Gradient Hydro Vacuum Flask Manufacturer and Supplier in China

With the tight supports from 15 years Hydro Vacuum Flask factory in Yong Kang, the hometown of hardware in China, REACHING Enterprises specialize in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Gradient Hydro Flask worldwide such as the USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Compared with other competitors in Insulated Stainless steel water bottles field, REACHING has own brand of LaiKoe which established in September 2018. Laikoe Gradient Hydro Flask is widely accepted as colorfulHydro Flask Gradient made in China.

Gradient Hydro Flask could be made by Spray painting on Stainless Steel Hydro Flask water bottle, as well as adding Food grade Powder Coating on Hydro Flask insulated bottle.

Enquiry Gradient Hydro Flask to Skyrocket Your Business with Reaching

  • High-Quality Gradient Hydro Flask in the material of 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Technology
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Lightweight, sturdy and sweat proof
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Lots of Lids fit Hydro Flask choice
  • Popular Gradient Color matching:
  • Blue Gradient Hydro Flask
  • Black and White Gradient Hydro Flask
  • Blue Green Gradient Hydro Flask
  • Experienced Engineer &Skilled Workers
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Team with fluent English skills for barrier-free communication
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

In the past 2018-2019, Laikoe has manufactured more than 30 styles of Gradient Hydro Flasks. Among them, blue gradient hydro flask, black and white gradient hydro flask, blue-green gradient hydro flask are the most popular styles in the market.

REACHING Enterprises is one of the main Gradient Hydro Flask Manufacturers in China, has accumulated lots of experience in Gradient processing after long period practice.

Using suitable ink and powder, the Gradient looks nice but firm from fading, also Laser engraving could be added onto the Gradient layer, make the whole graphic stereoscopy and more outstanding to promote your business.

Different assorted colors could be used for Gradient looking, one color like white gradient hydro flask; two colors display from the top of flask to bottom of the flask; Or even three or more colors surround the steel water flask body.

Reaching Will be Your Best Gradient Hydro Flask Supplier and Partner in China

LaiKoe Hydro Flasks is more and more popular for advantages like Food Grade water container, Keep hot long up to 6 hours and keep cold up to 12 hours, Sweat Free, Durable and Portable.

REACHING employees are all young and dynamic, full of energy and new and exciting ideas, our team is professional in both business communication and high-quality mass production.

REACHING – Hydro Flask manufacturer China, is devoted to one-stop Drinkware solution, and use a less plastic bottle to protect our Earth. Working together with REACHING, you could enjoy value-increased services with no headache.

Gradient Hydro Flask: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all the vital information you’re looking for about gradient hydro flask such as design, sizes, features, available color options and quality tests, among other vital aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in gradient hydro flasks, read this guide.

What Are the Available Sizes of Gradient Hydro Flask?

 Different sizes of hydro flask

There are different sizes of gradient hydro flasks.

The size you choose is solely dependant on how you intend to use the gradient hydro flask.

Also, while selecting the size, you should check on the kind of lid you wish your gradient hydro flask to have.

For the reason, that different lids and caps are ideal for a particular gradient hydro flask.

Here are some of the sizes available.

  1. Full on refreshment- 20 oz wide mouth, 32 oz wide mouth, 32 oz wide mouth with a straw lid, 40 oz wide mouth, 40 oz wide mouth with a straw lid, 64 oz wide mouth.
  2. Best for sipping- 18 oz standard mouth, 21 oz standard mouth, 24 oz standard mouth, 21 oz standard mouth with a sports cap.
  3. For small hands- 12 oz kids wide mouth

How Often Should You Replace Gradient Hydro Flask?

The good thing about owning a gradient hydro flask is that they are 100% recyclable.

It even gets better the gradient hydro flask has a lifetime warranty.

In conclusion, you will not have to replace your gradient hydro flask regularly as it will last you for long.

What Are the Available Color Options for Gradient Hydro Flask?

There are different colour options you can choose from while buying gradient hydro flask.

One of the most popular ones is Hawaiian rainbow, shaved ice, bubble gum, blue waves, day and night and lime.

Gradient hydro flask

How Do You Differentiate Between Fake and High-Quality Gradient Hydro Flask?

You could use various strategies when you wish to tell the difference between fake and high-quality gradient hydro flask.

One tactic you could use is by checking the text imprinted on the hydro flask.

In most cases, high-quality gradient hydro flask often has text printed on them.

Whereas fake gradient hydro flask has their text etched.

Fake vs real hydro flask

Also, fake gradient hydro flasks have their text in capital letters, whereas high-quality gradient hydro flasks are in both upper and lower case.

In most cases, fake gradient hydro flask tends to miss various text such as the product code, and TempSheild insulation.

However, a high-quality gradient hydro flask will have all this information.

If you think the gradient hydro flask is fake, you ought to email the retailer and ask for a refund.

In order for you not to buy a phony gradient hydro flask, it is best that you ensure that you purchase the hydro flask from a reputable retailer.

Does Gradient Hydro Flask Warranty Cover Dents?

Although the gradient hydro flask warranty is for a lifetime.

There are few areas that are not covered by the warranty one of them being dents.

The warranty does not cover scratches, powder coat chips from the flask being damaged or dropped.

Are Gradient Hydro Flasks Durable?

Yes, gradient hydro flask is durable.

The gradient hydro flask is travel-friendly and maintains the temperatures of drinks.

Also, it is relatively easy to carry them.

What Causes Sweating in Gradient Hydro Flask?

Gradient hydro flasks do not to sweat.

In some cases, the gradient hydro flask’s top tends to sweat, which is deemed normal.

However, if the entire gradient hydro flask is sweating, then it shows something is wrong.

In most cases, if the entire gradient hydro flask is sweating it often means that the hydro flask has lost its insulation.

The gradient hydro flask is double-walled with a vacuum in between.

Also, the vacuum gives the gradient hydro flask its insulating capabilities.

However, when the vacuum seal breaks, the vacuum space will fill up with air.

Heat can quickly transfer through the air.

When you put ice water in your hydro flask that has a broken vacuum seal.

It will be cold when you touch it.

When moisture condenses on the hydro flask, it will seem as if the hydro flask is sweating.

The other factor that could make your gradient hydro flask sweat is when you place it in your fridge.

When you take out your hydro flask, the stainless steel starts to condense, making your bottle sweat.

However, this kind of sweating is different from sweating caused by broken insulation.

If you are not sure if your insulation broke, you could fill it up with some boiling water.

Leave it for a few minutes; if the gradient hydro flask is hot or warm when you touch it, then chances are the insulation broke.

If the insulation broke, ensure that you contact your manufacturer as they send in a replacement.

Which Liquids and Beverages Can You Put In Gradient Hydro Flask?

The benefit of having a gradient hydro flask is that you can put any liquid or beverage in it.

Our team has thoroughly tested our gradient hydro flask, and they are fit to put in any drink and beverage.

Can You Remove Dents On Gradient Hydro Flask?

Yes, you can remove the dent on your gradient hydro flask.

You will need a few things while removing the dent, which is a hairdryer and some dry ice.

The first action is to heat the dented area with your hairdryer until it’s warm.

Then rub the dry ice on the heated area.

While handling the dry ice ensure that you protect your skin as the dry ice could burn your skin.

Repeat this action a couple of times.

Note that in some scenarios you might hesitate to use some force for the dent to pop out.

While removing the dent, avoid pushing it out from the inside.

This is because you might end up ruining the double wall.

Ensure that you avoid using a lot of pressure while trying to push out the dent.

This is because if you use immense pressure, the hydro flask is likely to explode.

How Do You Clean Gradient Hydro Flask?

You can use distilled vinegar while cleaning your gradient hydro flask.

Distilled vinegar helps to give a deep clean to your gradient hydro flask.

Once you pour the distilled vinegar swish it around for it to cover all the corners.

Leave it to sit for five minutes and then rinse it off.

However, if you do not want to use distilled vinegar, you can use lemon juice.

However, if the gradient hydro flask has tough stains, it is best that you use baking soda.

Make a paste from the baking soda.

Drench your bottle brush with some paste and scrub your gradient hydro flask.

There are few things you ought to avoid while cleaning your gradient hydro flask.

One of them being, do not use a dishwasher.

Also, avoid using bleach as it can affect the properties of your stainless steel gradient hydro flask.

What Makes Gradient Hydro Flask Trendy?

One main thing that has made gradient hydro flask trendy is its features.

The gradient hydro flask can insulate the liquids put inside it.

Simply the gradient hydro flask can easily maintain the temperatures of the liquid.

Also, the gradient hydro flask has a powder coating.

This powder coating is the one responsible for the gradient colors on the hydro flask.

The colors are endless, and the gradient hydro flask comes in different sizes.

Also, the gradient hydro flask is easily customizable.

Hence you can customize your gradient hydro flask it to suit your personality.

Also, most students consider gradient hydro flask a must-have product.

This, in turn, popularized it.

What Causes Leakages In Gradient Hydro Flask?

There are few reasons that might make the gradient hydro flask leak they include:

  1. As much as it might seem obvious, your gradient hydro flask might leak because the lid is not tight enough.

Gradient hydro flasks are leak-proof, this is possible because the hydro flasks have a rubber gasket pressing.

If the rubber gasket is not in good connection with the lid, then the gradient hydro flask may leak.

  1. Broken rubber gasket- If the rubber gasket tears chances are high that the gradient hydro flask will leak.
  2. Missing rubber gasket- The rubber gasket ensures that the lid holds on tight to the gradient hydro flask.

However, if it is missing or not in the right place, then the hydro flask will leak

Hydro flask lid

4. Faulty plastic lid or bottle- this is relatively uncommon; however, in some cases, the issue might not be the rubber gasket.

Hence you ought to check if the plastic lid and the bottle are faulty.

Once you identify the cause, it will be easier for you to know the best solution to use.

One solution you could use is to contact the hydro flask for a replacement.

Also, if the rubber gasket tears ensure that you replace it.

How Do You Test Quality Of Gradient Hydro Flask?

Our team does various tests to ensure that we send in quality gradient hydro flask.

There are two major tests; we never fail to do.

One of them being the leakage test.

This helps ensure that all our gradient hydro flasks are leakage-proof.

Also, our team conducts temperature tests.

This test helps us assess how long the gradient hydro flask can keep the liquid cold.

What Are the Components Of Gradient Hydro Flask?

The components making up the gradient hydro flask include high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

The gradient hydro flask has no liner and is BPA-free.

How Does Gradient Hydro Flask Work?

How the gradient hydro flask is able to retain the same temperature is through the help of TempSheild technology.

The technology has two walls of stainless steel and in between them is a vacuum.

Besides, the vacuum helps to prevent heat transfer and condensation.

You can put in ice water in the morning, and it will still be cold in the afternoon.

Also, TempSheild helps prevent sweating.

When you put in hot water in it, the temperature will not affect you when holding it as there is no heat transfer.

Do You Have Product Return Policy For Gradient Hydro Flask?

Yes, we offer a return policy for the gradient hydro flask.

We assure you that all our gradient hydro flask goes through a quality test check to ensure our products are top-notch.

However, there are times when you may damage the gradient hydro flask; it might be incorrectly shipped or defective.

If this transpires, our team will gladly replace the gradient hydro flask.

If you need to replace your gradient hydro flask, email us and detail the motive as to why you are returning the hydro flask.

Ensure that you request your return merchandise authorization number within seven days of your order receipt.

Make sure that you return your product after you receive your merchandise authorization number.

Note that if the items shipped are damaged or different from the ones you ordered, our team will cater the shipping charges.

Only return the product in their original packaging.

What Is Your MOQ For Gradient Hydro Flask?

Suppose you wish to buy the gradient hydro flask in a large amount.

The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

Also, the lead time for this kind of order is twenty-five days.

Note that we also offer flexible MOQ depending on the specific needs of our clients.

How Do You Customize Gradient Hydro Flask?

There are various methods you could use if you wish to customize your gradient hydro flask.

One of them being the use of stickers.

This is the simplest method you could to help decorate your gradient hydro flask.

Custom hydro flask

Add a friendship bracelet to your gradient hydro flask cap.

All you necessitated to do is tie the friendship bracelet on your cap.

Use rhinestones to decorate your gradient hydro flask.

You can use industrial-strength glue or rhinestone glue to make sure that the rhinestones stay put.

Engrave your gradient hydro flask.

You can also use paint makers to customize your gradient hydro flask.

What Determines The Price Of The Gradient Hydro Flask?

There are several considerations that influence the price of the gradient hydro flask.

One of them being the design of the gradient hydro flask.

If the gradient hydro flask design has many details in it, you are likely to pay more than the one whose design is simple.

Moreover, the size of the gradient hydro flask influences the total price of the product.

The number of gradient hydro flask you buy will also influence the total amount you will pay.

Other include features you want to include in the custom hydro flask.

Are Gradient Hydro Flasks Double Walled?

Yes, gradient hydro flasks are double-walled.

The double-wall helps eliminate condensation, which helps keeps your liquids or beverages hot or cold.

Are Gradient Hydro Flasks Safe?

Yes, gradient hydro flasks are safe for anyone to use.

What makes gradient hydro flask safe is because it has no BPA making it non-toxic.

BPA is a chemical compound utilized to make certain plastics.

Using products with BPA has adverse effects on your body.

The most affected area is usually the brain and the prostate glands for kids or fetuses.

Also, the chemical compound has an adverse impact on children’s behavior.

How Much Does Gradient Hydro Flask Cost?

The standard price for a gradient hydro flask ranges between $30 to $60.

Keep in mind that various factors influence the cost.

However, knowing the standard fee will help you understand if the gradient hydro flask is fake or not.

For the reason that most fake gradient hydro flask will likely sell their products lower than the standard price in order for more people to acquire them.

Additionally, make sure that you compare various retailers.

This is because most retailers tend to have dissimilar prices.

By comparing them, you will definitely find one that suits your budget.

Is Gradient Hydro Flask Dishwasher Safe?

The vacuum in the gradient hydro flask helps to prevent heat transfer.

Once you put the gradient hydro flask in the dishwasher, you end up subjecting it to extreme heat.

The intense heat can ruin the vacuum seal.

It only takes a small compromise for the vacuum seal to fill up the air.

If this happens, sadly, you cannot fix the insulating properties.

It is good to note that few hydro flask lids are safe to use in a dishwasher.

Some lids that are safe to use in the dishwasher are hydro flip lid, wide mouth flex sip cap.

Note that this should only be put in the dishwasher when you disassemble it.

Finally, the wide mouth straw lid is also safe to use in the dishwasher.

If you wish to wash your gradient hydro flask only handwash it as it is the safest method.

Can You Use Gradient Hydro Flask In Microwave?

It is not recommendable to use gradient hydro flask in the microwave.

The gradient hydro flask has 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and metal in it.

This kind of component do not go well when put in the microwave.

The microwave might even spoil; also, when you heat the gradient hydro flask for long, it might catch fire.

Do Gradient Hydro Flask Rust?

The 18/8 stainless steel makes it rust-resistant.

However, few factors might influence the gradient hydro flask to rust. Here are some of them:

  • Exposure to corrosive chemicals or bleach
  • Frequent exposure to salty water- salty water may make the gradient hydro flask to rust as the salted water is corrosive to stainless steel.
  • High temperatures- the stainless steel can withstand temperatures of 400-850 C.

But when you exceed the temperatures, the stainless steel cannot contain chromium.

Chromium is the compound that helps protect the hydro flask from rusting.

Hydro flask with rust

If you have a rusted gradient hydro flask, you do not have to worry as you can easily clean it off.

You could use a magic eraser, phosphoric acid gel, or abrasive cleaner.

However, if you have no success washing off the rust, you can as well return it as the warranty covers such incidents.

What Are the Benefits Of Gradient Hydro Flask?

Here are some of the benefits of owning a gradient hydro flask:

i. Gradient hydro flask maintains the temperature of the liquids in it.

If you are a morning person and you in a rush and still need to drink your coffee.

You can put it in your gradient hydro flask, and it will still be hot in the midday or evening.

ii. Gradient hydro flask do not sweat- In most cases whenever you put in some cold water in a regular bottle, chances are when it condenses.

There will be a few droplets on the bottle.

This can be particularly bad if the bottle is on top of some of your work papers as they will, in the end, get ruined.

To avoid such scenarios, it is best to own a gradient hydro flask.

iii. Gradient hydro flask is travel-friendly drink-ware.

iv. There is no flavor transfer anytime you put in another drink in your hydro flask.

Simply you can put soda in it and later on put some water in it without fretting if the water will have a weird taste in it.

v. Gradient hydro flasks are durable- This is possible because our team designs gradient hydro flasks with quite strong metals.

Hence you do not have to woe about it dropping as the material will prevent it from getting dents.

vi. Gradient hydro flasks come in different color options.

vii. Gradient hydro flasks come in different sizes. Hence both adults and kids can use them.

viii. It is aesthetic- Gradient hydro flasks is a kind of hydro flask whose colors blend from one color to another.

This kind of attribute makes gradient hydro flasks very aesthetic.

ix. Lifetime warranty- Our team has so much faith in our products that we decided to offer our clients a lifetime warranty.

Something other brands hardly provide.

x. Cap types- While buying a standard bottle, most of them tend to have one type of cap type.

However, this is not the same case when you decide to buy a gradient hydro flask.

For the reason that there are different cap types that will definitely suit your taste.

Does Gradient Hydro Flask Have Any Limitations?

Yes, there are few limitations to having a gradient hydro flask here are some of them:

1) It is quite expensive- Most of these gradient hydro flasks are quite costly, and not every person can afford them.

2) It is prone to the growth of mold. If you do not clean the gradient hydro flask thoroughly, then there are chances that mold might grow in it.

3) Most of the gradient hydro flasks bottles are relatively small for the cup holders.

Hence anytime one is driving the gradient hydro flask often wobbles around.

Which Material Is Gradient Hydro Flask Made From?

Gradient hydro flask has 18/8 stainless steel. Which means it has 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Chromium is the compound that makes gradient hydro flasks rust-resistant.

What Is The Available Surface Finishing For Gradient Hydro Flasks?

One standard surface finishing is the beveled base.

People mainly prefer this kind of base because it is easy to grab.

However, this does not mean that this is the only available surface finishing as there are others, such as a narrow base.

The kind of surface finishing a gradient hydro flask has is solely influenced by the kind of body it has.

Do Gradient Hydro Flask Have Straw?

 Hydro flask with straw

Yes, gradient hydro flasks have straws.

One benefit of using gradient hydro flasks with straws is that it makes it easy for one to sip the beverage in it.

Hence if you have activities that require being on the go most of the time then having a gradient hydro flask with a straw will come in handy.

However, you ought to understand that not all caps have straws.

Hence, if you wish to have one with a straw, you should choose a cap with a straw.

Also, keep in mind that not all cap types are suitable for all sizes.

Hence there are gradient hydro flasks whose sizes cannot fit caps with straws.

The downside of using a gradient hydro flask that has a straw is that they are leak-proof.

How Do You Choose Lids For Gradient Hydro Flask?

Hydro flask lid and straw

There are few elements our team assesses when choosing lids for our gradient hydro flask. Here are some of them:

  1. Durability- While selecting the lid, our team often makes sure that the materials used to design the lids are durable.

This is because it would not make any sense if your hydro flask would be durable yet the lid is not.

This is why we only choose durable lids.

  1. Easy to drink from and carry- No one would want to use a lid that is quite hard to drink from.

Hence while choosing the lid, our team only sticks to the ones that are easy to drink.

Also, our lids are relatively easy to carry.

We do this as we wish to ensure that both the hydro flask and the lid are easy to carry around.

  1. Compatibility- Note that not all lids are compatible with all hydro flask sizes. Hence while choosing the lid, we ensure that it is compatible with the hydro flask.
  2. Toxin-free- Our team ensures that we only choose lids that are free from BPA and are safe to use.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, LAIKOE offers a range of gradient hydro flask designs.

Contact us now for all your gradient hydro flask needs.

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