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LaiKoe is one of the reliable Custom Perfume Bottles manufacturers in China, supplies the latest style of Perfume Bottle for Wholesaler, Retailer, Dealer, Distributor, and Brand.

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5ml Portable Mini Aluminum Refillable Perfume Bottle, with Gold Spray Painted Empty Cosmetic Containers and  Atomizer for Traveler

30ml, 50ml, 100ml, Custom Crystal Empty Glass Perfume Bottles with Sprayer China Manufacturers

4 Sized Portable Acrylic Mini Refillable Perfume Bottle, with Gold Spray Painted Lid and Atomizer for Traveler

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Custom Unique Perfume Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As one of the professional Custom Perfume Bottles manufacturers in China, LaiKoe masters those processing way to decorate your custom Perfume Bottles. They are Silk Screen Printing,  Heat Transfer Printing etc. Contact Laikoe Anytime to Boom your Business!

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Frosted Coating
  • Silicone Band
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe perfume bottles are made of high quality materials. These bottles can be made from glass, aluminum and even plastic. Perfume bottles will help you to pack and display your favorite fragrance. The perfume bottles different workmanship performs various fragrance traits. Each bottle works well for variety of applications. This health and beauty bottles are less expensive than any other bottle.

Perfume bottles can be designed in spray or roll-on styles. You can choose the right style according to your product fragrances. Laikoe also manufacture wide variety of perfume bottles shapes, captivating colors, and patterns.  These perfume bottles can be designed according to your request. Our team of skilled workers will engraved and fabricate perfume bottles by using high tech machineries.

Laikoe perfume bottles are offered in a variety of sizes, from small to larger volume capacity. No need to worry for traveling, or in any other events, you can carry favorite fragrance all day long. Laikoe perfume bottles are world-class bottle which stand out to the rest. Get the best selection of fragrance bottles from Laikoe for your business and personal project needs.

Laikoe will supply a complete and finished packaging for perfume bottles products. Over the years, Laikoe specialize in developing and producing wide array of perfume bottles. Custom perfume bottle for your brand are preferred to boost your business. Our wide variety of perfume bottles will let you choose the perfect design of your fragrance characteristics.

These perfume bottles is 100% unique and trend in all market places and equipped with modern decorations. At Laikoe, we can provide all kinds of perfume bottles you have in mind. We can help you obtain high quality and standard perfume bottle products.

Our perfume bottles are perfect for all classifications of your perfumes and fragrances. Laikoe designed perfume bottles which can be customized. By promoting your business and making great presents, we make our perfume bottles easy to use for any purposes.

Laikoe perfume bottles are created by the most intelligent workers and high tech machines and claim the vision of success. Laikoe manufactures remarkable perfume bottles and services for global buyers. We provide all kinds and types of perfume bottles at different variety of styles.

Laikoe has been successfully growing in perfume bottle industry for many years. We aim and dedicated to provide packaging solutions at our very best. Providing perfume bottles that exceed in marketing industries is our main goal. Our perfume bottles carry the most competitive price like no other.

Laikoe is the best perfume bottles manufacturer for unique fragrances with specialized applications. We also provide perfume bottles with unique labels you require and best packages. We are fast-growing supplier of perfume bottles and consistently adding new items and innovations for perfumes bottles.

Laikoe perfume bottles are composed of innovative designs to enable us to cater the visions of any designers. For your custom perfume bottle, you can contact us through email or call us. Our sales team will accept your inquiries right away.

Perfume Bottle Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Discovery of perfumes by Egyptians led to the invention of perfume bottles.

Today, many businesses are benefiting from perfume bottles – either by selling empty or filled bottles.

If you’re that business or person, here is all information you need to buy high quality and reliable perfume bottle.

Keep reading.

What are Perfume Bottles?

Perfume bottles are vessels or containers used to hold and pack fragrances.

They come in different shape, size, color and design.

The ancient Egyptian used containers made from stone before evolving to glass bottles.

As the industry grew, more materials such as plastics, acrylic and aluminum were used for perfume bottle.

The designs also improved and saw the emergence feminine perfume bottles and masculine perfume bottles.

What are the Components of Perfume Bottles?

The components of a perfume bottle depend on whether it is a sprayer or roll on style. Sprayer bottles compose of:

Parts of perfume bottle

Parts of perfume bottle

  • Bottle/ vial holds the liquid perfume
  • Thin tube this is cut diagonally at the bottom to help suck the liquid perfume.
  • Nozzle/bulb connected to the tube at the top of the bottle. It serves to expel the perfume when gently pressed.
  • Screen-set is a small outlet on the nozzle, the fine mists pass through this hole.
  • Bottle cap can be of different shape and design, they prevent accidental spillage of the perfume.

Perfume bottles with roll-on application do not have the tube or nozzle, they instead have a plastic ball.

This ball dispenses perfume as it rolls between skin and the bottle.

How does Perfume Bottle Work?

How a perfume bottle works depends on its design.

It can be by spraying, roll-on application or applicator use;

· Perfume Sprayer Bottles

This is currently the most common perfume bottle design in the market.

It replaced the bulky puff perfume bottles which had a bulb separately attached to them.

It constitutes a one-way valve, nozzle and a pump as part of the bottle.

When the pump attached to the tube is pressed, it draws up the liquid perfume through the one-way valve.

Perfume sprayer bottle

Perfume sprayer bottle

It thereafter forces out the perfume in form of a mist through the spray nozzle.

This is available in different materials, sizes, and shape.

It provides better aim for where you wish to apply the perfume without much wastage.

· Roll-on Perfume Bottle

Roll-on perfume bottles are mostly used for sample or at home for homemade scented oils.

They come in glass or plastic bottles with a plastic ball attached on the mouth of the perfume bottle.

It dispenses the perfume as the ball glides over the skin surface.

It is good for kids since they won’t not spray much perfume on themselves.

Roll on perfume bottle

Roll on perfume bottle

· Applicator Perfume Bottles

This type of bottle has plastic applicators that dip into the perfume attached to the caps.

When you unscrew the perfume bottle, the applicator drenched in perfume is lifted and dabbed onto the skin.

What are the Benefits of Vintage Perfume Bottles?

  • Vintage perfume bottles serve as historical artifacts and represent a past era in fashion.
  • They add an elegant touch to your perfume collection due to their classy look and feel.
  • They make great collectables for keepsake to people who are avid perfume collectors
  • A perfect gift to someone who loves and appreciates their craft.
  • They are valuables and can fetch a good amount of money when sold.
  • They add elegance décor to your dressing table, bathroom, bookshelf, etc. because of their unique designs and colorful embellishments.
  • They are refillable bottles hence can be used to repackage scents, oils or lotions. This saves you a few pennies that would go into buying a new bottle.

Are there Standards Sizes for Perfume Bottles?


Perfume bottles manufacturers design the bottles in various sizes for clients to choose from.

They can be in ounces (oz) or milliliters (ml) with ml being common in many countries.

The sizes range from 5ml all the way to 100ml with the latter being the common market size.

Clients can dictate the size of the perfume bottle depending on intended use.

For perfumes intended for sampling scent, clients can order for 5ml or 8ml bottle.

Those that carry their perfume bottles wherever they go, miniature bottles such as 10ml, 15ml and 20ml are the ideal sizes.

Bigger perfume bottles such as 60ml, 75ml, 100ml are for dresser table.

How do you Choose Refillable Perfume Bottles?

Refillable perfume bottle

Refillable perfume bottle

Refillable perfume bottles are ideal for traveling with small amount of perfume, cologne or after shave top-ups from larger bottles.

When choosing a refillable perfume bottles look out for the following;

  1. Removable cap with refill kits such as funnel and dropper or atomizer pump for easy refilling.
  2. The refill bottles should give a good fine mist spray with a gentle press on the cap.
  3. Small portable refill bottles that can fit in a purse or pocket and safe for your scent of choice.
  4. Can hold a substantial amount of scent that can last you for a few days especially when traveling.
  5. The refillable perfume bottle should be fitted with leak proof valve.
  6. The refillable perfume bottle should be multipurpose and not restrictive.

How does Plastic Perfume Bottle compare to Glass Perfume Bottle?

Plastic perfume bottles can be made from recyclables PET or PP plastics while glass perfume bottles are made from glass material.

While glass perfume bottles are inert and do not react with the perfume held, plastic perfume bottle might affect the perfume.

Plastic perfume bottles are cheap, easy to shape, and manipulate during production whereas glass bottles are expensive and difficult to design.

Glass bottles can be made double walled to make it sturdy or shape the inner wall different from the outer wall.

On the other hand, plastic perfume bottles are not double walled.

Both plastic and glass perfume bottles can be clear and transparent or colored, can withstand pressure and are waterproof.

Can Perfume React with Perfume Bottle?


Many perfumes have alcohol as one of their main ingredients.

Alcohol is a chemical solvent which erodes plastic materials when stored for longer period of time.

Factors such as temperature and storage influence the chemical balance of the perfume.

Overtime, the alcohol component breaks down thus eroding the plastic bottle and affecting the perfume smell.

Glass bottles are not easily affected by perfume ingredients reason why they are widely used for perfume.

Do Perfume Bottle Manufacturer have MOQ?

Yes, they do have.

The general minimum order quantity for perfume bottle is 1000 pieces for plain perfume bottles.

Customized perfume bottles have a higher minimum order of at least 5000 pieces.

These numbers are not as rigid as the manufacturer is willing to accept less order for new markets or trial markets.

Which Perfume Bottle Design do you Offer?

The design of a perfume bottle can be influenced by the application techniques such as; sprayer bottle, roll-on bottle and applicator/dropper.

Manufacturers allow clients to design their perfume bottles depending on their perfume needs and target clientele.

What are the available Decorative Perfume Bottles?

There are a variety of decorative perfume bottles inspired by factors such gender, perfume ingredient, etc.

Some of the decorative perfume bottles are high heels or heart shaped for females and fist-bumps for men.

Other bottles have floral designs to indicate the main ingredient being flower or orange shaped for fruity perfumes.

Creative perfume bottles are also available in form of purse, jewelry shapes, accessories such as earrings and phone case.

Clients are also free to design their perfume bottles to their desired specifications to meet their needs.

Decorated perfume bottle

Decorated perfume bottle

How much do Perfume Bottle Manufacturer sell their products?

The cost of a perfume bottles is defined by the material, size and customization.

Glass perfume bottles cost more than plastic and acrylic bottles.

Blank perfume bottles are sold cheaply compared to customized perfume bottles.

What Material is Perfume Bottle made of?

The materials used include glass, acrylic, plastic or aluminum.

Glass material is the most popular since it does not react with the perfume held.

It can be see-through clear, opaque, colored or frosted in appearance.

Glass bottles are double walled with the inner wall being round or oval in shape.

The outer wall takes a different shape but with a flat bottom for stability.

They are bulky, expensive, and a bit delicate compared to other materials.

Plastic materials follow closely in popularity.

The material used is recyclable and sustainable.

They are also easy to manipulate into different shapes and designs hence making them easy to produce in large quantities.

Plastic materials are cheaper than glass materials.

Aluminum material is lightweight and more durable than plastic and glass.

They are easy to design with different printing techniques thus lowering production cost.

With the correct inner lining, aluminum will not leech into your perfume.

This will prolong the shelf life of your fragrance.

Lastly, manufacturers use acrylic material for its aesthetic properties.

Aside from resembling glass material, it does not break easily hence durable.

It does not flake into the fragrance; it is light in weight than plastic and have a luxurious appearance.

It is however a bit expensive than plastic.

Do you have Multiuse Perfume Bottle?


Many perfume bottles with removable spray lids can be refilled with the same fragrance or be used with totally different liquids.

After the first use, the multi-purpose perfume bottle is disassembled and washed ready for the next use.

They can serve with liquids such as cologne, essential oils, air fresheners, body spray, do-it-yourself (DIY) products, etc.

How do Perfume Bottles Offer UV Protection?

Ultra violet rays from sunlight can easily degrade the composition of a fragrance.

To prevent exposing the perfume from such deterioration manufacturers, make the perfume bottle dark colored and packaged in boxes.

Should Perfume Bottles be BPA Free?

Perfume bottles should be safe from harmful elements such as BPA, lead and phthalate.

This is to avoid the possibility of leeching this substance into the perfume thus altering the integrity of the perfume.

How do Perfume Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

China manufacturers understand the importance of quality perfume bottles as this brings clients through the door.

They have therefore invested in quality control as part of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers have quality control staff that have been trained on the acceptable quality management systems.

They thoroughly inspect raw materials to ascertain meeting approved quality standard before taking it through the production process.

The staff also supervise the manufacturing process to make sure that the right procedures are followed as required.

During the production, they randomly pick the perfume bottles at designated points and test their quality before moving to next step.

Once production is completed, the staff inspect individual perfume bottles before they are packaged and shipped to clients.

How have Perfume Bottles Evolved over Time?

During ancient times, vessels made of porcelain, shell, wood, stones, etc. were used to hold and store fragrances.

Overtime,many people started using perfumes and bottles with a bulb pump attached to them also known as atomizers were developed.

Atomizers function by converting the liquid perfume into fine mist to avoid wastage of perfume when applying.

This type of bottle had its downside such as, leaking and evaporating perfume since the seal is not tight.

This led to improvement of the atomizer to spray bottles which produces fine mists when pressed. Materials also evolved to glass, plastic and aluminum.

How does Opaque Perfume Bottle compare to Transparent Perfume Bottle?

Opaque perfume bottle

Opaque perfume bottle

Opaque perfume bottles do not allow light penetration hence are used to package and hold fragrance that are affected by light.

Conversely, transparent perfume bottles allow maximum light penetration thus are ideal for fragrances that are unaffected by light.

Transparent perfume bottles clearly display your fragrance whereas opaque perfume bottles make the fragrance invisible.

It is hard to tell the quantity of fragrance left in an opaque perfume bottle as opposed to transparent perfume bottle.

What are the Color Options for Empty Perfume Bottles?

Empty perfume bottles are available in many different colors with the most popular ones being, silver, yellow, gold, pink, and blue.

Client can customize their perfume bottle with any color of their liking.

They can also have the perfume bottles, clear, opaque or frosted.

Different colors of perfume bottles

Different colors of perfume bottles

Should buy from Perfume Bottle Manufacturers or Perfume Bottle Wholesale Supplier on Alibaba?

Buying from manufacturer is better because you are at liberty to customize your order to your specifications.

Secondly, manufacturers are flexible with the minimum quantity of perfume bottles while on Alibaba the minimum order is rigid.

Another advantage of buying from manufacturers is that you can negotiate for discounted pricing as opposed to wholesale suppliers.

In case you receive defective bottles, manufacturers are ready to exchange or refund provided they are convinced with the reasons.

Wholesale suppliers on Alibaba neither exchange nor refund once goods are sold.

What Factors Affect the Choice of Perfume Bottle Material?

Some of the most factors you should consider include:

· Perfume Chemical Composition

Alcohol tend to degrade plastic perfume bottles when stored for long thus, they are not ideal for long storage perfume.

Glass materials is the best in this case.

· Appearance

To give a fragrance a luxurious and classy appearance, glass material is mostly used.

· Perfume Potency

Some fragrances are affected by heat, air and light, this makes the perfume loose its original color and smell.

To avoid such occurrences, glass material is used to preserve the quality of perfume due to its inactive nature.

Plastics on the other hand tend to be affected by environmental factors thus are not ideal.

· Shape and Design

Plastic and glass materials have different degrees of manipulations with plastics being more malleable.

When the shape and design is simple and the bottle is to be made double walled, glass material is used.

When the shape and design are a bit complicated and the perfume bottle is single walled, then plastic material is okay.

Do Perfume Bottle Manufacturers in China offer Free Samples?

Yes, they do.

Clients who wish to confirm the quality of the perfume bottles before purchase can get free samples for existing perfume bottles.

For customized samples, manufacturers do charge a small fee for them.

Why should you Buy from Perfume Bottle Manufacturers in China?

China manufacturers have rich experience in perfume bottle production spanning over 10 years with the most professional teams.

They also supply to a huge clientele base in Turkey, France, Dubai, UK, USA, among many other repeat clients.

This shows that their products are of good quality.

China manufacturers offer fair prices for good quality perfume bottles.

Additionally, China manufacturers have a design team that assist clients who would like their perfume bottles customized.

Their quality control team supervises the manufacturing process thus ensuring quality production processes are observed and only quality products are shipped.

Furthermore, China manufacturers have many production automated lines with a capacity of about 400,000 bottles per day.

This enables them improve efficiency and also deliver their orders on time.

Lastly, many China manufacturers assist with shipping of perfume bottles to client’s destination.

This makes importing purchased bottles easier for clients.

Do China Perfume Bottle Manufacturer have Product Return Policy?

Manufacturers have a return policy in place to guard against breakage and defective perfume bottles.

When clients receive perfume bottles and they are broken or defective, they are required to lodge a complaint with the manufacturer.

The client is expected to share a photograph of the defective bottles with the manufacturer through an email.

The manufacturer then assesses the complaint and when convinced with the reasons, they either offer a refund or bottle replacement.

The return is only possible when the perfume bottles are returned in their original package and within specified time.

Man-made damages are not accepted.

Are there Limitations of Refillable Perfume Bottles?


Their small convenient size only allows them to hold a certain amount of fragrance at a time.

And the fragrance may get finished before you are able to access the larger bottle especially when you travelled.

Refillable perfume bottles with atomizer pumps and have non-removable caps can only be refilled from larger bottles fitted with nozzles.

Do Perfume Bottle Manufacturers offer Branding Options?

Yes, they do.

Manufacturers allow clients to select branding options of their choice.

Some of the techniques are: decal transfer, hot stamping, color coating, among others.

Decal uses decorative stickers in form of cloth, plastic or paper to transfer image or design on another surface by contact.

They are used on bottle surface that cannot be easily printed on using normal methods.

In hot stamping technique a heated die is pressed against the bottle surface with a colored foil in between.

This leaves a crisp, permanent imprint. Different metal dyes such as gold, brass, magnesium, etc. can be used to achieve metallic impression.

It can be applied on different bottle surfaces materials and is simple, clean process.

Color coating technique applies options such as gradient coating, partial coating, solid coating and transparent coating to pigment to perfume bottles.

The options are applied as per the client’s customization request.

Manufacturers can also combine different branding options on single perfume bottles to achieve a sophisticated look.

Are Perfume Bottles Double Walled?


Glass perfume bottles are double walled to make them stronger hence not easily broken when accidentally dropped.

Double walled perfume bottle

Double walled perfume bottle

Another reason for double wall in perfume bottles is to enable them inner wall to be shaped differently than the outer.

For instance, the inner wall can be oval shaped and the outer one rectangular to enable it have a flat bottom.

What is the Average Production Time for Perfume Bottles?

Mass production of plain perfume bottles takes and average of 15-20 days whereas customized perfume bottles take between 20-35 days.

The time may also vary depending on the size of the order and customization design.

How do you choose Lids for Perfume Bottles?

There are a variety of perfume bottles to choose from depending on how you want your perfume applied.

The common lid types are sprayers, roll-on and droppers.

The material used for lids should also be free of toxic substances such as BPA.

When choosing sprayer lids, ensure they give a good fine mist with a gently press at the top and no blockage.

Roll-on lid ball should glide smoothly dispending the right amount of perfume and without any form of leakage.

For droppers, they should be long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle.

It should be able to suck the correct amount of perfume with one squeeze.

Are Perfume Bottles Leak-proof?

Perfume bottles are made leak proof and have well-fitting lids to avoid spilling the perfume held.

This is because perfumes are costly therefore, any leakage maybe costly to the buyer.

Do Perfume Bottles have Toxic Substances?

One of the requirements for perfume bottle material is that they should be approved by U.S. Food and drug administration (FDA).

The material used should be safe for human use.

Thus,perfume bottles do not contain any toxic substance that may leech into to the perfume held.

This is why glass materials are mostly used because they are dormant thus preserving the perfume for longer.

Do Perfume Bottle Manufacturer issue Quality Certificates?

Perfume bottle manufacturers are inspected by the relevant authorities to check if they meet the required set standards of operation.

As a result, they are issued with certificates of compliance such as FDA, SGS, CE, etc.

What are the Surface Treatments available for Perfume Bottles?

Surface treatment is done on the exterior of the perfume bottles in order to improve the outlook or achieve certain property.

Some of the treatments done include; UV coating, frosting, electroplating,

Ultra violet coating is a decorative process that can be applied in part or on the entire surface of the bottle.

This is in order to protect the sensitive perfume from harmful UV rays that may breakdown the perfume components.

It is done by spraying, dipping or rolling the bottle with UV curable coating which then adhere to the bottle surface.

It is applicable in transparent, opaque, matte, glossy, glittery or in any other method for glass, plastic or aluminum material bottles.

Frosting is a form of surface treatment that converts a clear bottle to translucent as a way of minimizing light penetration.

This is achieved by sandblasting or acid etching of clear glass materials.

It is common in glass perfume bottles that are used to hold and store light sensitive fragrances.

In electroplating process, a thin layer of a metal is deposited on the surface of the perfume bottle and smoothly applied.

This technique achieves both decorative and protective look on the bottle surface.

For instance, a gold plating makes the bottle classy and rust and abrasion resistant.

It is common with bottle lids too.

What Payment Options does Perfume Bottle Manufacturers offer?

Manufacturers offer payment by telegraphic transfer (T/T) method or by letter of credit (LC).

T/T payment can be done through online banking, western union or PayPal while LC is done on site.

Payment for stock perfume bottles is done upfront before the manufacturer can ship while customized perfume bottles are payable in instalments.

Client has to place a deposit of between 30-50% and balance is payable after production is completed.

As a reputable perfume bottle manufacturer, LAIKOE focuses on both high quality and cost competitiveness.

Contact us today if you want to skyrocket your perfume business.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Material is perfume bottle?

LaiKoe perfume bottles can be made from glass, aluminum and even plastic, acrylic.

Are these Material Safe and Durable?

Acrylic and plastic material Laikoe Perfume bottle used is Lead Free, BPA Free and Phthalate Free (6P), they are safe  and durable and help you to pack and display your favorite fragrance

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

The averaged lead time of Laikoe Perfume bottle order is 35 days, starts from the date order confirmed with deposit paid, and all details get approved.

What’ your Sample Policy?

Free charge for existed Perfume bottle samples.

Printing Plate charge (Pattern fee) ranges from usd300 to usd800 will be charged for Heat transfer printing.

Courier cost will be charged and refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T, with Deposit of 30-50%, balance before shipping;

L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on Perfume bottle?

20,000 pcs to start your custom Perfume bottle

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