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Most Popular Plastic Bottle Models

As the main plastic water bottle manufacturer,  LaiKoe supplies the latest style of Plastic Bottles for Importer, Distributor and Dealer.

Laikoe Plastic Bottle manufacturer could be finished by Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating / Powder Coat and Gradient finishing.

You could manufacture custom plastic bottles through Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing Etc. Check all Models Today for your Plastic Bottle brand.


Single Wall Plastic Bottle, Ink Body w Black Lid, Tritan 

Blue Plastic Bottle w Built In Straw, Tritan 

Single Wall Plastic Bottle, Screw Top Lid, Tritan 

Big Capacity Plastic Bottle, Red Body w Steel Lid, PS

Single Wall Plastic Bottle, Straight Body w Plain Lid, Tritan

Purple Frosted Coated Printing Plastic Bottle, Tritan 

Blue Plastic Bottle w Measuring, Anti-ash Screw on Lid, Tritan 

Red Frosted Plastic Bottle, 2 Caps Screw on Cap, Tritan 

Purple Plastic Bottle, Latest Flip top Lid, Tritan 

Single Wall Green Plastic Bottle, Lid w Safety Closure, Tritan 

Wide Mouth Plastic Bottle, Green Body w Plain Strap Lid, Tritan 

Green Plastic Bottle w Straw, Flip Top Lid, Tritan 

Wide Mouth Plastic Tritan Bottle, Green Body w Steel Lid

Plastic Tritan Bottle, w Silicone Gripper and Screw on Top Lid

Custom Your Own Plastic Bottle to Boom Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Design Idea for your Plastic Bottle
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment for Manufacturing
  4. Your Plastic Bottle Production & Shipment
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Custom Unique Plastic Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As a master of  Plastic Bottle manufacturer and Suppliers in China, LaiKoe masters those processing way to decorate your custom Plastic Bottle. They are Silk Screen Printing,  Heat Transfer Printing etc.  Contact Laikoe Anytime to Boom your Business!

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Frosted Coating
  • Silicone Band
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe plastic bottle is applicable for packaging various products including carbonated beverages, water bottles, food packaging, detergents, household, pharmaceutical, and much more. This container is also suitable for your fragrance and personal care business product. This kinds of bottles are lighter in weight and has excellent resistance to breakage and shattering. Besides, our plastic bottles are cost-effective.

These lightweight Laikoe plastic bottles are durable and tough that every kids, ladies, adults could have it. In Laikoe, we offer a wide array of plastic bottle of sizes, shapes, and colors, which meet your specific requirements. Each of our plastic bottles is manufactured using our advanced technological production.

Laikoe plastic bottles are FDA and BPA approved, so you could guarantee that contents will be safe.  As a reliable plastic bottles manufacturer, we always make sure that we used brand new materials and not recycled ones to guarantee our products will give good quality and increase working efficiency. We assure you that our plastic bottles are defect-free bottles.

Moreover, these plastic bottles feature a body with a generous surface to display your brand. Thus, plastic bottles cap can be twist, flip top or it can be pull top. Laikoe plastic water bottle is securely sealed and 100% guarantee leakage proof. With that property, it prevents bottles from accidental spill.

Our plastic bottles can be modify and tailored according to your particular applications. Our professional designing team will help you with the bottle design, moulds and proofs of products. You can add your company logo and more product info on the label. For more than 10 years, we are leading custom plastic bottle manufacturer. We are committed in providing an exceptional quality packaging solutions. 

In manufacturing plastic bottles, we’re not only excels as plastic water bottle manufacturer. But we are also the best bottles plastic juice bottle, plastic beverage bottle manufacturer. Laikoe will surely gain your trust if you only let us be you partner in this industry.

Laikoe is one of the most trusted and reliable plastic bottle supplier and manufacturer. We are specialist in manufacturing all kinds of plastic bottles distributed all over the world. Not only standard designs, we also accept and manufacture all given custom designs with our best quality and services.

Laikoe focus on managing the production of plastic bottles to ensure the quality of our products. Our engineers are all experienced in this industry. Well-trained in production and customizations. Their main job is to offer you outstanding quality and incomparable services.

In Laikoe, we give our best to improvise our range of plastic bottles, to give value to our business and to our customers. For years with all supports of our professional engineers, we manage to creatively modernize all kinds of plastic bottles and gain trust all across the world. We have trained ourselves to develop incredible range of plastic bottles for any application our customers need.

Plastic water bottles from Laikoe can also fit on modern styles because it is created with a combination of modern designs, colors, and plastic bottle that is giving hydration in all new versions. Laikoe is equipped with the newest machines and professional staffs that are already experienced in this industry.

We are so eager to attain high standard plastic bottles professionally. Indeed, if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of all kinds of plastic bottle, Laikoe is what you need.

Plastic Bottle Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have been asking about plastic bottles.

It will help you choose high quality, cost effective and durable plastic bottles.

Let’s dive right in.

How does Plastic Bottle compare to Stainless Steel Bottle?

There are a number of factors that distinguishes plastic bottles and the stainless steel bottles.

Some of those factors include;

Stainless steel bottle

Stainless steel bottle

Cost- Plastic bottles are generally cheaper than stainless steel bottles

Producing stainless steel bottles is very expensive.

This factor makes plastic bottle very attractive for customers.

Durability- Stainless steel bottles are more durable than plastic bottles.

This is because they are more resistant to corrosion

The stainless steel bottle can last for about 12 years.

Plastic bottles can be recycled.

But, it is not 100 percent recyclable while stainless steel bottle is 100 percent recyclable.

Plastic bottle

Plastic bottle

Which Plastic Material is used to make Bottles?

Plastic bottle are made of polymers.

The materials use to make plastic bottles include; low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polystyrene, and polyethylene terephthalate.

High density polyethylene– Is the most commonly used material to make plastic bottles.

It has resin identification code 2 and translucent in nature.

It forms resistant to many solvents and has a high-density-to-strength ratio.

This property makes it ideal for reusable and recyclable bottles.

It offers resistance to impacts.

Low density polyethylene– it has resin identification code 4.

It is more translucent, less resistant to chemicals and less rigid.

Besides, it is mostly used to make plastic bags.

Also, it is more resistant to stress cracking than high density polyethylene.

Polyethylene terephthalate– it has resin identification code 1.

Besides, it is strong and light in nature.

It offers resistance to impacts.

This plastic is mainly used for carbonated beverages, water and food products.

Polystyrene- has resin identification code 6.

It is rigid and has low thermal conductivity.

Also, it is often used to make bottles for dry products such as vitamins and aspirins.

Other materials include; polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene.

What are the Features of Insulated Plastic Bottle?

Here are some of the features of insulated plastic bottle;

Insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottle

· Cost-effective in the long-run

Insulated plastic bottles can serve for a longer period thus saving on the money that could have been used to purchase another bottle.

· Chemical-free

Insulated plastic bottle do not leach chemicals into the drinks hence they are safe to use.

· Temperature retaining capacity

Insulated steel bottles are vacuum sealed and therefore they can retain hot or cold temperatures despite the changes in the surrounding temperature.

· Durable

Insulated plastic bottle are strong and tough therefore they do not break easily when dropped.

What are the Available Sizes of Plastic Bottle?

Plastic bottles come in a variety of sizes as long as the bottle is portable.

The size will therefore depend on the applications requirements.

Which Beverages Can Plastic Bottle Hold?

Plastic bottles are normally safe for keeping beverages.

It can hold both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic beverages.

Some of those beverages include; milk, beer, wine, juice, coffee, tea, liquor among others.

Which Plastic Bottle Designs and Shapes are there?

Plastic bottles can be molded to different unique shapes and designs.

Each shape has its own unique qualities.

Some of the plastic bottle shapes and designs available include;

  • Cylindrical plastic bottle
  • Boston round plastic bottle
  • Square plastic bottle
  • Oval plastic bottle
  • Oblong plastic bottle
  • Narrow mouth plastic bottle

These shapes are available with many different caps option.

Are there Color Limitations of Plastic Bottle?

Although most of the PET plastic bottles are transparent, there are still variety of colors you can get from plastic bottle.

The color will therefore depend on the application requirements.

Of course, you can also get PVC bottles.

How do you Manufacture Plastic Bottle?

Plastic manufacturing process occurs in stages.

The stages include;

Preparation of Raw Materials

First, you need to identify the raw materials required during the process.

There are varieties of raw materials used to manufacture plastic bottle.

They include: polyethylene terephthalate, low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene etc.

In this case we will use a polyethylene terephthalate.

Polymerization Reaction

Before the manufacturing process begins, the polyethylene terephthalate{PET} must undergo polymerization reaction.

This reaction helps in the formation of a long molecular chains.

During this reaction, the two most common impurities are created i.e. diethylene glycol and acetaldehyde.

The levels of diethylene glycol are kept minimum to ensure that the final product is not affected.

Acetaldehyde levels are also kept low using the optimum injection-molding techniques.

This is help in preventing beverages from being affected by the acetaldehyde.

Once the polymerization is done, manufacturing process begins;

Step 1; The polyethylene terephthalate is heated up.

It is then placed in a parison and allowed to cool.

Once the parison has cooled, it is cut into the correct length.

Step 2;The parison is heated up and placed inside a bottle shaped mold containing screwtop.

A steel rod is then inserted into the parison, this allows highly pressurized air into the parison and stretch the plastic.

The combination of high temperature and the stretching enables the molecules to polarize and a bottle is formed.

Step 3; The bottle is allowed to cool to avoid creep and then removed.

After the manufacturing process, there are tests done by the manufacturers to ensure the bottle is safe for use.

The tests include;

  • Tilt test
  • Thermal stability test
  • Top load tests
  • Coefficient of friction test
  • Pasteurization test

How do Plastic Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

They test samples of the bottle products to ensure they are of high quality.

This also helps to ensure that all expectations and the application requirements are achieved.

Some of the tests done include;

  • Stress crack test is done to evaluate the performance of the plastic bottle when exposed to high temperatures or dipped in a stress agent.
  • Volume test determines the maximum capacity the bottle can hold.
  • Acetaldehyde test to determine the amount of acetaldehyde in a plastic bottle.
  • Pasteurization test that determines the performance of the during the pasteurization process.
  • Tilt tests.
  • The creep test/thermal stability test.

They also do regular inspection during the manufacturing process to ensure that all the expectations are met.

Should you Buy from Plastic Bottle Manufacturers or Alibaba?

Buying from manufacturers is the best option due to the following reasons;

  • You will be able get your plastic bottle at a more affordable price as compared to when you buy from Alibaba.

Some of the Alibaba suppliers may increase the price of bottles in order to earn profit from their sales.

  • You will have a chance to negotiate on the price of the bottle.

Do Plastic Bottle Manufacturers have Flexible MOQ?

Of course they have,

They have minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces to start your custom plastic bottle.

Of Course, there are manufacturers who offer flexible MOQ.

What are the Parts of Plastic Bottle?

Plastic bottle is made of various parts.

They include: heel, orifice, the body, shoulder, finish and the base.

Here are some of the significance of every part;

Parts of plastic bottle

Parts of plastic bottle

Orifice: it is the central opening of a plastic bottle.

It is through this opening that the bottle is filled with water, beverages or any other drinks.

Finish: it is the part next to the orifice.

For the bottle to work properly, you should always ensure the bottle closure and the finish are matching.

The body: this is the main part of the bottle.

It contains and display the filled products.

Heel: this is just the curvature towards the bottom of the bottle before reaching the base.

It joins the sidewall to the bottom bearing surface.

The base: it is situated at the bottom of the bottle.

Its function is mainly to provide a balanced foundation of which the bottle can stand.

How does Plastic Bottle compare to Plastic Tumbler?

Plastic bottle and plastic tumblers are similar in terms of their functions and features.

However, there is a slight variation the design.

Plastic bottle

Plastic bottle

Plastic tumbler

Plastic tumbler

What are the Available Surface Finishing Options for Plastic Bottle?

Surface finishing plays a very important role in the appearance and the performance of the plastic bottle.

Surface finishing makes the finished parts to look more attractive.

Surface finishing for plastic material is divided into two i.e. in-mould finishings and the post-mould finishings.

In-mould finishing involves coloring of the bottle thus improving on the appearance and making the bottle to look more attractive.

Post-moulding finishing emphasize on the feel and the texture of the bottle.

It involves painting, laser engraving, pad printing, screen printing among others.

Is Plastic Bottle Safe?

Of course,

Plastic bottles used in food and beverages are usually safe.

The materials used to make the plastic bottle are BPA free and phthalate free hence they are safe for drinking water and beverages.

The plastic bottles are regulated by FDA to ensure they are safe for the intended purpose.

Which Payment Terms do Plastic Bottle Manufacturers Accept?

You are supposed to pay 30% of the initial price when making your order and 70% balance payment after the manufacturing has been done.

The balance payment is paid before shipping is done {before the original Bill of landing is issued}.

The balance payment will be withheld until the quality inspection is completed and after the lab tests results are back.

Which Quality Certifications do Plastic Bottle Manufacturers offer?

To be assured that the bottle product is safe and of good quality, the plastic bottle must have the quality certification.

ISO certification is one of the quality certification offered.

ISO certification indicates that the manufacturing process, management system has all requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

Here are some of the ISO standards and their significance;

ISO 9001:2015; It defines the general procedures and processes required to meet the quality standards.

ISO 17100:2015; It outlines specific processes, resource requirements and guidelines required for the delivery of high quality transition services.

ISO 13485:2016; It specifies the requirements of the quality management system.

Can Plastic Bottle Manufacturers offer Branding Solutions?

Of course they do.

They customize plastic bottles according to your designs.

The customization process include unique shapes, features and printing.

How do you Choose Lid and Caps for Plastic Bottle?

Where choosing lids and caps for your plastic bottle, there are factors you need to consider.

They include;

· Size

This is the most important factor to consider.

Before you choose caps and lids for your bottle, you need to know the correct size that will fit correctly to prevent leakages, evaporation etc.

Choosing the correct cap also help to improve the performance of the bottle.

· Type of Lids and Caps available

The type of the lid and caps will depend with the design of the bottle neck.

There are various types of lids and caps i.e. crown cork, flip-top, screw cap etc.

Screw cap is the most commonly used cap for plastic bottles this is because they are easy to apply.

How can you get Best Prices from Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in China?

Buying in bulk: Most of the manufacturers normally allow discounts to those that buy the plastic bottles in bulk.

Therefore, bulk buying will enable you to get the product at a lower price than the original one.

Negotiating over the price: This will enable you to get the product at a more affordable price.

Do Plastic Bottle Manufacturers offer Warranty?

Definitely most plastic bottles manufacturers and distributors offers limited lifetime warranty to their products.

This warranty will only cover the manufacturers defects.

The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear i.e. scratches, dents, paints among others.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Bottle?

A lot of benefits accrues from using plastic bottles.

They include;

Safe and rugged: Plastic bottle are safe to handle since they do not easily break or shatter when dropped.

The materials used to make plastic bottles are BPA free hence they are safe for drinking water and beverages.

Color and shape variety: Plastic bottles can be molded into different shapes.

They also come in a variety of colors therefore the customers will a wide variety of products to choose from.

Inexpensive: Plastic bottles are generally cheaper than stainless steel bottles and glass bottle.

The method of producing the plastic bottles is also cheaper compared to other bottles.

Saves on energy: Plastic bottles has low melting point therefore they require less energy to manufacture.

The light weight of plastic bottles also reduces the energy required to ship the product.

Are there Disadvantages of Plastic Bottle?

Although a lot of benefits accrues from plastic bottles, there are also limitations to using it.

Plastic bottles when burnt, they release harmful gases that causes air pollution and may also result into many health problems.

The plastic bottles can release potentially harmful chemicals into your water.

This will occur when the bottle is exposed to heat or the UV radiation from the sun which damages the outer layer of the bottle.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you keep your bottle away from heat or UV radiations to avoid such problems.

Instead of burning the plastic bottle, it can be recycled into a secondary product to avoid pollution to the environment.

Are Plastic Bottle BPA Free?

Most definitely!

The plastic bottles do not contain BPA.

However, these bottle may contain some potentially harmful chemicals after they have been used.

So to avoid this, it is always recommended that you clean your bottle using hot water and soap immediately after use.

How much Do Plastic Bottles Cost?

The price of plastic bottles varies depending on the color, size, quality of the bottle among others.

The average price of a single plastic is about 1.45 Us Dollars.

How does Plastic Bottle compare to Glass Bottle?

They both performs similar functions of holding water, beverages or any other drinks.

However, they are a few factors that differentiate glass bottles from plastic bottles.

They include;

Cost- Plastic bottles are generally cheaper than glass bottles.

This is due to the fact that they have low melting point hence they require less energy to manufacture.

Glass bottle on the other hand is expensive to produce since they require a lot of energy during the production process.

Shipping glass bottles is costly since they are heavy weight.

Durability- Plastic bottles is more durable than glass bottles.

This is because the plastic bottles do not easily break or shatter while the glass bottle can easily break when dropped.

Therefore, the glass bottle need to be handled properly for it to serve for a longer time.

Impact on health- Glass bottle are free from potentially harmful chemical hence they do not have negative impacts on health.

Unlike the plastic bottle which may contain harmful chemicals after use.

So it is always advisable to clean your plastic bottle with hot water and soap immediately after use.

You should also keep the plastic bottle away from heat or UV radiation to prevent the release of such harmful chemicals into your product.

Recyclability- Glass bottle is 100 percent recyclable and when recycling is done, the resulting product has no loss of quality.

Unlike plastic bottle which is not 100 percent recyclable.

When recycling plastic bottle, the bottle is used to make synthetic products like carpets but it cannot be used to make another bottle.

In terms of weight, plastic bottle is lighter while the glass bottle is heavy.

What should you Consider when Buying Plastic Bottle?

Here are the main factors that you need to consider before buying plastic bottle.

Cost- Plastic bottles are cheaper in terms of the pricing and the method of production.

They also have a lighter weight thus reducing the shipping cost.

Material used- There variety of materials used to make plastic bottle.

But it is always important to choose a high quality material that can enable your plastic bottle to serve for a longer period.

Some of the material that can be used include; low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate among others.

High-density polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate are the most commonly used materials.

Color and shape- Plastic bottles comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

Durability- You should ensure that your plastic bottle look for a longer time.

To achieve this, you have to choose a plastic bottle made of high quality material that can serve for a longer period.

Portability aspect- You should ensure that the plastic bottle is light and can be carried from one place to another.

Safety- Most of the plastic bottles are BPA.

But it is still recommended that you check whether your plastic bottle is BPA free or not.

Plastic bottle manufacturers normally make the label as a reassurance that the bottle is free from BPA and it is safe to use.

At LAIKOE, we strive to give you high quality and reliable plastic bottles.

Whether you need standard or custom designs, our team will help you skyrocket your plastic bottle business.

Contact us now for competitive proves on plastic bottles.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Material is Plastic Bottle?

LaiKoe Plastic Bottles are in Material 100% Virgin Plastic, like Tritan, PS, PP, ABS. 

Are these Plastic Material Safe?

Tritan, PS, PP, ABS Laikoe used is BPA Free and Phthalate Free (6P), they are safe for drinking water and beverages.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

The averaged lead time of plastic bottle order is 35 days, starts from the date order confirmed with deposit paid, and preproduction samples approved.

What’ your Sample Policy?

Free charge for existed plastic bottle samples.

Printing Plate charge (Pattern fee) ranges from usd300-800 will be charged for Heat transfer printing.

Courier cost will be charged and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T, with Deposit no less than 30%, balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

Negotiation for more methods.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on plastic bottle?

5000 pcs to start your custom plastic bottle

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