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LaiKoe is one of the main plastic PET bottles manufacturers in China, supplies the latest style of PET Bottles for Dealer, Distributor, and Brand.

Your could custom logo printed pet bottle through Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing Etc. Check all Models Today for your brand.



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Custom Unique PET Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As a master of  PET Bottle manufacturers in China, LaiKoe masters those processing way to decorate your custom PET Bottles. They are Silk Screen Printing,  Heat Transfer Printing etc. Contact Laikoe Anytime to Boom your Business!

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Frosted Coating
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Laikoe PET bottle is one of the popular choices of packaging commercial and industrial products. Our PET bottle product lines include fragrance, household, personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverages markets. PET bottle has numerous benefits to the consumer and for the environment.

PET bottle is 100% recyclable. It can be reused over and over again in many applications. PET materials have been known for its transparency and for being food grade. This kind of bottle is also familiar because it is odourless. In Laikoe, we have created PET bottles range from 10ml to 1.2 litres. Our PET plastic bottles feature high gloss accurate wall distribution, clean neck, surface finish and crystal clarity.

The PET bottles are manufactured using our latest technology production and innovative techniques. In that way, we can assure to provide you the highest standard of quality in our products. Over the years of expertise, our team of workers has the ability to provide instant bottle solutions.

These PET bottles are lightweight. It requires lesser energy to transport. Plus, it is safe from any shutter and hazards cause of broken and damage. PET plastic bottle are handy and convenient for on-the-go consumption. These bottles can be moulded into various shapes. Laikoe always upgrade their production to produce stylish, functional and safe plastic packaging.

Laikoe create PET bottles products in a various sizes and shapes. Our range of PET bottles can be customized according to your specifications. Custom PET bottles allow you to build and promote your identity and brand. Laikoe offer fully one stop shop services for your customization. From designing, production to labelling, Laikoe provide real-time custom solutions for every packaging challenge.

Laikoe is one of the well-known PET plastic bottles manufacturers in China. Our PET bottles had been acknowledged by a lot of customers. Their endless options of PET bottles will suit each and every of their requirements and demands.

Over 20 years of industrial experience, Laikoe has gain rich expertise in manufacturing PET bottles. Our experienced and knowledgeable team have mastered the art of offering flawless product range and providing quality services. Our knowledge, team work and expertise allow us to any inquiries and advice you may require. We can deliver your order in superior quality on-schedule.

As a reliable supplier with efficient ability, we are able to produce PET bottles that meet your specific business and project needs. Our in-house production, we can offer you very competitive cost for your orders. Laikoe always looks the best solution for you. Through our strong business values and outstanding products, we had served customers based in North America, Europe countries and Canada, thus we are looking forward on serving customers from Australia and other countries. Laikoe as a PET bottle manufacturer will give the best that you need. Quality products, effective services, professional team and in-house manufacturing, Laikoe has it all.

For your next packaging challenge, please contact or call us. So we could discuss what we can offer you.



PET Bottle Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle is a type of plastic bottle that is a highly valuable in packaging.

This is due to its durability, lightweight and inactivity.

It is commonly used to package of beverages, personal care products, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Is PET Bottle Safe?

PET bottles have been tested and cleared by global health and safety bodies such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

They have been found to be inert hence leech free, bisphenol A (BPA), and phthalate compounds free and 100% recyclable.

PET Bottle

PET Bottle

What are the uses of PET Bottle?

Some of the main uses include:

· Food Processing Industry

This industry uses PET bottle to package products such as edible oil, salad dressings, sauces among others.

This is because PET bottles do not react with these products thus safe for human use.

· Beverages Industry

Beverages such as carbonated soft drinks, juices are packaged in PET bottles and distributed globally.

Being durable and lightweight compared to glass bottles make it easier to handle and ship in PET bottles.

Such industries have their PET bottles printed with their logo.

· Personal Care Products

Cosmetic industry uses PET bottles to package shampoo, liquid soap, mouthwash etc. because the bottles do not react with these products.

· Water Bottling Industry

Mineral water is bottled in PET plastics.

The bottles come in different shapes and sizes for customers to choose from.

Corporate companies may customize their water bottles for personalized touch.

Large capacities such as 20 liters bottles can be refilled with water and reused.

· Retail and Wholesale Stores

Retail stores use PET bottles to repackage their products.

Some are sold empty for various use for instant spray bottle for home use.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

Medicine such as syrup are packaged in PET bottles.

They are available in different capacities which are ideal for medical use.

The syrup stays uncontaminated since the bottles are BPA free and inert.

What are the Benefits of PET Bottle?

Some of the benefits of PET bottle are:

· Food Grade and Safe

PET bottles have been cleared to be non-reactive with its content.

They therefore maintain the purity and integrity of the food or beverage held.

· Lightweight

The bottles weigh much less than glass bottles of the same volume.

This adds negligible weight to its content hence reducing shipping cost.

· Recyclable

Used PET bottles can be collected and remolded into brand new PET bottles, containers and several other valuable products.

It is therefore sustainable and does not harm the environment.

· Leak Free

PET bottles are manufactured in a compact design thus there is no joint line on it.

They also come with tight fitting lids thus making them leak free.

· Odorless

Due to its resistance to microorganism growth and build up, it remains odorless.

· Reusable

PET bottles that originally had water can be cleaned after its first use and refilled or used for beverage.

This is because these bottles do not react to the contents and are not prone to microorganism attack.

· Good Barrier Property

PET bottles are not permeable to gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide or moisture.

This prevent any reaction that would otherwise occur between the gas and the content held.

It therefore guarantees freshness for longer.

· Transparent

The high gloss and crystal-clear finish give the product held good visibility automatically attracting attention.

This easily markets the product thus increasing sales.

· Design Flexibility

The malleability makes it possible to mold into various bottle shapes, sizes and designs

How does PET Bottle compare to PVC Bottle?

PET bottles are manufactured from plastic material known as Polyethylene terephthalate whereas PVC bottles are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

PET bottles have code # 1 in a triangle and PET next to it signifying that it is 100% recyclable.

On the other hand, PVC bottles have #3 in a triangle and cannot be recycle.

PET bottles are phthalate free whereas PVC bottle contain phthalate as it is added to make the material flexible.

PET bottles are generally transparent in appearance while PVC bottles are white in color.

PET bottles can not be used with hot liquid as it will easily deform.

PVC bottle can withstand hot fills.

Both of them are commonly used in food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for packaging.

Both PET and PVC bottles are a type of plastic materials developed by combining different chemicals to form polymers.

Are PET Bottles Reusable?

Yes, they are.

PET bottles have been tested and found safe for reuse by health safety agencies such as FDA.

They are generally stable and chemically inactive hence do not release harmful chemicals.

Additionally, they are resistant to micro organism.

How do you Manufacture PET Bottle?

PET bottle manufacturing basically involves pre-form manufacturing and bottle stretch blow molding.

There are two different manufacturing methods namely; one-step hot perform and two-step cold perform.

Hot Perform Method

This method involves manufacturing PET preforms from PET granules in one integrated machine.

It works by heating the PET granules to a molten liquid before injection molding into a preform.

The now elastic preform then is stretch blown into a bottle of any desired shape.

One-step method is economical because it saves on energy and is ideal for small or medium PET companies.

Cold Preform Method

Unlike the one-step method, this one uses two machines which perform injection and blow molding respectively.

It is the commonly used method by manufacturers of PET bottle.

PET plastics tend to absorb moisture, hence are first dried in an oven or dehumidifier to lower the water content.

This increases durability and improves on bottle transparency.

Injection Molding PET Granules

The first step in cold perform method is injecting molten PET granules into injection cavity to form preforms.

Also, the temperature of the molding machine is varied depending on mold design.

Preform is then cooled in water maintained at 15-20 degrees Celsius and controlled pressure before being ejection.

Stretch Blow Molding

This happens in the machine two to form PET bottles.

It involves heating the manufactured PET preform into elastic state before blowing into a bottle.

PET preform is mounted into the blower and compressed purified air blown into the preform to stretch into desired shape.

This increase the tensile and impact strength of the bottle.

Overall, this method loose energy during production compared to one-step method.

However, the machine used are fully automated and more efficient hence ideal for medium to large PET production companies.

How does PET Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

PET Water Bottle

PET Water bottle

To ensure quality PET bottle production, manufacturers have quality assurance department.

By constantly train their quality assurance personnel manufacturers do ensure strict adherence to global standard of production.

Quality control of PET bottle is done in designated stages of production.

It starts with inspection of the PET resins to be used before production begins.

During production process factors such as temperature, pressure, humidity, elasticity and air purification are set accordingly.

These affect the PET bottle produced at the end.

Those PET bottles that do not match the specified shape, color, size or design are removed from the process and recycled.

They also respond to customer inquiries on time thus maintaining good customer relation throughout their interaction.

Do PET Bottle Manufacturers offer Free Samples?

Yes. Existing PET bottles stock are offered to clients as free samples with the freight charges covered by the clients.

They are delivered via courier services such as DHL on clients’ account and normally take 2-3 days.

Customized samples are charged and take about 7 days to deliver.

This fee is refunded upon order.

Which Liquids can you carry in PET Bottles?

PET bottle can be used to carry beverages, water, shampoo, cream, medical drugs and many others.

They cannot be used for hot liquids as this may deform the bottle.

Which Payments Options do PET Bottle Manufacturers Accept?

PET bottles manufacturers accept different payment methods namely; PayPal, telegraphic transfer (T/T), trade assurance or letter of credit (LC) on sight.

The terms of payments however, depend on order size and availability of stock.

Fully available stock attracts full payment before shipment of order whereas, customized order require 30-50% deposit upon sample confirmation.

The remaining balance is cleared once production ends just before shipping.

Why should you Buy from PET Bottle Manufacturers in China and no Alibaba?

There are several reasons as to why one should buy from PET manufacturers as opposed to Alibaba.

Clients who buy from manufacturers are offered free samples for existing PET bottle whereas they are sold on Ali baba.

It is also not possible to request for customized sample on Ali baba platform.

PET bottle manufacturers have flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Clients are able to negotiate for lower MOQ for their trial markets.

This is not offered on Ali baba, all their MOQ are fixed.

Thirdly, manufacturers allow OEM service hence it is easy to customize your PET bottles.

This service is not offered on Ali baba.

Additionally, clients are able to return goods to manufacturers when not satisfied with the outcome.

Goods once sold cannot be refunded or exchanged on Ali baba.

Also, manufacturers may offer to ship freely for large orders while Ali baba won’t ship for free.

Lastly, manufacturers offer discounts on large orders.

This makes bulky orders cheaper in the long run.

Ali baba does not offer discounts on goods.

Are PET Bottles Durable?


PET bottles are strong, do not leech and are not easily affected by microorganisms.

As a result, they can be used and reused for a long period of time.

Are PET Bottle Recyclable?


PET bottles are 100% recyclable.

They can be recycled into new PET bottles or other a variety of other useful products.

Products from recycled PET bottles include fiberfill for duvet and pillows, carpets, clothing fiber, industrial strapping and many others.

And because PET bottles can be recycled, they are therefore sustainable and environment friendly.

PET bottle

PET bottle

What are the Disadvantages of PET Bottles?

PET bottles are biologically inactive and cannot be broken down by microorganisms.

This makes them biodegradable.

When not properly disposed or recycled, PET bottles pose as a threat to the environment.

Also, they can easily pile up on landfills and stay for thousand of years without decomposing.

They are affected by hot liquids.

They are likely to smell when they get scratched or are not properly washed.

This is because bacteria lodge and grow hence it produces the foul smell.

What are the Available Color Options for PET Bottles?

Different color options for PET bottle

Different color options for PET bottle

PET bottles can be clear or of any color.

However, colored bottles cost more than the clear ones.

Products to be packaged also determine the color of PET bottles.

Certain colors such as amber can be used to protect the content from degrading due to direct sunlight.

This is common with pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Clients who need to customized colors are required to indicate the pantone color code of their choice when ordering.

The manufacturer will then match your requested color.

What are the Available Sizes for PET Water Bottles?

PET bottles come in different capacities with the common measuring unit being in milliliters (ml).

The sizes range from 3ml to 1000ml and beyond.

Manufacturers accept customization of PET bottle thereby allowing clients to choose their desired size depending on the use.

Do PET Bottle Manufacturers have Product Return Policy?

PET bottle manufacturers value their clients’ feedback on their products.

In regards to that, they have dedicated personnel that handle complaints as soon as they arise.

Unsatisfied clients are required to reach out to manufacturer within 30 days of receipt of goods.

They are required to provide reason for return together with photographic documentation.

The manufacturer then accesses the reason and only accept unused PET bottles in their original package.

Normally, the client is either refunded or PET bottles are exchanged with new ones depending on the agreement.

PET bottles bought from Ali baba cannot be returned to manufacturer in case of damage during transit.

Also, PET bottles that have been used and not in their original packaging are not accepted back.

Are there Quality Certifications for PET Bottles?

PET bottles undergone international standard testing on health safety, environment safety, good manufacturing practices etc.

As a result, they are then awarded with quality certificates such as CE, SGS, FDA, ISO, SEDEX, BSCI etc.

This signifies that the bottles are compliant and safe for human use.

What are the Available Shapes for PET Bottles?

PET bottles are mostly cylindrical in shape but one can order for any desired shape.

The material used is highly flexible hence easy to mold into any shape.

How long Does it take to Manufacture PET Bottle?

Most manufacturers use the latest production technology with an average turnover of 100,000 bottles per day.

They therefore leverage their timely delivery on automated production.

It takes an average of 7 days to manufacture plain PET bottles.

Whereas customized PET bottles take up to 30 days to be ready depending on the complexity of design and order quantity.

More complex orders require more time to execute as compared to plain PET bottle orders.

Urgent orders can be produced within a shorter time but will definitely cost more.

Do PET Bottle Manufacturers help in Shipping?

PET bottle manufacturers normally offer shipping services to their clients however, freight charges are borne by the clients.

The available shipping services include courier using DHL, FedEx, TNT or air cargo and sea freight.

These take different days as follows; courier 3-5 days, air cargo 5-7 days and sea 15-45 days.

The method used to ferry goods entirely depends on customer requirement and product weight.

Samples and few piece orders are shipped via express courier while light weight goods can be airlifted.

Large and bulky are shipped by sea freight to destination port.

How does Plastic Bottle compare to Stainless Steel Bottle?

PET Bottle

PET bottle

Plastic bottles are manufactured from 100% virgin plastic materials whereas stainless steel bottles are made from food grade stainless steel.

Whereas plastic bottles are breakable and can be punctured, stainless-steel are unbreakable cannot be punctured hence are more durable.

Plastic bottles are manufactured by injection molding technique while stainless steel bottles are produced by a different method.

Most of plastic bottles cannot be used for hot liquids due to deforming possibility.

Stainless-steel bottles on the other hand are double walled insulated and can hold and retain temperatures for hot and cold liquids.

Stainless steel bottle

Stainless steel bottle

Old Plastic bottles made from PET can be recycled into new plastic bottles and other valuable products.

Old stainless-steel cannot be recycled into new bottle.

Both bottles have been inspected and cleared by relevant bodies such as FDA as safe for human use.

Both plastic and stainless-steel bottles are free from BPA compounds.

Customizing options like silk screen printing, frosting, water transfer, etc. can be used on both bottles.

At LaiKoe, we design and manufacture a range of PET bottles.

We can manufacture PET bottles to your specifications at competitive prices.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Material is Plastic PET Bottle?

LaiKoe Plastic PET Bottles are in Material 100% Virgin PET, as well as 18/8 Grade 304 Stainless Steel for  LID and Bottom for Metal Drink Bottles.

Are these Plastic Material Safe?

PET is Lead Free, BPA Free and Phthalate Free (6P), they are safe for drinking water and loading beverages.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

The averaged lead time of Laikoe PET bottle order is 35 days, starts from the date order confirmed with deposit paid, and all details get approved.

What’ your Sample Policy?

Free charge for existed pet bottle samples.

Printing Plate charge (Pattern fee) ranges from usd300 to usd800 will be charged for Heat transfer printing.

Courier cost will be charged and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T, with Deposit of 30-50%, balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on PET bottle?

20,000 pcs to start your custom plastic PET bottle


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