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Most Popular Steel Wine Bottle Models

Thanks to long term research and manufacturing,  LaiKoe supplies  the  latest style of steel wine bottles for Importer, Distributer and Dealer.

Laikoe Steel Wine Bottle could be finished by Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating / Powder Coat and Gradient finishing.

Your could custom steel wine bottles through Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engrave, Air Gas printing, Cover Boot Etc. Check all Models Today for your Steel Wine Bottle brand.


360 ml Double Wall Insulated Bottle, perfect for Wine.

750 ml Double Stainless Steel Wall,

500 ml Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Bottle

750 ml Blank Silver Wine Bottle

500 ml Powder Coated Wine Bottle, custom colors available.

500 ml Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Bottle

750 ml Electroplated Double Steel Wall Wine Bottle

Custom Your Own Steel Wine Bottle to Boom Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Design Idea for your Steel Wine bottles
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment
  4. Your Steel Wine Bottles Production & Shipment
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Custom Unique Steel Water Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As a master of  Stainless Steel Bottle manufacturer and Suppliers in China, LaiKoe masters those processing way to decorate your custom steel water bottle. They are Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Embossing, 3D Printing, etc.  Contact Laikoe Anytime to Boom your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe wine bottle is the best way to give a good impression to your customers, buyers or to advertise your business. Wine bottling is of the best way to show off your creations and give a perfect way to make your wine bottles eye-catching.

 At Laikoe, you can find all kinds of wine bottles suitable for different kinds of products such as burgundy, claret, hock, champagne, rhine and many more. Thus, we provide standard size for wines available in 750 mL bottle, but we also provide all sizes that meet your needs. Laikoe wine bottles vary in a lot of aspects.

We, at Laikoe manufacture different shapes of wine bottles depending on the type of wine they carry. We also provide all premium styles for wine crown or pry finishes. In addition, we offer wine bottles that are available in popular colors. Thus, we carry extensive selections of wine bottle colors that satisfy your demands.

Laikoe wine bottles are available in green bottles for red wines, green wine bottles for whites and also offer clear glass or blue wine bottles for special dessert or holiday wines. At Laikoe, we provide numerous wine bottle sizes, patterns, and designs. Laikoe will surely provide you the best wine bottles suitable for all your needs.

Choosing the right bottle for wines is not an easy job or only an aesthetic matter. You choose bottles not only to contain your wines but also to preserve your product. Laikoe have been manufacturing steel wine bottles prioritized these two specifications.

Our steel wine bottles wholesale is in the material of food-grade materials. These stainless steel wine bottles provide an exact solution to reduce pollution with a reusable, eco-friendly, shatterproof Insulated wine glass for drinking refresh wine.

If you want to customize wine bottles for your business, we design custom steel wine bottles. Select a wine and then customize it with our beautiful custom wine label designs. Personally classified wine bottle perfect for any special occasion. Choose from a range of custom wine label options to make a stunning custom wine bottle.

 At Laikoe, we have over 20 professional staff and team that will designed and develop stunning steel wine bottles for your business needs. We can provide you wine bottles to 50,000 pieces. Laikoe has been the steel wine bottle manufacturer for more than 20 years. Quality is rest assured with our certification to ISO 9001.

Laikoe is always adopting and searching new features in manufacturing steel wine bottles to make your wines raise its value and stand out in the market. Thus, we continue to provide new ideas in making wine bottles that remain high-quality yet provide in an affordable price.

Our production of wine bottles is stable due to the satisfactions received by our customers and wholesalers. At Laikoe, we always aiming to manufacture wine bottles that will surely increase the market of your wines and help grow your business. For more information, if you want to wholesale stainless steel wine tumblers, contact us today.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Steel Wine Bottle Material?

All Steel Wine Bottles are made of Food Grade 18/8 stainless steel (Grade 304), Lead-Free. The Lid is in the material of Plastic BPA Free and Phthalate Free (6P). It has passed FDA and LFBG test carried out by SGS. You could enjoy your beverage.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 Stainless steel (304 grade) is safe and trusted by the food and beverage manufacturing industries for many years. Made of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, highly sustainable, food-grade, 18/8 Stainless steel (304 grade) does not leach any chemicals. are lightweight, durable and safe.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

Depending on your order quantity, time and order complexity. If you have chosen our existed Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Bottles styles and colors, normally it takes only 7-12days for quantity within 2,000pcs, even sooner.

For orders with a quantity over 5,000pcs of Steel Wine Bottles, Normally it takes 35-45days for a new order from the start of the project to delivery. Delays can occur if your information is incomplete or pre-production samples cannot get approved timely.

What’ your Sample Policy?

2pcs of Free samples are available for existed Insulated Bottes; usd50.00 will be charged for Steel Wine Bottle sample w 1C silk printing or laser Engraving.

Printing Plate charge (Pattern fee) ranges from usd350-800 will be charged for Heat transfer printing, Air Gas Printing or other Transfer Printing.

Courier cost for Custom Stainless Steel Wine Bottle samples shall be charged in your side. Usd50.00 are refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

Paypal for Steel Wine Bottle sampling charge; Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), 30-50% Deposit, Balance before shipping; L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on steel wine bottle?

It UPs to what Capacity you like. We have a special favor of minimum quantity for new clients.

For Wholesale Steel Wine Bottles in 550ml (18oz), 750ml (24oz), 950ml (32oz) and 1.8L (64oz), the MOQ is 200pcs for our existed colors and normal logo way of 1C silk screen printing, laser engraving, and 3D Printing.

For Wholesale Steel Wine Bottles in 350ml (12oz), 650ml(22oz) and 1.5L (50oz), 1,000pcs for 1C Silk Screen, Laser Engraving and 3D Printing; 3,000pcs+ for Heat Transfer printing, Air Gas printing or other Transfer Printing.

Contact us to see the existed colors and capacities of Custom Steel Wine Bottles..

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