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Most Popular Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Models

LaiKoe is the Professional Stainless Steel Growlers suppliers in China, which manufactures the latest style of stainless steel wine growlers for Importer, Retailer, Distributor and Dealer.

Laikoe Stainless Steel Wine Growlers are manufactured, and can be finished by Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating / Powder Coat and Gradient finishing.

You could custom stainless steel wine growlers. Normal printing includes Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engrave, Air Gas printing, Etc. Check all Models Today for your Stainless Steel Wine Growler. Contact LaiKoe to fulfill your requirements!

360 ml Double Wall Insulated Growler, perfect for Wine.

750 ml Double Stainless Steel Wall Wine Growlers. 2 Sizes available

500 ml Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Growler

750 ml Blank Silver Wine Growler, Silver Brushed Surface

500 ml Powder Coated Wine Growler, custom colors available.

500 ml Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Growler

750 ml Electroplated Double Steel Wall Wine Growler.

Food grade durable powder coating, Big capacity reaches 64 oz (1800 ml)

Triple vacuum technology, multi function lid make easy use and maintain

64 oz (1800 ml) Stainless steel growler with custom created handle

Black powder coating Stainless Steel Growlers for wholesale

Steel Silver Body with smart lid design for easy refill and access.

Giant SS Growler matched with custom deluxe Multifunction lid

Custom Your Own Stainless Steel Wine Growler to Boom Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Idea for your Steel Wine Growlers
  2. We Confirm the Design and Manufacture the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment before Manufacturing
  4. Your Steel Wine Growlers Production & Shipment
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Custom Unique Stainless Steel Wine Growler to Boom Your Brand

As a main Stainless Steel Wine Growler manufacturer and Suppliers in China, LaiKoe masters those processing way to decorate your custom Steel Wine Growler. They are Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Embossing, 3D Printing, etc.  Contact Laikoe Anytime to Boom your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe wine growlers also names stainless steel growlers, wine thermos, and insulated growler acts as an ideal companion and manufacturer in China, for traveling, outing, camping, etc., as it keeps wine colder or at the perfect temperature for the day.

Laikoe stainless steel wine growler designed with a double-wall vacuum-insulated bottle allow wine stays at the optimal conditions. Thus, these containers can be made of 18/8, 304# food grade stainless steel materials with leak-resistant. At Laikoe, our stainless steel wine growler is available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and awesome colors.

All of our stainless steel wine growler products made of pure stainless steel make them easy to clean, odor-resistant, and anti-stains, bacteria, rust, and oxidation. Moreover, we at Laikoe, creates stainless steel wine growler that holds 64oz specifically for holding a bottle of wine, so you can take your favorite wine to those picnics, concerts, etc. Thus, Laikoe wine growler available in a range of sizes, from small size (500ml) up to standard sizes (750 ml).

Laikoe stainless steel wine growler features mouth width and pouring ease. Some containers designed which look like a bottle of wine. Other growler includes different sizes of stoppers that allow you to pour directly from the bottle. Laikoe stainless steel wine tumbler will add more like a carabiner, hand strap or shoulder strap for carrying onto this stainless wine metal bottle.

Laikoe stainless steel wine growler is fabricated from excellent technology, making it unbreakable and durable. Our stainless steel insulated growlers have great designs, prevents condensation on the external phase of the wine tumbler that keeps it high-class. Laikoe wine growlers serve as a perfect drink ware for any brewery, wine, liquor, champagne and so on.

At Laikoe, we produce custom insulated growlers perfect for transporting consumers favorite wine while they are about to hikes with their friends, picnic parties, family dinner, or they are on your long trip with love ones, these custom stainless steel growlers are awesome for taking their wine on the go.

For more than 20 years, we supply a range of wholesale stainless steel growlers. At the same time, we consider designing custom insulated tumblers for personalization. We design custom stainless steel growlers of different shapes and sizes, thus each of the bottles can be printed with your company name or logo on it. You can customize wine growler with your own color, features and configurations that could meet your demands.

Whether you need to custom insulated growlers for some events such as music events, festivals, outdoor venue, Laikoe stainless steel wine growlers definitely keep your wines safe and secure into the day.

Laikoe, as a professional stainless steel wines growler manufacturer in China, produce customize wine growlers which is beneficial for the stainless steel wine growler users. We have more than 2 decades of experience in fabrication and designing top quality insulated wine growlers that satisfy our clients’ expectations.

Our experience and knowledge has enabled us to establish fashionable growler collection. Our high trained team have mastered the whole manufacturing procedure of stainless steel wine growler.

Laikoe Stainless Steel Wine Growler can be recycled for years, can be passed along to others, and fully reused until the end of their useful life. If you want a stainless steel growler wholesale, Laikoe can supply and deliver your needs on-time.

Stainless Steel Wine Growler Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This comprehensive guide, you will learn everything about stainless steel wine Growler. Whether you want to learn about the manufacturing process, design, customization options, or uses, you will find everything here. Let’s dive right in:

What is Stainless Steel Wine Growlers?

These are containers designed mainly to facilitate and secure transportation of wine for later consumption off the premises. It can also be defined as airtight jug made of stainless steel to transport wine from one place to another without a degradation of quality. They are securely covered, and it is intended to be filled or refilled with wine for the purpose of consumption off the premises.

What is a Stainless Steel Wine Growler used for?

In most cases, this container is usually used to facilitate the secure transportation of wine for later consumption off the premises.

How Long will Stainless Steel Wine Growler last?

These containers are usually made with a double-wall structure. Therefore, it can serve you for many years. The container can last for an average of 12 years before it starts showing signs of needing to be replaced. But this will depend on how you care and maintain your wine growler.  Stainless steel wine bottle

 Stainless steel wine bottle

Why Import from Stainless Steel Wine Growler Manufacturers in China?

You will get the growler at an affordable price as compared to importing from the suppliers. Most of the suppliers normally work with the aim of making a profit. Therefore, most of them will increase the price to get that profit. However, the manufacturers will sell the product at the price tagged on it. They also manufacture wine growlers of different colors, sizes/shapes and of different designs, therefore, you will have a wider variety to choose from. Stainless steel wine growler manufacture can help in design, manufacturing and branding. This makes it a perfect choice for OEM stainless steel wine growler business.

How does Stainless Steel Wine Growler compare to Regular Glass growler?

The decision between the glass and the stainless steel wine growler will depend on how you wish to enjoy your wine. Glass wine growler

Glass wine growler

Also, stainless steel growler is normally the perfect choice when going hiking or camping with your friends.  In case you plan to fill a growler and enjoy it within one hour or so, then a glass growler is the best choice. However, stainless steel growler is the best choice to choose from. Stainless steel wine growler

Stainless steel wine growler

Some of the reasons that make it better include;

  • It does not easily break as compared to glass. Therefore, making it more durable and saving on the replacement cost.
  • Stainless steel growler is also made of the double-wall structure. This enables it to keep the wine cold for a more extended period as compared to a glass growler.
  • In stainless steel growler, skunking is not an issue since the growler does not allow any sunlight to enter the container. Hence wine cannot be easily spoiled as compared to glass.
  • It can also be easily insulated than glass. The insulation helps in preventing the CO2 inside the container from coming out, therefore, preventing the wine from being flat.

Despite the advantages, the stainless steel growlers also have some downsides when compared to glass growlers.

  • It is expensive when compared to a glass growler.
  • Filling the stainless steel growler is also not easy since you can’t see the inside of the growler as compared to a clear glass growler.

How long does Wine Last in a Stainless Steel Wine Growler?

The wine can last for even a month if the growler is not open but, we normally recommend consuming your wine within two weeks after the purchase; this is when the wine is at its best. But once you open the growler, you should consume the wine within 24 hours.

What are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Wine Growler?

The stainless steel wine growler has many benefits. They include; It is environmentally friendly- the material used in making this product is made of natural elements that are friendly to the environment. Besides, it is recycled into new products when the time comes. Stainless steel wine growler is more durable- this product neither breaks nor does it rust. Therefore, it can serve for a more extended period before showing any signs of replacement. The stainless steel wine growler saves on money- the product is more durable; thereby, it saves on the replacement cost. The stainless steel growler does not retain the flavor of the previous drinks. The growler is also easier to carry; therefore, it makes it easy to transport wine from one point to another.

How much does Stainless Steel Wine Growler Cost?

The cost of the stainless steel wine growler is a little higher than glass. However, there are other additional factors that determine the price of growler such as;

  • Design and shape of the wine growler.
  • Size of the wine growler.
  • Surface treatments and coatings on the wine growler.

Wine growler

Wine growler

How do you get the Best Prices from Stainless Steel Wine Growlers Manufacturers in China?

There are normally two significant ways you can use to get better prices from the stainless steel growlers manufacturers, they include; Negotiating with the growlers suppliers; you can negotiate with the suppliers to allow you to buy the product at the price you can easily afford. You can also buy the growlers in bulk. Mostly, the suppliers usually allow discounts to those who buy the product in bulk. Therefore, you will be able to get the product at a lower price compared to those buying in smaller quantities. It is also more economical to condense your order into a few shipments to save on the cost of shipping.

Can you Print on Stainless Steel Wine Growler?

Of course, you can. Whether you want to display some information on the growler or use it for the advert, it is possible to print. Some of the printing techniques you can use on the stainless steel growlers include; air gas printing, screen printing, water transfer printing, laser engraving, etc. Screen printing is a commonly used technique nowadays. It is recommended due to the following reasons;

  • It provides an option to place the artwork on any part of the stainless steel wine growler.
  • It also gives a high-quality output compared to other digital prints.
  • It is more durable for prints that are needed over the long-term.

All you need to do before screen printing is to choose the best ink that is recommended by the manufacturers.

How do you Clean a Stainless Steel Wine Growler?

This is quite simple. First, you need to rinse the growler using hot water. Thoroughly wash the growler using homebrew cleaners, i.e. dish soap. After that, rinse the growler again using hot water until there is no soap residue. Turn the growler upside down and allow it to dry on a dish rack. Once it is dry, store it with the lid off.

How do China Stainless Steel Wine Growlers Control Quality?

They do this by;

  • Ensuring there is a proper composition of the materials used to make the stainless steel wine growler.
  • Test the quality of the growler. Some of the tests usually done include; leaking test, temperature test/insulation amongst others.
  • They do inspections on the manufactured wine growlers before they are supplied to ensure they meet the requirements needed.

Does Stainless Steel Wine Growler in China offer Warranty?

Of course, they do. The stainless steel wine growler normally has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Scratches and dents that may occur to the growler and they do not affect the safety or use of the growler do not qualify for this warranty. Remember, the warranty period will vary from one manufacturer to another.

Are there Size Limitations for Stainless Steel Wine Growler?

No, the stainless steel wine growler comes in a variety of sizes so long as it is portable. The size of the stainless steel wine growler will depend on the application requirements. Stainless steel wine growler

Stainless steel wine growler

How can you Maintain Stainless Steel Wine Growlers?

By regularly washing the growler each time after use. Use homebrew cleaners i.e. dish soap, hot water to clean the growler. Never use a brush with metal wire to clean your growler since it might damage the growler. After washing the growler, turn it upside down and allow it to dry on the dish rack. Once dry, keep the growler in a safe place with the lead off.

What are the Features of Stainless Steel Wine Growlers?

The stainless steel wine growlers has many desirable features such as:

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel material
  • Special caps
  • Cool colors
  • Carrying straps
  • Handles
  • Unique shapes

Of course, you can customize some of these features depending on the specific requirements for your stainless steel wine growler.

Is there Difference between Wine Growler and Crowlers?

Yes, there is a small difference between the two, but they serve the same purpose of transporting wine. Some of the differences include; Growlers can be made using either glass, plastics, ceramics, or stainless steel. However, growlers, they only made using aluminum. Growlers can be refilled with either wine or beer but the growlers, are not refillable. Growlers are slightly larger than the growlers. The size of the growler is twice the size of the growler.

How do you Manufacture Stainless Steel Growler?

The process is procedural and it consumes a lot of time. The stainless steel growler is divided into two major parts i.e. the outer and the inner part.

Manufacturing of the Inner and the Outer Part of the Growler

It involves the following steps;

  • Pipe cutting- the stainless steel pipe is cut to the appropriate length required.
  • Expansion- there are two main methods you can use to make your stainless steel pipe into the shape of a growler: water expansion method and stretching method.

The water expansion method is more popular than the stretching method.

  • Separation- this process is a must if a tall you use the water expansion method to form both the inner and the outer growler.
  • Shaping- use a large press and follow the shaping guides to ensure the shape of the growler meet the standard requirements.
  • Necking- use a machine to form the growler neck.

Assembling- Assemble all the manufactured parts together using a pressing machine. Vacuuming- use the vacuuming machine. Quality testing- some of the tests done to the stainless steel growler include; leaking test, temperature test or insulation test, etc. Leaking test is done to ensure the outer and the inner growlers are well welded. The temperature test is done by blowing hot air into each of the growlers. If the outer growler is kept cool, then it means the growler is vacuum insulated. Polishing of the surface- polishing is done to make the surface of the stainless steel growler smooth and bright. External coating- there are two major ways of coating the stainless steel growler: spray painting and powder coating. You can use one of the ways depending on your choice. Logo printing and pattern- you can use various techniques to print the pattern design and logo on your growler. The printing techniques include; screen printing, thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing, laser etching amongst others. Inspection- it is done to ensure the growler meets the standard requirements of the company. Once the inspection is done, the growler is then packed.

Does Stainless Steel Wine Growler have Limitations?

Yes, but a few. Some of them include; The stainless steel wine growler is difficult to fill. Also, knowing how much wine is left in the growler is difficult since it is opaque. It is also more expensive when compared to glass growlers. But the durability and the lifetime make it more significant than the glass growler.

Are there Color Limitations for Stainless Steel Wine Growler?

No, the stainless steel wine growlers come in a variety of colors. The color depends on the application requirements. All you need to do is to send the inquiry of the color you wish to have. We won’t disappoint.

Where do you Find Stainless Steel Wine Growler Manufacturer in China?

You can use the online search or google to find the manufacturers. Of course, you must use relevant search terms such as “stainless steel wine growler manufacturers in China”, “Stainless steel wine growler suppliers in China”, etc. Then, make your order on the design of the growler you would wish to have. Alternatively, you can visit online marketplaces such as Alibaba where these manufacturers do sell their growlers. Alternatively, you can visit the trade fair in China.  You will meet stainless steel wine growler manufacturers. From here, you can arrange to meet the manufacturer or they can send you free samples.

Do Wine Growler Suppliers in China have a Return Policy?

Of course, they do but under certain circumstances. Some of the circumstances include;

  • When the product is defective.
  • When a wrong growler has been supplied instead of the one ordered for.
  • In case the growler gets damaged on the way during the delivery process.

How does China Wine Growler Manufacturer support OEM?

They allow them to brand their products. At times, they can resell their products under the OEM business name and branding. Besides, they support in design, design conceptualization, manufacturing process, quality testing, and facilitating the shipping process. In short, if you want to get a high-quality stainless steel wine growler, then consider everything mentioned in this guide. However, in case you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Steel Wine Growler Material?

All Steel Wine Growlers are made of Food Grade 18/8 stainless steel (Grade 304), Lead-Free. It has passed FDA test.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 Stainless steel (304 grade), Made of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, highly sustainable, food-grade, durable and safe, comes from China stainless steel cup manufacture.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

For orders with a quantity over 3,000 pcs of Steel Wine Bottles, it takes about 45days for a new order from the confirmation of the project to final delivery.

What’ your Sample Policy?

There is Free charge for existed Steel Wine Growler samples.

For custom wine growler samples, there will be Molds fee, or Printing Plate charge.

Courier cost for Custom Stainless Steel Wine Growler samples will be charged while refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

Telegraphic Transfer, 30-50% Deposit, Balance before shipping;

We also accept L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on steel wine bottle?

The MOQ is 300pcs for our existed colors and normal logo way of silk screen printing, laser engraving.

Since the printing plate fee costs over usd500.00, MOQ of 5,000 pcs is suggested for your valuable consideration for Heat Transfer printing, Air Gas printing or other Transfer Printing.

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