train or Plane.

The material of Hydro flask vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle wide mouth body is 18/8 Aviation grade Stainless Steel, Safe, Durable and anti-Rust. You could rely on a Hydro flask wide mouth flat cap, or flex cap or flip lid for your tour companion-Hydro Flask wide mouth vacuum bottle.

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  • Made Out of High grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Different Capacity and Various Colors available
  • Lots of Lids fits Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid
  • Hydro Wide Mouth Flip Lid and Spout Cap Lid
  • Hydro Wide Flex Cap, Flat Cap and Loop Cap
  • Hydro PP Wide Mouth Straw Lid Fits 18OZ 32OZ 40Z 64OZ
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Flexible in Design and Order Quantity
  • Team with fluent English skills for barrier-free communication
  • Fast Response Time,High Efficiency
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices on Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid

There are varies of different capacities available for different users, such as hydro flask 12oz wide mouth, hydro flask 16oz wide mouth, hydro flask 18 oz wide mouth, hydro flask 20oz wide mouth, hydro flask 24oz wide mouth, hydro flask 32oz wide mouth water bottle,  hydro flask 40oz wide mouth and hydro flask 64oz wide mouth water bottle.

Also, lots of trend colors are for your choose on hydro flask wide mouth tops, includes Mango, Lemon, Purple, White, Yellow, Pink, Cobalt, Mint and more hot colors warm the Hydro Flask fans, retailers, distributors.

Whether you are kids or old, men or women, boy or girl, You could find the best Hydro Flask with wide mouth cap.

Laikoe Hydro Flask wide mouth insulated water bottles, also include hydro flask wide mouth straw lid wide mouth. This is love of the milk tea fan throughout the world.

For the latest cap replacement, hydro flask wide mouth flat cap replacement is hydro flask wide mouth loop cap. Due to its smart design and attractive shape, this loop cap branded one which could be hanged by fingers.

Reaching Will be Your Best  Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Supplier and Partner in China

REACHING is a leading Chinese manufacturer of insulated hydro flask wide mouth straw lid, Hydro flask coffee tumblers, sports water bottles, wine tumblers, and wine growlers, among other products.

For over 15 years, REACHING has been manufacturing standard and customs made mugs, bottles, flasks, and shakers. It can support both ODM and OEM clients.

Through R&D, REACHING adheres to strict quality control (QC), producing products that are SGS and FDA /LFGB compliant, with BPA Free, Phthalate Free, and Lead-Free.

Currently, REACHING uses LaiKoe as a trademark name that was officially registered in the U.S.A. in November 2018. It exports products to North America, Europe, East South Asia, and Russia markets.

You could count on REACHING for your next Hydro Flask wide mouth lid order!

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about hydro flask wide mouth lid.

So, if you want to learn more about these hydro flasks, read this guide.

What Is A Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

Hydro flask lid

Hydro flask lid

A hydro flask wide mouth lid is the top part of your hydro flask whose function is to preserve and retain your drink’s temperature.

This is by preventing the entry of contaminants and heat loss through convection.

The main material for a hydro flask wide mouth lid can either be plastic or stainless steel coated in plastic or rubber.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

Hydro flask wide mouth lid offers the following benefits:

Ease Of Opening

the availability of these lids in different opening mechanisms makes it easier to use your flask. This allows you to drink from your flask without having to struggle opening it.

you also have a hydro flask wide mouth lid with straw which facilitates the drinking process.

Ease Of Handling

Most hydro flask wide mouth lids have handles that facilitate the handling process. this allows you to move around with your hydro flasks easily as you enjoy your drink.

Preserving Flask’s Content

Hydro flask wide mouth lids prevent contamination of the content of your flask by sealing it. you can preserve the freshness of your drink by using these lids.

The sealing process also ensures there is no spillage of your drink. This is because the design of the lid features a leakproof material that prevents leaking.

What Are The Best Uses And Applications For Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

You can use your hydro flask wide mouth lid to seal your hydro flasks. This is critical when you consider moving with your hydro flask.

For instance, during sporting activities such as running and hiking, the use of hydro flasks wide mouth lids prevents leaking of fluid from your flask.

Alternatively, these lids are also useful at your office and home This is because you can close your flask when not in use to prevent spillage and contamination.

What Material Is Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Made Of?

Plastic is the common material for hydro flask wide mouth lid. This is due to their durability and ease of use.

plastic is also recyclable which reduces minimizes plastic waste in the environment. some hydro flask wide mouth lid consists of hardened rubber.

The hardened rubber acts as an additional layer for protection purposes and enhances its physical appearance.

Does Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Fit All Hydro Flask Sizes?

It depends on the size and design of your hydro flask.

Compatible flasks have the same design and specifications as that of your hydro flask wide mouth lid.

Is Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Standard For All Hydro Flask Bottle, Hydro Flask Tumbler, And Hydro Flask Growler?

No. there is a difference depending on the design of your hydro flask bottle, hydro flask tumbler, and hydro flask growler.

Those with the same designs tend to have compatible lids

How Does Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Compare To Hydro Flask Lid Standard Mouth?

The mouth opening of a standard hydro flask mouth lid is relatively smaller compared to a wide mouth hydro flask lid.

Hydro flask wide mouth lids are available in different designs which increases their popularity.

The popularity of hydro flask wide mouth lids affects their price making them expensive than standard mouth hydro flask lids.

Standard mouth hydro flask lids tend to have a narrow handle which causes strain when holding your flask.

Hydro flask wide mouth lids have a wider handle that you can comfortably insert your fingers when carrying it around.

The threads in a screw standard mouth hydro flask tend to be on the outer part> this is different from those of a wide mouth hydro flask which is on the inner part.

Does Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Come With Double Wall Insulation?

No. The structure of a hydro flask wide mouth lid has an advanced technology that offers its insulation properties.

Lid Options

2 Lid Options

What Is Honey Comb Insulation For Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

This refers to an artificial technology of forming a honeycomb geometrical structure.

The geometrical structure is responsible for trapping air which enhances the insulation properties of your hydro flask wide mouth lid.

What Is The Difference Between Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid And Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid?

The main difference between the two is the presence of a straw in a hydro flask wide mouth straw lid.

Besides, the straw facilitates the consumption of the drink’s content thus reducing the need to open the whole lid.

The presence of a straw in a hydro flask wide mouth straw lid makes it pricey than that of a hydro flask wide mouth lid.

Hydro flask lid with straw

Hydro flask lid with straw

Can I Get Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid With Straw?

Yes. You can get a hydro flask wide mouth lid with a straw.

What Are The Considerations For Choosing Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid?

You have to consider the following when selecting your hydro flask wide mouth straw lid:


Checking on the design to ensure it is compatible with your hydro flask is critical for its functionality. Aspects of design that you should consider are the surface finishing and painting option.

You can also consider the closing and opening mechanism and the length of the straw.


The right size of hydro flask wide mouth straw lid can have an airtight close on your flask.

This prevents leaking while guaranteeing the freshness of your drink.

It is vital to subject the specification of the lid to your manufacturer before purchasing. This allows your manufacturer to fabricate the exact size for your hydro flask.


Hydro flask wide mouth straw lids are available at different prices depending on factors like the manufacturer’s processes.

When estimating the ideal price, you have to consider the quality of the lid and its performance.

You also have to check the quality of its material. Plastic is the preferred material but different types of plastic have different functional capabilities.

Quality Standards

You should never forget to check if a particular hydro flask wide mouth straw lid has passed the relevant quality standards.

Such a lid guarantees you quality performance and durability.

The best way of ensuring you have a quality hydro flask wide mouth lid is by purchasing it from a reliable manufacturer.


You have to check if you can easily replace the hydro flask gardening hotel.

This makes it easier to purchase your hydro flask wide-mouth lid when it is damaged or stops functioning.

Is Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid BPA Free?

Yes. The manufacturing process for these lids takes into consideration the use of plastic which is BPA-free.

plastics containing BPA are harmful for human consumption hence the need to remove them during the fabrication process.

What Add-on Features Do You Provide For Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

Key add-on features that are available on hydro flask wide mouth lid are:

Carry Handles

Carry handles facilitate moving your hydro flask wide mouth lid. You can consider a lid that has a comfortable handle at the top over that which lacks.

The positioning and size of the handle are also of importance when selecting your hydro flask wide m0uth.

Opening And Closing Mechanisms

There are different ways of opening and closing your hydro flask wide mouth. This includes flip on, screw, and push and pulls options.

These options facilitate easy usage of your hydro flask while preserving the freshness of its content.

Surface Finish and painting option

Surface finishing and painting options give your hydro flask wide mouth lid a unique appearance. you can select from the different types available which can match your hydro flask.

The advantage here is your manufacturer can customize your lid to fit your surface finish or painting option.

Do you provide Wide Mouth Lids for Hydro Flask Limited Edition?

Yes. We do offer wide-mouth lids for hydro flask limited edition.

The features of such lids meet the specifications that are compatible with the limited edition.

Hydro flask limited edition

Hydro flask limited edition

Is Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Leak-Proof?


The fabrication process of a hydro flask wide mouth lid ensures that it is leakproof.

Before shipping to the market, most manufacturers subject these lids to different tests to check for any leaks.

How Much Does A Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Cost?

Several factors affect the actual pricing of a specific hydro flask wide mouth.

Such factors include:


Design variation can be in terms of the surface finishing, and painting method resulting in price difference.

The different designs impact differently on the final outlook of your hydro flask without necessarily affecting the performance.

It is therefore vital that you specify the design you want to get an accurate purchasing price.


Hydro flask wide mouth lids are available in different sizes which fit in different hydro flasks. This has a direct impact on their prices.

In most cases, the larger the size of your lid, the higher the price you are to pay. This is of importance especially when you want a customized size.


The main material for hydro flask wide mouth lid is either hardened rubber, plastic, or stainless steel. The cost of the different materials impacts the final pricing differently.

Stainless steel is expensive compared to the other types of materials which means that the final pricing for such a lid is higher since it is durable.

However, even these material materials are available in different types to affect the pricing.

For instance, there are two grades of stainless steel and different types of plastics for your hydro flask wide mouth lid.


Factors that determine the final price for a manufacturer are the cost of raw materials and government regulations.

These factors tend to influence the final pricing of these lids which brings price variation in the market.

Before purchasing your lid, you should shop around to check for the best price. However, cheap does not always mean good quality.

Always ensure such lids are compliant with the quality standards.

Is Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Recyclable?

Yes. Hydro flask wide mouth lids are recyclable.

There are various ways in which you can recycle these lids. You can choose to convert your old and unused hydro flask wide mouth lid into something meaningful in your surroundings.

Another way of recycling these lids is by selling or giving them away to a scrap dealer.

Such dealer usually melts and convert these lids into new products.

Some manufacturers accept trade-ins. Here you present your old lid and get a new one at a subsidized price.

Hydro flask wide-mouth lid recycling is essential in reducing environmental waste.

Can I Use Flex Cap Instead Of Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Lid?

Yes. you can use a flex cap instead of a wide mouth hydro flask lid.

However, such a flex cap should be of the same size and fit into your hydro flask appropriately.

What Are Other Lid Options For Hydro Flask With Wide Mouth?

The other lid options for hydro flask wide mouth are:

Flex Cap

This lid option features several holes on it which you can drink from without having to open the entire lid.  It also has a handle that you can hold your flask as you move around.

The advantage of this lid is it is flexible which you can use on a variety of fluids. It is also easy to use and maintain which minimizes chances of contamination of your fluid.

Hydro Flip

This option features a flip which you can open by pushing it upwards. It is relatively uncommon due to the leaking characteristics.

This makes it unideal for use in sporting activities or moving around with it.

Flex Sip Cap

The flex sip cap has a detachable cap that allows you to use your flask at your convenience. It is easy to install and use making it a great option for athletes and office work due to its leakproof characteristics.

Straw Cap

A straw cap option features a lid with a hole that you can insert a straw. In other instances, the straw is part of the lid.

Straw cap makes drinking easier since you only have to fill your flask and it then uses your straw. It also reduces fluid spilling due to frequent opening of the lid.

However, at times you have to replace the straw especially if t is separate from the cap. This increases the overall cost of your hydro flask wide-mouth lid.

Lack of proper cleaning of the straw can form a basis for fluid contamination. This can lead to human discomfort and even diseases.

What Is The Best Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid Color?

The best color for hydro flask wide mouth depends on your preference.

For instance, you can consider the type and color of your hydro flask to make it compatible with the lid.

Does Lip Design Matter When Choosing Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

Yes. Lip design is a vital consideration when selecting a hydro flask wide mouth lid since it facilitates comfortability when having your drink.

For instance, a lid design having a curved gutter and the threads on the outer part makes it uncomfortable to use.

This is because you are likely to feel the threads by your lips which can be irritating.

What Are The different Size Options Of Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lids?

The advantage of these lids is their availability in different sizes. This allows for fitting on your hydro flasks.

A reliable manufacturer can easily customize these lids for you upon request. In such a scenario, you have to present the exact measurements and designs to them for fabrication.

Which Finishing Options Do You Offer For Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lids?

We have different finishing options that you can apply on your hydro flask wide mouth lid. These options include:

Powder Surface Finish

polished surface finish is a relatively cheaper option compared to other surface finishes. The process results in a smooth surface for your hydro flask wide mouth lid.

The limitation of this option is it limits further designing of your hydro flask wide mouth lid-like painting.

Matte Surface Finish

The effect of this surface finish is it forms a non-glossy appearance. However, this surface finish is not durable due to its fading properties.

The fading aspect reduces the physical appeal of your bottle.

Plastic Coating Surface Finish

Plastic coating involves spraying your hydro flask wide mouth lid with a layer of liquid plastic material. The plastic layer binds with your lid increasing its strength.

The benefit of this finish is it gives your lid an enhanced visual appeal.

Can You Paint Or Print Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

Yes. it is possible to paint a hydro flask wide mouth lid.

Two main ways for achieving this are spray painting and hand painting. Spray painting is relatively easier and requires minimal human intervention.

It involves the application of a thin layer of paint on your flask’s wide-mouth lid. This results in a uniform and appealing final output.

The only limitation of using this method is its relatively high cost. The cost is associated with purchasing the spraying machine and the paint you are to use.

Hand painting is relatively cheaper since you only require the use of hand and paint. However, it results in an uneven layer of paint which can affect the final appearance of your hydro flask wide mouth lid.

When selecting which painting method to use, you have to consider the cost and the desired effect you want on your hydro flask wide mouth lid.

Do You Provide Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid With Warranty? What Are The Conditions?

Yes. our hydro flask wide mouth lids have a limited warranty period depending on the model.

These warranties have specific conditions that stipulate you must provide evidence that the malfunction is our fault. This means you have to test and check for any damage when you receive your hydro flask wide mouth lid.

Among the things that the warranty covers are lack of insulation and damaged lid. It can also be due to not closing properly due to the lack of threads in screw-type lids.

How Do You Clean Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lid?

Cleaning a hydro flask wide mouth is relatively easier compared to cleaning a hydro flask standard mouth lid.

This is due to the wideness of the mouth which allows for thorough cleanliness.

It is also possible to see through which allows you to note any presence of dirt.

When cleaning, you have to soak the lid in warm water before applying a detergent.

You then use a scrubber or cleaning brush to gently rub around the surface of the lid.

This removes all the stubborn stains leaving your lid clean. You then leave the lid to dry before using it.

Now if you want high quality hydro flask wide mouth lid at affordable prices, you can contact us right now.

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