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Most Popular Insulated Bottle Models

As a professional Insulated Water Bottle Manufacturer, LaiKoe Supplied the latest style of Wholesale Insulated stainless steel water bottle, to help the dealer or brand to boom business.

On the barrel of Laikoe Insulted Stainless Steel Water Bottle, body Could be Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating / Powder Coat and Gradient finishing.

Your could  get wholesale insulated bottle, with Logo added by Printing, Laser Engrave, Air Gas printing, Wrap Colorful Sleeve, Cover Boot. Check all Models now.

500 ml, Silver Lid and Bottom, Durable Powder Coated Bottle

500 ml, Gold Electroplate Body, Silver Lid

750 ml, Air Gas Full Wrap Printing, Bamboo Covered Cap

650 ml (22 oz) Gray /Black Gradient bottle, Handle loop lid

600 ml (20 oz) Hydro Flask style with Flip top lid & Silicone Boot

Huge Capacity of 1800 ml (64 oz) Bottle, Lots function lid

36 oz Portable Double Wall Thermal Flask. Food Grade and Durable

500 ml  Spray painted Bottle with anti-dropping lid

700 ml Vacuum Flask, Boeing Presented Bottle Style

Custom Unique Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle to Boom Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Design Idea for your wholesale insulated bottle
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment on the custom insulated bottle
  4. Your Bottles Production & Shipment
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Custom Unique Insulated Bottle to Boom Your Brand

As a Professional Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle manufacturer in China, LaiKoe knows varies of processing way to decorate your custom insulated bottle, by adding personalized graphics like Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Debossing or Embossing, 3D (UV) Printing, Water Transfer Printing, etc. Gradient Coating / Gradient Painting in 1C, 2C, 3C are popular. Contact LaiKoe Today to Skyrocket your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe insulated bottles are a fantastic way to keeps your cool drink cool and warm drinks warm all day long.

Laikoe insulated bottle keeps consumer beverages at the desired temperature for hours, even when they are on a hiking, camping or at the office, or while they were just simply out.

This bottle also suitable for tough people such as sportsmen, athletes, travelers, and so on.

All Laikoe insulated bottles are simple, elegant which are extremely easy to clean, and a great replacement of single wall water bottles, to-go mugs, coffee cups, and food container.

Thus, our insulated bottle is great for sports, picnics, and school lunches. Also it is ideal for used to stored water, coffee, beer, smoothies, and many other favorite drink or food, whether it is cold, hot or carbonated.

Laikoe insulated bottle can be made up of SUS304 stainless steel,  SUS201 stainless steel, or SUS316 stainless steel.

Furthermore, Laikoe insulated stainless steel bottle are available with lot of choice in size, design and more than 10 normal colors.

This insulated bottle comes with double wall which keeps your favorite drink at its ideal temperature. Thus designed with a spill-proof screw-on cap which ensures that you can carry your favorite beverage around wherever you travel.

At Laikoe, you can wholesale insulated bottle at reasonable prices. Laikoe manufactures insulated stainless steel bottle which eliminates condensation on the exterior when using cold liquids.

Laikoe insulated bottles are light weight, leak-proof bottle for
designed for ultimate portability and comfort, makes this bottle ideal for the person on the go.

Moreover, Laikoe insulated water bottles are made of food grade stainless steel body, and  BPA-free Plastic for cup, making it eco-friendly, safe and keeps liquid content fresh.

Its quality insulation makes it suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Our insulated bottle product meets and exceeds EN12546-1:2000, so you could guarantee these products standards.

Laikoe insulated stainless steel water bottles are the best and convenient products to carry your drinks.

At Laikoe, we design custom insulated bottles ready for personalization. We can manufacture insulated water bottles as per customers’ requirements including custom shapes, custom
colors, custom logos, custom packaging.

These bottles make great for promoting your start up business, and allow consumers enjoying outdoor activities to purchase your brand.

Expose your business to the elements by handing out custom branded insulated stainless steel bottles for events. Our insulated water bottles will save your money and time.

Our insulated bottle products have been trusted by our valued costumer’s, due to its eye-catching designs and high quality performance.

At Laikoe, we have over 20 professional staff and team that will designed and develop stunning insulated water bottles for your business needs. We can provide you insulated tumbler products up to 20,000 pieces per day.

Contact us today to skyrocket your business!

Insulated Water Bottle Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a reliable insulated bottle manufacturer in China.

Or, you would like to learn more about insulated bottles.

Whichever the case, you should read this guide.

It will help you understand everything in this industry.

Let’s get started.

What is Insulated Water Bottle?

This is a water bottle made from stainless steel material and sealed with a vacuum.

This type of bottle keeps water cold or hot for 20 hours regardless of the temperature around it.

Why Choose Insulated Water Bottle?

There are many reasons why you should choose an insulated water bottle.

These include the following:

  • These bottles are cost-effective because you can re-fill it once you have emptied the content.
  • Unlike the plastic bottles which after drinking you have to purchase another one.

These bottles can help you save some money that you would have used in buying a plastic water bottle.

  • The insulated water bottles are strong and last longer. This is because their construction is of strong and durable materials, like 304 stainless steel.
  • These bottles are safe from chemicals that usually leak into the water from the container’s material.

This is because it’s made of stainless steel that is leaching free.

  • They are perfect in retaining the temperature of the liquid content.

Regardless of the surrounding temperature of the bottle, the content will remain hot if it was originally hot.

If it was cold, it will remain cold for the next 20 hours.

  • The bottle is friendly to the ecosystem. This is because they are strong and resilient even to harsh weather conditions.

Because it can work for a longer period, it does not pose any threat to the environment.

  • Insulated water bottles help in economizing the use of fossil fuel.

These bottles do not need to be recycled like plastic bottles that use fossil fuel during the recycling process.

  • They are also easy to clean since they are stainless steel. They do not leave any residual smell after cleaning.
  • The bottle is made with a wide mouth, which facilitates easy filling, drinking, and cleaning.

Insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottle

How do Insulated Bottle Manufacturers Control Quality?

The quality of insulated water bottles is controlled through inspections, which are undertaken in their laboratories.

The following are the specific quality control measures they undertake:

  • Before the bottle is foamed, it passes through thorough testing for the quantity of rising, density, and temperature.

These tests determine the bottle’s reaction when there is mixing, viscosity, void, and discoloration.

  • The manufactures also do heat retention and leakage test. This happens according to the directions given by the military standard 105E.
  • They also perform an optic inspection to see if the colors match the intended manufacturer prototype.
  • The insulation test occurs by blowing hot air into the bottle. If the outer part of the bottle is cool, then it means it’s of good quality.

However, if the outer part of the bottle becomes hot, it means the vacuum insulation is faulty.

Do Insulated Bottle Manufacturers in China have MOQ?

MOQ means the minimum order quantity a supplier is willing to manufacture at a given time.

Yes, they have the MOQ, which is usable for branding the bottles.

For instance, stainless steel water-bottles in 18oz, 24oz, 32oz, and 64oz, have an MOQ of 200pcs for the available colors.

Their logo is made by screen printing, laser engraving, or 3D printing.

In addition to these, the bottle sizes of 12oz, 22oz, and 50oz have a MOQ of 1000 pcs.

These are for 1C silkscreen, laser engraving ad 3D printing.

MOQ of 3000 and above are for either heat transfer or air gas printing.

Are there Disadvantages of Insulated Bottle?

Insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottles

The insulated bottle has one main demerit.

They are relatively costly in comparison to plastic water bottles.

So in as much as it is safe and durable, many people may not afford to purchase them.

Are Insulated Water Bottles Safe?

Yes, they are very safe.

This is because the bottle is made from stainless steel which does not leach harmful substances into the water.

They are easy to clean because they have a wide mouth and this guarantees safety to the users.

Are 304 Stainless Steel Water Bottle better than Aluminum Water Bottle?


This is because it guarantees safety more than the Aluminum.

It does not leach chemicals into the water.

On the contrary, Aluminum water bottles are not neutral.

Therefore, it needs a lining that will prevent the metals from leaching into the water.

Which Material is the Best Insulated Water Bottles made from?

The best material for an insulated water bottle is 304 stainless steel.

This is because it’s easy to clean and can keep the content in the original temperature for a long time.

However, these materials are relatively expensive making the bottle also costly.

How does Insulated Water Bottle Work?

Insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottle

These bottles are made of double stainless steel walls insulation that are separated by a vacuum.

The stainless steel wall and the vacuum helps in preventing heat transfer from the water through convection and conduction.

Besides, the bottle lid prevents convection that may compromise the original temperature inside the bottle.

This insulated water bottle prevents water molecules from exposure to other molecules with different kinetic energy.

The content, therefore, remains uncompromised, thus remaining at the same temperature for a relatively long time.

How does Insulated Bottle Manufacturer in China support OEM?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.

A company may buy and resell another manufacturer’s products in its name.

For instance, insulated bottle manufacturers in China support OEM by buying and re-selling the insulated bottles made by other manufacturers.

They give them a surface finish with coated, printed, and embossed/ engraved logos and names of their own company.

Insulated bottle manufacturers design, test and sell water at competitive prices that alloy OEM business to make reasonable profits.

How big are Insulated Water Bottle?

These bottles are available in different sizes.

For example, there is 18, 21, 24, 32, 40, 64 ounce.

The bottles are made in different colors with lids that match them.

Can you get Free Samples from Insulated Bottle Manufacturers in China?


There are some free samples of insulated stainless steel water bottles available.

If you need a sample of an existing style with IC silk printing, you have to pay 50 USD.

However, the cost of carrying the sample to your destination is charged at 50 USD.

This is refundable once you place your order.

What are the Benefits of Double Insulated Water Bottle?

Double layer insulated water bottle

Double layer insulated water bottle

The double insulated water bottle is more effective in preventing heat transfer.

Besides, the two walls are made of stainless steel that is separated by a vacuum.

They provide barriers that play a role in protecting the content from changing its initial temperature through convection.

What are the Components of Insulated Water Bottle?

The insulated water bottle has three major components.

These include the outer wall and inner wall both made from 304 stainless steel and the vacuum that separates them.

Other components include the container and the lid that tightly covers the bottle.

How do you Verify Water Bottle Suppliers in China?

There is some way on how you can verify these suppliers.

For instance, good suppliers must be either Diamond or Gold members that have a verifiable business license.

They are also accessible in the manufacturer’s directory.

Also, they must be able to respond to your request within 24 hours.

In addition to these, they are verified by the fact that they can ship the product to the clients.

Qualified suppliers must have many varieties of these bottles in terms of size, color, and materials.

Lastly, they can deliver to their clients the bottles in the right condition and quantity at the right time.

How does Vacuum Insulated Bottle compare to Normal Water Bottles?

There are similarities and differences between these two types of bottles.

For instance, they are both used for storing water which is either cold or hot.

They are also both available in different sizes and colors.

However, there are many differences between these two types of bottles.

Therefore, below are some of these variations.

  • The vacuum insulated bottle is cost-effective because you can re-fill it once you have emptied the content.

Contrary to this, the plastic ones must be replaced by purchasing another one.

By using insulated water bottles, you can save some money that you would have used in buying a plastic water bottle.

  • The insulated water bottles are strong and last longer. The normal bottles like the plastic ones are not durable and cannot last long.
  • The vacuum insulated bottles are safe from chemicals that usually leak into the water. This is because it’s made of stainless steel that is leaching-free.

The normal water bottles like those made from aluminum and plastic are subject to leaching of chemicals into the water.

  • The Insulated water bottles are perfect in retaining the temperature of the liquid content regardless of the surrounding temperature.

Unfortunately, the normal bottles compromise the initial water temperature through convection and conduction.

These two processes transfer heat thereby resulting in the content temperature changes like for instance from hot to cold water.

  • The insulated water bottle is friendly to the ecosystem. This is because they are strong and resilient even to harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, the normal water bottle poses a threat to the environment since it’s frequently disposed of.

  • Insulated water bottles help in economizing the use of fossil fuel because it does not need to be recycled.

Plastic bottles on the other hand are recycled using fossil fuel.

  • In addition to these, insulated water bottles are easy to clean since they are made from stainless steel.

They don’t leave any residual smell after cleaning.

Contrary to this, the plastic or Aluminum has wear and tear caused during heat transfer leaving an awful smell.

Insulated water bottle performance

Performance of insulated water bottle

What does Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturing Process Involve?

The manufacturing process of this bottle involves many stages.

Let me highlight them below.

The first step: This involves the foaming of the bottles done through the pounding of the stainless steel sheet into the desired shape.

Second step: Once this is made, it is fitted inside an outer cap. Thereafter, you can now add insulation.

Third step: The cold insulated bottles are made by spraying liquid foam into the space between the cups and then left to harden.

A large vacuuming machine is used to suck out the air from the space to form hot insulation.

The fourth step: Once this is done, a silicone seal coating is sprayed on the cups to form one unit.

The fifth step: The next process is to paint the bottle with the color of your choice. You can also print the company logo and name on the bottle.

The sixth step: The top is also made the same way as the bottle.

This top made with a stopper that allows it to be pulled upwardly from the cap.

The top has a small hole which is molded through which the liquid flows out of the bottle.

The seventh step: After all these processes are completed, the insulated water bottle can be inspected to ensure it’s of the recommended quality.

It can be wrapped and shipped to customers all over the world.

Are there Insulated Water Bottle with Straw?

Yes, there are some with straws.

For example, there is a 24oz bottle that has a large opening at its top for filling it.

There is a button on the lid that when pushed, triggers the popping up of the straw to be used.

Water bottle with straw

Water bottle with straw

How long will Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Last?

These bottles are very strong and durable and even when it falls, it cannot break and scatter its content.

They can last for a very long time like for over 12 years.

Even in the hands of the hands of careless a person, it will still last longer.

This is in comparison to bottles made from other materials like plastic and glass among others.

Are Insulated Stainless Water Bottle FDA Approved?


This is because the bottles must be made in compliance with the recommended hygiene conditions stated by the FDA.

The bottle should be safe for human use and therefore manufacturing it also calls for adhering to FDA.

Is there a difference between Insulated Water Bottle and Hydro Flask Water Bottle?

These two have similarities and differences, but in this case, let’s focus on the difference.

The insulated water bottles have only wide-mouth whereas the hydro flask water bottle has both standard and wide mouth.

What are the Available Custom Surface Finish Options for Insulated Water Bottle?

There are three main custom surface finish options and these include coating, printing, embossing, and engraving.

Let us highlight each one of them below.

· Coating Finish

This happens by spray painting, powder coating, ceramic coating, and glitter paint.

Electro-plating and polish are also options for the surface finish in the coating.

· Printing Finish

Here the surface of the bottle’s finishing occurs by silk screening, sublimation, heat, and water transfer.

Alternatively, this can be done by doing air transfer, digital or 3D printing, and water decal.

· Engraving and Embossing Surface Finish

This is done by carrying out laser etching, embossing, and debossing which are done by punching.

Should you buy from Insulated Bottle Manufacturers or Water Bottle Suppliers on Alibaba?

Always buy your water bottles directly from the manufacturer.

They can customize insulated water bottles and offer reasonable discounts.

Do Insulated Bottle Manufacturers in China help in Shipping?

Yes, they do.

They can ship these products all over the world because they have wide experience in managing complex warehouse distributions.

Besides, they can also carry out shipping to their client’s offices, and homes.

Sometimes, clients may prefer their orders being delivered by some of their forwarder clients.

In this case, these China manufacturers are also flexible enough to deliver through the forwarders nominated by their customers.

The client can choose a shipping mechanism that will be readily accepted by these China manufacturers like the ones below.

  • The ocean or air freight where the insulated water bottle is delivered to a named seaport or airport.
  • Some are delivered to the door of the warehouse, office, or home of the client.
  • In some cases, the product may be shipped through express methods like UPS, FedEx, DHL, or TNT.
  • Lastly, Amazon FB is also a means of shipping the insulated water bottles from China to the designated destination.

With the information in this guide, you can definitely get a reliable insulated bottle manufacturer.

But also, here is a complete water bottle catalog.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Insulated Water Bottle Material?

LaiKoe Insulated Bottles are made of Food Grade stainless steel (Grade 304), Lead-Free.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 Stainless steel consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, is highly sustainable, food-grade, durable and safe.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

Depending on your detailed order demands like quantity, time.

If you have chosen our existed Insulated Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Insulated Bottles and colors,it takes only 7-12days for quantity not over 2,000pcs, even sooner.


What’ your Sample Policy?

LaiKoe supplies 2 pcs of Free samples from existed Insulated Bottles;

No charge will be collected for existed style sample w 1C silk printing or laser Engraving.

Courier cost of usd50.0 for Custom Insulated bottle samples shall be charged in your side which is refundable after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

Paypal for Insulated Bottle sampling charge; Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), 30-50% Deposit, Balance before shipping; L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on Insulated bottle?

The MOQ is 2000 pcs for LaiKoe existed colors and normal logo way of 1C silk Screen sc, laser engrave.

Contact us to see any favorable sample chance for Custom Insulated Bottles.

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