Decorated Hydro Flask Manufacturer in China

LAIKOE is a professional one-stop solution for decorated hydro flask water bottles.
We are reliable in providing your preferred water bottles for hydration throughout the whole day.

* Food-Grade, BPA Free
* Vacuum Insulation
* Stable Coating Anti-Slip
* Amazing Color Decoration

LAIKOE - Your Reliable Hydro Flask Manufacturer in China

LAIKOE decorated hydro flasks contain 18/8 stainless steel double-walled vacuum bottles, steel cups, coffee tumblers, and mugs, they are safe to drink water and beverage.

LAIKOE has full experience in manufacturing your preferred products and can meet clients’ decorating demands on custom design,  color, graphics, surface decoration, unique packages, etc. A free sample is available to check quality prior to ordering goods.

Representative Styles

Representative Styles are listed from Hydro Flask Manufacturer – LaiKoe, which differs from capacities, surface treatment way, lids matching, and logo/graphic adding way.  Decorated Hydro Flask is available with necessary adjustments. Let us know your specified demands on your bulk order!

BH001 Hydro Flask 18oz

Hydro Flask 18 oz Wide Mouth Flat Cap Lid, White Powder Coating, Durable Long Lasting

BH002 Hydro Flask 18oz

18-ounce Hydro Flask with Screw-on Lid BPA Free, Stainless Steel Lid Cover, Lava

BH003 Hydro Flask 18oz

Hydro Flask 18 oz Wide Mouth Air Gas Printing, Insulation keeps hot or cold longer

BH005_18oz-Hydro Flask-GradientCoating1

2 Tone Gradient Hydro Flask 18 oz, Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Flex Cap Lid

BH006 Hydro Flask w Boot

Hydro Flask w Boot Sleeve, Spout Lid, and Carry Handle

BH006E-12oz-Hydro Flask

Electroplated Hydro Flask with Flat Lid & Custom Band. Custom Colors Available

BH006G-12oz-Glowing Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Glowing in Darkness, at Night. Glowing in White and Green Available

#BH016 Hydro Flask 20oz

Hydro Flask 20 oz, Wide Mouth Cap Cap Lid, Gradient Coating Finish, Safe for Drinking

#BH018 Hydro Flask 20oz

Hydro Flask 20 oz Coffee Mug, Latest Design Lid with Handle, Easy to Hydro, Stainless Surface

#BH019 Hydro Flask 20oz

Hydro Flask with Color Silicone Boot 20 oz, Neon Pink Powder Coating, Popular Style, Durable

#BH019 Hydro Flask 20oz Air Gas Printing

Hydro Flask with Flex Cap Lid, Body Covered by 3D Printing Graphic, Attractive, and Durable

BH029 Hydro Flask 22oz

22 oz Hydro Flask Tumbler, Wide Mouth Flip Top Lid, Red Durable Powder Coat

BH032 Hydro Flask 22oz

22oz Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug, with the Latest Flex Flip-top Wide Mouth Lid

BH035 Hydro Flask 24oz

Hydro Flask 24 oz Wide Mouth Flat Cap Lid, Raspberry Body Finish and Lid Band

BH040 Hydro Flask 32oz

Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Flat Cap Lid, Full Wrapped Bottle Surface Finishing!

Surface Treatment

The Decorated Hydro Flask water bottle surface could be Native Stainless Steel Silver or Spray painted (Matt or Glossy look), or powder coating (Solid color, Gradient colors, or Blocking Colors), Or Electroplating.

Product Feature Box

Powder Coating Durable
Strong and Durable

Steel body + Powder coated surface, not breakable and fading, stable, easy to grip, and sweat-free.

Keep Cool or Hot
Stable Temperature

The double-wall vacuum-insulated construction makes the bottle perfect to remain cold or hot for hours.

Good Taste
Good Taste

Thanks to the 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel and the well electrolyzed inner, no plastic or steel flavor will retain or transfer.

Amazing Colors
Amazing Color

The Bottle and Cap are designed colorful for different users, seasons, and events, matching your unique needs.

Decorated Hydro Vacuum Flask Manufacturer

As a leading decorated Hydro vacuum flask manufacturer in China, Reaching Enterprises / LaiKoe supplies decorated Hydro flasks, as well as Hydro flask tumblers, Hydro flask growlers, wine growlers, Stainless Steel sports water bottles under the brand of LaiKoe.

Thanks to the attractive design, durable and reliable quality, timely delivery, and consideration services, LaiKoe decorated Hydro flasks are well sold in the North America area (USA and Canada), UK, Germany, Australia, and Japan, won high reputations by brands for events and advertisings.

Parts for Hydro Flask Steel Bottles

Parts for Decorated Hydro Flask

As the full experienced Decorated Hydro Flask manufacturer and supplier in China, REACHING Enterprise/ Laikoe provides lots of parts and accessories, like: food-grade plastic straws and stainless steel straws, funnels, silicone sleeve and band, hang pouch, straw brush, bottle brush, extra caps/lids, to make the Custom Hydro Flask has amazing looking, perfect for brands, events and advertising! 

Individual Package

After lots of Manufacturing processes including powder coating and adding graphics, the well-finished hydro flasks shall be packed individually, for both thoroughly protective purposes and nice displaying demands.

The bubble polybag plus egg crating board/foam packing is the most economical packing way. Color instruction sheets, brochures, or wraps are added optionally.  White box, custom-designed color box, cylinder box, and cardboard PDQ display box are all available from LaiKoe.

Custom Package

LAIKOE -Your Reliable Hydro Flask Manufacturer!

Robotic arms in metalworking workshop

Laikoe is a professional Hydro Vacuum Flask manufacturer in China, specializing in manufacturing Hydro Vacuum Flask, Wine Tumbler, and Growler which are sold and shipped to market throughout the world. 

Laikoe manufacturer Hydro Vacuum Flask is one kind of Double wall stainless steel vacuum flask, acting as a hot and cold flask container. Every Laikoe Hydro Vacuum Flask has all advantages of the SS Vacuum Flask to keep Hot or cold beverages for a long period.

Laikoe Hydro Flask is made of Non-toxic, Lead-Free, BPA-free plastics & 18/8 Food grade stainless steel. All safe to drink.

Whether you are a retailer, brand, or wholesale client for the hydro flask, Laikoe manufacturer Hydro Flask can always customize any designs to boom your business. Download our PDF catalog here.

Custom Hydro Flask Manufacturer - LaiKoe
Custom Your Own Hydro Flask from Laikoe Manufacturer

Find your preferred Hydro Flask styles, capacity, and color, and advise your quantity and final destination address, LaiKoe will complete all others, and get your Hydro Flask water bottles at your warehouse.

Decorated Hydro Flask Manufacturing

What’s the Hot Seller of LaiKoe Drink Bottles?

Our hot seller products include Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Sports water bottles, Hydro flasks, Swell bottles, Coffee tumblers, Travel mugs, Wine tumblers, and Beer growlers.

Laikoe is your premier Hydro Flask manufacturer and Supplier in China.

What Material Does Laikoe Drink Bottles Use?

Food grade Stainless Steel and Plastic (PP, ABS, Tritan, Silicone, etc.).

Are Your Products Safe? Is There BPA in Laikoe Tumblers and Bottles?

All Laikoe drink bottles (Hydro-Vacuum Flasks), lids, and accessories are Safe, they are free of BPA (Bisphenol A), Phthalate-free, and lead-free.

All Laikoe Bottles and Mugs pass the SGS test for FDA, LFGB standards.

What’s the Advantage of Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials available.

We use food-grade 304 stainless steel (also referred to as 18/8). 

It is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, non-leaching, and safe!  

You can switch between water, juice, or milk drinks and there will be no taste or smell of any of them after the bottle has been washed! 

It is unbreakable.  Unlike a glass bottle that can shatter leaving dangerous pieces of glass around you and your little ones.

Cleaning is simple and easy.  Strong chemicals are not required.  

Simply wash with mild dish soap.

This high-grade Stainless steel has been trusted by the food and beverage manufacturing industries and widely used for many years because it is safe.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable!

This makes REACHING Hydro Flask and Travel coffee tumbler, Wine Growlers both long-lasting and environmentally friendly. 

Can I Use the Steel Bottle for Hot and Cold Beverages?

All Hydro Flasks can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Please see individual product pages for details about specific items.

Can I Put Laikoe Bottle or Tumbler in My Bag? Can I Fly with them?

Although some of our lids are spill-resistant, we strongly recommend that you never place a drinking container inside of a purse or bag.

Yes of course. As long as it is empty, you can carry your bottle on board.

Where Is Laikoe Drinkware Made?

Our products are produced in Zhejiang Province, China.

Our factories are both ISO 9001 and 12001 compliant for environmental and labor practices, and we have QC control of the quality including Pre-production Sampling /Inline Inspection /Assembling +Packing / and Final Inspection for every shipment before leaving the factory.

Do You Have A Catalog?

We currently do not have a catalog from which to order. All of our currently available items are listed on our website. Feel free to contact us by phone or via email with any specific product questions.

Can You Customize My Order?

Absolutely! We would love to customize your order. The minimum order size for customizations is 3000 pieces.

Just send us an email with your requirements (Sizes, colors, quantities required) and we will get back to you with some prices ASAP!

Need A Distributor for Laikoe Drink Bottles?

Yes, we need distributors in the USA, Canada, Australia, French and more countries.

Shall I Pay for A Sample? How Soon Can I Get It?

It is up to the detailed sample requests and sample quantity.

For 1-2 pcs of an existing sample (for Shape and General quality checking), it is free of charge, meanwhile, the courier charge is to be paid on your side.

Samples could be sent out within 3 working dates.

For a custom sample with the specified color, printing, or testing requests, it takes longer to counter samples accordingly, there will be extra charges like molds fee, pattern fee, etc. for the customer’s account.

Part or full amount of such costs could be refunded after the order.

What’s the Average Lead Time for an Order?

Depending on product availability and order complexity, a custom order typically takes 45 days from the start of the project to delivery.

Delays can occur if your information is incomplete.

The more information you can supply from the outset, the quicker your order will be produced.

What’s Your Inspection Standards?

All exported goods are guaranteed free of defects and based on the client’s approved pre-production samples. A.Q.L. (Acceptable Quality Level) Level II Q.C. inspection standards are used on all shipments unless other standards are requested by the client.

What’s Your Payment Terms?

T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) or L/C at sight or Negotiation

Paypal accepted for Sample fee or courier charge

For the amount less than usd5,000.00, 100% deposit with the order.

For more, a 30-50% deposit with the order.

Balance payable after the inspection is made at the factory and before the shipment leaves the factory.

For the decorations, the basic surface treatment includes Stainless Steel Brushed silver, Spray painting and Powder coating, both painting and coating are all food grade and durable with a nice decoration look.

For the Decorated Hydro flask, pure colors, gradient, glowing, and glitter color treatment are utilized for a unique comfortable look, making the steel water flask at your hand more active.

Colors on plastic lid/caps could be specially designed to match part or full color on flask body, to make the decorated hydro flask an entirety make buyer pleasant and willing to pay for it.

The graphic could be decorated as well in multi ways like silk printing, laser engraving, water transfer printing, heat transfer printing, air gas printing, and UV printing for logo shows.

Besides, accessories like silicone boots and bands, color paper sleeves on the flask body, bottom, or even lid can also be a great improvement to empower your brands on this decorated hydro flask.

  • “As a Distributor and occasional final user on Clear tumbler and Steel Travel Coffee Mugs, Wine Tumbler and Growlers in the USA, we really need good quality, good price, and on-time delivery. REACHING /LaiKoe and their Team help us to make it realized!”

    Merian Grace
  • “It has been a pleasure working with Mike and REACHING Enterprises /LaiKoe.
    Big thanks to Mike and his colleagues for being informative, professional and prompt, especially the “can-do” attitude that comes from REACHING/LaiKoe.”

    Ben Menendez
  • “The REACHING team knows English, we have no headache sharing our concepts on new products like a big-capacity coffee tumbler. With full experience in product design and knowledge of the manufacturing process, REACHING helps to make our projects come to life within 72 Hours.”


    Robin Williams

LaiKoe Will be Your Best Decorated Hydro Flask Supplier and Partner in China

With Laikoe decorated Hydro Flask, you can find many new ideas based on the above decorations.

If you have a project about adventure, a standard mouth hydro flask with powder coating and glowing color will be definitely an amazing solution.

if it’s about promotions, a wide-mouth hydro flask with spray and pure color would be nice, maybe adding a silicone boot would make it even better. Do not forget to customize the boot from color, text, and cutout options!

That’s what we can do for you, for any projects or ideas, we can offer different solutions to meet your need and unique brand demands at affordable prices.

LaiKoe has been in the Hydro Flask growler industry for 10 years, we are a master who is willing to provide valuable advice to your business with our professional team and production facilities.

Fast response time is essential for both of us, it’s also Laikoe’s advantage, we offer 24/7 service, and your problems can be resolved any time soon.

Our dynamic teams cherish barrier-free communication with fluent English skills and relevant product knowledge, which can reduce friction in the process. LaiKoe team cares about Your thoughts and tries all efforts to a maximum value to you and minimize your issues.

Boost your decorated hydro flask business with LaiKoe!

Decorated Hydro Flask: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about the decorated hydro flask, you will find the answer right here.

Whether you want to learn about material type, benefits, designs, or surface finish options – This guide covers everything about custom hydro flasks.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Decorated Hydro Flask?

A decorated hydro flask is a type of vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle that keeps drinks either cold or hot for very long hours.

This will depend on whether your liquid is hot or cold.

It is unique as it is calibrated with beautiful marks and pictures to make them more aesthetic, pleasing to the eye, and functional.

Which Features should you Look for in Decorated Hydro Flask?

Some of the features you should look for in a decorated hydro flask include:

  • Insulation: decorated hydro flasks should maintain the temperature of liquids.

That is, keep the temperature of cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot.

  • TempShield technology: Decorating is a feature that enables a decorated hydro flask in retaining temperature significantly.
  • Honeycomb structure: The decorated hydro flask’s lid should design with a honeycomb for insulation efficiency and ensure one hundred percent leakproof.
  • Powder coat paint: decorated hydro flasks are made up of powder coat paint in fourteen different shades.
  • Size: decorated hydro flasks are available in various sizes ranging from kids bottles of 12-ounce capacity to 64-ounce capacity.

They are also available in different mouth sizes, from standard mouth size to wide mouth size.

  • Lids: decorated hydro flasks have multiple lid designs to fit each flask, such as the flip lid, sports cap, and straw lid.

How do you Decorate Hydro Flask?

You can decorate your hydro flask in the following ways:

  • Using stickers.
  • Adding a friendship bracelet to the cap of your decorated hydro flask.
  • Using glue crystals or rhinestones.
  • By painting the decorated hydro flask using acrylic paint.
  • Using engravings.

What is the Best Material for making Decorated Hydro Flask?

There are many materials which we use in making decorated hydro flasks.

The production of decorated hydro flasks requires stainless steel to be manufactured as it is a secondary raw material.

Some of the primary raw materials that we use in manufacturing decorated hydro flasks include:

  • Iron
  • Chromium
  • Nickle
  • Manganese
  • Silicon
  • Carbon

Some of the requirements that material should meet to be used to make decorated hydro flasks include:

  • Reusable materials are highly sorted after because of environmental and ecological benefits.
  • The material should offer enough protection from oxygen, light, air, and other regress to protect the freshness and preserve the beverage.
  • Should be of a higher barrier to protect the beverage from contaminants.
  • The industry is moving to materials that can be used severally and are easy to recycle.
  • It should enhance security and usability.
  • Be puncture and stain-resistant.
  • Pressure resistant.
  • BPA free and non-toxic.
  • Phthalate-free and FDA approved.

Apart from Water, Which other Beverage can you store in Decorated Hydro Flask?

Apart from water, some other beverages you can store in a decorated hydro flask include:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cocktails
  • Kombucha
  • Soda

Can you use Decorated Hydro Flask in Microwave?

We do not recommend using a decorated hydro flask in a microwave.

Our products are made of a significant percentage of food-grade stainless steel, and microwaves and metals do not bond well together.

How do you Clean Decorated Hydro Flask?

You can clean your decorated hydro flask using the following methods:

  • If you have stored a liquid other than water in your decorated hydro flask, you should rinse it using warm water immediately after every usage.
  • To deep clean your decorated hydro flask, you may use a bottle brush, mild soap, and warm water.
  • Another alternative solution is washing your decorated hydro flask using vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda solution.
  • After you have cleaned your decorated hydro flask, you should let it dry facing downward and the cap off.
  • You must note that it is not safe to wash decorated hydro flasks in a dishwasher.
  • To remove fingerprints on the decorated hydro flask, you may clean using a detergent, warm water, or a hydrocarbon solvent.

What are the available Decorated Hydro Flask Designs?

Some of the available decorated hydro flask designs you will find include:

  • Painted floral hydro flask
  • Custom cool design hydro flask 32oz 40oz
  • Hand-painted hydro flask
  • 40oz hydro big mouth stainless steel hydro flask two-color water
  • 500 ml custom three-color stainless steel
  • OEM stainless steel hydro flask
  • Double-wall vacuum decorated hydro flask
  • Custom logo 64 oz lid straw decorated hydro flask
  • Decorated hydro flask standard mouth flex cap olive 24 ounce

What are the Quality Certifications for Decorated Hydro Flask?

Quality certifications of decorated hydro flasks include:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (US) approval
  • GMP Certified
  • CE certification
  • SGS Certifications
  • Food QS certification
  • TUV Rheinland Certification
  • Global Food and Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • CCC Certification.

Do Decorated Hydro Flasks have Straw Lid?

Yes, decorated hydro flasks have a straw lid as the lids come in multiple designs to fit each decorated hydro flask, such as the straw lid, sports cap, and flip lid.

The straw lid can fit decorated hydro flasks of capacities of 12 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz, and 64 oz.

Also, the straw lid is toxin-free and BPA-free and designed so that you can flip with ease and release the liquids at a high flow rate.

The straw is very durable and is reinforced with rubber that can withstand bite marks.

Is Decorated Hydro Flask Leak-proof?

Yes, decorated hydro flasks are one hundred percent leakproof as they are made from BPA-free plastic, which is very thick and durable.

When you secure the decorated hydro flask very well, nothing can pass via the trusty seal.

Decorated hydro flask’s lids have a honeycomb structure, which also prevents leakages.

What are the available Capacities of Decorated Hydro Flasks?

You will find decorated hydro flasks ranging in the following capacities:

  • 12 ounces
  • 16 ounces
  • 18 ounces
  • 20 ounces
  • 21 ounces
  • 24 ounces
  • 32 ounces
  • 40 ounces
  • 50 ounces
  • 64 ounces

Decorated hydro flasks come in two styles; those with a wide mouth and a standard mouth.

What is TempShield Technology in Decorated Hydro Flask?

Tempshield technology is a feature that enables a decorated hydro flask to retain temperature considerably.

The decorated hydro flask possesses a vacuum between two walls of stainless steel, which prevents condensation.

It also controls the heat transfer outside the hydro flask, thus maintaining the drinks’ temperature for a long time.

Which Lid Options for Decorated Hydro Flasks do you have?

We have a variety of lid options for decorated hydro flasks for you to choose from.

Obtaining the right lid for your decorated hydro flask makes it even better.

Before buying a decorated hydro flask, you must understand that depending on the flask size, and we have different lids sizes.

The main lid options available for decorated hydro flasks are a standard mouth lid and a wide mouth lid.

· Standard Mouth Lid

This type of lid has a thread so that when you screw it.

Normally, the cover protrudes into the hydro flask the inside.

The diameter of the standard mouth lid is 1.91 inches.

· Wide Mouth Lid

Unlike the standard lids, the wide-mouth lid has a broader opening of 2.28 inches in diameter as compared to standard mouth lids.

The threads of these hydro flasks do not protrude on the inside, thus enabling you to fill them up all the way.

Some of the other lid options for decorated hydro flasks include:

i. Growler and oasis lids

ii. Wide mouth straw lid

iii. Wide mouth flex sip cap

iv. Hydro flip

v. Spout lid

The best part, we also have custom lid designs for decorated hydro flasks.

Our team will help you get the best designs for decorated hydro flasks.

What are the Benefits of Decorated Hydro Flask?

Some of the benefits of decorated hydro flasks include:

  • Insulation: decorated hydro flask maintains the temperature of your cold drinks cold for a very long period.

They also help you to keep your hot drinks hot for more extended periods up to 24 hours.

  • Size: decorated hydro flasks come in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate length required.
  • Color options: decorated hydro flasks are available in a wide range of colors, and therefore you can choose your preferred color and design.
  • Canvas for stickers: the nature of decorated hydro flasks makes them the perfect canvas for stickers as they go hand in hand.
  • Lightweight: decorated hydro flasks are easy to carry around as they are very light in weight.
  • Eco-friendly: decorated water bottles are made of food-grade stainless steel recyclable material and are recyclable and reusable.
  • Sweat-free: when you have a decorated hydro flask, you do not have to worry about sweating on the outside.
  • Variety lid types; decorated hydro flasks come in various lid types that ensure versatility for you.

Are there Limitations of Decorated Hydro Flask?

Some of the limitations of decorated hydro flasks include:

  • Depending on the product used to make the decorated hydro flask, off tests with metal or stainless steel may differ.
  • Some of the decorated hydro flasks, more so the big designs between 50 to 64 ounces, may be impractical for use daily.
  • The cost of some of the decorated hydro flask materials tends to be high.
  • Also, the decorated hydro flasks entail an energy-intensive process in designing them.
  • They are not microwaveable.
  • The exterior part of the decorated hydro flasks can peel or dent.

Is Decorated Hydro Flask Reusable?

Yes, hydro flasks are reusable and 100% recyclable, which ensures that they are eco-friendly.

Reusable decorated hydro flasks have become part of your lifestyle as at one point, or another you will need to carry around your preferred beverage.

Also, reusable decorated hydro flasks help keep the environment clean and protect it from the harmful impacts caused by items such as plastic bottles.

A decorated reusable hydro flask is the best choice for the market.

How long will Decorations on Decorated Hydro Flask Fade?

Decorations decorated on hydro flasks take an extended period, like over a year, to fade.

We use acrylic paint on our decorated hydro flasks, and our stickers are made from water-resistant and durable vinyl.

After even a year of hand washing your decorated hydro flasks, the decorations will still be intact and will have no peeling or curling.

The images on the decorations will also stay sharp and the colors vibrant.

You must note that even though your decorated hydro flask may fade after some time, it will serve you for a very long time.

Is Decorated Hydro Flask Dent Resistant?

No, decorated hydro flasks are not dent resistant as dropping them might scratch or dent their external body.

It is because decorated hydro flasks are manufactured using thin stainless steel.

In case your dents on the decorated hydro flasks are not very big, you may attempt to remove them.

For decorated hydro flasks that are damaged during shipping, the warranty might cater to them.

However, the warranty will not cater to dents on your decorated flasks that occur from regular wear and tear.

Will Decorated Hydro Flask Rust?

No, decorated hydro flasks do not rust as they are made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

The decorated hydro flasks contain eighteen percent chromium and eight percent nickel alongside 18/8 stainless steel.

The chromium is the one that will always protect your decorated hydro flask.

When you expose regular steel to water, you will create ferric oxide, which has a red rust color.

However, when you subject stainless steel to the same conditions, it will produce chromium oxide and form a skinny layer of stainless steel that doesn’t come off.

This layer protects the stainless steel that is underlying from exposure to water to avoid rusting.

You must understand that your decorated hydro flask will be rust-resistant as long as the chromium component is above 12%.

Does Decorated Hydro Flask keep Liquids Hot or Cold?

Decorated hydro flasks do keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold.

A decorated hydro flask can maintain your hot beverage temperature for about 12 hours and keep your cold liquids ice old for 24 hours.

How do you Care for Decorated Hydro Flask?

You should care for your decorated hydro flask in the following ways:

  • Before the initial use, you should ensure that you wash your decorated hydro flask and its cap with hot soapy water.

After that, rinse the decorated hydro flasks and the lid very well, and then you may start using them.

  • It would help if you always washed your decorated hydro flask with a cleaning brush to eliminate all dirt.
  • You should use distilled vinegar and baking soda for cleaning your decorated hydro flask thoroughly.
  • For your straw lid and hydro flip lid, you may wash them in the dishwasher.
  • Do not wash your decorated hydro flask in the dishwasher.
  • Avoid putting your decorated hydro flask in the freezer.
  • Make sure you do not put your decorated hydro flask on the stove.
  • For your wide flat cap, stainless steel flat cap, loop cap, or flex cap do not put them in the dishwasher.

What are the Main Parts of Decorated Hydro Flask?

The main parts of a decorated hydro flask include:

  • All double-wall vacuum insulation helps prevent condensation and maintain the right temperature of liquids in the decorated hydro flask.
  • Pro-grade stainless steel: decorated hydro flasks have two layers of stainless steel that help maintain the right temperature of beverages.
  • Proprietary powder coat: this ensures a comfortable grip, sweat-free, and a durable decorated hydro flask.
  • Screw on stopper: this secures the stainless steel and the vacuum together.
  • Additional insulation to reduce heat loss and cushion the decorated hydro flask.
  • One more support to keep the inner vacuum in place.
  • Lid or cap: used for covering the decorated hydro flask to prevent leakages.

How does Decorated Hydro Flask Work?

A decorated hydro flask works by helping you maintain the temperature of your liquids as desired.

The decorated hydro flask will work by enabling you to maintain the ice-cold temperature of your liquids for about twenty-four hours.

A decorated hydro flask will also ensure that your hot liquids’ temperature is maintained for about twelve hours.

The scientific theory behind all these performance features is the vacuum separating two stainless steel layers.

What are the available Surface Finishing Options for Decorated Hydro Flask?

We use a broad range of surface finishing options to achieve specific properties such as:

  • Improving the appearance of your decorated hydro flasks.
  • Improving adhesion.
  • Surface finishing makes your decorated hydro flasks have corrosion resistance.
  • It makes your decorated hydro flasks be tarnishing resistant.
  • Chemical resistance
  • Due to surface finishing, your decorated hydro flasks can resist wear.
  • Controlling the surface friction of your decorated hydro flasks.
  • Helps in reshaping or removing the decorated hydro flasks finishing.
  • Adding or altering decorated hydro flasks finishing.

Some of the surface finishing options that we use include:

i. Polishing and buffing

ii. Brushed metal

iii. Mass finishing

iv. Tumble and vibratory finishing

What makes Decorated Hydro Flask Special?

Our decorated hydro flasks are unique because of the following features:

  • Temperature retention: decorated hydro flasks can maintain the temperature of either cold or hot liquids in them due to TempShield technology.
  • Insulation: decorated hydro flasks are reinforced with two walls of stainless steel separated by a vacuum, preventing condensation.

This feature also protects the heat from being transferred to the outside of the decorated hydro flask.

  • Honeycomb structure; the lid of the decorated hydro flask is in the form of a honeycomb, which helps insulate and prevent leakages completely.
  • Serenity: decorated hydro flasks are gorgeous and trendy, and there are various options you may use to personalize them.
  • Size options: decorated hydro flasks are available in a wide range of sizes, enabling you to select the extent to which you are most comfortable.

These decorated hydro flasks also come in multiple lids to fit each hydro flask.

What are the uses of Decorated Hydro Flask?

Some of the uses of decorated hydro flasks include:

  • Packaging: you may use decorated hydro flasks to easily store beverages and liquid products such as tea, coffee, wine, beer, and smoothies.
  • Temperature maintenance: decorated hydro flasks enable you to maintain the temperature of your products by keeping ice-cold liquids cold for about twenty-four hours. Decorated hydro flasks will also allow your hot drinks to remain at that temperature for about twelve hours.
  • Insulation: decorated hydro flasks help insulate the contents in the hydro flask and prevent liquids from evaporation.

What are the Available Color Options for Decorated Hydro Flask?

 Different colors decorated hydro flask

Some of the color options available for your use in decorative hydro flasks include white, black, blue, red, green, orange and purple, amongst others.

You can choose any color of your choice.

How do you Test the Quality of the Decorated Hydro Flask?

We do test for the quality of our decorated hydro flasks in the following ways;

i. Leak Tests

We conduct leak tests by filling each decorated hydro flask with water mixed with food color.

We then place the decorated hydro flask over a paper towel for a day and watch for leaks.

This test also covers the lid seats on the decorated hydro flask to ascertain that the design is suitable.

ii. Temperature Test

We do perform temperature tests on the decorated hydro flasks.

It helps ascertain if the hydro flask will maintain the right temperature of liquids stored in it for the longest time.

What is the Recommended Hydro Flask Price?

Recommended decorated hydro flask prices will depend on many parameters such as:

  • Design of decorated hydro flask
  • Size of decorated hydro flask
  • Additional features of decorated hydro flask

What is Hydro Flask Tumbler?

A hydro flask tumbler possesses double-wall vacuum insulation and can carry liquids such as smoothies and kombuchas as it can keep them ice-cold for 24 hours.

In case you need a hot drink during the day, a hydro flask can keep it hot for about 6 hours.

The hydro flask also possesses splash-proof lids, which prevent spills and are leak-proof.

Hydro flask tumbler

Does Decorated Hydro Flask have a Warranty?

Yes, our decorated hydro flasks have a warranty.

However, the warranty covers:

  • If your decorated hydro flask has broken during shipping
  • Leaking caps
  • Decorated hydro flasks that seem to have lost their insulating properties within a given period of time as stipulated in the product description
  • When the decorated flasks are damaged during the shipping process
  • Rattling decorated hydro flasks.

The warranty is at all times limited to the life span of your decorated hydro flask.

Also, note that a decorated hydro flask of the same size and color will replace your warranty claim.

What are the Safety Features of Decorated Hydro Flask?

Some of the safety features that come with decorated hydro flasks include:

  • Vacuum to prevent the user from extreme cold drinks or burns from hot beverages.
  • Handle for ease of carrying the hydro flask and avoid slipping.
  • Leakproof to avoid soiling the user’s contents in a bag pack.
  • Rubber lids that are comfortable to use and protect the user from the contents’ extreme temperatures.
  • The inner layer of a decorated hydro flask is made from non-corrosive material to protect the user from dangerous corrosive materials.
  • Most of the decorated hydro flasks are dishwasher safe making cleaning them easy.
  • Decorated hydro flasks are BPA-free protecting the user from dangerous plastics.

Will Dropping Affect Decorated Hydro Flask?

When using a decorated hydro flask, you might drop it accidentally.

Dropping a hydro flask only causes some dents on the outer layer of the decorated hydro flask.

Hydro flasks are made from strong vacuum materials.

So dropping them will not affect them that much. The vacuum insulation is strong enough to withstand falls.

Most of the hydro flasks in the market are made of two layers – one inner layer, and another outer layer.

The space between them is a vacuum.

A decorated hydro flask stops working only when the inner layer or outer layer seal breaks and air fills the vacuum space.

It is essential to take care of your decorated hydro flask, especially the area in the very middle of the base of your decorated hydro flask.

The middle of the base is where the air is sucked out and resealed to create a vacuum.

In case of the area breaks, your decorated hydro flask will stop working.

You can use silicone boots or slings to protect your decorated hydro flask from dropping and prolong its lifespan.

At LAIKOE, we give you the best decorated hydro flasks depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Contact us today for all your decorated hydro flask needs.

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