Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturer

LAIKOE is offering a healthy hydration solution to complement healthy food.

We are a professional manufacturer supplying food-grade stainless steel water bottles.

* Stainless Steel Body Unbreakable
* Double-Walled  Thermal Insulation

* Electrolytic Inner Surface Easy to Clean
* BPA-Free & More Hygienic

* Ideal Companion for Everyday Use

LAIKOE Stainless Steel Water Bottles

LAIKOE stainless steel water bottle is double wall and vacuum insulated, which keeps your drink hot/cold for hours.

LAIKOE has full experience in supplying your preferred bottles with long-term value. As a professional stainless steel water bottle manufacturer, LaiKoe steel bottle has very good behavior at all points. A free sample is available to check quality.


Laikoe stainless steel water bottle features High insulation performance, matched with a leak-proof lid, shock-resistant double wall structure, electrolytic inside surface makes the cleaning very easy, and the copper plate (optional) keeps your favorite beverage at its ideal temperatures for a much longer time.

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Product By Features

LAIKOE is a collection of Insulated stainless steel water bottles, maintaining beverages hot for 7h and cold for 12h, including Sports Bottles, Coffee Tumblers, Travel Mugs, Beer Growlers, Vacuum Flasks, Shaker Bottles, Wine Growlers, and More.

The Vacuum Insulation technology has no impact, the drink retains its pure flavor; thanks to the food-grade silicone gasket on the lid, the insulated bottle is perfectly tight sealed and leak-proof.

Products by Styles

Stainless steel water bottles are developed from the classic Swell style to lots of fashion style. Lids optional with hinge lid, Square shape, and consists of 2 parts or 3 parts for easy cleaning and quick pouring water.

#BSW001 Stainless Steel Bottle 350ml

Swell type water bottle, hot thermos, tangelo, with lid

#BSW002 Stainless Bottle 500ml

sweat proof water bottle, best hot cold thermos, rose red

swell type, metal drink bottle, stainless, double walled, green

swell type, metal drink bottle, stainless, double walled, green

BSW004-1000ml-Water Transfer Printing

1 litre drink bottle, stainless steel, sweat proof, eco-friendly

#BSW005 Steel Water Bottle 350ml

vacuum bottle, double walled, stainless steel, sweat proof

#BSW006 SS Insulated Bottle 550ml

Vacuum insulated bottle, hot liquid thermos, eco-friendly, tangelo

#BSW007 SS Insulated Bottle 700ml

Insulated sports bottle, personalized, sweat proof, with lid

#BSW008 Stainless Steel Bottle 1.0L

Thermos cold water bottle, BPA free lid, black color

BSW009 Swell Steel Water Bottle 17oz

Swell Vacuum Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Hinge lid

BSW010 Swell Insulated Steel Bottle, 25oz

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Cola Shape Steel Bottle

#BSW017 Steel Insulated Bottle 350ml

Small metal water bottle, best thermos for hot water

#BSW018 Stainless Steel Water Bottle 500ml

non plastic water bottles, stainless steel vacuum, electroplating

#BSW025 Steel Bottle 350ml

Stainless steel drink bottle, vacuum insulated, reusable, blue

#BSW026 Steel Bottle 500ml

Cute metal water bottles, stainless steel, safe, sweat proof

#BSW027 Steel Bottle 750ml

Cold water thermos, insulated, 750ml, stainless steel, eco-friendly

Product Surface Treatment

The stainless steel bottle surface could be Native Stainless Steel Silver or Spray painted (Matt or Glossy look), or powder coating (Solid color, Gradient colors, or Blocking Colors), Or Electroplating

Product Feature Box

Food Grade
Versatile & Tough

Strong against corrosion, rust, and water stains. Durable to endure weight, hot and cold temperatures, and extreme weather. Not breakable.

Good Taste
Good Taste & Temperature

Hygienic, safe to use with pure taste, no plastic or steel flavor. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your coffee at that perfect temperature.

Amazing Color Options
Aesthetics & Clearliness

The sleek appearance is with both classic and modern touches.  Different colors and decorations are available. Easy to clean and maintain.


Eco-Friendly Powder Coating
Recyclable & Sustanable

100% Recyclable. During the recycling process, it won’t leach toxic chemicals. Using less plastic to save the green earth, Eco-Friendly.

Injection Workshop for Parts

LAIKOE is your premier stainless steel water bottle manufacturer in China. All bottles are well designed with nice quality and passed FDA, LFGB, and SGS tests, No Toxic, Food grade, BPA-Free, and Phthalate Free.

LAIKOE has full capacity in manufacturing metal bottles and plastic bottles, as well as accessories and parts like caps/lids, straws, silicone rings, sleeves, bases, cup pouches, and brushes, etc.

Contact us today to fit your needs. We won’t let you down!


Injection Workshop
Silk Screen Printed Bottles

Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing is the most common printing method for 1C or 2C logos, also the most economical way to add colorful letters, icons, or graphics onto the Stainless Steel bottle surface. AI or JPG or PDF file in high solution is needed to make a printing plate.

Water Sticker Printing

More than Air Gas Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, and Water Transfer Printing, here comes Water Sticker Printing. With a similar cost and processing way as Air Gas Printing, but with a more equal final look for a full-color logo/graphic. AI design file is a must to make it personal on the unique Stainless Steel bottle.




Water Sticker Printing Hand Processed
Laser Engraving on the Painted Steel Bottle

Laser Engraving Process

With personalized laser engraving, you could realize your dream to design your custom cups. On certain Stainless Steel bottles, mugs, tumblers, and flasks, letters, initials, and icons could be accurately added to make it your own. The logo could be only gray/black etched, and its cost is up to the total laser scanning period.

Custom Hydro Flask Manufacturer - LaiKoe
LAIKOE Will be Your Best  Stainless Steel Bottle Supplier and Partner in China

With full experience in nice designing and well manufacturing, LAIKOE Stainless Steel bottle has become the best choice for Tea Coffee Brands, Dealers, Distributors.

LAIKOE Manufactures Super High Quality  Stainless Steel Water Bottles for your Brand!

With full experience in nice designing and well manufacturing, LAIKOE Stainless Steel bottle has become the best choice for Men, Women, Kids, Teens, Students, Athletes, and Adventurers.


LAIKOE Stainless Steel bottles are widely used in outdoor activities like Hiking, camping, cycling, adventuring, fishing, running, climbing, paddle,  travel, Yoga, etc., as well as Home, commute and office, Indoor activities, for Hot and cold,  (Hydrated) Water, Coffee, Tea, Beer, Wine, and more beverages.

LAIKOE Stainless Steel bottles offer excellent versatility as well as durability.

LAIKOE Stainless Steel bottles, same as Vacuum insulated bottles, or wholesale sports bottles, have a normal capacity of 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 32oz, provides lots of choice options.

As the Chinese leading Stainless Steel bottle manufacturer, LAIKOE Stainless Steel bottle helps to storage hot or cold water for a much longer period with the desired temperature for drinking comfortably.


LAIKOE has a day output of 50,000 pcs for Stainless Steel bottles,  vacuum flasks, and other thermos mugs, we are here to develop the main markets in North America area for the Stainless Steel Vacuum Water bottles, insulated travel mugs, and coffee tumblers.

Once you have chosen LAIKOE as your partner on these metal drink bottles, you will get high-quality stainless steel thermos insulated water bottles in bulk. LAIKOE could help you skyrocket your business on Stainless Steel Bottles!

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