Hydro Vacuum Flask Bottle Manufacturer and Supplier in China

As a leading Hydro vacuum flask bottle manufacturer and solution in China, Reaching Enterprises supplies Hydro flask style custom drinkware, such as standard mouth, wide mouth, and kids bottles.

If you are a retailer, store, wholesaler, distributor, a brand of Insulated water bottles, Reaching is your premium Hydro Flask bottle supplier in China.

Reaching offers a different capacities of 12 oz, 18 oz, 20 oz, 22 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz, 64 oz with Laikoe brand, there are different lids that match these bottles. Laikoe Hydro flask bottles keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, hour after hour.

The Standard Mouth is ideal for sipping, while still accommodating ice cubes, and the Wide Mouth delivers full-on refreshment for any adventure. Both versions feature the insulated Flex Cap, designed for ultimate portability and comfort.

Get Wholesale Hydro Flask Bottle to Boom Your Business with Reaching

  • Body Material in High grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Hydro Flask Bottle
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • Phthalate Free, Food Grade, Safe for Drinking
  • Hygienic and easy to cleanHydro Flask Bottle
  • Lightweight, sturdy and sweat proof
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Different Capacity and Various Colors available
  • Lots of Lids fits Hydro Flask Bottle
  • Brushed Silver Surface / Spray Painting /Powder Coating / Electroplate finish
  • Graphic way: Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV Printing.

Besides the flex cap, Laikoe Hydro flask bottles have more than 7 styles of lids to fit the thermos vacuum bottles, such as the dual lid, sip lid, straw lid, handle lid and so on, which can be found on our catalog.

You can order them for final users with different usages, or pack 2 different lids into the same package as shown in Amazon. Thanks to the versatile design of the bottle mouth dimension,

Nearly all lids could match the same series of Hydro Flask bottles. Laikoe Hydro flask bottle has a full series of products to match your events and activities for your business, from kids to adults, professional usage to everyday usage, it can cooperate well with your projects.

Reaching Will be Your Best Hydro Flask Bottle Supplier and Partner in China

REACHING has been in the Hydro Flask bottles industry for 15 years, can provide valuable advice and more options to your projects.

We have fast response time based on our industrial chain advantages and experiences, for example, Laikoe engraved hydro flask sample can be made within a week, new ideas can be tested fast at a lower cost. Laokoe team is combined with dynamic professional people, with strong emotion in this industry, we love what we do, we care about our partner in a win-win way.

REACHING culture is to provide the maximum value to you and minimize your issues, that’s what we’re doing for our partners.

You could count on Reaching as your reliable partner in China for Hydro Flask bottle business!

Hydro Flask Bottle: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information you need about hydro flask bottle.

From design, uses, features, working principle, to size – you will find all the useful information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What makes Hydro Flask Bottles Trendy over the Other Bottle Designs in the Market?

Hydro flask bottle

Hydro flask bottle

Hydro flask bottles are no ordinary bottles.

They come with a different and unique style that is enticing to most customers.

Here are some of the reasons that make these bottles trendy:

  • Their design. These bottles incorporate the thermos flask They are vacuum-insulated.

This means that if you put something hot, then that’s how you will consume it.

  • They offer a wide range of preferences. Ranging from their color to the possibility of customizing it how you would like it.
  • It is a one-time investment. The hustle of always replacing the plastic bottles due to the cringes is over with a hydro-flask bottle.

What is the Difference Between Hydro Flask Bottle and Hydro Flask Tumbler?

Hydro flask tumbler

Hydro flask tumbler

Hydro flask bottle

The difference majorly lies with the shapes they come in.

A hydro flask bottle comes in a bottle shaped design.

Of course, a little fancier than normal bottles.

A hydro-flask tumbler is much more like a long cone-shaped cup.

Not much different from a normal tumbler.

However, these ones are vacuum-insulated like the hydro flask bottles.

They majorly serve the same purpose as cups.

Why are Hydro Flask Bottles Expensive?

Hydro flask bottles certainly do not come with a normal price.

In fact, these hydro flask bottles are  slightly more expensive compared to normal bottles.

There are two main factors accounting for the expensive nature of these bottles:

· Technology

The vacuum-insulated technology in these bottles is not very common for any bottles.

The cups come in a honeycomb design and a steel lug finishing.

All of which help to maintain the temperature of your liquid in the bottle.

· Material

Their outer material is durable.

Unlike any other bottle, this flask is able to withstand any sort of environment.

They are not easily susceptible to wear and tear.

Are Hydro Flask Bottles Safe from Bacteria which accumulates on the Rubber that Tightens its Lid?

The last thing one would wish is to become sick due to dirt.

Here is an explanation of how you can get bacteria. Just like every other bottle, hydro flasks should thoroughly be washed.

The dampness around the lid may result in mold formation

Of course this is because of the cold temperatures around the lead which are favorable for mold growth.

To avoid this, ensure after washing your bottle, you air dry the rubber band around the lid.

Do Hydro Flask Bottles Leak?

These bottles come with a less stress free leakage lids.

The rubber band around the lids presses strongly around the leads to ensure no leakage.

With a hydro flask, you do not have to worry about incidences of the contents of your bottle spilling over your bag.

Can Hydro Flask Bottles be used for Hot Water?

Blue hydro flask bottle

Blue hydro flask bottle


Hydro flasks can store hot water for quite a long time.

Their vacuum insulated nature provides necessary conditions to allow hot water to remain hot.

Not only just hot water, but these bottles also maintain the temperature of your contents to your preference.

Why are Hydro Flask Bottles Better than Plastic Bottles?

Hydro flask bottles present a new trend of bottles in the current century.

Apart from their stylish nature, these bottles offer a wide range of benefits.

They are:

  • Eco-friendly. Hydro flasks can be under use for a very long time. Unlike plastic bottles which easily tear
  • Easy to clean
  • Customized to the individual’s preference
  • Recyclable
  • Used to keep hot contents, like coffee. Plastic bottles cannot offer you that pleasure.

What Sizes do Hydro Flask Bottles come in?

These bottles come in different sizes as earlier mentioned.

They are available in the following sizes

  • 12 oz.
  • 18 oz.
  • 20 oz.
  • 21 oz.
  • 24 oz.
  • 32 oz.
  • 40 oz.
  • 64 oz.

The most commonly available sizes are the 18, 21 and 32oz ones.

However, for much clarity for a preferred size you can always email the manufacturer in their provided contacts in the website.

They are happy to help.

For your custom options, LaiKoe offers the best hydro flask bottles according to your specifications.

You can contact us now.

Do Hydro Flask Bottles have Warranty In case of Dents or Damages from Manufacturer to Consumer?

Just like any other product, the Hydro flask comes with a defined lifetime warranty.

After all, man is to error.

The warranty comes with guidelines as outlined below

In case of a leak or break on the cap, the manufacturer advises you email the photo with warranty details.

For loss of insulating properties. You are legible for a return of the product.

Also if your Hydro flask bottle gets damaged during shipping, you are allowed to return it to the manufacturer.

Hydro flask bottles have a welded rim.

In case the rim is rough or tampered with, you are warranted to send it back for a replacement.

As much as these bottles are warranty, there are a number of factors that do not guarantee you to file for a warranty.

They are described below

  • If your bottle gets damaged and you did not purchase from the manufacturer or their retailer shops. Most probably it is a fake.
  • Also if you happened to have misused you bottle, you are not legible for the warranty.
  • In the process of dismantling your bottle, say around the lid probably and gets damaged.
  • Damage resulting from wear and tear or fires, dents and scratches, cannot give you a warranty.

Once your Hydro flask bottle warranty is under approval, your replacement comes in the same order as your first.

The bottle will come in the same size color and estimated price of the defected one.

Unfortunately, in the event you had customized your bottle, it will not be customized for you as before.

The process takes about 10-15 days upon return of the product.

An email will be sent to you to confirm the arrival of the product.

Once the bottle is shipped a departure email will as well be sent to you for follow up and pick up schedule.

In case you purchased your Hydro flask bottle internationally, it is important you liaise with the retailer you purchased from.

Arrangements will be put in place to grant you a replacement as quick as possible.

How Long do Hydro Flask Bottles Keep Cold a Drink?

Hydro flask can keep cold drinks, even in ice form for as long as 24hours long.

The vacuum-insulation technology in cooperated in this bottles provide room to prevent interference from external temperatures.

They are made off 18/8 stainless material.

For your information, this stainless steel is in its purest form and is able to prevent taste transfers.

This means that with your cold drink inside for as long as 24 hours, the taste will not involve that stainless steel flavor.

Can the Mouth of the Hydro Flask Bottles AccumulateIce Cubes?


Hydro flask bottles are shaped in a manner that can accommodate sizeable ice cubes.

The mouth is large enough to let the ice cubes pass through freely without any disturbance.

Same applies when you are about to eject the cubes.

Hence it is very impossible for ice cubes to literally accumulate themselves around the mouth of Hydro flask bottle.

Does the Hydro Flask Bottle come with Straw Lid?

Hydro flask bottle with straw

Hydro flask bottle with straw

Yes. Hydro flask bottles come with straw lids.

Not all actually, but the manufacturer has some of the bottles fit with straw lids.

In fact, the Hydro flask bottles in the market today have straw lids designed to flap once you are done using.

The straw is embedded on the bottles lid.

It is made with strong rubber that can withstand some biting for those with the biting habit.

Moreover, they come with a high-flow rate hence not much force incorporates when drinking.

The lid straws come with an extra straw as well.

Can you Put Hydro Flask Bottle in Freezer? If so, Does it have any Adverse Effects?

Yes, you are allowed to put your hydro flask bottle in the freezer.

Your flask will not be exposed to any harm.

However, you should be worried because the freezer will not have much effect on the contents in your bottle

Remember, the Hydro flask bottle is made with the insulation technology.

This will also protect the content in the bottle from external temperatures, even in a freezer. Unless you leave the bottle for a long time.

Does Hydro Flask Bottle Retain the Smell of its Contents?


The airtight rubber band on the lid allows for your contents aroma to remain intact.

You also don’t have to be worried over the smell of the steel trickling down to your drink.

The stainless steel is pure and guarantees to retain the taste of your drink.

Is the Lid Holder of Hydro Flask Bottle comfortable to Hold?

It is most probably one of the reasons why these bottles are trendy.

The lids offer a handle-like holder that provides you the comfort of carrying your bottle.

It is also installed in such a manner that it cannot easily detangle itself from the bottle as you carry it.

Flexibility, strength, and luxury all in one bottle.

Hydro flask bottle cap

Hydro flask bottle lid

Does the Hydro Flask Bottle Fit in Standard Car Cup Holders?

It all depends on the size of bottle you are using.

The most common sizes that can easily fit in this cup holders are the 12 to 24oz bottles.

Some car cup holders also can hold up the 32 and 40oz size bottles.

So both the bottle size and cup holder size matter.

Does Hydro Flask Bottle Break if Dropped Suddenly at Table Length?

Hydro-flask bottles are not made of glass.

Both the inner wall and the outer wall are made of stainless steel.

The steel material is much convenient even upon dropping your bottle.

It might get some scratches, but the working of your bottle is less interfered with.

Hot drinks will continue being hot, as cold drinks will continue being kept cold.

Does the Colour Variety on Hydro Flask Bottles Fade when Washed?

The color is subject to fading only after you have soaked the bottle in hot water.

The water can easily discolor your bottle.

Avoid doing this if you really want to maintain the color of your Hydro flask bottle.

Which Lid Options do Hydro Flask Bottles come in?

Hydro flask bottles offer a wide range of lid options.

They are designed to suit the wide range of customer preferences.

The following designs encompass most of the types of lid caps available.

  • Flip top lid design
  • Straw design
  • Screw-on design
  • Third party off brand lid design
  • Honeycomb insulated flex cap

Moreover, the different lid options come in two types of mouth size lids.

There is the wide mouth and the standard size mouth lids.

For the wide mouth they come in hydro flasks that range in 18 to 64oz.

For the standard mouth, they come between 12oz and 210z sizes.

Here is a list of lid options to opt for your hydro flask bottle.

For your wide mouth options there is

Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Lid

Unlike any other hydro flask lid, this one is completely plastic free.

The lid is also made of the the18/8 stainless free material.

It guarantees that the taste of the contents of your bottle do not taste like the bottle material.

A very efficient technology incorporated in the Hydro flask bottles.

They also come with the comfort of a handle to allow you to carry around your bottle with ease.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Flex Cap Lid

This lid happens to be among the most recent type of lids available in the market.

The flex cap lid incorporates the honeycomb insulation technology.

Besides, the cap is designed to have layers in its cap.

Moreover, the cap helps offer insulation properties.

The honeycomb layers help trap heat to enhance the heat insulation for the Hydro flask.

It also comes with handles to enable easier carrying of the bottle. It comes with screw-on design.

This means you have to unscrew the bottle to open and screw back to close it.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Hydro Flip Lid

This leak proofing lid comes with a flap unsuited to allow for easier opening and closure of your bottle.

Its material is the BPA plastic free and guarantees durability.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid

This lid comes with a straw design lid fitted with a spout that serves as a straw.

The lid comes with a removable straw that can easily be fitted into the lid.

Additionally, the lid is fitted with a handle design that allows for easy carrying of your hydro flask bottle.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Flat Cap Lid

It comes with the screw-on design for the lid.

The lid is made of plastic hence it is susceptible to incidences of wear and tear.

It comes with a ring that enables you to attach your lid to the bottle.

Hence no need to worry about losing your cap anyhow.

For the standard size mouth, we have;

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Sport Cap Lid

Unlike the screw-on lids, this cap allows you to pull the sport cap lid in order to open the bottle.

It comes with a spout that enables you to easily open your bottle for washing.

It is also fitted with a handle for easier carrying of your bottle.

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Loop Cap Lid

This screw-on design lid is perfect for the standard mouth users.

It has a 100 percent leak proof.

It also comes with loop that allows you to easily carry your bottle.

Standard Mouth Filter Straw Lid with Filter

This bottle comes with a straw filter that allows to filter your water to make it safe for consumption.

In fact, they are able to filter chlorine, fluorine and even other components that might be harmful.

It is very ideal for any portable water you wish to have.

Why is the Outer Surface of Hydro Flask Bottles made with Rough Texture?

The Hydro flask surface is slightly differently textured.

It is not as smooth as you might hope it to be.

However, the feel is not disturbing.

This rough texture of the bottle allows for a firm grip for your bottle.

Are the Hydro Flask Bottles Lids Replaceable if Broken?

Definitely. It is like a spare part that needs to be replaced.

The lids have different types and sizes depending on the size of your bottle.

Additionally, this might not be covered in your warranty as it might be as a result of abuse.

The prices also range depending on the sizes but they are quite affordable.

Does the Material Used on the Outside Part of the Hydro Flask Bottles allow for Imprints?

Most hydro flask bottle owners have had their bottles customized with their preferable imprints.

So, yes, the outside part of the hydro flask bottles can allow for imprints.

You might also engrave a beautiful message on it and it can form a perfect gift for your loved one.

Are the Inside Walls of the Hydro Flask Bottles Affected by Acid i.e. Citric Acid from Lemons?

As earlier mentioned, hydro flask bottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel material.

This material guarantees a hundred percent proof against transfer of taste to your bottle contents.

So it is difficult for the inside bottles of a hydro flask bottle to affect the test of your lemon water or juice.

The stainless steel metal also protects from any organic acids from fruits like lemon.

Which Material is Hydro Flask Bottle made of?

100 percent stainless steel.

Apart from the lids, which most of them are made of the BPA plastic free material.

The stainless steel used is the 18/8 stainless steel material.

Hence as much as the bottle is pricey, it serves a good investment.

What are the Available Surface Finish Options for Hydro Flask?

You can decide to add paint on your hydro flask bottle.

The surface options are all dependent on the customer preference.

You might decide to add a message or even color it up to suit your desired taste.

Which Technology does Hydro Flask Bottle use to Maintain Temperature of its Content?

The hydro flask bottles in cooperate the vacuum insulation technology to allow it maintain its contents temperature.

The technology ensures there is a space in between the flask that prevents the transfer of temperatures.

Hence the flask is completely free from the effects of external temperatures.

What is the Insulation Property of Hydro Flask Bottle?

It is mainly the double wall vacuum insulation.

It provides the ideal property to help the hydro flask bottles maintain the temperature for its contents for quite some time.

Which are the Best Hydro Flask Bottles Commonly Used?

Hydro flask bottles are one of the best outdoor as well as indoor bottles you could ever possess.

However, sometimes it might be difficult to choose the best bottle for you to use.

Here are nine best options for you to help you narrow down the search.

· 21-ounce Standard Mouth Flask Bottle

Its insulation properties are promising.

Not forgetting to mention its durability and ability to withstand hard falls.

· 12-ounce Hydro Flask Bottle for Coffee

Not as such a bottle, but it pretty serves the purpose.

It is easily portable and as well has insulation properties to maintain your hot or cold drinks.

· 18-ounce Hydro Flask Bottle for Coffee

Can really come in handy for your outdoor activities such as hiking.

It guarantees to keep your food warm until you get to your destination where you would love to take a bite.

· 40-ounce Hydro Flask Bottle with Wide Mouth

This size is huge enough to help you hydrate efficiently when going out on ventures like the gym or any other outdoor activities.

· 20-ounce Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Bottle

Sizeable enough to satisfy your hydration needs.

Are there any Problems Associated with Hydro Flask Bottle?

Just like any other product, the Hydro flask bottle comes with a list of shortcomings.

· It is Slightly Expensive Compared to Other Bottles

The hydro flask water bottle is one of the most bottles with such a cost unfriendly aspect.

· They Don’t Respond to Freezers or Refrigerators

The vacuum insulation property makes it even hard for one to keep the bottle in a freezer

· They are Not Well Conversant with Dishwashing Machines

The machines can damage the bottle seals and interfere with the insulation property.

· They Don’t Easily Fit in Car Cup Holders.

Their sizes are not accommodative when it comes to fitting the bottle in the cup holder of your car.

· They might Lose their Vacuum Seal Hence Rendering it Less Effective.

The whole purpose for purchasing a hydro flask bottle in the first place is the insulation properties.

It is quite rare for the bottle lose its insulation properties.

However, the seals might just disappear and render it ineffective.

Do Hydro Flask Bottles have Handles?

Beer hydro bottle

Beer hydro bottle

Of course yes.

There are quite a number of hydro flask bottle with handles.

Remember, this feature is common in large hydro flask bottle.

It makes it easier to carry your bottle.

Is Hydro Flask Bottle Safe?

Yes, hydro flask bottles are safe for virtually all liquids.

They are made from food grade material that are approved by FDA.

Where manufacturer uses plastic, it must be BPA-free.

Besides, all hydro flask bottles must pass all the quality tests and quality control.

How does China Hydro Flask Bottle Manufacturer Support OEM?

Where necessary, China hydro flask bottle manufacturer will request for permission to produce these bottles according to your specifications.

So you don’t have to worry about any lawsuits regarding any sort of brand infringement.

Furthermore, we help you in designing hydro flask bottle, and offer competitive prices.

Besides, we will handle all the branding and assist in shipping process.

Do you Offer Free Samples for Hydro Flask Bottles?

We do offer free samples of hydro flask bottle.

However, we have minimum requirement that you must meet to qualify for free samples.

Talk to us via contact us section to get detailed information on free sample policy.

Will you Share my Unique Designs of Hydro Flask Bottle?

No, we value professionalism.

Besides, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your brand.

So, all your hydro flask bottle designs are safe with us.

We will neither sell nor share with other customers.

At LaiKoe, we design and manufacture hydro flask bottles according to the unique specifications of customers.

Besides, we adhere to strict quality control while guaranteeing competitive prices in the market.

Also, we offer flexible MOQ to support small businesses in the hydro flask bottle industry.

Contact us now for all your hydro flask bottle orders.

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