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Most Popular Water Bottle Models

Enjoyed with a high reputation of professional water bottle Manufacturer and supplier in China, LaiKoe Supplied the latest style of a reusable water bottle, to help the dealer or brand to boom business.

Wholesale water bottles logo could be added by Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas printing, Wrap Colorful Sleeve, etc. Check all Models now for your personalized demands.


750 ml Green Powder Coated Water Bottle, Silver Lid, Durable, Reusable 

600ml, Wholesale Water Bottles with Lid connected to Body, Slim Body Easy to Hold

20 oz Vacuum Insulated Hydro Flask Water Bottle, Handle Loop Screw Top On Lid, Silver

650 ml (22oz) Hydro Flask style Water Bottle with Flat Green Band Lid, Green Powder Coating

Metal Growler Water Bottle with Huge Capacity of 1800 ml (64 oz), High Insulation to Keep Cold Longer

36 oz White Portable Thermal Flask Custom Water Bottle. Laser Engraved Graphic

700 ml Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle Vacuum Flask, Boeing Presents

Custom Unique Water Bottle to Boom Your Brand

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Custom Unique Water Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As a professional reusable water bottle manufacturer and supplier in China, LaiKoe knows varies of processing way to decorate your custom water bottle, by adding personalized graphics like Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Debossing or Embossing, 3D (UV) Printing, Water Transfer Printing, etc. To wholesale water bottles, Contact LaiKoe Today to Skyrocket your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe water bottles are well-suited for daily lifestyle and every adventure. Water bottles are what any athletes need to carry with. Whenever they participate in any outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and camping, etc., water bottles is the most convenient and eco-friendly drink ware solution.

These water bottles is the perfect container to stored and refill every drinks. Aside from water, this is also suitable use for drinks and beverages such as juice, tea, coffee, beer, wine and a lot more. Laikoe makes wide variety of BPA free water bottles that suit every personal preferences, needs and lifestyle of clients and customers.

Water bottles can be made from stainless steel, plastics and glasses. Stainless steel water bottles are durable and easy to clean while plastics water bottles are strong and lightweight. It is also ideal use for food and beverage companies. Also, glass water bottles are able to store your water and liquid products. It will stay fresh for longer period of time. Whatever materials you prefer for the packaging solution of your product, Laikoe only uses high standard raw substances.

Laikoe manufacture huge range of water bottles styles, designs, sizes and colours. Thus, the water bottles can be added with many desirable features including special caps, straps, spouts and handles. Laikoe design and produce drink ware products to fulfill your business demands and requirements.

Laikoe has full range of different water bottles matched with your needs and your customer needs. Vacuum flask, stainless steel bottle, wine tumbler, sports water bottle, travel mug, skinny tumblers and shaker bottle are just some of the water bottles and drink ware that are supplied by Laikoe.

Each and every water bottle undergoes rigorous inspection enclosed with our strict quality control. As a premier water bottle manufacturer in China, Laikoe keep developing and designing innovative water bottle styles that easily fit to your product niche. Plus, you can avail to wholesale water bottles at competitive prices and on-time delivery. With the support of our new technologies, we could possibly bring out a much wider choice for packaging solutions.

Over the years in the industry, we have gathered rich knowledge and experiences in manufacturing. Thus, we could design custom water bottle. Our team of engineers will handle all the details you want for the output products. For manufacturing and designing, we offer various printing options, such as embossing, laser engraving, silk screen printing, UV printing, etc. We had already worked with different customers in various industries and most of them had great feedbacks about us.

Our water bottles are suitable for all classes of people. Men, women, kids, teens, they could find the perfect bottles for themselves. Whether they were going to used it for their travel, camping, daily exercise, or at the office, Laikoe water bottle serves as their best drinking companion.

Beautifully designed, convenient to use and durability are some features of Laikoe water bottles. Take your business to higher level by sourcing one of a kind product from Laikoe. Contact us and Let Laikoe solved your drinking packaging challenge.

Water Bottle Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Most probably, you are looking for a reputable water bottle manufacturer in China.

Or, you just want to learn more about water bottles.

Whichever the case, guide has all information you are looking for about water bottles.

Keep reading to be an expert in the water bottle industry.

What Materials are used to Manufacture Water Bottles?

Water bottle

Plastic water bottle

Water bottles can be manufactured using food grade stainless-steel, glass or kitchen grade plastic materials.

These materials must be safe for human use in that they do not leach, are bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate free.

Glass water bottle

Glass water bottle

Another property to consider is that the material should be reusable, easy to carry and durable.

Of the three materials, stainless steel is the most preferred due to its properties.

Stainless steel is strong, BPA free, does not leach chemicals into the water and is vacuum insulated.

Stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

Glass material is safe, leach free, do not have any known chemicals however, it is easily broken.

Food grade plastics such as propylene (PP) are used to make water bottle. They are lightweight and durable.

They have also been approved by US. Food and drug administration (FDA) to be safe for human use.

The only challenge with plastics is that they easily encourage bacterial growth if not cleaned properly.

Aluminum water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

What are the Features of Water Bottles?

Some of the features of water bottles includes:

· Leak Proof Lid

Water bottles have a perfectly fitted lid that prevents spillage of the water bottle content when closed.

The lid is made from BPA free plastics or kitchen grade stainless steel material.

· Non-toxic

The materials used in the manufacture of water bottles are glass, plastic or stainless steel.

They have been tested and certified to be lead free, phthalate free and BPA free.

· Slender Body

This enables you to comfortably hold your water bottle by one hand or place it in vehicle cup holders.

· Sweat Free

Double walled water bottles prevent moisture condensation on its body which may make your hands wet and lid to bottle slipping.

It also prevents making the table top wet.

· Food Grade Material

Virgin plastics, 18/8 stainless steel and glass materials are of food grade quality.

This means they meet health safety standard for human use such as being toxins free, leech free and do not rust.

· Slip-free Grip

Water bottles body should provide a good grip to the hand.

This can be achieved by adding a silicone sleeve to prevent slippery feel.

· Lightweight

This makes it easy to carry your water bottle wherever you go.

Can Water Bottles be used for other Drinks?

It is absolutely possible to use water bottles to carry other drinks such as wine, juice, beverages, beer, and many more.

Do Water Bottles Hold both Cold and Hot Water?

Yes, they do.

Vacuum insulated water bottles such as stainless-steel water bottles have the capacity to hold both cold and hot water.

The airtight space between the two walls prevents transfer of heat thus retaining the water temperature in the bottle.

For instance, hot water stays hot for about 8 hours while chilled water can remain cold for 24 hours.

Are Water Bottles BPA Free?

One of the primary requirements when selecting water material is the absence of BPA chemical.

The traces of BPA chemical have been associated with endocrine disruption as well as human cancer.

Water bottles are therefore free of BPA and are labelled ‘BPA-free’ for safety reassurance.

Why should you import from Water Bottle Manufacturer in China?

Importing water bottles from China manufacturers has multiple advantages.

To begin with, China manufacturers use premium quality materials in the manufacture of water bottles.

These materials have been inspected and approved by agencies such as FDA, EU/CE, which certify quality and health assurance.

Secondly, the manufacturers observe and follow strict quality assurance protocol put in place by the international safety standard agencies.

This results in the production of high-quality water bottles.

In addition to quality, water bottle manufacturers from China offer their clients favorable prices.

This is because the raw materials used are available locally and at a cheap rate.

This lowers the cost of producing water bottles hence the competitive pricing to clients.

Besides, they also offer discounts to large orders hence encouraging clients to buy water bottles in bulk.

China manufacturers use the latest technology machines in their production.

They are therefore able to produce thousands of bottles in a day hence meeting the high demands.

This has consequently contributed to timely delivery of all orders placed.

Furthermore, China manufacturers offer customization services to their water bottle clients.

This is because, they have engineers who are able to interpret clients’ design idea and create a mold out of it.

All a client needs to do is share their water bottle design idea using the given format. The manufacture thereafter creates a sample for it.

Finally, China manufacturers have wealth of experience when it comes to water bottle production.

Majority of them have for more than 10 years in the industry with many repeat clients who have given positive feedbacks.

Some of their clients are from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and many more repeat and new clients.

How do you Customize Water Bottles?

Customization of water bottles offers unique solutions to fit clients’ needs.

Some of the features that can be modified include; size, color, shape, material, lid color and design, logos, and imprints.

Custom water bottle

Custom water bottle

  1. Client email the manufacture with their water bottle design idea and areas of modification.
  2. The design engineer evaluates the client’s design and professionally guides them on areas that need modification and the cost.
  3. A sample is then molded and shared with the client for their approval.
  4. Once the sample is confirmed, a production agreement is signed by the two and a deposit made before production begins.
  5. Final product is also shared with the client and balance cleared before shipping the order.

How do Water Bottle Manufacturers support OEM Business?

Water bottle manufacturers allow OEM to modify their water bottles to match their needs.

This can be done by upgrading existing water bottle design to add value or creating a new unique bottle from scratch.

The design teams assist with this process and guides accordingly.

The manufacture thereafter produces the customized water bottles in large volumes and provides warranty for them.

Do Water Bottle Manufacturers help in Shipping?

China manufacturers endeavor to provide one stop shop for their clients.

As a result, they also offer to ship water bottles purchased to any destination worldwide.

They advise clients on the available shipping methods and once goods are ready, they ship as instructed.

Orders with few pieces of water bottles can be shipped using courier such as TNT, FedEx or DHL. This is mostly a door-to-door service delivery.

The manufacturer provides the air way bill to the clients for real-time tracking of their shipment.

Medium weight orders of between 150-500kgs are shipped as air cargo.

This normally takes less days and is ideal for time-sensitive orders.

This option is expensive compared to sea freight.

Bulky orders for instant those weighing tons can only be shipped using sea freight as FOB or EXW to designated ports.

It is a cheaper for heavy orders but takes longer for goods to arrive, usually 25 days to 3months.

How do Water Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality control is important in water bottle production as it affects the quality of bottles produced and eventually customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers control quality using the below steps:

  1. Manufacturers have dedicated personnel who have been trained on quality control (QC) system management.
  2. The QC staff come up with an inspection checklist that is strictly followed during water bottle production. This list is in line with the acceptable international quality standard guidelines as stipulated by agencies such as FDA, EU, etc.
  3. They also define the method to use during quality inspections of water bottles.
  4. The raw materials to be used have clearly defined standard that have to be met before use. Failure of which disqualifies the material from production process.
  5. During production water bottles are inspected and tested against the set quality standards. Those that do not meet the guidelines are removed from the process and cannot be shipped to clients.
  6. Additionally, manufacturers value client feedback on the water bottles, and so they have communication channel for reporting defective water bottles.

What are the Benefits of using Water Bottles?

 Water bottle

Water bottle

· Multipurpose

Water bottles are not restricted to holding water only.

You can fill them with any other drink such as juice, coffee, tea, etc. for immediate or later consumption.

· Portable

Most water bottles are slim and light thus can easily be hand held and placed in cup holders or backpack sleeves.

Besides, they can also come with handles for better grip.

This makes it easier to carry them around, whether going for a hike, camping or road trip.

· Cheaper

Buying bottled water every time you feel thirsty is costly.

If you spend at least USD. 5 per week, in a month the you will spend up to USD 20.

On the other hand, using your water bottle to carry water wherever you step out saves you money.

If you are a coffee person, a quality insulated water bottle can carry hot coffee.

This saves on the cost of buying coffee from the café on your way to work.

· Conserve Environment

Refilling your water bottles with your drink reduces the number of disposable plastic bottles that end up in landfills every year.

It also helps protect the underwater animals from choking from plastics that end up in the oceans and lakes.

· Convenient

Water bottles not only enables you to carry water on the go but can also be used for any other drinks.

Insulated water bottles hold both hot and cold drinks while retaining their temperatures.

This makes it possible to have your drink at your convenient time anywhere.

· Reusable

Water bottles are made to be used and reused hence not disposing after the first use.

You can therefore refill your water bottle with water or any other drink afterwards.

· Long-lasting

Stainless-steel and plastic water bottles are strong and not easily breakable hence they can serve you for a long time.

· Easy to Clean

Most water bottles are dishwasher safe and not affected by the washing liquid.

They are placed in the upper rack of a dish washer during cleaning.

Those that are not dish washer safe can be hand washed with soapy warm water and bottle brush.

· Safe

Water bottles are made from materials that have been tested and confirmed safe for human use.

They are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalate.

· Aesthetic Appearance

Water bottles can be customized in different design, shapes and colors to suit your style.

Some are smart bottles with digital temperature display.

They beautiful add to your fashion statement and also show you care for the environment.

What are the available Shapes and Designs of Water Bottle?

Water bottles come in a variety of shapes and designs.

The shapes are affected by the width and height.

If you need a bottle that can be hand held and fits into cup holders, then slim shape is ideal.

The height matters when you want a bottle to fit into a coffee maker or refrigerator.

Designs can be smooth, have ridges, silicone sleeved, with handles, narrow or wide mouth, long or short or no neck.

Clients are welcomed to choose the shape and design for their bottle orders.

Are there Color Limitations for Water Bottle?


Water bottles are available in a range of colors from pink, black, green, white, blue, and many more.

Clients can decide the color of their water bottles by choosing a color code from pantone color scheme.

The code is then shared with the manufacturer when ordering for them to match it during production.

What are the Available Water Bottle Sizes?

Water bottles capacities range between 350ml to 1000ml.

These sizes are not limited and clients can choose a bottle size that is unique to their needs.

It can be small, medium or large.

Different sizes of water bottle

Different sizes of water bottle

What is the Production Lead Time for Water Bottles?

Production lead time is affected by order specifications, quantity and water bottle material.

Very detailed, large order of stainless-steel water bottle orders take longer to produce.

Simpleand small to medium order plastic water bottles take less production time.

The average production time is 30-35 days for stainless-steel bottles and 15-25 days for plastic and glass bottles upon order confirmation.

How does Water Bottles compare to Tumblers?

Water bottles tend to have a narrow mouth while tumblers are wide mouthed.

Both water bottles and tumblers can double walled and vacuum insulated for temperature maintenance.

Both water bottles and tumblers can be made from food grade stainless steel or plastic materials.

Stainless steel tumbler

Stainless steel tumbler

Stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

What is your MOQ for Water Bottles?

The minimum order for water bottles is averagely 2000 pieces for existing model and 3000-5000 pieces for customized order.

Manufacturers are however ready to negotiate lower orders for trial markets.

The cost for lower quantities is calculated accordingly and shared with the client.

What are the Payment Terms for Water Bottle Manufacturers in China?

Water bottle clients can pay using Western Union, PayPal, online banking or use letter of credit (LC) on sight.

When purchasing readily available water bottles designs, 100% upfront payment is done before the order can be shipped.

Customized water bottles are payable in two installments.

Usually, a deposit of 30-50% is made after signing production agreement and the balance cleared before shipment is done.

How do you Manufacture Water Bottles?

The process of manufacturing water bottles is dictated by the raw material to be used.

Stainless steel water bottles are produced by cutting and welding inner and outer steel tubes together using modern machines.

Plastics on the other hand are produced by melting plastic sheets then injecting into molding machines to achieve the required shapes.

Both processes are carried out under strict quality control measures in order to maintain good water bottle quality.

How much do Water Bottle Cost?

The cost of water bottle varies depending on the material used and design customization.

An average cost of a 500ml stainless-steel bottles is USD. 3, USD 2.5 and USD 2 for glass and plastic respectively.

This is because the materials affect the production cost of the water bottles with steel being the most expensive of the three.

Customization of water bottles attract design, labor and pattern fee.

As a result, the same bottle capacity will be slightly higher for all the three materials.

How do you Print Water Bottle?

Manufacturers offer clients various printing options to choose from.

Some of the options include; water transfer, laser engraving, digital printing, silk printing, heat transfer and much more.

· Water Transfer

Also known as immersion printing allows the transfer of designs or patterns on the water bottle surface of any shape.

It uses submerging technique to apply the patterned film.

First, desired patterns are selected from the available water printing films, followed by application of base coat on the bottle surface.

The water film is then transferred to the dipping tank where it dissolved leaving the pattern afloat.

The floating patterns are then activated using a special solvent thereafter, the bottles are dipped.

The patterns stick on the bottle surface due to surface tension.

The now printed bottle is then washed off of any residues and left to dry.

A shinny coat is then applied to give it a smooth finish.

· Laser Printing

This technique repeatedly passes beam of light on the bottle surface to etch a permanent image or letters.

It is used on stainless steel water bottles only since they can withstand high temperatures.

Laser engraving gives an elegant and precise finish hence its mostly used by corporate businesses.

· Digital Printing

Direct digital printing is a recent technology that is used as an alternative to label printing.

It uses inkjet printers to directly transfer the image on the bottle surface.

This technique prints by either dispense cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors all at once or sequentially.

Digital printing can be safely used on plastic, glass and stainless-steel bottles without worry of melting.

Also, the inks are FDA compliant, low migration and food safe and give a high-resolution photographic image.

Additionally, this technique can be used on any bottle shape and print different designs at the same time

· Silk Printing

Silk screen printing uses a stencil placed over a fabric mesh to transfer the permanent ink through the porous mesh.

As the ink goes through the mesh the image or graphic is transferred on the bottle surface.

It is the most commonly used printing technique because it is simple, economical and can incorporate up to four different colors.

· Heat Transfer

This method applies heat and pressure in order to transfer the graphic design on water bottle surface.

A heat presser and a special transfer paper is used in this case.

The customed design or text is first printed on the transfer paper and then pressed on the bottle using the presser.

The pressure and heat from the machine enable ink transfer from the transfer paper onto the bottle surface.

Do Water Bottle Manufacturers offer Free Samples?

Free samples of PVC bottles are offered to clients who do not need customized bottles.

Normally, two pieces of the stock are shipped to the client using courier services on clients’ account.

They take about 2-5 business days to arrive.

On the other hand, customized PVC bottles are charged a small fee.

This amount is however refundable when the client orders for the PVC bottles.

Customized samples take about 7-10 business days to be ready.

How does Glass Water Bottle compare to Plastic Water Bottles?

Glass water bottle

Glass water bottle

Glass water bottles are heavier than plastic water bottles.

Glass water bottles are fragile and breakable hence not long lasting while plastic water bottles are strong and durable.

Unlike some plastic water bottles, glass water bottles are chemical free thus cannot leach harmful substances into water.

Glass water bottles do not allow bacterial growth while plastic water bottle may easily have bacterial growth when not properly cleaned.

Additionally, glass water bottles offer purity to taste whereas plastic water bottles may impact on the water taste.

Plastic water bottle

Plastic water bottle

What are the Benefits of using Water Bottle with Straw?

  1. Straws prevent drink spilling especially when drinking while on a bumpy road.
  2. You can control your drink intake.
  3. When taking sugary drink, straws prevent contact with the teeth thus avoiding teeth discoloration.
  4. You do not have to lift your water bottle for the drink to flow.
  5. It is safe for kids who may easily choke from rushed drinking.

Are there Limitations of using Water Bottles?

Some of the most common limitations include:

· Expensive Initial Cost

Unlike one-use disposable water bottles, reusable water bottles cost much more.

Stainless steel water bottles are the most expensive followed by glass bottles then plastic bottles respectively.

· Contamination Risk

Plastic water bottles stand a great risk of microorganism attack such as bacterial growth when not well cleaned for reuse.

These microorganisms are harmful and can make you sick when ingested.

· Leaching

Water bottles made from plastics may contain traces of BPA chemical which are associated with hormonal disturbance in humans.

When bleach or very hot liquids are used with plastic water bottles chances of leaching BPA into the drinks increases.

What is the Best Handle for Water Bottles?

Water bottles that have strong, durable and rigid lid handles are the best.

They help with opening and tight closing of the bottle and also in carrying the bottle using your fingers.

What are the Features of Insulated Water Bottle?

Insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottle

· Vacuum Insulated Body

The body of water bottle is double wall in this case with no air between the walls hence the vacuum.

This helps retain content temperatures for a long time.

For instance, hot water will be hot for about 6-8 hours while ice chilled water remains chilled for 24 hours.

This allows you enjoy your water or drink at its original temperature anytime without worrying about temperature changes.

· Sweat Free

Insulated water bottles are built such that there is no transfer of heat from the inner wall to the outer wall.

This prevents condensation of moisture on the bottle surface that may wet your hands or the surface where they are placed.

· Rust Free

Stainless-steel water bottles are made from 18/8 premium steel material.

This material has 18% chromium which binds with oxygen thus preventing iron from rusting.

· Food Grade Material

Materials such as 18/8 stainless-steel and 100% virgin plastic materials are used in the manufacture of water bottles.

These materials have been tested and found to meet international standards required for safe water bottles.

· Leak Proof Lid

Insulated water bottles must have tight fitting lids to avoid burning due to hot spills of water or beverages.

This makes the bottles safe to use when on transit on a bumpy road.

· BPA Free

One of the features of insulated water bottles is being BPA free.

This is to prevent leeching of this harmful substance into the bottle content and consuming leading to health issues.

How does Hydro Flask Water Bottle compare to Normal Water Bottles?

Hydro flasks have three different types of mouth such as wide mouth, standard mouth and narrow mouth.

Hydro flask water bottle

Hydro flask water bottle

On the other hand, normal water bottles are narrow mouthed.

Hydro flasks are made from stainless steel and are vacuum insulated whereas normal water bottles are either be insulated or not.

Hydro flasks come in different styles and capacities such as tumblers, food flask and bottles depending on intended use.

Normal water bottles on the other come in different capacities as bottles only.

What are the Benefits of Buying Water Bottle in Bulk for your Business?

  1. Bulk buying enables you to negotiate for a discount thus saving on cost.
  2. It is cheaper and easier to customize bigger order of water bottles than a few pieces.
  3. Bulk water bottles order are shipped via sea which is cheaper means of transport than air freight.
  4. It is convenient as you avoid running out of water bottle stock.

Are Water Bottles Reusable?


Water bottles made from stainless steel and plastic materials are strong and durable and hence can be used and reused.

How do you Test Quality of Water Bottle?

You can perform the below tests to check the quality of your water bottle;

  1. Fill the water bottle with water and close it tightly, check whether there is leakage from its body. Tilt the bottle upside down and check for any water coming out from the lid. This is leakage test.
  2. To check for insulation, fill the bottle with hot water and leave it for 6-8 hours then check the temperature. Also, add ice cold water and leave it overnight, now confirm if the water remains cold.
  3. It is important to ascertain if the bottle is made from quality material. Check for “304” on stainless steel to confirm it is food grade material. For plastic bottles check the code at the bottom, #5 is the approved plastic material for water bottles.
  4. Also, check for the presence of any scratch, quality water bottles should be free from any scratch.

How much do Water Bottle Lid Replacement Cost?

The cost of water bottle lid replacement is about USD 1-1.5 for 10 pieces.

The cost varies depending on the lid type and material of the lid.

What are the Features of Water Bottle Caps?

  • Nozzles are common in sporty plastic water bottles. They are short and thick straws that you can open with your teeth and drink the water from the bottle.
  • Flip lid are operated by pushing up to open and let out drink and pushed down to close the opening.
  • Spout or chug lids provide controlled flow of drink by pulling up to open and pushing down to close.

How do you Choose Water Bottle Strap?

Straps enable one carry water bottles on their shoulders for a hands-free movement.

It is therefore important to choose a perfect fitting strap that is durable, secure and has adjustable shoulder handle.

As you can see, there are many factors you should consider when buying water bottle.

Whether you need small capacity, large capacity, stainless steel, plastic or insulated water bottles, LaiKoe offers a perfect solution for you.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s LaiKoe Water Bottle Material?

LaiKoe Reusable Bottles are made of Food Grade Plastic and Premium Quality Stainless steel (Grade 304 or 316), No Toxic and BPA Free.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 Stainless steel consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, is highly sustainable, food-grade, durable and safe. 

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

Depending on your detailed order demands like quantity, time.

It takes 35days to get the plastic water bottle ready after ordering date.

The drinking water bottle manufacturing Process for Stainless Steel bottles is a longer till 45-55days.

Thus please order in advance for wholesale water bottles.


What’ your Sample Policy?

LaiKoe supplies 2 pcs of Free samples from existed water bottle samples.

No charge will be collected for existed style sample w 1C silk printing or laser Engraving.

Courier cost of usd50.0 for Custom Insulated bottle samples shall be charged and is refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), 30-50% Deposit, Balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on Laikoe water bottle?

The MOQ is 3000-5000pcs for LaiKoe existed colors and normal logo way of 1C silk Screen sc, laser engrave.

Contact us to see any favorable sample chance for Wholesale Water Bottles from LaiKoe.

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