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Most Popular Insulated Wine Tumbler Models

As a professional Stainless Wine Tumbler Manufacturer, LaiKoe Supplied the most popular styles of Wholesale Wine Tumbler to help the distributor or brand to boom business.

For Laikoe wholesale Wine tumblers,  the body could be Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating and Gradient finishing.

You could get wholesale insulated tumbler with Logo realized by Printing, Laser Engrave, Air Gas printing,  Etc. Check all Models now.

8 oz Blue Insulated Wine Tumbler w Clear AS Push-In Lid, Steel Straw Optional.

12oz Light Green Insulated Wine Tumbler w Clear AS Lid, Silver Ring at Mouth.

16oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Tumbler w Clear Lid, Rose Gold and Air Gas Print is Popular

12 oz Double Stainless Wall Wine Tumbler w Clear Lid, Embossed Diamond Body

4 oz Slim Rose Gold Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler w Clear AS Push In Lid, Multi colors

CW006 Wine Tumbler specially for Walmart Mall

Wine Tumbler for Walmart Mall, Steel Silver. Lid Optional.

Custom Unique Wine Tumblers to Boost Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Design Idea for your wholesale Wine tumbler
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details on the custom stainless wine tumblers
  4. Your Tumblers Production & Shipment
Send us Your Requirements

Custom Unique Insulated Wine Tumbler to Boom Your Brand

As a Professional Insulated Wine Tumbler manufacturer in China, LaiKoe knows varies of processing way to decorate your stainless wine tumbler, by adding personalized graphics like Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Debossing or Embossing.  Contact Laikoe Today to Skyrocket your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe wine tumbler designed to keeps your favourite wine at its temperature consistently. Your cold drinks stay cold even when the weather is hot. At the same time, it will keep your hot drinks, steamy. Our wine tumbler is not only suitable for wine, but also ideal for your hot tea, coffee, and cocoa. Also, this is great for all kinds of cocktails, frozen drinks and other beverages.

Our wine tumbler can be made from plastic and stainless steel. Wine tumbler, which is made from food-grade stainless steel will keep your cold drinks remain at its temperature for longer hours. These wine tumblers fabrication won’t transfer content flavors. Whether you are hiking, camping or having a picnic with friends, Laikoe wine tumblers allow you to enjoy your favorite wine at your perfect place.

Laikoe wine tumbler comes with Tritan or AS lid, making it safe to use and is perfect for indoor and outdoor occasions. Also, wine tumblers we provide are sturdy and solid to pack along and carry anywhere. These wine tumblers also features double wall vacuum insulation which keeps your favorite wine at its perfect temperature plus make your extended hour happier.

Each of the wine tumbler, we produce is BPA, Phthalate and Leak free. At Laikoe, we supply wine tumbler available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors that will meet your needs. These stylish and functional wine tumblers wholesale can be avail in competitive cost. Surely you will stored your drinks in great form.

At Laikoe, we accept all customizations you want your desired wine tumblers. We can engrave and print your company names, dates, logos, sayings and more on the surface of the case. We, as one of the most reliable manufacturers of wine tumblers in China, you can rest assured of our high quality products. These wine tumblers had passed and approved by LFGB and FDA standards.

Laikoe has a team of engineers that can develop wine tumblers based on our customers’ requirements. Laikoe is equipped with the most advanced facilities with excellent workers to provide satisfactions to our customers. Our factory has also moulding workshop that always creates latest wine tumbler products. For more than 20 years, we are manufacturing wine tumblers that will fit any temperatures you want for your bottle.

Over the years, we supply clients and customers located in any countries in the world. We are also the provider for most famous and well-known brands. Laikoe will absolutely dive you a world class customers’ service. We devoted ourselves to give the quality experience as possible. We clothed ourselves with high reputation and review all new products.

In Laikoe, we carefully checked all raw materials that are use in manufacturing wine tumblers to make sure that the strict quality criteria are checked. We are the ones managing our own factory to make sure that our manufacturing processes are controlled.

Wine Tumbler Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you’re looking for a reputable wine tumbler manufacturer in China.

Or, you would like to import wine tumblers from China.

Whichever the case, this guide will answer all questions you have about the wine tumbler manufacturing industry.

Take a look:

What are the Various Types of Wine Tumbler?

There are hundreds of wine tumblers available in the market.

The types of tumblers are classified depending on:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Lid options
  • Type of material

Stainless steel tumbler

Stainless steel tumbler

What are the Available Sizes for Wine Tumblers?

The available sizes for wine tumblers, which their capacities are in oz, are:

8 oz wine tumbler, 12 oz wine tumbler, 16 oz wine tumbler, and 4 oz wine tumbler, 14 oz wine tumbler, 20 oz wine tumbler, 18 oz wine tumbler, 30 oz wine tumbler, 28 oz wine tumbler, 32 oz wine tumbler, 27 oz wine tumbler, 40 oz wine tumbler and so on.

Also, there are other sizes whose capacities are in terms of ml, which are:

700 ml wine tumbler, 600 ml wine tumbler, 650 ml wine tumbler, 450 ml wine tumbler, 500 ml wine tumbler, 400 ml wine tumbler, and many more.

LaiKoe can as well modify your desired capacity of wine tumbler once you make an order.

What are the Benefits of using Wine Tumbler?

 Different colors of wine tumblers

Different colors of wine tumblers

Our wine tumblers are free from BPA.

For the past years, most plastic containers used in the packaging of drinks and food had BPA content in them.

BPA is such a harmful chemical and health hazard.

Although we use stainless steel in the manufacturing of wine tumblers, therefore, they are naturally free from BPA.

Hence, no need to be concerned about BPA anymore when using our products.

Again, our wine tumbler is enormously durable.

You can utilize the stainless steel wine tumbler for an extended period.

Hence, it is economical in terms of expenses.

It can provide you with a lot of promotion acquaintance from a single procurement.

Besides, if you are longing for style, then we can assure you of stylish products in our wine tumblers.

Their appearance, which is contributed significantly by stainless steel, offers more attraction for usage in varied places.

Moreover, colored stainless steel is ordinary in various diverse colors for every gender.

Our stainless steel wine tumblers are environmentally friendly.

You can reuse them for other purposes, apart from drinking wine.

Hence, they help in reducing waste in the surroundings, unlike using cheap advertising mugs made of plastic.

Moreover, our stainless steel wine tumblers have exceptional temperature retention.

Most of our stainless steel wine tumblers are vacuum insulated; hence, enabling them to maintain the initial temperature of the content for an extended period.

Furthermore, our wine tumblers are easy to clean.

LaiKoe can provide you with a stainless steel product, offers more excellent corrosion resistance.

Mostly, a slight scrubbing with water and soap cleanses them better as new.

Also, you can put them into use even in external events like a picnic, camping and so on.

Their flexibility in application is highly attributed to the materials used in construction, which is stainless steel.

It makes it easy to handle and not fragile compared to glass.

Are there Shortcomings in using Wine Tumblers?


Even though our wine tumblers offer numerous benefits to our clients, the challenge is the price of our commodity.

Considering that they are made of stainless steel, that makes them more expensive to acquire.

Besides, when using your wine tumblers, you must ever ensure that you put them under a shade or a calm environment.

They might heat up when exposed to direct sunlight because they are made of stainless steel, a good conductor of heat.

Do Wine Tumbler Manufacturers have Product Return Policy?


As the wine tumbler manufacturer, LaiKoe can offer you a lifetime warranty for orders made via our authorized outlets.

The assurances will cater to the manufacturing faults such as:

  • Wine tumblers that are leaking off its contents.
  • Undesirable welds along the rims of the containers.
  • Wine tumblers that altered during their transportation
  • Wine tumblers with undesirable sound

Our clientele relations are our great concern.

We can give you an assurance of product return policy considering that you uphold the stipulated Contract-Agreement terms.

We will be eager to provide you with a warranty, which exceeds the standard one-year warranty that is offered by other firms.

How much do a Wine Tumbler Cost?

Considering that we are the manufacturers, we can offer you our wine tumblers at affordable prices.

LaiKoe provides them on a large scale.

A wine tumbler can cost between the US $ 0.80 to the US $ 20.00. the cost is dependent on the surface finishing, size, and material.

Our prices vary depending on the nature of your order.

Their cost depends on the number and the kind of modification you may want for your products.

What Surface Finish Options are available for Wine Tumblers?

LaiKoe, as the manufacturer of wine tumblers, we are pleased to offer you with your anticipated surface finish options for your product.

We provide stainless steel products, some of the surface finishes that we offer are:

Wine tumbler

Wine tumbler

· Buff Polishing Surface Finish

In case your business needs a smooth and non-textured finish.

Subsequently, LaiKoe’s buff polishing will be one of your preferences for the surface finishing option.

We also help in customizing your wine tumbler through this type of finishing.

We custom toned polishing for decoration reasons, together with intending to give the sheen and smoothness of the product.

· Electroplating

LaiKoe’s metal plating technology utilizes chemicals like chromate as a bath for coating surfaces with a thin layer of metals like nickel.

It provides several advantages, and it can boost durability, the appearance of the outlying regions, surface friction, and corrosion resistance of your wine tumbler.

We are flexible enough to apply any metal of your preference for plating.

· Sandblasting

In case your brand requirement quests for uniform lusterless texture, then we got you.

Our sandblasting finishing alternative provides you with that satisfaction.

Our wine tumblers that undergo this type of finishing procedure have a brighter taste and outstanding smooth surfaces, unlike others.

· Stainless-steel Metal Grinding

It is also one of the surface finishing options that we can provide to you.

For this kind of surface finish, LaiKoe uses precious metal, for example, gold for decoration.

· Steel Brushed Finish

Our machines have a technology that is programmed into providing you with the best surface finish by removing surface imperfections.

So, you are guaranteed of the best surface finish if you opt for this type of surface finish.

· Powder Coating

It applies a deco finish that is equivalent to paint, however, with prolonged durability.

Further, we can also offer you a gradient surface finishing option.

Hence, you should be sure that your preferred surface finish options are available in our manufacturing plants.

Be confident of the best results concerning your products.

How do you Customize Wine Tumbler?

LaiKoe can modify our wine tumblers by decoration and any other alternative surface finishes that are accessible at our manufacturing plants.

We can supply you with insulated wine tumblers that have finished surface, some of them are:

  • Heat Transfer Printing,
  • 3D printing,
  • Silk Screen Printing,
  • Embossing,
  • Air Gas Printing,
  • Laser Engraving, and many more.

We exclusively design them for our esteemed clients.

The nature of modified steel insulated wine tumblers is to comply with your applications and brand quantitatively.

When you submit your ideal designs, we can assure you of our trust in creating the best models of your choice and quality standards.

We can massively provide you with the highest quality of personalized insulated wine tumblers.

We can first confirm your intended design and create the sample for you.

Again, LaiKoe accepts all your details and reimbursements.

Then we ensue by creating your insulated wine tumblers regarding the permitted design and ship them.

Can you Carry Other Drinks in Wine Tumblers?


You can carry any type of drinks like fruit juice, cocktail, beer, and many more.

The design of our wine tumblers is such beautiful and can entice you into carrying any drink of your preference, depending on your event.

The surface finishes are spiced up to flavor your brand.

Which Payments Options and Terms do Wine Tumbler Manufacturers in China Offer?

Some of the payment methods that we can allow our customers are:

A 50% T/T, a part of the payment that must be finished after your products are ready for shipment and after quality control assessment.

Of course, this is an initial down payment of 20% T/T.

Then after the merchandizes get into your locality, you can pay the remaining balance of 30% T/T.

Also, there are other payment terms that we can as well give to our clients. Namely:

An initial down payment of 30% T/T, then after your goods are approved for quality and ready for transportation, you can pay the remaining 70% T/T.

Likewise, our manufacturing firms can also give you a down payment of 30% T/T.

Then allow you to make a payment of 50% T/T, and the remaining amount to be paid before supply: L/C at your presence.

Again, WeChat is the most preferred payment alternative in the Rep. of China, and it is widely used.

WeChat pay has a merger with other global companies like:

  • American Express,
  • MasterCard,
  • JCB,
  • Discover Global Network, and
  • Visa

The main aim is to empower foreign businesses with our clients to connect their credit cards and trade smoothly.

How do you Verify Wine Tumbler Manufacturer in China?

The verification course involves the technique of detecting the competence of a manufacturer in supplying a high-quality wine tumbler.

The process involves some procedures.

That is:

Stainless wine tumbler

Stainless steel wine tumbler

a) Obligation Concerning Quality Issues:

Sometimes, manufacturers make mistakes in production, therefore, finding it difficult to admit.

Even though the right production firm will instead take liability for their mistake, and it makes a prominent difference.

Also, a trustworthy manufacturer will ultimately take obligation for any matter arising concerning the wine tumblers and then endure and address it as speedily with high credibility.

b) Having Expertise in Wine Tumbler Type Equally, the Predictable Market:

It is crucial to contact a manufacturer that is acquainted with the general excellence issues that are linked to the wine tumbler.

It will aid them in being proficient in identifying and proactively adjusting against the issues before the hitches finally influence a more substantial part of the order.

c) Culture Appropriateness:

Typically, the best producer will be enthusiastic about transacting business with their clients.

The most suitable manufacturer has discrete standards for the people they transact business with.

It might be established by the type of production firm that they commercialize with.

One of the things they distinguish regarding business is their Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ), and the particulars of their quote.

d) Production Skills and Abilities:

It is of great essence to visualize some of the production firms that can manufacture required wine tumblers.

This aspect can be determined by acquiring and approving a wine tumbler sample.

e) Effortlessness in Passing Information:

In business, it is vital to operate with manufacturers who can easily understand the client’s requirements.

Poor communication affects both time and quality standards. Lateness is an unfavorable factor in business.

Again, it may have a more significant impact on the production of wine tumblers and their conformities.

Besides, you should consider that the manufacturer:

  • It is obedient to the proper regulations.
  • It is capable of transacting business with third-party quality assessors.
  • It can account for complete and transparent recordkeeping.
  • It is proficient in complying with ethical matters; for instance, forced labor must not be permissible in their production firms.

Some of the details that the producer must forever keep organized include:

  • Packaging provisions
  • Necessities for product terms and conditions
  • Quality standards
  • The producer must continuously have a dynamic attitude with the intention of making an unceasing improvement to its product supports.
  • Central requirements

Which Material is used in Manufacturing Wine Tumbler?

LaiKoe’s wine tumblers are made of stainless steel.

The wine tumblers are stainless steel of grade 304, and free from BPA.

It is free from Lead, material type is 18/8, and Phthalate Free and lid made from any material like plastic or rubber.

The 18/8 stainless steel type that we apply in construction is a specialized food grade and secure for health.

Besides, our materials command the confidence of food and beverage manufacturing companies.

It has been applied for a while since its acceptance in the manufacturing activities.

What are the Components of Wine Tumbler?

One of the most significant components is insulation design.

A vacuum can be created for this purpose—also, either air, copper, or foam for insulation.

Other components are the stainless-steel container, lid, and stainless-steel double-walls.

Which Wine Tumbler Closing Options do you offer?

LaiKoe can offer you numerous closing alternatives for your wine tumblers.

The accessible closures are sliding magnetic shutter and side seal lid shutter.

Also, there are other closures in the form of caps, like screw-like caps and crown caps, which are usable in securing wine tumblers frequently.

LaiKoe can give you any form of closure that you may wish to order; we are flexible in attending to our customer’s needs.

Which Features are Unique to Wine Tumbler?

The unique feature for LaiKoe’s wine tumbler is double-wall construction.

The feature makes it extravagant and brings that anticipated comfort when holding it.

The insulation safeguards your hand from the feeling of heat when it is filled with a hot drink.

Besides, when you carry it when filled with a cold drink, its insulation secures the tumbler from sweating, and your hand is remaining wet.

How do you get Best Prices for Wine Tumbler Manufacturers in China?

Some of the most efficient techniques in attaining the most favorable prices from wine tumbler manufacturers are:

  • Ensure that you purchase your wine tumblers straight from the factory or production company.
  • Always emphasize on procuring many wine tumblers, a single batch may be expensive.
  • Bargain for reasonable prices of the wine tumblers
  • You must set your concern on a long-term corporation with the wine tumbler manufacturers if you suppose there is a need for business for an extended period.

Do Wine Tumbler Manufacturers in China offer Free Samples?

Wine tumbler designs

Wine tumbler designs


When you place an order for our wine tumblers on a large-scale, LaiKoe can offer you free samples of your projected request.

You can acquire samples before our manufacturing firms make mass production of the wine tumblers at your convenient time.

For the case of custom-made stainless-steel samples of wine tumblers, a charge for transport will be levied, and it is refundable after you place an order.

How do Wine Bottle Manufactures in China Support OEM Businesses?

LaiKoe, as one of the famous manufacturers in China, provides support to OEM businesses in China.

The support is in terms of giving them some of the product designs, modest prices, and branding.

The branding services and competitive prices we help them in boosting their businesses.

Again, the best design for products guarantees a chance for the most exceptional prices in the market and growing corporate companies.

Should you Buy Wine Tumbler from Manufacturer or Wholesaler?

When you buy wine tumblers directly from us, LaiKoe assures you reasonable prices.

We handle large-scale production, and no expenses for display, marketing, and distribution chain, hence reducing rates.

Besides, LaiKoe can affirm to you a quick supply for your wine tumblers, no involvement of an intermediary.

Nevertheless, we give assurances, and service first-hand, offering you a lifetime warranty with no additional charges.

In short, before you import tumblers from China, you must consider everything highlighted in this guide.

That’s why at LaiKoe, we strive to give you safe, durable and best quality wine tumbler.

Even when you want to promote your brand, LaiKoe offers a perfect OEM solution – contact us now for current offers.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Wine Tumbler Material?

LaiKoe Wine Tumblers are made of Food Grade stainless steel (Grade 304), Lead-Free and Safe for drinking wine.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 Stainless steel consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, It is Lead Free, BPA Free and Phthalate Free, 100% safe.  also it is highly sustainable,  eco friendly.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

For Stainless steel Insulated wine tumblers, normally order could be deliveried within  45-50days.


What’ your Sample Policy?

Laikoe presents 2 pcs of Existed Insulated Wine Tumblers Sample Free of charge.

Courier cost of usd50.0 for Custom stainless wine tumbler samples will be charged and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T with 30-50% Deposit, Balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on Insulated bottle?

The MOQ is 3000 pcs for LaiKoe Stainless Wine Tumblers


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