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Laikoe Hydro Vacuum Flask tumblers are popular for different environments and different ages users, from professional usage to everyday usages, such as surfing, camping, hiking, adventuring, every day, both kid and adults can use it comfortably.

Laikoe vacuum insulated double wall Hydro Flasktumbler is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the chromium binds oxygen to the surface of the product to protect the iron from oxidation (rust), it enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, which means you don’t need to worry the hydro flask rust.

The surface of Laikoe Hydro flask tumbler is of powder coating treatment, which makes hydro flask rust not a problem. Meanwhile, Laikoe hydro flask tumbler is sweat-proof.

With a narrow design, Laikoe Hydro flask tumbler is easy to hold and fits into most cup holders.

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  • Made out of 18/8 Stainless Steel and Food grade plastic
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • Safe Hydro flask tumbler for Drinking
  • Lightweight, sturdy and sweat proof
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Capacity available: 12oz, 18oz, 20oz, 22 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, 64 oz or custom.
  • Lots of Lids fit Hydro flask tumbler
  • Experienced Engineer &Skilled Workers
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Team with fluent English skills for barrier-free communication
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

Laikoe Hydro flask tumbler is of double stainless steel wall structure, and utilizes Insulation technology, thus it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot up to 6 hours.

You can use it to different channels with different designs, capacities to develop your market and brand.REACHING also wholesale tumblers to the start-up and growing brands to enlarge your hydro flask tumbler business.

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We have fast response time based on our industrial chain advantage and experience, for example, Laikoe hydro flask silk printing sample can be made within 3days, new ideas can be tested fast by 3D printing technology.

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Hydro Flask Tumbler The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A hydro flask tumbler is a hollow container for holding various fluids. It is mainly of stainless steel and features a wide top and a narrow bottom.

There are different designs for these tumblers available in the market. This makes getting the right one a challenge.

However, we have come up with this detailed FAQ guide to help you in your selection. This includes taking you through the material and quality standards for these tumblers.

Have a look.

Which is the Best Material for making Hydro Flask Tumbler?

Hydro flask tumbler

Hydro flask tumbler

The primary material for the fabrication of a hydro flask is stainless steel. This forms the inner and outer parts of your tumbler.

The advantage of stainless steel is it has anti-bacterial properties. This prohibits the growth of harmful human bacteria.

Stainless steel is also easy to clean, which is vital to prevent contamination of the various fluids you pour into your tumbler. Vacuum is another material that is essential in the fabrication of your tumbler.

This material is in between the inner and outer stainless-steel material. The vacuum is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the fluid within your tumbler.

This is by minimizing heat loss through either radiation or conduction.

Is there a difference between Travel Mug and Hydro Flask Tumbler?

Yes, there is a difference between a travel mug and a hydro flask tumbler. A hydro flask tumbler does not have any handle, which means you have to hold its sides when using it.

A travel mug usually has a handle that you can use when holding it, which makes carrying it around relatively easier. A hydro flask tumbler does not maintain the temperature of liquids in it for long.

This means you may have temperature variation of your liquid when using it. It is due to this makes hydro flask tumblers ideal for holding cold beverages.

A travel mug maintains the temperature of fluids for a long. This makes them ideal for holding either cold or hot liquids.

A hydro flask tumbler has a wide mouth compared to a travel mug. The design of a hydro flask tumbler is such that it has a wide top while the bottom is narrow.

A travel mug has a straight design from top to bottom. Travel mugs usually have a lid that facilitates the holding of your fluid during trips.

A hydro flask tumbler can have a lid, depending on its type.



Hydro flask tumbler

Hydro flask tumbler

How do you Manufacture Hydro Flask Tumbler?

Stainless steel is the primary material for the fabrication of a hydro flask tumbler. The manufacturing process involves the production of the inner and outer parts of the tumbler using stainless-steel material.

The first step is pipe cutting for the inner and outer parts. These two parts then undergo expansion before separation.

Expansion creates a hollow part on the pipes, which is essential in forming your hydro flask tumblers. Separation removes that part of your pipe that you won’t use.

The next step is the shaping stage.

Here you form the shape of your hydro flask tumbler for both the inner and outer parts.

You then have to neck the top part of both your inner and outer parts of your tumbler. This is by squeezing the top part to form the neck of your tumbler.

The neck step is thread-making around the neck region using a threading machine.

The threading design should e compatible with the lid that you are to use.

This step is, however, optional depending on if you want your tumbler to have a lid.

You then assemble the inner and outer parts using a pressing machine.

You have to weld to bind the inner and outer part of your tumbler on the tumbler neck section.

While welding, you have to ensure there are no solder joints or bumps.

The next step involves removing the air between the outer and inner parts to create a vacuum using a vacuum machine.

You then have to pass the tumbler through various tests to assess its functionality. Such tests are leak tests and heat retention tests.

The final process is the application of a surface finish before packaging your hydro flask tumbler.

How does Hydro Flask Tumbler Keep Its Content Cold or Warm?

The presence of a double stainless-steel wall that has a vacuum is essential in keeping your liquid warm or cold. The vacuum minimizes heat loss through radiation and conduction.

Certain types of hydro flask tumblers have lids that help in reducing heat loss through convection.

What are the available Sizes of Hydro Flask Tumbler?

There are different sizes of hydro flask tumbler for your selection. The choice of which one to purchase depends on various factors like functionality and portability.

Common sizes include 3000ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 1.5 liters. The advantages of these tumblers are you can get a customized size from your manufacturer.

This is by letting your manufacturer know the size that you want before production starts.

What are the Benefits of Hydro Flask Tumbler?

A hydro flask tumbler offers several benefits, which include:

 Stainless steel hydro flask tumbler

Stainless steel hydro flask tumbler


Hydro flask tumblers are available in different designs and sizes. You can also customize these tumblers to meet your specifications.

Customization creates a unique container that you can use to increase your brand identity.

Easy to Carry

These tumblers are light which allows you to carry them around. You, therefore, don’t have to sit in one place as you enjoy your drink.

Specific designs come with a lid that allows you to close your tumbler when not used to prevent fluid contamination.

Maintains the Temperature of Fluids

The fabrication of these tumblers uses a double stainless-steel wall and vacuum.

The vacuum present is responsible for minimizing fluid heat loss through convection and radiation.

This helps in keeping the temperature of your fluid for a long. This allows you to enjoy your drink when you want.


The double stainless-steel wall forms the outer and inner parts of your hydro flask tumbler. This material is resistant to various factors that can affect the durability of your tumbler.

For instance, stainless steel is corrosion resistant and is non-reactive, which maximizes its durability.

Which Features should you Consider in Hydro Flask Tumbler?

The following features are essential when considering a hydro flask tumbler:


The different designs available for these tumblers facilitate their ease of usability. Critical design features include the size of your tumbler and the shape.

It would help if you also considered the availability of the lid option and holding point.

Quality Standards

A practical hydro flask tumbler should adhere to all the quality standards available.

These standards ensure that your tumbler functions appropriately and as per the expectation of your manufacturer.

You, therefore, have to check if a particular hydro flask tumbler adheres to all the available quality standards.


The type of material mainly determines the durability of your hydro flask tumbler. Stainless steel is durable compared to other materials such as plastics.

Purchasing a hydro flask tumbler with stainless-steel material ensures you get the functionality you deserve for a long.


A proper hydro flask tumbler should function adequately. To determine this, you have to check if these tumblers pass the necessary tests.

Such tests include leaking and heat retention tests.

How do you Maintain Hydro Flask Tumbler?

There are several ways in which you can maintain your hydro flask tumbler. These maintenance procedures enhance the durability and functionality of your tumbler.

One of the ways of maintaining your hydro flask tumbler is to store it properly. This involves storing your flask in a scratch-free environment and free from abrasion and damage.

Damaging can cause the vacuum to escape resulting in the inefficiency of the hydro flask tumbler. You also have to clean the tumbler frequently to prevent contamination.

Fluid contamination can cause human discomfort and diseases.

What are the available Lid Options for Hydro Flask Tumbler?

Lid options for tumblers

Lid options for tumblers

Tumbler lid option

 Tumbler lid option

There are two main types of lids available for your hydro flask tumbler. There is the screw lid option which consists of threads that you use to screw it on your tumbler.

The advantage of this type of lid is it secures your fluid from spills since it is leakproof. The other option is the flip open.

This type of lid does not have any threads. Closing your tumbler involves placing the lid over your tumbler and pressing it in to secure your fluid.

Opening your lid involves lifting it. It is not as secure as the screw option but prevents contamination of your fluid. It is also an easier-to-use option compared to the screw lid option.

How much does Hydro Flask Tumbler Cost?

You have to check on various factors before determining the exact pricing of your hydro flask tumblers. These factors are:


The production process for these tumblers depends on the quantity you are ordering. The higher the quantity, the less price you are going to spend.

This is due to the economies of scale that most manufacturers tend to enjoy. Therefore, the price of your tumblers is lower if you have a higher order compared to a small order.


Having a unique design tends to increase the overall price of your tumbler compared to a simple design. A complex design can be painting or printing your tumblers or applying different surface finishes.

If you are to lower your cost, you have to opt for a plain and straightforward design. You can alternatively choose a design that your manufacturer has already produced.


A manufacturer has to factor different variables in the final costing of your hydro flask tumblers. Such variables lead to a variation in the final cost of these tumblers.

You must check on the different prices in the market before settling for one that suits your budget. However, you mustn’t compromise on quality for the sake of a lower price.

Is there a difference between Insulated Hydro Flask Tumblers and Normal Hydro Flask Tumblers?

Yes. There is a difference between an insulated tumbler and a normal hydro flask tumbler.

A typical hydro flask tumbler lacks the insulation aspect; hence it is an ideal tumbler for holding cold liquids. The insulation property in an insulated hydro flask tumbler helps in maintaining fluid temperature.

This makes the tumbler ideal for storing either hot or cold fluids.

How do you Customize Hydro Flask Tumbler?

There are different ways in which you can customize your hydro flak tumbler. Available customization options include:


You can choose ideal printing ideas for your hydro flask tumbler, making it have a unique and appealing appearance. Information that you can print on your hydro flask tumbler includes your name and images.

Among the printing methods, you can use on your hydro flask tumbler are screen printing, offset printing and UV printing.

Size Customization

The best thing with hydro flask tumblers is that you customize the size that you want. This is by submitting your request to your manufacturer before the production process starts.

The importance of early submission is it allows the manufacturer to test if the size you want meets the quality specifications of these tumblers.


Painting like printing increases the visual appeal of your hydro flask tumbler. You can have different painting ideas for these tumblers.

Standard painting methods that you can use on these tumblers are spray and hand painting.

  • Design

The design can vary depending on your specifications. For instance, you can have a wide mouth design or a narrow mouth design.

You can also design the base of your tumbler to make it easy to place at a given place.

Is there MOQ for Hydro Flask Tumbler?

Yes. There is an MOQ for hydro flask tumbler.

The advantage of an MOQ in hydro flask tumblers is it allows your manufacturer to calculate the minimal cost they can charge you. However, you can negotiate with them if you have an order that is less than the MOQ.

The disadvantage of such an order is you are likely to pay a higher price for their production. A reliable manufacturer must consider the design and specifications that you want for your tumblers before deciding on the price.

How do you Test the Quality of Hydro Flask Tumbler?

The following tests are essential in determining the quality of your hydro flask tumbler:

Leaking Test

Leaking test helps in ascertaining if your tumbler spills fluid. You can achieve this by pouring liquid in it and observing around if there is any leakage.

Lack of leakage guarantees you a quality hydro flask tumbler.

Heat Retention Test

A quality hydro flask tumbler should retain the temperature of fluid for between 4 and 6 hours. You can check this by filling the tumbler with a liquid of a particular temperature and observing any temperature variation.

You have to note when the temperature changes for you to get an accurate reading. Any change that is below the recommendation of your manufacturer indicates the tumbler is ineffective.

However, if the temperature remains constant, then your hydro flask tumbler is of the right quality.

Abrasion Test

This test helps in determines factors that can cause peeling of the surface finish of your hydro flask tumbler.

You can achieve this by subjecting it to various abrasion-causing factors and noting them.

This test helps understand the proper storage conditions of your tumbler, which helps extend its shelf life.

Are Hydro Flask Tumblers Durable?

Yes. one advantage you have with these tumblers is their durability.

This helps in reducing the overall cost of these tumblers in terms of purchasing. However, their durability depends on the storage and maintenance procedure.

For them to be durable, you have to handle them as per your manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid storing them in places where they are subject to abrasion.

You should adhere to your manufacturer’s manual when washing them. This helps in extending their shelf life.

What Reduces Efficiency of Hydro Flask Tumbler?

Escape of the vacuum present in a hydro flask tumbler is the leading cause of its inefficiency. This is because, minus the vacuum, your tumbler cannot retain the temperature of your fluid.

Hydro flask tumbler leaking is another cause of inefficiency since you cannot hold any fluid in it.

What are the available Surface Finishes for Hydro Flask Tumbler?

The choice of which surface finish you want to apply to your hydro flask depends on various factors. These factors include the price of a particular surface finish, the unique design you want, and its compatibility with your tumbler.

Standard surface finishes you can apply to your hydro flask tumbler are:


painted surface finish involves the application of acrylic paint on your hydro flask tumbler. Acrylic paint is a suitable option since they become water-resistant upon drying on your tumbler.

This makes your tumbler maintain its unique paint for a long.

The two main ways you can apply paint on your hydro flask tumbler are hand and spray painting. Spray painting involves using a spray can to apply a thin layer of paint on your tumbler.

The advantage of spray painting is they are durable since the thin layer penetrates deep on the tumbler’s surface. Spray painting also results in a smooth surface finish since the spraying process is uniform.

Spray painting is less costly since you don’t have to hire several people to help you in the painting process.

Hand painting involves the use of your hand to apply paint on your hydro flask tumbler. The process can lead to the application of a thick layer that is uneven on the surface of your tumbler.

This makes it a less ideal option to use on your hydro flask tumbler.


There are different types of printing methods that you can apply to your hydro flask tumbler. You have to consider several aspects when selecting a particular printing option to use.

These aspects include printing cost, compatibility, and the quantity of your hydro flask tumblers. Standard printing methods include screen printing, UV printing, and offset printing.

UV printing involves the use of ultraviolet lights to cure paint on your hydro flask tumbler. UV printing is a cost-effective way of surface finishing your tumbler.

The advantage of UV printing is that it dries quickly and has a vibrant surface finish on your tumbler. Screen printing is the best method to use when you want to print a bulk hydro flask tumbler.


The different types of powder coating techniques include polyester, fluoropolymer, and urethanes. The process of powder coating involves the application of a dry coating.

The coating consists of color pigment and fine ground resin particles. The application process is mainly through the use of a spray.

Powder coating offers a durable surface finish option for your hydro flask tumbler. The powder coating consists of environmentally friendly materials; hence there is minimal waste.

It is a quick process since the material you are applying on your tumbler is dry.


This process involves using a particular machine to cut images and words on your hydro flask tumbler. After cutting, you have to apply a special ink to make the engrave visibly.

The process leaves a permanent image or design on your tumbler since it involves cutting. The process takes a short time to finish; hence you can use it for mass surface finishing your tumblers.

The main limitation of this process is the cost of purchasing the engraving machine. Lack of having sufficient funds can force you to search for a cheaper alternative.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing is the process of raising the surface of your hydro flask tumbler to create a unique design. Debossing involves creating a depression on the surface of your tumbler to form the design that you want.

The advantage of debossing and debossing is creating a unique 3D design with a high visual appeal. They are cost-effective since they don’t require extra materials.

Are there Limited-Edition Hydro Flask Tumblers?

Yes. Limited-edition hydro flask tumblers are depending on your manufacturer.

The advantage of limited-edition hydro flask tumblers is you there are few people with the same tumbler as yours.

Do Hydro Flask Tumblers have Straws?

Yes. Depending on the design and your manufacturer, you can have a hydro flask tumbler with a straw.

How Long will Hydro Flask Tumbler Keep Drinks Warm or Cold?

A hydro flask tumbler can keep your fluids warm or hot for up to 6 hours. It can retain the temperature of your cold liquid for up to 24 hours.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing hydro flask tumbler.

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