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REACHING Enterprises is your premium multicolor Hydro Vacuum flask manufacturer in China, supplies Hydro Vacuum flask with different colors and sizes, such as pure color, gradient ramp, glow and glitter effect, size ranges from 12oz, 18oz, 20oz, 22oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz, 128oz to 1-gallon Hydro Flask.

Laikoe Hydro Vacuum Flask has full different kinds of color choices. Firstly it is pure color, such as yellow, blue, orange, white, black.

Second choice for a multicolor hydro vacuum flask is the gradient color, it combines 2 or more colors together, make it look stunning, not just solid colors but a smooth gradient.

Then glowing color which is the best choice when you have an adventure or a night party, it definitely will draw people’s attention, and it’s conspicuous at night during the adventure to make sure other people can find you easily.

Finally, glitter (neon color) comes for the multicolor hydro flask, girls decorate their Hydro Flask using glitter stuff by hand to make it look shiny and showy

Laikoe Hydro Flask multicolor assortment offers you a lot of customized solutions by combining different sizes with different color effects, you can have so many choices for your projects or brands development.

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  • 18/8 Stainless SteelHydro Flask Multicolor
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12Hours
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Safe for Drinking
  • Wide Mouth to accommodate ice cubes
  • Different Capacity available from 12 oz to 64 ounce
  • Custom Colors available based on Panton card
  • Lots of Lids fits Hydro Flask multicolor
  • Surface color finishing: Spray Painting /Powder Coating / Electroplate finish
  • Graphic way: Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV Printing for all amazing color
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Team with barrier-free communication
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

REACHING has been in Stainless Steel water bottle Hydro Flask industry for 10 years, we know technology and quality control measures in manufacture of Stainless Steel Hydro Flask water bottles, know what you want from us, and provide valuable advice and supports to your products/project/order/business.

Based on our Hydro Flask factory china industrial chain advantage and experience, We have fast respond time to your any updated requests as well as reports on order progress.

Reaching has a good team to connect you with barrier-free communication. The team has fluent English skills and relevant products knowledge, it can help you out on your project, to have an edge over your competitors.

If you have any ideas on Multicolor Hydro flask to implement, Reaching is your first choice, we are your reliable partner in China.

Stay with Reaching, you will get all it takes to soar high above your competitors!

Reaching Will be Your Best Multicolor Hydro Flask Supplier and Partner in China

Multicolor Hydro Flask: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about multicolor hydro flask.

So, before you import your multicolor hydro flask from China, read this guide.

What Is Multicolor Hydro Flask?

A multicolor hydro flask refers to a flask whose primary material is stainless steel. The outer surface of this flask usually consists of more than one color.

Multi color hydro flask

Multicolor hydro flask

How Does Multicolor Hydro Flask Insulation work?

The working of multicolor hydro flask insulation depends on its material.

For instance, you have double-walled stainless steel, which consists of a vacuum in between.

The vacuum is responsible for preventing heat loss which occurs through radiation. You also have the lid, which is of either plastic or rubber material.

The lid helps in preventing heat loss through conventional means.

What Are The Best Uses Of Multicolor Hydro Flask?

The portability nature of the multicolor hydro flask makes it ideal for use in flexible activities.

For instance, you can use these flasks in hiking or during exercises like running and jogging.

Flexibility also allows you to carry your favorite drink to the office and enjoy it at your convenience.

In addition, most of these flasks have handles that fit comfortably on your hand, thereby facilitating the carrying process.

When is Multicolor Hydro Flask Better Than Single Color Hydro Flask?

Single color hydro flask

Single color hydro flask

A multicolor hydro flask is better compared to a single-color hydro flask in cases where you have to want the unique appearance

Multicolor hydro flask

Multicolor hydro flask

What Is The Construction Material For Multicolor Hydro Flask?

Stainless steel is the main material for a multicolor hydro flask. It forms the outer and inner material of your flask.

Plastic or rubber is also another material that you should expect in a multicolor hydro flask.

Their plastics or rubber materials are available in different types and cover mainly the lid section of the flask.

The presence of a vacuum between the stainless-steel walls maintains the temperature of your fluid. This is critical in the efficient functioning of your flask.

What Types Of Multicolor Hydro Flask Do You Provide?

We offer different types of multicolor hydro flasks depending on our customers’ needs.

Common types include; wide mouth and standard multicolor hydro flask and limited and special edition multicolor hydro flasks,

We also customize these flasks to meet your specifications.

Is Multi Color Hydro Flask Any different From Painted Hydro Flask?

The functionality aspect of a multicolor hydro flask is the same as a painted hydro flask. The structural elements of the two flasks are also similar.

The visual appearance is the main difference between these flasks. A multicolor hydro flask usually has more than one color.

A painted hydro flask can either have one or more than one color.

What Accessories Will You Need Alongside Multicolor Hydro Flask?

Various accessories are available for use alongside your multicolor hydro flask. For instance, the different lid options allow you to select the best one for your use.

You also have the straw, which is available either as part of the lid or separately.

A straw facilitates the drinking process while preventing contamination of your fluid.

The silicone boot is also another accessory that you can use on your multicolor hydro flask. This accessory helps in protecting the flask from external factors which can damage it.

You have to consider several aspects when selecting which accessory to use on your multicolor hydro flask. For instance, you can check on the price of a particular accessory.

Analyzing the cost-benefit of a particular accessory helps in determining its urgency. You should also check on the compatibility of a specific accessory with your multicolor hydro flask.

Compatibility should be in terms of color, size, and quality.

How Do I Choose Hydro Flask Silicone Boot For Multicolor Hydro Flask?

Silicone boot for multicolor hydroflask

Silicone boot for multicolor hydro flask

Size is a vital factor when selecting a silicone boot for your multicolor hydro flasks.  This is because the size of your silicone boot should fit perfectly on your multicolor hydro flask.

It would help if you also considered the price of the silicone.

This should take into account the type of manufacturer and the quality standards of the silicone boot.

The silicone boot you select should be compatible with your multicolor hydro flask in terms of design. This allows for the perfect fitting of the silicone boot.

You can also consider the cost of a silicone boot before deciding which one to use. The variation in prices in the market is because of different manufacturers and quality.

How Do Standard Mouth Multicolor Hydro Flask And Wide Mouth Multicolor Hydro Flask Compare?

The mouth opening of a standard mouth multicolor hydro flask is narrow compared to that of a wide mouth multicolor hydro flask.

In most cases, the common mouth multicolor hydro flask tends to have its threads on the inner part of the mouth.

A wide-mouth multicolor hydro flask has threads on the outside of the mouth opening.

When closing, you have to push the lid towards the inside before screwing it.

Closing a wide mouth involves placing the lid on top of the mouth and screwing it for a tight hold.

The use of a wide mouth multicolor hydro flask is typical compared to a standard mouth multicolor hydro flask.

This is because a wide-mouth multicolor hydro flask tends to have a wide range of lid options than the standard mouth.

The popularity of the wide mouth makes its price increase compared to that of a wide mouth multicolor hydro flask.

However, both have the same function and are easy to carry and use.

Do You Provide Limited Edition Hydro Flask in Multicolor?


We have a limited edition for multicolor hydro flasks.

However, the production of these flasks depends on market demands and customer specifications.

What Are The Advantages Of Multicolor Hydro Flask With Lid Handle?

The advantage of a multicolor hydro flask with a lid handle is it facilitates the carrying process. This enhances the portability aspect of these flasks.

Can You Print On Multicolor Hydro Flask?

Yes. It is possible to print your multicolor hydro flask.

There are various printing techniques that you can consider for these flasks. Such include:

Laser Printing

This method uses laser rays to print images on your multicolor hydro flasks.

However, it is a costly method for purchasing the materials and applying them to the flask.

However, it is economical if you are printing large orders of these flasks. In addition, the resulting print is durable and has an enhanced visual appeal.

The advantage of this method is you can apply different colors at the same time.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printing involves printing your multicolor hydro flask using heat.

It is a quick and cost-effective method that you can apply even on small orders of your flasks.

However, the resulting print is not as durable as that of laser printing.

This means you have to reprint or purchase other flasks with time.

When selecting which printing method to use, you have to consider several aspects.

For instance, each printing technique offers a unique effect on your multicolor hydro flask.

You, therefore, have to check on one which has the best printing effect on your flask.

Cost is another aspect you have to consider before selecting a particular printing method to use.

Cost includes the material purchasing and the application process.

Thermal transfer printing, for instance, is less costly compared to laser printing.

What Are The Considerations For Printing Multicolor Hydro Flask?

The following considerations are vital when printing your multicolor hydro flask:

Printing Technique

The different printing techniques vary in terms of quality and their effects on your multicolor hydro flask.

While some methods are durable, others have poor quality on your flask.

This can have a negative visual appeal on your flask. Other printing techniques are not viable for large-scale printing of your hydro flasks.

You, therefore, have to consider which method you want and the effect of has on your flask.


Cost is essential when budgeting the printing procedure.

Factors you have you consider in price include purchasing critical materials and the quantity of your flasks.

You also have to consider the labor cost of printing your hydro flasks.

Printing Effect

The different printing methods have varying effects on your multicolor hydro flask.

For instance, others have a smooth impact while others create a rough multicolor hydro flask

Should I Get Multicolor Hydro Flask 32 Oz. Or 40 Oz.?

The choice of which size to choose depends on various factors and your preference. However, the size you select should meet your volume requirements.

A 40 oz is the best if you consider camping or long trips since it can hold more fluid than a 32 oz.

How Do Press-in Lid And Screw-Cap Lid Compare For Multicolor Hydro Flask?

Cap design for multicolor hydro flask

Cap design for multicolor hydro flask

The difference between the press-in-lid and a screw cap for a multicolor hydro flask is in the opening and closing procedure.

To open a press-in lid, you have to press the top part of the lid inside while you have to press in an outside direction to close it.

A screw cap lid usually has threads on either its outer or inner part that is compatible with your flask. When opening the flask, you have to screw the lid in a clockwise direction.

To close the lid, you have to screw it in an anticlockwise direction. A screw-cap lid is tighter compared to a press-in lid.

Is Multicolor Hydro Flask The Same As Ombre Hydro Flask?

Yes. A multicolor hydro flask is the same as an ombre hydro flask.

What Are The Benefits Of Multicolor Hydro Flask With Straw?

A multicolor hydro flask with a straw facilitates the drinking process since you don’t have to open the entire flask to drink

The straw also helps in maintaining the hygiene levels of both your flask and drink.

What Is The Surface Finish On Multicolor Hydro Flask?

The main surface finish available for these flasks is powder coating due to its numerous benefits.

For instance, it is relatively cheaper than another type of surface finish and easier to apply.

Powder coating minimizes condensation forming on the outer part of your flask.

This is essential in maintaining the temperature of your thermos.

Other surface finishing that you can apply on these flasks includes printing and painting. Printing and painting increase the visual appeal of your flask.

It would help if you considered several aspects before deciding which accessory to use.

For instance, the cost of a particular surface should be reasonable.

Aspects of the cost that you should consider here include the purchasing of raw material and its application.

It would help if you also considered the effect that a particular surface finish offers to your multicolor hydro flask.

This is because the different surface finishes have other effects on the surface of your flask.

What Does Multicolor Hydro Flask Warranty Cover?

The particulars of what a multicolor hydro flask warranty covers differ depending on the manufacturer. However, in most cases, the warranty covers the manufacturer’s faultiness.

Such fault includes lack of insulation of the flask breakage or non-functioning lid, lack of a handle, and sub-standard flasks.

You must notify your manufacturer immediately when you realize such issues.

How Do You Test The Quality Of Multicolor Hydro Flask?

Testing the quality of your multicolor hydro flask involves subjecting it to various testing procedures like:

Leaking Test

The essence of this test is to ascertain if there is any leaking point on your multicolor hydro flask.

It involves filling the flask with fluid and observing if any point leaks.

Lack of leaking assures you of the quality of your multicolor hydro flask.

Insulation Test

Insulation helps to maintain the temperature of your fluid. Lack of it means that the flask is not adequate.

An insulation test involves filling the flasks with a fluid of a particular temperature and observing a temperature change.

You can also use a vacuum testing machine to measure the vacuum level in your flask.

Durability Test

This test involves subjecting your flask to various environmental factors and checking its behavior. Durability assures you of the quality performance of your flask.

You also get value for your money with a durable multicolor hydro flask.

For all your multicolor hydro flask, you can contact us now.

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