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REACHING Enterprises is one of the earliest hydro vacuum flask cup Manufacturer in China, has accumulated lots of experience in hydro flask coffee cups after long period practice.

REACHING’s main products are Laikoe Hydro flask cups, including a hydro flask travel mug, hydro flask wine cup, coffee tumbler hydro flask,hydro flask Sippy cup and so on.

Reaching enterprises export hydro flask coffee mug to the world, such as the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, etc. Nowadays, hydro flask travel mug Uk and hydro flask coffee mug Canada are of a fast-growing trend market.

LaiKoe hydro flask cup has various capacities for clients to choose, Among them, Hydro flask the rocks cup 10 fl oz, hydro flask 12 oz coffee mug, hydro flask coffee mug 16 oz, hydro flask 20 oz coffee mug, hydro flask tumbler 22 oz, hydro flask 32 oz cup are popular trend styles.

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  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Cup
  • Stable, Durable and Condensation Free
  • Keep Hot 6 Hours / Cold 12 Hours
  • Phthalate Free, Food Grade, Safe for Drinking
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Lightweight, sturdy and sweat proof
  • Different Capacity and Various Colors available
  • Lots of Lids fit Hydro Flask Cup
  • Brushed Silver Surface / Spray Painting /Powder Coating / Electroplate finish
  • Graphic way: Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas Printing, UV Printing.
  • Short Sampling Set Up, Quick Delivery
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Value-Increased Services with Affordable Prices

Laikoe hydro flask Uses only high-quality Food grade 18/8 stainless steel, Type 304 stainless steel is a T 300 Series Austenitic Stainless Steel. It has a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon.

Laikoe hydro flask cup is a double-wall insulated vacuum stainless steel bottle style, delivers what people on the go have been looking for: a durable hydro flask cup that keeps hotshot, colds cold, stylish, 100% recyclable and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Technology develops so quickly that Laikoe hydro flask cup Surface finishing options and LOGO WAYs are there for choice. For the most economic surface finish is sand polishing, mirror polishing, spray painting, powder coating, electroplating.

Graphic or Logo could be realized by Silkscreen printing, Laser engraving /Eroding, Debossing or Embossing, Heat transfer printing, Water Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing or UV printing.

Reaching Will be Your Best  Hydro Flask Cup Supplier and Partner in China

One hydro flask mug can match different hydro flask tumbler lids. according to personal preference, Such as Flat cap, Lid with S/S cover, Flower Flat Cap, Coffee Lid, Dual-opening Lid.

Working as a reliable Hydro Flask cup manufacturer and supplier in China, REACHING has exported hydro flask rocks cup for 15 years and accumulated rich experience in designing, high quality controlling and mass production.

The day output of Laikoe hydro flask coffee mug is 20,000pcs, the maximum monthly capacity reaches 600K. Sample can be finished in 7 days. The production lead time is guaranteed for customers.

REACHING – Hydro flask cup manufacturer China, provide one-stop Drinkware solution for Hydro Flask Importer, Dealer, Distributor, Store, and Drinkware brand, Laikoe hydro flask is eco-friendly.

Hydro Flask Cup: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide has all information you’re looking for about hydro flask cups.

From design, features, benefits and customization options, among other critical aspects.

So, if you have any questions about hydro flask cups, the answer is right here.

Keep reading.

What is Hydro Flask Cup?

 Hydro flask cups

 Hydro flask cup

A hydro flask cup refers to a double-walled stainless-steel cup specializing in maintaining a given fluid’s temperature.

Its conveniently small size allows you to move freely when carrying it.

What are the Typical Uses of Hydro Flask Cup?

Typical uses of a hydro flask cup include storing your fluid when carrying out various activities such as hiking.

You can also use these cups when in the office or at home to store your fluid.

What is the Origin of Hydro Flask Cup?

The start of production and sale of hydro flask cups dates back to 2009 when a couple was dissatisfied with the available water bottles in the market.

The initial production and sale were small-scale, but they realized an increase in demand for their cups resulting in an increased sale.

The couple later sold the company to an investor responsible for increasing the market outreach across the globe.

One element that has led to its increase in terms of sales is its acceptability among the users.

This is due to their unique characteristics.

 Different designs of hydro flask

 Different designs of hydro flask

Why is Hydro Flask Cup so Popular?

The popularity of a hydro flask cup is due to the following factors:

· Durability

The hydro flask cup consists of durable metal material, allowing you to get value for your money.

Unlike other materials such as plastic, metal does not easily break when you subject it to various external forces.

· Efficiency

Hydro flask cups can maintain your fluid at a given temperature range.

This allows you to enjoy your liquid when it is hot and when it is cold.

It can maintain the coldness of your fluid for up to 6 hours.

· Warranty

There is no need to worry about the functionality of this cup due to its extended warranty period.

This allows you to return it to your manufacturer if you experience any issue arising from its manufacturing process.

· Attractiveness

This portability and color appealing feature of this cup makes it attractive hence increasing its popularity.

Those purchasing these cups find it convenient to move around with them while carrying the fluid they need.

· Affordability

When you compare to other fluid carrying options, these cups are relatively affordable and offer excellent services.

This makes buyers select this cup over the other options hence increasing its popularity

What are the Features of Hydro Flask Cup?

The main features that you expect to find in a hydro flask cup are:

· Stainless Steel Material

The outer and inner material of these cups is mainly stainless steel.

This makes it easier to clean your cups and ensure they are free from contamination.

Stainless steel material also has other unique characteristics like its ease of customization.

This allows you to design the cup to fits your requirements.

· Capacities

These cups are available in different capacities, which enhances your selection choice.

You are also at liberty to customize the cups to the capacity that you want.

· Lightweight

The materials for a hydro flask cup are relatively light.

This allows you to carry it around without having to feel the burden even when it is full of your fluid.

· Ease of Handling

Most hydro flask cup comes with a strap which helps you to hold it when using.

They also have lids that prevent spilling of the fluid during movement or when the cup falls.

How much is a Hydro Flask Cup?

The price of a hydro flask cup depends on the following factors:

· Size

The different sizes of these cups are capable of holding different fluid capacities.

The effect of this is the higher the size; the higher is its price.

You, therefore, have to be specific on the size of cup that you want before knowing its price.

· Manufacturer

The production of these cups goes through different steps depending on the manufacturer.

You, therefore, have different manufacturers setting different prices for their cups depending on these production steps.

The critical element here is to check on a particular manufacturer’s quality before purchasing your hydro flask cup.

A reliable manufacturer should have all the quality specifications for manufacturing these cups.

· Design

The more complex a particular design for these cups is, the higher its price.

Design can take different forms, such as having specialized specifications on your cup like branding and different colors.

If you are on a tight budget, you have to consider choosing a cup with a simple design.

What are the Parts of a Hydro Flask Cup and their Functions?

The critical parts of a hydro flask cup are:

 Parts of hydro flask

Parts of hydro flask

· Lid

This is the top part of your hydro flask cup, usually of either plastic or hardened rubber.

Its function is to prevent spilling of your fluid during movement.

It also helps maintain the temperature of the fluid by ensuring there is no interaction with the external environment.

· Inner Hollow Part

this part usually consists of steel, and its function is to hold the fluid you want to carry.

· Double-wall Stainless Steel

the structure of this cup is such that the inner and outer walls are both of steel.

This enhances the quality of your cup in terms of appearance and its performance.

In between these layers is a vacuum responsible for maintaining the fluid’s temperature at a particular level.

· Handle

This is where you hold your cup either when drinking your fluid or moving around.

There are different designs of your handle depending on the type and manufacturer of your cup.

The main material is usually plastic though you can find either hardened rubber or metal material for your handle.

Which technology does Hydro Flask Cups Employ in Keeping Contents Hot or Cold for Longer?

To understand the technology that a hydro flask cup uses, you need to understand how it functions.

This involves several steps from when you pour fluid into your cup to when you consume it.

Key to the functioning of hydro flask cups is their double-walled stainless steel.

The double-wall has a vacuum in between them.

This prevents condensation of your fluid which helps in maintaining its temperature for a long.

The vacuum minimizes heat transfer from the cup to the outside, thereby maintaining the temperature.

The cup features a tight lid that usually has rubber around it.

This prevents heat transfer by conventional means, which can impact the temperature of your fluid.

The lid also helps maintain your fluid’s flavor, hence ensuring you have the same taste for your fluid.

Besides, the tight fitting of the flask reduces interaction with the external environment, thereby controlling your drink’s taste and flavor.

Are Hydro Flask Cups Worth their Price?

Yes. Hydro flask cups are worth every penny you spend purchasing them.

This is due to their unique characteristics, which facilitate their usage.

For instance, they are lightweight allows you to move around carrying them without feeling the burden of carrying a cup.

They also maintain the temperature of a particular fluid for a long which is essential in ensuring you get the best of your fluid.

You also get to enjoy a tight lid that prevents fluid from spilling while moving around.

Their unique design makes them have a high visual appeal which allows you to freely move with them.

What is the Liquid Capacity of Hydro Flask Cups?

 Different colors of hydro flask cups

Different colors of hydro flask cup

The actual capacity of a hydro flask cup varies depending on the size.

However, the common liquid capacities for hydro flask cups are 32 oz, 18 oz, and 21 oz cups.

You also have the option of customizing your hydro flask cups to fit the capacity that you want.

Does Dropping a Hydro Flask Cup Ruin it?


Dropping does not affect the performance of a hydro flask cup.

This is because its fabrication uses stainless steel for its inner and outer parts.

Steel does not break when you drop it on the ground hence cannot affect the performance of your hydro flask cup.

This is unlike other flask technologies, which use a shiny silver lining that easily breaks when you drop it to the ground.

How does Thermo flask Cup compare with Hydro Flask Cup?

Both a Thermo flask cup and a hydro flask cup have high performance when cooling your fluid.

They both can maintain the temperature of cold fluids for up to 24hours.

Both cups feature a wide mouth which you can use to fill your liquid and for cleaning purposes.

The advantage of the wide mouth is it allows you to fill the cups with ice cubes.

This is critical, especially if you are hiking or long trips.

However, they differ in several aspects.

For instance, a hydro flask cup can keep your fluid hot for long compared to a thermos flask.

These cups’ volume also differs with a Thermo flask cup with a higher capacity than a hydro flask cup.

What is the Perfect Hydro Flask Cup Color?

Colors of hydro flask cup

Colors of hydro flask colors

 There is no perfect hydro flask cup color. The choice of which color suits you depending on various factors.

For instance, your preference, dressing code, type of activity, and the environment you are using your cup.

What are the Design options for Hydro Flask Cup?

You can have different design options for your hydro flask cup, depending on your specification.

For example, you can select how you want you to handle to appear.

Common handle design includes a flexible protruding handle on the sides and a hanging strap over the neck of your cup. You can also choose not to have a handle for your cup.

The design and position of the lid are another consideration for designing your hydro flask cup.

You can use different lids, including their type of material and the mouth size and positioning.

Choosing the right color is also part of designing these cups.

Color considerations involve checking on your preferences and the type of activities you are to carry out when holding your cup.

What are the Different Size options for Hydro Flask Cup?

Different sizes for hydro flask cups are available for your selection depending on various factors.

When selecting the best size for your use, you have to consider, among other factors, the following:

· Price

Checking on the price helps you determine the size you want.

This is because the prices of the different sizes vary due to the volume of fluid they hold.

· Purpose

You have to be precise on the purpose you want for your hydro flask cup.

For instance, an athlete would opt for a small, flexible size cup.

However, if you search for an office hydro flask cup, you can opt for a slightly bigger cup.

This is because you are less likely to move around with it.

· Lid Type

The chances are that the different lid types are for different sizes of the hydro flask cups.

You can check on these lids when narrowing on the type of cup you want.

· Manufacturer

A reputable manufacturer usually indicates the size of a particular flask to help in your selection.

However, some manufacturers won’t do this hence making your selection hard.

Will Physical Defects such as Chipping, Scratches, or Dents Affect a Hydro Flask Cup Performance?

No. the performance of your hydro flask cup remains even when there are minor defects on it, such as scratches and chipping.

This is due to the quality of its material.

However, some factors can affect the performance of your hydro flask cup.

Such include puncturing a hole through the stainless-steel outer part.

The effect of this is the vacuum present between the outer and inner wall escapes.

This reduces the cup’s ability to retain the temperature of your fluid.

Using a defective lid also reduces the performance of your fluid.

This is because air flows to the inner part of the cup hence reducing the fluid’s temperature.

You can minimize defects on your hydro flask cup by ensuring you have a proper storing mechanism.

Such a mechanism should ensure there are no objects near, which can reduce your flask’s efficiency.

Do Hydro Flask Cups come with a Warranty?

Yes. Hydro flask cup does have a warranty.

The duration of the warranty and what it covers differs depending on the manufacturer.

What does Hydro Flask Cup Warranty cover?

The warranty conditions of a hydro flask cup vary depending on the manufacturer’s conditions.

However, common warranties cover the following:

· Leaking or Broken Caps

Your warranty may cover leaking or broken caps of your hydro flask cup.

However, you need to prove that such an occurrence didn’t occur after you had started using the cup.

As such, you can ascertain this by carrying out a test when you receive the cup from your manufacturer.

In case of leakages or breaking of the lid, you should notify your manufacturer for the Warranty to be effective.

· Losing its Insulation Properties

When you receive your cup, you must test it to determine if it has its insulation properties.

You can achieve this by filling the hydro flask cup with hot water and leaving it for 5mins.

Feel the cup’s outer part for any hot spot, which indicates a compromise with the insulation.

If it is such, you have to notify your manufacturer immediately for your Warranty to be effective.

· Damaged Hydro Flask Cup

Some manufacturers offer a Warranty for damaged goods.

However, this is only effective at the point of purchase.

· Rattling Sound

A warranty may also cover the rattling of your hydro flask cup.

The cause of this rattling is usually the dislocation of a metallic disc that is between the wall.

When you notice this sound, you have to check with your manufacturer either for replacement or repair.

What are the Lid options for Hydro Flask Cup?

 Lid options for hydro flask cup

 Lid options for hydro flask cup

The main lid options that you can find in hydro flask cups are:

· Press-in Lid

Opening and closing this type of lid involves pressing the center of the lid inwards.

This causes fluid to flow on the first press and to stop when you press again.

· Flip on Lid

This type consists of straps that hold your lid in place on your cup.

When opening, you flip it, and you are good to go.

· Screw Type Lid

A screw-type lid has threads on the inner side, which you use to screw it on the cup.

The cup has similar threads but runs in the opposite direction, making the lid compatible with your cup.

Which is the Best Between Standard Mouth and Wide Mouth for Hydro Flask Cup?

The choice of which mouth to use for your hydro flak cup depends on your preference.

However, a wide mouth easily causes fluid spillage, especially when using it during movements.

A standard gives you the luxury of controlling the amount you are taking at a given time.

What is the Best Material for Hydro Flask Cup?

The best material for a hydro flask cup is stainless-steel due to its unique characteristics.

Such characteristics include ease of cleaning, which ensures your cup always remains clean.

Its anti-microbial properties prevent the contamination of your fluid.

It also effective in terms of performance hence ensures you have the right temperature for your fluid.

Can I Customize Hydro Flask Cups?

Yes. It is possible to customize your hydro flask cups to meet your specification.

The process involves submitting your specifications to your manufacturer before production starts.

You can consider the color you want, image printing, or name branding on these cups.

What is the Benefit of a Customized Hydro Flask Cup?

The benefits of having a customized hydro flask cup are:

· Branding

Customizing your hydro flask cup allows for branding to meet your requirement.

You can brand it depending on your needs.

This is ideal, especially for special occasions such as during a running expedition.

· Specification

Customization allows you to have all the specifications you want for your hydro flask cup.

This includes selecting the right color and size.

· Cost

Customizing your hydro flask cup gives you control of its pricing.

This is by letting you determine what to include in your design.

What is the Advantage of Hydro Flask Cup Slip-free Powder Coating?

Powder coating hydro flask cup

 Powder coating hydro flask cup

The advantages of a hydro flask cup slip-free powder coating are its firm grip when you are holding it.

This makes it easier to use compared to other types.

Do all Hydro Flask Cups come in Matte Finishes?

No. there are different types of finishes for your hydro flask cups.

However, when selecting which finish type to use, you have to consider several factors.

For instance, these finishes affect your cup’s cost; hence, you have to select an affordable one.

You also have to consider the customization effect you want for your cups.

A polished surface leaves your hydro flask having a mirror-like appearance, and it is the cheapest option.

However, you cannot add designs on such a surface hence limits its usage.

Another factor for consideration is the functionality of your hydro flask cup.

A matte surface finish is the best option if you want to use your cup for hiking or vigorous activities which require holding it.

This is because the surface is not that slippery compared to the polished surface finish.

What is the Fill Material Type for Hydro Flask Cups?

The fill type material for a hydro flask cup is a vacuum.

It is the one responsible for insulating your flask, which facilitates its effective working.

How do Hydro Flask Cups Prevent the Transfer of Flavors?

The presence of a tight lid helps in preventing transfer or diluting the flavor of your fluid.

This is by preventing contamination and mixing of different fluids.

What is the Best Way to Handle and Care for Hydro Flask Cups?

Handling and taking care of your hydro flask cups is an effective way of ensuring they are durable and you get value for your money.

There are different ways you can achieve this depending on the circumstances.

You always have to ensure you close and open the cup in the right manner.

This prevents lid breakage, which can reduce the efficiency of your cup.

There is a need to ensure you clean the cups properly to remove any dirt.

This prevents the accumulation of dirt, which can be a breeding ground for various bacteria, causing your fluid contamination.

Another way of properly handling your cups is by properly storing them.

This should be as per the instruction of your manufacturer.

Proper storage reduces scratches and breakages, which affects the efficiency of your hydro flask cups.

How does Hydro Flask Cup for Kids differ from Hydro Flask Cup for Adults?

The main difference between a hydro flask cup for kids differ from that of a hydro flask is in their capacities.

Adult hydro flask cups tend to have a higher capacity compared to kid’s hydro flask for kids.

Most manufacturers usually add print on kid’s hydro flask cups to make them attractive to children.

Can I get Hydro Flask Cup with Handle?

Yes. It is possible to have a hydro flask cup with a handle.

Customization also gives you the liberty to design a handle that fits your specifications.

Are there disadvantages to using Hydro Flask Cup?

Yes. The use of hydro flask cup has its limitations which include:

  • Cost

The cost of these cups is slightly higher compared to other options.

This limits its purchase and usage when you are on a limited budget.

  • Reliability

The capacity of these cups is limited.

This makes it impossible to store fluid for several days.

It can be a challenge when you rely on these cups for long trips.

Is there a difference between Hydro Flask Cup and Hydro Flask Bottle?

Hydro flask bottle

Figure 8 Hydro flask bottle

The only difference between a hydrocup and a hydro flask bottle is the handle that is present in a cup.

This makes it easy to carry hydro flask cups compared to hydro flask bottles.

You can also find a variation in terms of the sizes, with hydro flask bottles having a higher capacity than the cup.

What are the Benefits of Hydro Flask Cup with Straw?

The main benefit of having a hydro flask cup with a straw is that it allows you to drink your fluid because it enhances convenience.

This is because you can drink without having to tilt your cup, which can cause spills.

Another benefit is it allows those with disabilities to use these cups.

For instance, those without hands can conveniently use these cups without needing help.

It is hygienic to use a straw that sipping directly from the cup.

This is by preventing the growth of bacteria on the cup’s edges, which can be contagious.

Is there a difference Between Hydro Flask Cup and Hydro Flask Tumbler?


The main difference between a hydro flask cup and a hydro flask tumbler is in the handle.

A hydro flask cup has a handle that facilitates you holding it.

However, a tumbler doesn’t have this handle.

You have to grip it on the sides when holding it.

Both a hydro flask cup and a hydro flask tumbler are available in the same sizes.

How does Hydro Flask Cup Compare to Insulated Cups?

A hydro flask cup can maintain the temperature of your fluid for a long compared to an insulated cup.

A hydro flask cup is durable compared to an insulated cup.

The price of a hydro flask cup is relatively higher compared to that of an insulated cup.

At LaiKoe, we offer the best prices in all hydro flask cups.

Whether you want standard or custom design, LaiKoe is her to design all your favorite hydro flask cups – contact us now.

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