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  • Over 100 Standard Designs for Wholesale Clients
  • New Products with Innovative Design & Function
  • Lots Decoration for customizable coffee travel mug
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Most Popular Travel Mug Models

As a Professional Travel Mug Manufacturer and Suppliers in China, LaiKoe Supplied the most popular styles of Wholesale Travel Mug to help the distributor or brand to boom their business.

For Laikoe custom printed travel mu, its body could be Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating / Powder Coat and Gradient finishing.

Custom travel mugs bulk could add a logo by Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas printing,  Etc. Check all Models now.


14 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug, Push In Steel Lid, Steel Inner Clear Plastic Outer

16 oz Starbuck Style Black Travel Coffee Mug w Screw In Flip Top Lid

500 ml Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug w Huge Handle Easy to Hold

500 ml White Painted Skinny Travel Mug w Diamond Embossing Body, Flip Top Lid

20 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Travel Mug, Clear Push In Lid, Silver Body

30 oz, Double Steel Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug Clear Lid, Black Coating

22 oz Black Coffee Travel Mug w Clear Push In Lid, Silver Ring at Top Mouth, Straw Optional

Champagne Shape Insulated Travel Mug, 32 oz, Silver Steel Body w Clear Push in Lid


40 oz, Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug, Clear AS Push In Lid. 44 oz coming soon

18 oz Double Wall Stainless Insulated Travel Mug with Steel Lid and Straw, Silver Body


C220S Stainless Coffee Tumblers

20 oz Vacuum Insulated Coffee Travel Mug with Steel Lid and Straw, Electroplating

27 oz Straw Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug with Steel Screw In Lid, White Powder Coating

12 oz Double Wall Blue Stainless Steel Travel Mug w Steel Handle, Easy to Hold and Drink

12 oz Double Wall Black Stainless Travel Mug w Handle, BPA Free, Safe for Drinking

12 oz Double Wall Stainless Travel Mug w Handle, White Powder Coating, Easy to Clean

12 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug w Thread Handle, Red Powder Coating

12 oz Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug w Tough Plastic Handle, Black Powder Coating

4 oz Slim Rose Gold Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug w Clear AS Push In Lid, Multi colors.

Custom Unique Stainless Tumbler to Promote Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Design Idea for your wholesale Travel Mug
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment on the custom Travel Mugs
  4. Your Mugs Production & Shipment
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Custom Unique Travel Mugs to Promote Your Brand

As a Main Travel Mug manufacturer and Supplier in China, LaiKoe knows varies of processing way to decorate your customizable coffee travel mug, by adding personalized graphics like Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Debossing or Embossing, 3D (UV) Printing, Water Transfer Printing, etc. For custom printed travel mug, there is no mininum for custom printed travel mug by Laser Engraving. Contact LaiKoe Today to Boost your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe travel mug are well suited when you can’t enjoy your morning coffee at home. And great to keep your hot drinks hot in your midday caffeine boost and night time slog. Also, this travel mug work well for water and any other cold beverages. Travel mug make your travel even happier.

Travel mugs are made from durable stainless steel material. Laikoe designed travel mug with double wall insulation. It is the main factor of travel mugs versatility. This multi-walled technology keeps cold drinks and hot drinks maintain its temperature for a longer time.

Laikoe travel mug is 100% BPA-free, spill-proof and leak proof. Laikoe will provide you the best travel mug for promoting your brands and to boom your business. Laikoe manufacture a wide variety of travel mug shapes, colors and design that fits exactly you need. Stylish and sensible design is ideal for working personnel while colorful design travel mugs suitable for kids.

Laikoe travel mugs also come with a foolproof lid locking mechanism. Laikoe travel mugs capacity range from 450ml, 500ml, 600ml, to 1.0L, 1.2 L. You can choose travel mug from our selection. You can add your logo to a custom travel mug and showcase your brand anywhere you go. Logo printings are available in various ways. Including embossing or debossing, laser engraving, silk screen printing, Air gas printing, Heat transfer printing, and UV printing. Most of the time, this could be attached to the outer surface of the tumbler.

The travel mugs we manufacture can be matched with plastic handle, making it highly portable to use. Our travel mugs have been tested and passed several certifications like FDA, LFGB, Odor and Metalized taste, Phthalate testing, and Bisphenol A test, etc. Laikoe can produce a day output of travel mugs over 20,000 pieces. It is enough to support your start up business and personal projects demands. Wholesale travel mug can be very cost-effective.

Laikoe, as a professional travel mug manufacturer, we can develop and designed your ideal product at its best form. Our experienced and knowledgeable team provide an effective and efficient drink ware solutions for promoting your products and brands. You can rely on Laikoe to take your business into higher level.

For more than 20 years in the industry, we have been one of the most distinguished manufacturer and provider of travel mugs. Our travel mugs are perfectly designed by our intelligent engineers to fit in modern ages and demands.

Laokie offers travel mugs that can be filled with all kinds of drinks and liquors. It also features elevated durability and high capacity. We also mastered manufacturing travel mugs with spill resistance seal and made with insulated materials. Our travel mugs are made up with all the requirements to reach the top in your marketing business.

Laikoe is always ready to provide you state of the art products for your specific requirements. We use innovative technology and techniques to assure you received excellent quality travel mugs. You can give us your idea and artwork, so we could manufacture it the way you expect it. Send us your inquiry now!


Travel Mug Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you’re looking for a travel mug manufacturer or you want to import from China, this is a must-read guide for you.

It has everything you’re looking for about travel mugs such as design, types, quality verification and many more.

What is a Travel Mug?

A travel mug is a type of drinkware designed from stainless-steel to hold both cold and hot beverages.

The beverages can be tea, coffee, and hot chocolate along; you use it while traveling.

 Travel mug

Travel mug

What is the difference between a Travel Mug and a Cup?

A travel mug is a little taller and can hold drinks of higher capacity, unlike a cup that has a lower capacity.

Besides, a travel mug can or not have a handle, unlike a cup that must have a handle.

But all in all, the difference between travel mug and cup is basically on its design.

What are the Various types of Travel Mug?

Travel mugs come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and colors with varying features.

At LaiKoe, we have a range of travel mugs and we offer custom designs upon request.

Different types of travel mugs

Different types of travel mugs

Are there advantages of using a Travel Mug?


One of the advantages is that a travel mug keeps your beverages hot for a whole day.

Again, our travel mugs have a size advantage.

They are sizeable enough to fit even in small bags. It can make your air-travel simpler.

Besides, travel mugs are the best for outdoor activities.

For instance, outdoor events can be picnics, camping, rock climbing, skiing, and so on.

Moreover, travel mugs can be customized for personal use.

You can modify them for your own business or company through branding.

Nonetheless, travel mugs have the design to hold various drinks.

What are the available Sizes for Travel Mug?

We can offer a wide array of sizes.

The most available capacities are:

4 oz travel mug, 12 oz travel mug, 14 oz travel mug, 16 oz travel mug, 18 oz travel mug, 20 oz travel mug, 22 oz travel mug, 27 oz travel mug, 30 oz travel mug, 32 oz travel mug, 40 oz travel mug, and 500 ml travel mug.

We can also provide you with your preferred capacities and modification.

How much Does a Travel Mug Cost?

LaiKoe specializes in the production of stainless-steel travel mugs.

Averagely the price of a single piece of travel mug can vary.

It can range from the US $ 12 to the US $ 29.

Besides, the variation in cost similarly relies on the Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ), structures/ features, and design of the travel mug.

The prices are affected by several aspects like size, the material used, shape, and modification.

Which Material is used in Manufacturing Travel Mug?

At LaiKoe, we manufacture our travel mugs using stainless-steel as the primary material.

The material has Food Grade quality satisfaction.

The stainless steel can either be of grade 304 or grade 316.

Our manufacturing materials are free from Lead (Pb) and free from BPA.

What are the Closing options that you offer for Travel Mugs?

Travel mug with lid

Travel mug with lid

We can provide you with the closing options of your choice.

The accessible closing options are push-in lid, screw-like lid, and flip-top lid.

We can modify the closing option of your business need, LaiKoe prides and thrives in creativity.

We as well offer you with other closing alternatives for your travel mug. They are side-seal closure and sliding magnetic lid.

What are the Components of a Travel Mug?

One of the significant components of a travel mug is vacuuming/ insulation.

It can be designed from various from either copper, foam, or even air.

Besides, stainless steel double-walls, stainless steel container, and a lid are also essential components.

Which Features are Unique to Travel Mugs?

Considering that we are the critical Travel Mug Manufacturer in China, LaiKoe knows your taste.

We can use the processing approach to decorate your personalized travel mug, through the addition of customized graphics like:

  • Silkscreen printing,
  • Laser engraving,
  • Air-gas printing,
  • Embossing or Debossing,
  • 3D (UV) printing,
  • Water transfer printing, and so on.

LaiKoe is flexible to provide either of the decoration options.

Can you carry other Drinks in a Travel Mug?


Our travel mugs can hold either coffee, tea, wine, cocktail, or any other drink that you may want to carry for an event.

LaiKoe provides you with travel mugs designed for every drink, maintaining the temperature of its contents, and making work easier.

We like it when your business excels.

What are the Shortcomings of using a Travel Mug?


Since travel mugs are made of stainless steel, they can heat up very quickly when exposed to direct sunlight.

When using a travel mug, make sure that you put them under a shade or a cool region to avoid heating.

Do you offer a Product Return Policy for your Travel Mugs?


We value customer service, and it is our appeal to make it vibrant and offer a special treatment to our clients.

As a major manufacturer and supplier in the Chinese soil can offer a lifetime assurance for our products.

It only depends on the nature of the purchase; we value transparency.

We consider sales that are made through our approved outlets.

The assurance policy will be accountable for manufacturing flaws like:

  • Travel mugs that do not have self-insulation property.
  • Coarse surfaces that might be disgusting to customers.
  • Travel mugs that faced dangers like damage when they were being shipped.
  • Travel mugs that were never properly fixed.
  • Travel mugs that might be leaking their contents.

Considering that business is based on trust, our product return policy is assuring.

The main requirement for a smooth transaction is that you follow the right proceedings, from the time of purchase until the period for warranty.

You need to review our Contract-Agreement forms and ensure that you have a very comprehensive knowledge out of it.

Mostly, our warranties can exceed a year.

Can you Customize Travel Mugs for a Client?

As the critical travel mug manufacturer in China, we have the creative concept to modify travel mugs of your preference.

We can offer several surface finish deco options for travel mugs.

We can adapt your idea and use it in designing travel mugs that best suits your business.

We are experts in providing quality products. We only need to confirm your requirement and produce your customizable travel mug.

Do travel Mug Manufacturers Provide Free Samples?


We provide free samples of travel mugs, whenever you ask for our services.

We are willing to offer samples even before you make any purchase.

We only place a charge for courier services for the case of customized travel mugs.

Is there a Difference Between an Insulated Tumbler and a Travel Mug?

So how, there is no satisfying difference between a travel mug and an insulated tumbler.

The difference is that a travel mug is primarily designed for traveling purposes, while the insulated tumbler is not.

Besides, the similarity is that both have insulation design and can maintain the temperature of their contents.

They are manufactured from stainless-steel as the primary material.

Again, they can be used to contain various drinks for diverse events.

 Travel coffee mug

Travel coffee mug

Which terms of payment do you offer?

We offer payment terms, which are also negotiable.

You can pay us a deposit of 30% and the remaining 70% after quality control validation.

A payment mode of a deposit of 30% is allowable, followed by 50%, which is payable before the shipping of products.

You can settle the rest of the payment after receiving your goods.

Besides, we are flexible enough to give other alternatives for payment.

We can allow a 20% as deposit, and 50% T/T, which can be done after manufacture and validating the quality control test.

The remaining 30% is payable after delivery in your locality.

At least this payment mode offers you some leverage over your merchandise.

Which Payment Options are offered by Travel Mug Manufacturers in China?

WeChat is the dominant payment alternative because of its vast use in China.

It has partnerships with:

  • American Express
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover Global Network

WeChat partners with the mentioned firms to ease global business transactions.

How do Travel Mug Manufacturers in China support OEM business?

The travel mug manufacturers give our full support to OEM businesses in China.

We provide accommodative prices, branding services, and product design to them.

The kind of support that we offer assists them in boosting their businesses.

Consequently, we find it easy to compete fairly with other well-established firms.

How do Travel Mug Manufacturers in China Control the Quality of their Products?

Our quality control concept begins with the evaluation of the manufacturing plant.

We are interested in providing you with genuine and highly graded stainless-steel travel mugs.

Besides, it is our concern to design proficient procedures that have the capability of delivering the best quality.

We emphasize significant measures to avoid flaws in production.

Again, the manufacturers in China focus on meeting the market demands and trying to fit the dynamic market.

It is by continuous research on travel mugs, what kind of design the market needs.

As manufacturers, we fully comply with the stipulated regulations provided by the Quality Assurance Agency in the Republic of China.

Also, market criticism is another crucial aspect for us.

We use data analytics to gather comprehensive information about the market and the competitors in other parts of the world.

In short, LaiKoe, we strive to support your business by providing high quality and reliable travel mugs depending on your unique requirements.

Contact us today for the best prices on travel mugs.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Stainless Steel Travel Mug Material?

LaiKoe Stainless Steel Travel Mug is in material of Food Grade stainless steel (Grade 304 and Grade 316), Lead-Free and BPA Free.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 Stainless steel consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, is eco-friendly, highly sustainable,  100% safe for drinking water, Coffee and tea.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

For Stainless steel Travel Mug, order could be delivered within  45-50days after order confirmed and all details approved.


What’ your Sample Policy?

Laikoe supply 2 pcs of Existed Stainless Steel Travel Mug Sample in Free of charge.

Courier cost of us$50.0 for Custom Stainless Tumbler samples will be charged in your side, and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T with 30-50% Deposit, Balance before shipping;

Or L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on Travel Mug?

3000 pcs for LaiKoe Stainless Travel Mug

Contact us to see any favorable chance for Laikoe’ s Open Order with More Custom Travel Mugs.

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