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Most Popular Stainless Steel Cup Models

LaiKoe is your premier stainless steel cup manufacturer in china, supplies the most popular styles of wholesale stainless steel cups to help the distributor or brand to promote business.

Laikoe stainless steel cup could be Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating / Powder Coat and Gradient finishing.

You could get wholesale stainless steel cups with Logo added by Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Water Transfer Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV (3D) Printing Etc. Check all Models now.


14 oz Coffee Cup, Stainless Steel Inner and Transparent Blue Outer. Steel Lid

16 oz Starbuck stainless steel coffee cup w Screw In Flip Top Lid

C008 Insulated Tumbler w Screw-on Flip top lid

400 ml Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cup w Screw In Flip Top Lid, Clear Painting

500 ml Vacuum Stainless Steel Cup w Silicone Gripper Sleeve, Flip Top Lid

500 ml Red Insulated Travel Cup w Big Handle, Portable and Fits Car Drink Holder

500 ml Insulated Stainless Steel Cup w Big Handle Easy to Hold and Access Water

500 ml White Painted Skinny Cup, Diamond Embossing, Black Sliding Lid

20 oz, Yeti Shape Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Cup, Clear Push In Lid

28 oz, Double Stainless Steel Wall Cup, Suits Most Car Drink Holder, BPA Free

30 oz, Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Cup, Clear AS Push-In Lid, Black Painted

700 ml Insulated Slim Stainless Steel Cup, Green Painting, Clear Push in Lid

450 ml Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Tumbler, Green Painting w Silver Ring

Skinny Bottle 600 ml Stainless Steel Cup w Steel Straw and Clear Push In Lid

Skinny 650 ml Stainless Steel Cup w Steel Straw and Clear Lid, Native Silver Mirror Polished

22 oz Twisted Stainless Steel Cup w Clear Push In Lid, Silver Ring at Top Mouth

22 oz Black Stainless Steel Coffee Cup w Clear Push In Lid, Silver Ring at Top Mouth

Champagne Shape Insulated Stainless Steel Cup, 32 oz, Clear Push in Lid

40 oz and 44 oz available, Stainless Steel Thermos Cup,Clear AS Push In Lid

16oz Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel Cup with Steel Lid and Straw, Clear Painting

18 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Cup with Steel Lid and Straw, Clear Painting

18 oz Double Vacuum Wall Stainless Steel Cup with Steel Lid and Straw, Silver Body

20 oz Stainless Steel Straw Cup with Steel Lid, Electroplating Body

27 oz Straw Stainless Steel Cup with Steel Screw In Lid, White Powder Coating

12 oz Double Wall Blue Stainless Steel Cup w Steel Handle, Easy to Hold and Safe to Drink

12 oz Double Wall Green Stainless Steel Cup w Steel Handle, Food Grade and Durable

12 oz Double Wall Black Stainless Steel Coffee Cup w Handle, BPA Free, Safe for Drinking

12 oz Double Wall Stainless Insulated Cup w Handle, White Powder Coating, Easy to Clean

16 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mug w Handle, Dark Green Powder Coating, Durable

8 oz Blue Stainless Steel Cup Wine Tumbler w Clear AS Push In Lid, Straw Optional.

12oz Light Green Stainless Steel Wine Cup w Clear AS Push In Lid, Silver Ring

16oz Double Steel Wall Stainless Steel Cup w Clear Lid, Rose Gold and Air Gas Print 


Latest Style, 16oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Cup w Clear Lid, Rose Gold Body

Mini 4 oz Slim Rose Gold Stainless Steel Wine Cup w Clear AS Push In Lid, Multi colors

12 oz Double Steel Wall Coffee Cup with Iron Thread Handle, Portable and BPA Free

Double Stainless Steel Wall Coffee Cup with Giant Handle, Steel Push In Lid, 12 oz

Custom Unique Stainless Steel Cups to Boost Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Idea on Your Wholesale Stainless Steel Cups
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment 
  4. Your Cups Production & Shipment
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Custom Unique Stainless Steel Cups to Boom Your Brand

As a premium stainless steel cup manufacturer in China, LaiKoe knows varies of processing way to decorate your custom stainless steel cups, by adding personalized graphics like Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Debossing or Embossing, 3D (UV) Printing, Water Transfer Printing, etc. Gradient Coating / Gradient Painting in 1C, 2C, 3C are popular. Contact LaiKoe Today to Skyrocket your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe stainless steel cups are the must-have product for any food and beverage business. It is also perfect used for any leisure occasions, sports, events, festival, or during travels. For any outdoor activities like camping, picnics and hiking, stainless steel cups serves the value of your best drinks.

Stainless steel cups are made up of durable stainless steel. Therefore, these cups are free from toxic elements that can harm health issues. Stainless steel cups are BPA-free, zinc-free, lead-free, and free from phthalates. The exterior and interior part has strong stability. Hence these cups can be reused for years. Stainless steel cups are recyclable and environmentally friendly type of glass. These cups are available in various sizes range from 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, to 32oz. Our range of stainless steel cups is also great for mixing drinks, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.

These stainless steel cups offer strong impact resistance. Other kind of glasses cannot match the stability, durability and safety of these cups. Laikoe produce stainless steel cups incredibly easy to clean and non-breakable. These cups are stain-resistant, rust-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Whatever occasions it will used, stainless steel cups is irreplaceable.

Stainless steel cups are lightweight, making it easy to carry to any event with ease. Therefore careful handling is no longer required. When manufacturing these cups, it is also built with double wall insulation structure. Through this process, Laikoe stainless steel cups can preserve extremely heat or cold drinks for longer time. These cups come in variety of designs and shapes for you to choose from.

Laikoe develop and design stylish yet attractive stainless steel cups. Customers in the market find these cups eye-catching and awesome. However further tested and inspections are performed first by our professional team to ensure high quality products are being delivered.

If you want to create your own branding, Laikoe will handle and fully customize your order. Our professional technical and designing team will work on your specifications. To customize your drink ware, you must add your logo, design, messages and images of your business. Whether you need it for your hotels, restaurants and eatery business, Laikoe can help you skyrocket your stainless steel cup business.

In Laikoe, we have distinguished team to design your order. Together with the constant progress of manufacturing technology, we can produce stainless steel cups over 50, 000 pieces in a day. We can assure that we can provide an adequate amount of cups to your business.

Laikoe is a professional stainless steel cups manufacturer based in China. Our rich industry experience has allowed us to win and maintain great costumers’ satisfaction. We supply stainless steel cups wholesale in competitive prices.

With Laikoe stainless steel cups, you can guarantee best quality product. Consumers probably enjoy their favorite drinks for a longer time whenever they want to. Our stainless steel cups are fashionable and functional in both ways.

If you are interested with our stainless steel cups or you have any question, please get in touch with us to Boost your brand.

Stainless Steel Cups Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Stainless steel cups are drinkware made from metal material mostly food grade 18/8 stainless steel.

They can be insulated to preserve beverage temperature throughout the day.

These cups are multi-purpose and can be used with a wide range of liquids.

How do Stainless Steel Cups compare to Plastic Cups?

Stainless-steel cups are rust, corrosive and leech free whereas plastic cups are prone to leeching overtime.

Stainless-steel cups do not encourage bacterial growth in them and are easy to clean.

Plastic cups are prone to bacterial growth thus require extra care when cleaning them.

While stainless-steel cups are more durable since they rarely break or bend, plastic cups are easily broken or punctured when mishandled.

The cost of stainless-steel cups is much higher than that of plastic cups of the same capacity.

Stainless-steel cups are produced from 18/8 stainless-steel material while plastics are made from Polypropylene (PP) or Tritan plastic type.

Stainless-steel cups can hold both hot and cold beverages and preserve their temperatures long due to vacuum insulation design.

This is not present in plastic cups hence they are not ideal for hot beverages.

Also, the vacuum insulation between stainless-steel cups walls make them sweat free while plastic cups develop moisture on their wall.

Stainless-steel cups can be used with different beverages without affecting their taste and smell.

Plastic cups on the other hand tend to retain the taste and smell.

Both cups are made from materials that are U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and are non-toxic.

What is the difference between Stainless Steel Cups and Tumblers?

stainless steel cup

Stainless steel cup

Stainless steel tumbler

Stainless steel tumbler

Stainless-steel cups tend to be shorter and wide while stainless steel tumblers are slim and tall.

Stainless-steel cups mostly come with handles while tumblers do not necessarily have handles.

Stainless-steel cups do not fit into vehicle cup holders due to their width, whereas tumblers fit the holders perfectly well.

How do you Manufacture Stainless Steel Cups?

Stainless-steel cups are manufactured in three stages namely, outer wall process, inner wall process and assembly process.

Outer Wall Process

  1. Raw material that has passed FDA, BPA, tests is taken in form of 18/8 stainless-steel tubes and sheets
  2. The tube is cut at desired lengths and the sheet cut into circular plates
  3. Water pressure is applied inside the tube to expand it to cup shape
  4. The extended tube length is then cut out at the bottom side
  5. The surface is polished to smoothen it before adding three rings on the inside
  6. Both the bottom and top side are flattened and the outer shell cleaned ready for testing

Inner Wall Process

  1. The same raw material is use and is cut at equal length as the outer shell
  2. The tube is expanded into shape and the excess tube cut out.
  3. The bottom and top end are flattened at the end and threads added
  4. The bottom end is welded with the circular plates to seal the bottom
  5. The inner shell is cleaned and tested for leakage.
  6. Once it passes this test, it is dried and taken to the next step which is assembling both shells.

Assembly Process

This process involves bringing the two shells together to form a complete double wall cup.

  1. Inner cup shell is inserted into the outer cup shell and welded together to complete the cup mouth.
  2. The second circular plate is welded at the bottom of the outer cup shell thereafter water poured for leakage test. This confirms the quality of welding.
  3. A vacuum machine is used to suck out air between the inner and outer cup walls.
  4. At this point, how water is added into the cup and tested for vacuum insulation.
  5. The cup is the polished using electrolysis process to remove any bumps and achieve a reflective shine.
  6. A third and final plate is welded at the bottom of the cup and another temperature test done.
  7. The cup is then printed as desired, cleaned and tested again before packaging.
  8. If the cup passes all the test it is qualified for shipping.
  9. The lid is manufactured by injection mold and also tested before assembling it with the cup.

Why is 18/8 Stainless Steel suitable for Making Cups?

18/8 stainless steel material is of food grade quality thus free from harmful bisphenol A (BPA), lead and phthalate chemicals.

18/8 stainless steel comprises of 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel elements respectively.

The Chromium element binds quickly with oxygen in the air thus creating a protective layer around it.

This renders it rust resistant.

This material does not leech into your drink therefore, you don’t have to worry about having chemical traces in your drink.

It is possible to hold different liquid such as coffee, tea, juice, water, soda without compromising on their taste or smell.

Cleaning stainless steel cups is easy and simple using warm water and soap.

It does not require strong chemicals that may corrode the cup.

18/8 stainless steel is unbreakable unlike other alternatives such as glass or plastic.

Hence it is a durable material making stainless steel cups sustainable.

Are Stainless Steel Cups Safe?

Yes, they are.

Stainless steel cups are manufactured from 18/8 stainless steel material.

This metal has undergone health and safety tests through internationally recognized agency such as FDA.

Stainless steel has been found to be the most hygienic material, safe from BPA, lead and phthalate.

It is also leech free, rust and corrosive resistant.

Which Printing Options do Stainless Steel Manufacturers use?

There are many printing options that manufacturers use to add logo, artwork or text stainless-steel cups.

They include, embossing and debossing, laser engraving, water transfer, digital printing, etc.

Embossing and debossing are exact opposite of each other.

They leave a raised or sunken patch on the area they are applied respectively.

This method of printing is achieved by stamping a heated metal under pressure which traces the design on the cup surface.

They techniques can be combined by other effects such as foil stamping to achieve a great look.

The techniques are a bit costly but leave a lasting impression on your cups which stands out among others.


Printed stainless steel cup

Laser engraving is almost similar to debossing in nature but it uses laser beams to repeatedly cut out the patterns.

The laser beams are of high temperature and therefore vaporizes the area it repeatedly passes.

Also, the result is a permanent imprint of the design on cup surface giving it an excellent finish.

Another printing method is water transfer which uses water soluble design film to apply artwork on the cup surface.

This technique leverages on surface tension to stick the activated pattern film which floats on water onto the cup surface.

The excess film is then washed off and a clear polish applied once the cup dries up.

This gives the pattern a shiny look and also protects it from scratch.

Digital printing technique transfers computer-based images to the surface of stainless-steel cups using a printer.

It a fast printing technique and can handle large order within the shortest time. It uses inks such as cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

The artwork is designed on the computer with a certain percentage of the inks in order to achieve specific designs.

What are the Benefits of Buying Directly from Stainless Steel Cups Manufacturers in China?

Buying directly from manufacturers allow clients to customize their stainless-steel cups order to serve their specific needs.

This is because they have trained design engineers who assist clients with customized orders.

Manufacturers in China offer flexible minimum order quantity for stainless-steel cups thus allowing clients with less orders to buy.

Clients can request to see product samples before placing their stainless-steel cups order.

This can be free for ready stock or chargeable for customized samples.

China manufacturers have automated production factories which use the latest technology of production.

As a result, they are able to deliver their orders on time without compromising on quality.

Most manufacturers of stainless-steel cup in China offer to assist with order shipping.

This is done through their shipping department which makes sure delivery arrives on the clients’ shared address.

For clients using their own shipping agents, manufacturer facilitates how the orders get to the agent prior to delivery.

Another benefit of buying from manufacturer is that clients can request for discounted prices for bulk orders.

Payment terms offered by manufacturers is flexible and allow for deposit negotiation.

Additionally, manufacturers offer clients warranty on manufacturer’s defect.

This enables clients to claim for goods exchange when found defective within the warranty period.

How do Stainless Steel Cups Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality control is a major factor in the manufacture of high-quality stainless-steel cups.

As a result, manufacturers ensure that high standards are observed, pre-production, during production, assembling and packaging and through customers’ review.

Before the onset of production, all the raw materials are sampled and tested for quality.

Only those that pass this test proceed to production stage.

Quality personnel inspect the production plant to ascertain strict observation to acceptable standards of manufacturing processes.

They also ensure that plant operators wear personal protective gears throughout production.

During manufacturing process, the quality control staff sample the cups randomly and test for quality.

Faulty cups are taken through the process again or discarded when irreparable.

Once manufacturing is completed, individual cups are inspected against the set quality standard checks before they are packaged for shipping.

Only the cups that meet the set quality standard are shipped to clients.

Finally, manufacturers encourage clients’ review on the stainless-steel cups either through their website or email.

This is to assist them make necessary changes where needed so as to maintain high-quality products.

What are the Limitations of using Stainless Steel Cups?

Stainless steel cups are expensive compared to other alternative cups due to the high cost of good quality raw material.

Using metal spoons may scratch the inside of the stainless-steel cups making them prone to rusting.

The cups are generally wide hence do not fit into standard cup holders this makes them hard to transport.

Can Stainless Steel Cups Hold all Beverages?


Stainless-steel cups once washed can be used to hold any other beverage without interfering with the quality of taste or smell.

Besides, insulated stainless-steel cups can hold both hot and cold beverages for up to 6 and 12 hours respectively.

What are the available Sizes of Stainless-Steel Cups?

The size of stainless-steel cups is between 10 ounces (oz), 12,14, and 16 ounces (oz).

These sizes can change depending on customer design specifications.

Different sizes of stainless steel cup

Different sizes of stainless steel cups

Is there Color Limitations for Stainless Steel Cups?

Absolutely not.

Stainless-steel cups are available in a wide range of colors such as black, blue, pink, white, grey etc.

Customized color is also accepted by manufacturer provided the customer matches the Pantone color scheme and shares the code when ordering.

Do Stainless Steel Manufacturers Issue Quality Assurance Certificates?

Manufacturers of stainless-steel cups have to follow very strict health and safety, labor, and environmental practices in their production.

Once they meet all the quality checks and are found to be compliant, they are issued with quality assurance certificates.

Some of the certificates include, FDA, SGS, ISO 9001 and 12001, BSCI, REACH, among others.

These are available upon request to clients who wish to verify the quality standards of a manufacturer.

Do Stainless Steel Cup Manufacturers have Flexible MOQ?

Manufacturers of stainless-steel cups have a standard minimum order piece of1000-3000 cups for plain cups customized cups respectively.

They, however, allow negotiation of the quantities downwards for clients who would like to conduct market trial before buying in bulk.

How Long will it take to Manufacture Custom Stainless-Steel Cups?

The average lead time for customized stainless-steel cups is 45 days from the start of production till delivery.

This number may vary depending on several factors such as design complexity, order quantity as well as information availability.

When the client gives specification details in full from the beginning, then the production and delivery will be within the timelines.

How much do Stainless Steel Cups Cost?

A standard stainless-steel cup cost an average of USD 1.0-2.0 while stainless-steel cups with logo, colors, etc. range between USD 1.8-3.9.

The high cost in custom cups caters for mold, pattern and labor fee.

What Payment Options do Stainless Steel Manufacturer Accept?

The standard payment options acceptable to manufacturers is through telegraphic transfer(T/T), PayPal, Western Union or letter of credit (LC) on sight.

The terms are 100% payment for stocked stainless-steel cups before shipping and 30% deposit for customized stainless-steel cups.

The remaining balance is paid once production is completed and the cups have been inspected ready for shipping.

Do Stainless Steel Cups Manufacturers in China have Product Return Policy?

Yes, they have.

This is applicable on strict terms such as raising the complaint within the stated period and returning only on justified grounds.

When clients receive the stainless-steel cups and realize they have a manufacturing defect, they can lodge a complaint via manufacturer’s email.

This is to be supported by photographic evidence for manufacturer to assess.

If the manufacturer is convinced with the claims and the cups remain unused in their original package, they are accepted back.

Clients can either get a refund worth the damaged cups or an exchange with new stainless-steel cups.

What are the Features of Insulated Stainless-Steel Cups?

Some of the features include:

· 18/8 Stainless-steel Material

This metal is premium quality material which has been tested and approved by relevant bodies to be hygienic and toxic free.

It does not contain harmful BPA, lead or phthalate chemicals.

Besides, it is corrosive, rust and leech free.

18/8 stainless-steel is strong, reusable, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

· Wide Mouth and Flat Bottom

Wide stainless-steel cup mouth facilitates easy filling of the cup with whichever beverage you want.

This makes it easy to add ice-cubes, fruit slices and also to hand wash the cups

The flat bottom is to make the cup balance well when placed on a surface.

It should be skid-free to avoid frequent falls.

· Double Wall Vacuum Insulation

The vacuum insulation technology applied between the cup walls prevents transfer of heat between inner and outer walls.

This feature makes the cup suitable for holding hot and cold beverages for long periods.

For instance, hot coffee stays hot for 6 hours while ice tea remain chilled for 12 hours.

· Firm Handle

Many stainless-steel cups have firm stainless-steel handle attached to them on the side.

The handle gives a good grip for holding the cup when drinking from it and also make the cups portable.

· Suitable Lid

A suitable lid for the cup is mandatory to prevent spilling of beverages that isin the cup.

This makes carrying the cup easy and less messy.

The lid is made from a BPA plastic material and may have a small hole for fitting a straw.

· Sweat Free Design

The vacuum insulation technology makes the body of the cup dry all through.

This maintains dry hands and surface hence giving you a clean drinking experience.

What are the available Lid Options for Stainless Steel Cups?

Stainless steel cups:

Stainless steel cup with lid

Stainless steel cup with lid

· Push in Lids

As the name suggests, this lid provide closure by a pushing into the cup mouth and is opened by pulling out.

It is well fitted to ensure the cup is completely closed and no spillage can occur when the cup is flipped.

· Threaded in Lids

This type of lid has continuous rings around it which fits with the continuous threads on the mouth of the cup.

The lid is then closed in clockwise motion to give a tight seal to the cup.

Such lids have a straw hole to drink from and is closed by a flap or slide.

· Sippy Nipple Lid

This is found in sippy cups used for infant beverages.

They are soft making it easy and comfortable for babies to use.

Do Stainless Steel Cup Manufacturers in China have a Sample Policy?

The sample policy is free samples for available stocks and sample fee for clients who want artwork on the stainless-steel cups.

This sample fee is refundable for orders up to a certain quantity.

Samples are shipped using express couriers such as DHL, TNT, etc.

Clients who do not have shipping accounts pay for freight charges.

Ready samples take 2-3 days to be delivered and customized samples take 5-7 days between production and delivery.

What are the Available Stainless-Steel Cups Designs?

Some of the available designs include coffee cups, wine cups, sippy cups, etc. depending on their uses.

Coffee cups are used to hold beverages such as coffee tea, or hot chocolates.

They maintain the coffee temperature for while making the drinking experience convenient.

Wine cups are convenient for alcoholic drinks which are mostly enjoyed ice cold.

One can add ice cubes to maintained the chilled temperatures throughout.

Sippy cups are used by babies for carrying their milk, these cups are fitted with sippy nipples for easy drinking.

Customers are welcome to choose from available designs or create their own when ordering.

How does Stainless Steel Cups compare to Glass Cups?

Stainless steel cups are made from food grade 18/8 stainless-steel metal whereas glass cups are made from glass material.

Stainless-steel cups are unbreakable thus stay longer than the delicate glass cups which easily shatter when dropped.

Stainless steel cups can be vacuum insulated to preserve beverage temperature for long hours.

Glass cups cannot be made with same technology thus cannot hold preserve hot or cold beverage temperature throughout the day.

Glass cups weigh heavier than stainless-steel cups hence are not easy to carry wherever you go.

Stainless steel cups are sweat free due to the double wall vacuum insulation Glass cups on the other hand are single walled thus allow condensation making your hands wet.

Stainless steel cups do not allow heat transfer through their walls thus, there is no risk of burning.

Conversely, glass cups transmit heat through their walls and can easily burn your hands when holding hot beverages.

Both have wide mouth for easy filling with liquid and ice cubes and hand cleaning.

For all your stainless steel cups, contact LaiKoe now.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Stainless Steel Cup Material?

LaiKoe Stainless Steel Cup is in material of Food Grade stainless steel 18/8 (Grade 304), Lead-Free and Safe for drinking.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 ( Grade 304) Stainless steel consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, is highly sustainable,  100% safe to load water, coffee and other beverages.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

For Stainless steel Cups, order could be delivered within  45-50days, after order confirmed and deposit effected.


What’ your Sample Policy?

2 pcs of Existed Stainless Steel Cup Sample is Free of charge.

Courier cost will be charged and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T, 30% more as deposit, balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on Insulated bottle?

The MOQ is 3000 pcs for Custom Stainless Steel Cups

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