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As one of the premium PVC bottle manufacturers in China, LaiKoe supplies the latest style of PVC Bottles for Dealer, Distributor, and Brand.

You could custom logo printed PVC bottle through Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing Etc. Check all Models Today for your brand.


Custom Your Own Plastic PET Bottle to Boom Your Brand

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Custom Unique PVC Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As a member of  PVC Bottle manufacturers in China, LaiKoe masters those processing way to decorate your custom PVC Bottles. They are Silk Screen Printing,  Heat Transfer Printing etc. Contact Laikoe Anytime to Boom your Business!

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Frosted Coating
  • Silicone Band
  • Gradient Coating

PVC bottle are commonly used to store hold, mix liquids and powders. Laikoe PVC bottle are designed to work with various industry sectors. Personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, household, food and beverages are the following industry sector which PVC bottle is ideal used for. PVC bottle is a very versatile packaging option of your products. Laikoe manufacture high quality, lightweight and recyclable PVC bottles range.

Our range of PVC bottle is known for their durability. This bottle provides an excellent resistance. Laikoe produce huge selection of PVC bottle sizes and styles. You can choose PVC bottle designs according to your personal project and business needs.

These PVC bottle are manufactured using Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC as a material provides high strength yet lightweight. And it reactive less making it particularly fitted for hot fill applications. PVC is least expensive plastics. So you can avail PVC bottle in cost-effective way. All of these PVC plastic bottles are available in bulk quantities.

PVC Plastic Bottles are the best choice if your business products are salad dressings, mineral oil, vinegar, etc. Thus it is also suitable for used in products, such as shampoos and cosmetics. PVC bottle has high impact strength and retain a streaky finish when clear. It also has excellent processing performance and resistance to grease, oil, bases and many other organic solvents. Furthermore, PVC bottles are ideal for products that require long term storage.

Each PVC bottle is designed to work with the color of your business product. Stylish look and accurate size PVC bottle are able to give your product an impressive outlook from the rest. If you want to customize PVC bottle for your specific container requirements, Laikoe R&D team will worked with you. From product designing and labelling to label applications, our staffs have the expertise to help you.

For more than 20 years, Laikoe has been the leading PVC bottle manufacturer in China. We have the ability to provide you the superior quality bottles. These bottles are manufactured using best quality materials and ultra modern machines. Advanced equipments and tools are enclosed with our state of the art equipment production facility.

As a professional PVC bottle manufacturer, we can provide you the best of our services. Before being shipped out, bottles are tested on various quality parameters. Laikoe always ensure that we can deliver the quality approved PVC bottle products for you. From the beginning, Laikoe goal is to help and provide you outstanding PVC bottle throughout the life of your business.

Over the years in manufacturing, we had fulfilled wide needs of various industry demands. This high quality product is manufactured and fabricate by our diligent professionals. You can avail our PVC bottles in affordable prices.

In Laikoe, you can find the ideal packaging solutions to display your product. Any shapes and sizes of bottle, you can get the perfect package for your business.

 If you still don’t see what you need, you can speak up with our sales team and talk about creating the perfect custom PVC bottle to meet your needs.

PVC Bottle Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a type of plastic with good mechanical strength, lightweight, resistant to chemical and organic solvents among others.

It is used in making bottles that are very versatile in packaging industry.

Today’s guide will answer all questions you have been asking about PVC bottles – keep reading.

Are PVC Bottle Safe for Human Drinks?

No, they are not.

PVC materials are naturally rigid in nature.

To make them flexible plasticizer such as phthalate is added to them.

This chemical is hazardous to human health thus the PVC bottles are not safefor use as drinking water bottles.

PVC bottle

PVC Bottle

How does PVC Bottle compare to PET Bottle?

PVC bottles are made from polyvinyl chloride compound whereas PET bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate.

PET bottles are safe for bottling drinking water for human consumption whereas, PVC bottles are not safe for packaging drinking water.

PVC bottles material identifier is #3 to indicating non-recyclability while PET bottles have #1 indicating 100% recyclability.

PVC bottles are less durable because they are easily damaged by sunlight exposure while PET bottles can withstand sunlight hence more durable.

Both bottles are affordable however, PET bottles cost more because they are oil based thus are affected by oil price fluctuations.

PVC bottles are less transparent than PET bottles which give clarity and better view of product.

PVC bottles weigh more than PET bottles.

Whereas PVC bottles can withstand hot refills, PET bottles easily deform when filled with hot liquids.

What is the difference between PVC Bottle and HDPE Bottle?

PVC bottles are made from polyvinyl chloride resin while HDPE bottles are made from high density polyethylene resin.

PVC bottles have code #3 in a triangle on them whereas HDPE bottles have code#2.

PVC bottles cannot be recycled whereas HDPE bottles are the most recycled material.

PVC bottles contain toxins such as BPA and phthalate while HDPE bottles are free of these chemicals.

While PVC bottles are more tough and stiffer, HDPE bottles tend to be softer and easily bendable.

How do PVC Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

In an effort to ensure only quality PVC bottles are shipped, manufacturers carry out inspection of the PVC bottles before shipping.

PVC clear bottle

PVC clear bottle

Manufactures also observe the set international standards of production and have been certified by recognized agencies.

Some of the quality certificates awarded include; FDA, SGS, ISO certifications etc.

They all signify quality standard adherence.

They have trained personnel who supervise every step of production.

They start by inspecting the raw materials and only approve those that pass quality tests.

Random PVC bottles are inspected mid-production before allowing them to proceed to the next step. Faulty bottles are withdrawn at this point.

Final inspection is done to every individual bottle at the end of production before packaging and shipping to clients.

This eliminates any possibility of packaging faulty bottles that might have slipped during the random inspection stage.

Can you Recycle PVC Bottles?

Yes, but you have to be cautious.

PVC bottles are not recyclable because PVC material contain high amounts of chlorine compounds and other hazardous chemicals.

It is therefore likely to emits poisonous fumes such us hydrogen chloride (HCL) which is corrosive in nature.

It requires special recycling system.

How much do PVC Bottles Cost?

The average cost of a plain 100ml PVC bottle is about USD 0.07.

They are the cheapest of plastic materials, because they do not contain oil in them whose prices fluctuates.

This price is however, not the same for customized 100ml bottle. Factors such as color, shape, size, and design affect the overall cost of PVC bottles.

Is there difference between PVC Bottle and PVC Container?


PVC bottles have narrow mouth while PVC containers are wide mouthed.

The shape of PVC bottle is wide at the bottom and narrows at the neck whereas PVC container is equal throughout.

The lid type for PVC container is mostly continuous thread while the bottles have various lid designs.

What are the uses of Plastic Bottle?

Plastic bottle is used for products storage, to hold and mix liquid etc.

It is thus used in various industries as below:

PVC Bottle with cap

PVC Bottle with Cap

· Beauty and Cosmetics

Beauty products such as shampoos, lotions and cosmetics are packaged in plastic bottles ready for distribution.

They can also be used for packaging of liquid disinfectants and come fitted with dispensing caps.

Plastic bottles are ideal since they do not react to grease, oils and even chemicals in the beauty products.

· Food

Plastic bottles are resistant to chemicals such as acids and bases.

Therefore, they are ideal for packaging vinegar, salad dressings, mineral oils etc. in the food industry.

· Pharmaceutical

They are essential in the healthcare industry for holding and storing syrups, powdered drugs, tablets and other medical consumables.

These bottles provide natural barrier to moisture and gases thus maintaining the quality of substance held.

They mostly come with child proof caps or tamper evident caps.

  • Household

In the households, plastic bottles that are designed with sprayer caps and are used to dispense cleaning detergents.

What are the Benefits of PVC Bottles?

One of the benefits of using PVC bottles is that they are light weight and have good mechanical strength.

This makes them easy convenient for storage and transportation of products held.

PVC bottles can withstand high temperatures hence they can be used with hot liquids without deforming.

They are also impermeable to environmental factors such as moisture and gases thus they maintain the quality of product for long.

PVC bottles are affordable because the cost of primary raw material and its production is low.

Using PVC bottles increase your product visible thus marketing which can easily be converted into sales.

What Product can you Package in PVC Bottles?

PVC bottles is resistant to organic solvents, acids, grease, oil and bases hence are used to package various products.

The products include food stuff such as vinegar, salad dressing, mineral oils, etc. beauty products such as shampoo, lotion, etc.

The material used do not react to chemicals hence making it ideal for the above packaging.

What are the Environmental Impacts of PVC Bottles?

When PVC bottles get burnt, they release hydrogen chloride (HCL) fumes due to its chloride component into the environment.

This is not an environment friendly fume as it promotes corroding of metals structures such as house roofs.

Since PVC bottles are least recycled, they end up in landfills where they are degraded due to long exposure to sunlight.

As a result, they end up leaching their toxic chemicals which contaminate the underground water reserves.

How should you Label PVC Bottles?

PVC bottles are labeled using adhesive stickers which should be waterproof and resistant to weather conditions, etc.

When applying labels, you should consider the bottle texture, surface energy, shape and flexibility.

Surface energy of the bottle determines the level of bonding of the label and the bottle.

The higher the surface energy the higher the adhesive bond and vice versa. PVC bottles have higher surface bonding.

Bottle texture such as ridges can cause wrinkling when the label is placed over them.

It is therefore advisable to label a few inches away from the ridges and on flat surface.

When the bottle has tapered shape, apply the label on evenly flat areas to avoid wrinkles.

Finally, softer PVC bottles are hard to label since they bend and cause wrinkles on the label.

What are the Properties of PVC Bottles?

Some of the main properties of PVC bottles are:

· Lightweight

Bottles made of PVC plastic materials are light compared to glass material.

As a result, they are cheaper to ship.

· Natural Barrier

PVC bottles provide a good barrier to moisture and gases.

This prevents contamination of the product held.

· Clarity

PVC bottles are transparent thus it is possible to see the products held.

· Heat Resistant

PVC bottles can withstand high temperatures and are therefore good for hot fills.

· Durable

PVC bottle are resistant to chemical corrosion, abrasion and have good mechanical strength.

They therefore provide long-term storage of products.

· Versatile

The flexibility of PVC material enables the manufacturer to design the bottles in different shapes and styles.

This makes it possible to use the bottle for different purposes.

· Cost-effective

PVC plastic is ranked as the least expensive type of plastic material with good performance.

This makes the production costs of these bottle is very economical, thus are very affordable to buyers.

· Safe Material

PVC materials have been tested and confirmed to meet international standard of health and safe for all its applications.

The bottles do not leech its chemicals into the product held hence the product is not compromised.

What are the available PVC Bottle Designs?

PVC bottles are available in several different designs some of them include; smooth, rough or ridges surfaces.

They can also have handles or not and may be tapering in shape.

Clients can design their own PVC bottles or choose from existing manufacturer designs.

How do you Print on PVC Bottle?

There are different ways of printing on PVC bottles for instant, silk screen printing and heat transfer printing among others.

When printing using silk screen printing technique, a framed mesh is required in order to press permanent ink through it.

The permanent ink transfers the design on the bottle surface through the pores on the mesh.

It is a simple method and very economical when applying different colors.

Heat transfer method is almost similar to silk screen printing.

The only difference is that it uses a heat presser and a special paper to apply the prints on the bottles.

Are PVC Bottles Durable?

PVC bottles have impact strength and excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion and hence are durable.

Are PVC Bottles BPA Free?


PVC bottles contain bisphenol A chemical compound (BPA) in them hence they are not BPA free.

How can you Pay PVC Bottle Manufacturers?

PVC bottle manufacturers offer flexible payment methods to their clients.

Some of the methods include using telegraphic transfer (T/T) or by letter of credit (LC) on sight.

Usually, payment can be one time or in installment depending on the order placed. Available stocks are paid fully before shipment is initiated, while customized orders are paid in installments.

A deposit of 30-50% is done upon order confirmation and the balance paid once production is completed.

Are PVC Bottles Resistant to Permeation?


One of the properties of PVC bottles is natural barrier to environmental factors such as moisture and gases.

This ensures that the product quality is not compromised during storage.

Why import from PVC Bottle Manufacturer in China?

China manufacturers are known to manufacture and export quality PVC bottles.

This is because they use high quality raw PVC material in their production process.

Also, China manufacturers have vast experience in packaging industry and so are able to identify and seal loop holes on time.

For instance, they use ultra-modern automated machines in their production to improve efficiency.

This has fastened production thus meeting the growing demand of PVC bottles and also ensuring timely delivery of all their orders.

Manufacturers in China strictly follow the set standard of PVC bottle production.

This has ensured production of high-quality bottles throughout.

They do this through their quality assurance departments.

Additionally, their production plants have been inspected and approved by international bodies such as European health safety agency, FDA, etc.

Clients who would like to customize their PVC bottle orders are allowed to so.

This is done by design team who are ready to guide and assist clients on how to go about such orders.

The fact that China is the leading producer of plastic material, has made accessibility of raw material easy and cheap.

This lowers the overall production cost of PVC bottles thus enabling the manufacturer to offer competitive pricing to clients.

Furthermore, China manufacturers offer shipping services to their clients.

This eases the burden of outsourcing a different shipping agent by the client.

Finally, once your PVC bottle order is shipped, the after sales team follows up to ensure you are satisfied with the delivery.

In case of customer complaint, necessary action is taken as it arises.

Can you use PVC Bottles for Hot Refills?


PVC bottles are stable and do not deform when filled with hot liquids.

What are the Lid Designs for PVC Bottles?

There are various lid types for PVC bottles:

· Dispensing Taps

These types of lids have a tap or faucet that controls the flow of the liquid substance in the PVC bottle.

They are common with large volume materials such as cleaning detergents, laundry liquid etc.

It is easy to dispense and shut the flow of liquid.

They come in various colors, shapes and can be designed to your specifications.

· Continuous Thread Caps

Continuous thread caps (CT) use different of closure style such as twist caps, screw caps or flip top closure.

Clients can choose the material type as well as color for their PVC bottles lids.

· Dispensing Caps

This lid design popular is different areas such household, beauty products, cosmetics and healthcare.

It features different closure styles such as, child proof closure, open and close twist, flip top closure, hinged closure among others.

It comes in various colors to fit your needs.

· Child Resistant Caps

Just as the name suggests, these are made to keep out children from dangerous products such as medicine.

They come in various closure style such as continuous thread, hinged closure, push down and turn closure etc.

They are available in different colors.

· Sprayers

They are reliable and dispense the right amount of product with a gentle push on the lid.

The liquid may come out as a fine mist, regular mist or trigger spray.

These lids come in assorted colors.

· Pumps

The most popular pump design is the lotion pump.

It is available in different neck size, color and closure diameter to fit your PVC bottles.

· Tamper Evident Lids

They are assurance of quality product since these lid types will show when the there’s any form of interference.

The security tape between the lid and the bottles cannot be restored once broken.

They are ideal in pharmaceutical and chemical packaging

Do PVC Bottle Manufacturers in China have Product Return Policy?

Manufacturers have a return policy in place for such occurrence.

When clients receive their goods either tampered with or not satisfied with their appearance, they can contact the manufacturer.

This is done within the specified time period as indicated by the company.

The client is requested to share photographs of the products with reason for return.

The manufacturer then assesses the photo and when satisfied with the claim, they direct the client on next step.

The client gets a refund or replacement of those damaged.

Only unused and PVC bottles in their original package are accepted back.

How do you Test Quality of PVC Bottles?

Testing for the quality of PVC bottle can be done by checking the material identifier at the bottom of the bottle.

Code #3 in a triangle indicates that the bottle in made of PVC material.

Another way of testing quality is by filling the PVC bottle with water and check for leakage on its surface.

The bottle is then tightly closed with a lid and inverted, squeezed and tilted and again checked for leakage.

Additionally, fill the bottle with water and let it rest for some hours.

It is then check if there is any change in color or the presence of residues.

Finally, use hot water to fill the bottle and see if there is any change in the shape.

If it remains unchanged, the bottle is truly a PVC bottle.

What are the Disadvantages of using PVC Bottle?

PVC bottles are not recyclable therefore, they contribute to environmental pollution when dumped in landfills.

PVC bottles are prone to damage when exposed to sunlight for long.

This makes them harden then break afterwards.

Are there Size Limitations for PVC Bottles?

No. PVC bottles are available in different sizes depending on the intended usage.

These sizes usually range between 10ml to 1000ml however, clients are free to order any size they want.

What are the Available Shapes for PVC Bottles?

There are several shapes for PVC bottles. Some of the shapes include, cylindrical which is the most common one, rectangular, octagon, round and many others.

Clients who wish to have their PVC bottles in customized shapes can specify in their orders.

Are there Color Limitations for PVC Bottles?

Absolutely not.

PVC bottles can be clear or pigmented. Some of the colors include; blue, black, white, orange, black, etc. depending on use.

One can order for customized colored PVC bottles by indicating the color number to be matched on the pantone color scheme.

How long do PVC Bottle Manufacturer take to Deliver Bottles?

Delivery time of PVC bottles differ depending on factors such as bottle availability, quantity, mode of shipping and customization.

The minimum time being 5 days and maximum 60 days.

Stocked PVC bottles are shipped within 24 hours of confirmed payment. Customized PVC bottles take longer time to produce and therefore, will affect delivery time.

Shipment done by air take between 5-10 days to deliver while sea freight takes between 15-45 days.

How can you Customize PVC Bottles?

PVC Bottle

PVC bottle

Clients who wish to design their PVC bottle may do so using the following steps:

  1. Emailing the manufacturer about your PVC bottle specifications.
  2. The manufacturer’s design personnel respond with how to share your design idea using formats such as JPEG, PDF etc.
  3. Once the specifications are received, the R&D team comes up with a sample PVC bottle and share with you.
  4. You are to confirm if the sample is satisfactory or needs adjustments. Thereafter, the manufacturer shares with you the costings for customized bottle and an agreement is signed by both of you.
  5. A deposit of payment is done and PVC bottles produced. When production is finished, a picture is sent to client and the balance paid before shipment.

At LAIKOE, we manufacture high quality and safe PVC bottles.

Contact us today for competitive prices in PVC bottle.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Material is PVC Bottle?

LaiKoe Plastic PVC Bottles use Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to manufacture PVC bottle

Are these Plastic Material Durable?

PVC is a material provides high strength yet lightweight. And it reactive less making it particularly fitted for hot fill applications.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

The averaged lead time of Laikoe PVC bottle order is 35 days, starts from the date order confirmed with deposit paid, and all details get approved.

What’ your Sample Policy?

Free charge for existed PVCt bottle samples.

Courier cost will be charged and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T, with Deposit of 30-50%, balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on PVC bottle?

20,000 pcs to start your custom plastic PVC bottle

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