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Most Popular Coffee Tumblers Models

As a Professional Coffee Tumblers Manufacturer, LaiKoe Supplied the most popular styles of Wholesale Coffee Tumblers to help the Brand to boost their business.

Laikoe Coffee Tumblers’ body Could be Steel Brushed Silver / Electroplating / Powder Coat and Gradient finishing.

Custom coffee tumblers could add a logo by Printing, Laser Engraving, Air Gas printing,  Etc. Check all Models now.

14 oz Stainless Coffee Tumbler, Push In Lid, Steel Inner Clear Plastic Outer

16 oz Starbuck Style Black Insulated Coffee Tumbler w Screw In Lid, Flip Top

500 ml Insulated Travel Coffee Tumbler w Firm Handle Easy to Hold

20 oz, Yeti Shape Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler, Clear Push In Lid

30 oz, Double Steel Wall Vacuum Insulated Coffee Tumbler, Clear Lid, Black Body

22 oz Black Coffee Steel Tumblers w Clear Push In Lid, Silver Ring at Top Mouth, Straw Optional

Champagne Shape Insulated Coffee Tumbler, 32 oz, Silver Steel Body w Clear Push in Lid

40 oz Double Wall Insulated Coffee Tumbler Silver

44 oz, Vacuum Insulated Coffee Tumbler, Double Stainless Steel Wall, Clear AS Push In Lid

18 oz Double Steel Wall Insulated Coffee Tumbler with Steel Lid and Straw, Silver Body

20 oz Insulated Coffee Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler with Steel Lid and Straw, Electroplating

27 oz Straw Vacuum Insulated Coffee Tumbler with Steel Screw In Lid, White Coated

12 oz Double Wall Blue Stainless Steel Coffee Insulated Tumbler w Steel Handle, Easy to Hold

12 oz Double Wall Black Steel Insulated Coffee Tumbler w Handle, BPA Free, Safe for Drinking

12 oz Double Wall Steel Insulated Tumbler w Handle, White Powder Coating, Easy to Clean

12 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Coffee Tumbler w Wire Handle, Red Powder Coating

12 oz Vacuum Insulated Steel Coffee Tumblers w Tough Plastic Handle, Black Painted

Custom Unique Stainless Tumbler to Promote Your Brand

  1. Send us Your Design Idea for your wholesale coffee tumblers
  2. We Confirm the Design and Produce the sample
  3. Confirm All Details and Payment on the custom coffee tumblers
  4. Your Tumblers Production & Shipment
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Custom Unique Coffee Tumblers to Promote Your Brand

As a Professional Coffee Tumblers manufacturer in China, LaiKoe knows varies of processing way to decorate your custom coffee tumblers, by adding personalized graphics like Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Heat Transfer Printing, Air Gas Printing, Debossing or Embossing, 3D (UV) Printing, Water Transfer Printing, etc.  Contact Laikoe Today to Boom your Business!

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Air Gas Printing
  • UV (3D) Printing
  • Gradient Coating

Laikoe coffee tumbler is designed and manufactured to contain beverage especially to people who lead with a conscious and flexible lifestyle. This tumbler serves as a sustainable container for your coffee. And can withstand daily use, anywhere you go and whenever you want to.

Laikoe manufactured coffee tumbler is BPA free and Phthalate-Free, also complies with FDA standards. Therefore, it is free from harmful environment and acts as a better choice for keeping your drinking experience enjoyable, clean and durable for a long time. At Laikoe, we can supply coffee tumblers that hold 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 20oz, 22oz, 24oz, 32oz of liquids.

Laikoe coffee tumbler is made of sturdy 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel with double-wall features to prevent heat transfer. This allows content to stay warm for longer hours. Also, the interior part of the tumbler, pass through smooth electropolishing that prevent odors, stains and maintains the aroma and flavor of drinks. The exterior part is also treated with a powder coat finish. Durable and scratch-free is even more manageable.

All Laikoe coffee tumblers are produced with strict quality control in every processing step, leak-free, non-toxic, food touch-safe. Laikoe coffee tumbler selection comes in a wide variety of fashionable and stylish designs, styles that meet your preferences. Some Laikoe coffee tumblers come with a handle which provides more convenient and comfortable use. Our coffee tumblers are also provided with accessory options according to your needs.

Whether consumers’ used to have coffee tumbler while having a long drive, before working, while sitting their desk, or having a morning cup of coffee, Laikoe coffee tumbler is your ideal coffee carrying companion.

Laikoe coffee tumblers are ready for all customizations that customers require like tumbler shapes, packaging bags, sizes and more. As a specialist in tumbler production, we manufacture all kinds of tumblers intended to store any kind of coffee. In Laikoe, we can provide all your coffee tumblers’ business needs.

For more than 20 years, it is our main goal to provide our customers with a chance to create custom coffee tumblers for themselves. We always acknowledge importers to expand their business and to be a good partner. We will help them grow their own businesses, wherever they’re based from.

Laikoe already equipped with advance technologies and facilities to produce coffee tumblers in creative ways and in a thousand pieces. Thus, we provide coffee tumblers wholesale at an economical cost and will give you tactile and outstanding experience for your favorite coffee, too. Our coffee tumblers will make you feel free to slow down your multi-tasking early.

Coffee tumblers that manufacture by Laikoe will surely make your travels happier and refreshing. We also carefully checked that our coffee mugs will keep your coffee hot, leak-free and handy. In Laikoe, we always welcome new ideas and suggestions for making coffee tumblers. We are always relying on our advanced system and services to create customized orders.

As an ISO: 9001 certified manufacturers, you can rely on the quality and service we present. What more are you looking for a better coffee tumbler supplier? You are already in the right place.

Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you want to boost your OEM or import coffee tumbler business, this guide provides a perfect solution for you.

It covers everything you want to know about coffee tumblers such as benefits, accessories, safety, design, quality standards and payment terms, just to mention a few.

Let’s get started.

What is a Coffee Tumbler?

A coffee tumbler is a leak proof mug used to hold coffee or any other beverage hot or cold.

It is manufactured using double-wall, vacuum insulation engineering for temperature maintenance, both hot or cold.

The main material being food grade 18/8 stainless steel, U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved quality steel.

This raw material is 100% Bisphenol A (BPA) free thus toxin free, hence eco-friendly.

The inner surface is electro-polished preventing unwanted flavors on your coffee.

This tumbler is convenient for travelling, office use, home use, at school, among others.

They are normally light in weight thus making it easy to carry around.

What Material is Coffee Tumbler made of?

The material used is food grade 304 18/8 premium quality stainless steel.

This material is BPA free making is safe for use in beverages and is approved by FDA.

Stainless steel does not rust because the chromium element in it binds with oxygen thus forming a protective layer on the tumbler.

What are the Benefits of Coffee Tumbler?

The benefits of Coffee Tumblers include:

Coffee tumbler

Coffee tumbler

· Temperature Retention

The double-walled vacuum insulation technology used to design the coffee tumbler prevent heat transfer between the inner and outer wall.

This, therefore, ensures hot coffee remains hot for up to 8 hours and iced drink remains cold for up to 24 hours.

· Flexibility

With Coffee tumblers, you can have your coffee on the go, in office, school, hiking, etc.

They are travel friendly and easily fit into the standard cup holders in vehicles.

If you are always on the move, then you need not worry about missing out on your favorite coffee.

· Non-toxic

Coffee tumblers are 100% BPA free. BPA is a chemical mostly used in plastic production.

This property thus makes it toxin-free and so your coffee flavor won’t be compromised.

With coffee tumblers, you need not worry about your coffee changing taste.

· Durability

The premium quality stainless steel is strong and not easily broken or dented. With good care, it can serve you for a lifetime.

· Promotional Product

They are customizable to the client’s needs hence they can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

· Easy to Clean

They are wide-mouthed making it easy to clean by hand washing.

You will need soap, water, and a scratch-free sponge for hand washing. Some packages come with cleaning brush making cleaning easier.

You can also dish wash your coffee tumbler.

· Rust Free

The chromium element present in the core material combines with air to form a protective shield on the tumbler.

This prevents it from rusting.

· Trendy

Coffee tumblers come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and can also be customized to your preference.

· Sweat Free

The vacuum insulation between the wall does not allow the transfer of heat thus your hands cannot get burnt or wet.

· Recyclable

Due to their reusable nature and durability, they make a better alternative to plastic tumblers and paper mugs which are disposable.

They, therefore, reduce waste piles from plastic wares which are non-biodegradable thereby harming nature.

Are there disadvantages of Coffee Tumblers?


  1. The tumbler is non-biodegradable hence will eventually lead to environmental pollution.
  2. Extra caution needs to be taken during hand wash to avoid scratching the inner wall which may rust due to abrasion.
  3. The premium quality food grade stainless steel is expensive thus making the tumblers costly than their alternatives.

What are the Uses of Coffee Tumbler?

 Coffee tumbler

Coffee tumbler

Coffee tumblers are for holding hot coffee or iced coffee or any other beverage of choice.

Some of the uses include:

· Breakfast on the go

Coffee tumblers make it easier to carry your morning coffee wherever you go thus saving on cost of buying coffee from the café.

· Retains temperature

The coffee tumblers are able to retain the temperatures of the beverage for a considerably long time for later consumption.

· Hydration

The coffee tumblers can equally be used as water bottles to keep your body hydrated.

They can also be used by athletes to carry water and energy drinks.

· Home storage

They can be used as flasks at home to keep the beverages either ice-cold or hot thereby saving on heating and freezing costs.

· Camping

Camping sites are more often in remote areas thereby making accessibility to coffee shops almost impossible.

The coffee tumblers are therefore convenient for carrying your coffee whenever you go camping.

What are the Accessories for Coffee Tumblers?

Some of the accessories that can be packaged with coffee tumblers include:

Removable handle

This removable handle with top and bottom ring allows extra grip of your tumbler.

It perfectly fits on the tumbler without sagging thus giving you a firm grip of your coffee tumbler.

It is made from BPA free plastic.

· Travel lids

Lids such us slider lid and straw lids are preferred when traveling due to their ease to use with straws.

They are also spill-proof making them convenient during travel.

These lids easily fit the mouth of any standard coffee tumbler.

· Straw cleaning brush

A stainless-steel handle and nylon bristle brush are for use to clean the straw and the bottles.

It is of perfect size and easily fits into the straw.

· Straws

The straws made of stainless steel can be used with slider lid or straw lids.

They come in a set of four to six straws and are BPA free.

Why Import from Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers in China?

China is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of coffee tumblers due to high-tech production standards.

The country has the lowest cost of production due to the readily available factors of production such as labor, raw materials and advanced technology.

This makes it possible to offer competitive prices to its worldwide clients.

Chinese companies are ISO certified and conforms to the global quality standards hence resulting to quality products.

Most Chinese companies offer shipping and logistic services to their clients as part of their after sales package.

The companies allow customization of products as per the client’s specifications thereby meeting the tastes and preferences of the customers.

The Chinese companies provide different payment modes such as Western Union, PayPal and letter of Credit (LC) from the banks.

How do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers in China support ODM Businesses?

The Chinese manufacturers offer licensing, warranty, customization, marketing and production of their products thereby saving them on extra costs.

Are Coffee Tumbler Safe to drink from?


They are 100% BPA free hence non-toxic to humans.

Is there Difference between Coffee Tumbler and Coffee Mugs?

Yes, there is.

Coffee tumblers maintain temperatures of the beverages and have a lid whereas coffee mugs do not.

Additionally, the coffee tumblers tend to have narrow base while mugs have a wide base.

Coffee tumblers are taller than coffee mugs.

 Coffee mug

Coffee mug

Coffee tumbler

Coffee tumbler

Are Coffee Tumblers Leak-proof?


The coffee tumblers are leak proof since they have tight seals.

How do you Clean Coffee Tumbler?

They are hand cleaned using soap, water and a soft sponge or tumbler brush.

They are also dish washer safe.

What are the Main Parts of Coffee Tumbler?

Some of the main parts of coffee tumblers include:

· Vacuum insulated double wall

The airtight space between the walls prevents heat transfer thus preserving the inner temperature.

Hot drinks last up to 8 hours whereas iced drink stay cold up to 24 hours.

· Sweat- free grip

Since the tumbler does not sweat, your hands neither burn nor get wet.

· Tight lid

Tight lid avoids splashing of the content even on a bumpy roads.

· Wide mouth opening

The wide mouth makes it easy to fill the tumbler with drinks, ice cubes.

This also enables hand washing.

· Rust-proof

The chromium element present in the core material combines with air to form a protective shield on the tumbler. This prevents it from rusting.

· High-quality material

Stainless steel 304 food grade used is 100% BPA free and is resistant to rust.

· Slim bottom

Coffee tumblers have a slim finish thus can fit in most standard cup holders.

· Durable and strong

Stainless steel cannot be easily broken thereby making it long-lasting.

Do Coffee Steel Tumbler Manufacturers in China offer Free Samples?

Chinese manufacturers do provide free coffee tumbler samples on available designs.

However, customized products will attract extra charges on samples.

This fee is refundable upon order of large quantity pieces.

Do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers offer Custom Solutions?

Coffee tumbler manufacturers meet client’s needs by allowing them to choose their product size, color, shape, and design.

Which Tumbler Design do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers offer?

You can consider any of the following designs and options:

· Travel tumblers

They are designed to be tall and slim without handles and perfectly fit into the vehicle cup holders.

They have a tight lock lid making them spill-proof hence are good for traveling.

· Mug tumblers

They mostly resemble mugs in shape with a slender bottom and wide mouth.

They have a sweat-free grip and a leak-proof lid.

They are commonly used for hot coffee, tea at home or in the office.

In some cases, they can be used carry beer.

· Thick-wall sport tumblers

They are made of very thick double walls to enhance temperature maintenance despite being exposed to outdoor weather for long.

They are sweat free giving you a better grip.

How do you Manufacture Coffee Tumblers?

Coffee tumbler comprises of the lid and the tumbler body.

· Tight Lid

BPA free plastic is used in the manufacture of tumbler lids.

Polypropylene plastic or a tritan plastic are FDA approved hence are mostly used.

Gasket sealing on lid

Silicon material is used to provide a tight seal between the lid and the tumbler mouth thus preventing leakage.

· Coffee tumbler body

The production process is as follows:

  • Double-wall is manufactured as per the approved specifications.
  • The inner wall is coated with copper to ensure equal distribution of temperature in the tumbler.
  • The tumbler mouth and bottom is then welded in shape and thereafter, grounded to smoothness.
  • The vacuuming process is done using a machine to create a vacuum seal between the inner and outer walls.
  • Vacuuming machine is then used to pump out the air between the inner and outer wall in order to achieve vacuum insulation.
  • The temperature test is then done by introducing hot air into the tumbler and testing if the outer wall remains cool or gets heated. If it remains cool, then insulation is achieved, and if heated, the vacuuming process has failed and the process is aborted.
  • The inner surface is then polished by electrolysis thus making it smooth, bright and rust-free.
  • The outer wall is also polished mechanically to give it a smooth, scratch-free finish.
  • Another temperature testing is done at this stage
  • Surface treatment such as powdering, spray painting, etc. can be done on the outer wall of the tumbler as per the specifications.
  • Wordings and logo can be done using laser etching, screen printing, among others.
  • Final temperature testing to ascertain complete vacuum sealing.
  • Individual tumblers are then physically inspected for appearance, spillage, among others before packaging accordingly.

How much do Coffee Tumblers cost?

The cost of coffee tumblers is guided by customization and quantity ordered by a client.

Customized orders attract extra charges thereby costing a little higher than un-customized tumblers.

Also, clients who order in large quantities are likely to get a discounted price per piece as opposed to buyers of singles pieces.

Therefore, higher orders offer better pricing.

What are the Available Sizes of Coffee Tumblers?

Manufacturers produce coffee tumblers in different sizes.

They also allow clients to decide on their preferred tumbler sizes.

What are the Available Color Options for Coffee Tumblers?

Chinese coffee tumbler manufacturers use Pantone Matching Scheme in their production.

A client is therefore, allowed to choose from the color scheme to customize their tumbler order.

How do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers Control Quality?

Coffee tumbler manufacturers have put in place quality control personnel who ensure that standard quality production procedures are strictly followed.

They check and certify that quality raw material is used and the right steps are adhered to throughout the production process.

Do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers have Product Return Policy?

Coffee tumbler with lid

Coffee tumbler with lid

Yes, they do.

Coffee tumbler manufacturers allow clients to return products if they do not feel satisfied with the outcome.

Once the request is lodged, customer service assesses the reason and advice within stated days.

Normally, a client either receive a refund or the manufacturer resend brand new items.

Do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers help in Shipping Tumblers from China?


Some of the coffee tumbler manufacturers peg a minimum quantity ordered on free shipment.

Nonetheless, these manufacturers are flexible and are willing to follow the shipping instructions given by the buyers.

They can ship via air, land, sea or by the use of global express services such as FedEx and DHL.

Additionally, the manufacturers have also partnered with clearing and forwarding agencies that makes it easy to ship.

Are Coffee Tumblers Insulated?


The coffee tumblers are both copper and vacuum insulated thus ensuring equal temperature distribution and preservation respectively.

The temperature preservation ensures that the coffee either remains ice-cold or hot for long.

Is Coffee Tumbler safe for all Liquids and Beverages?


Some liquids such as carbonated drinks have built up pressure when shaken and can burst the lid open causing spillage.

Further, acidic liquids such as soup and sauces tend to erode the stainless inner wall causing it to rust.

Rusting interferes with the coffee flavor and is also harmful to humans.

Do Coffee Tumblers Rust?


Then food-grade 18/8 stainless steel is an alloy of iron which consists of certain percentages of nickel and chromium elements.

The chromium binds with oxygen thus preventing iron from forming a rust on the inner wall of the stainless steel.

What is the MOQ for Coffee Tumbler?

The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces; however, these numbers varies from one manufacturer to another.

For customized coffee tumblers, the manufacturers do not consider the minimum order quantity upon signing sales agreement with the buyers.

It is also important to note that discounts are offered to large quantities.

Are Coffee Tumblers Dishwasher Safe?


The liquid detergents used by the dishwashers are mild thus cannot cause corrosion on the stainless-steel inner wall of the tumbler.

Additionally, the stainless steel is 100% BPA free hence no toxins will be deposited in the dishwasher.

How Durable is Coffee Tumblers?

When taken good care of, the coffee tumblers can last for a long period.

They are made of double walls that make them puncture-resistant and breakproof.

These two qualities make them strong and durable.

What are the Lid Designs for Coffee Tumblers?

Some of the lid design options available include:

Tumbler Lid

Tumbler lid

· Straw lid

This type of lid has a flexible hole that allows you to drink using a straw.

It is sure fit and slash proof.

Besides, it is dishwasher safe.

· Flip lid

The press-in lid closes to create a spill proof seal.

This is also dishwasher safe.

· Slider lid

This type of lid uses a magnetic slider that smoothly opens and closes the lid.

It can also allow for sipping using a straw.

The magnet slider makes it spill-proof when it is closed.

In addition, this lid is dishwasher safe.

Are Coffee Tumbler used for both Hot and Cold Beverages?


They can be used for both hot and cold beverages due to the insulated walls.

The insulated walls maintain the temperatures of either ice-cold or hot coffee for approximately 24 hours and 8 hours respectively.

How long is the Coffee Tumbler Production Lead-time?

The manufacturers have different lead times.

This depends on the quantity ordered and the customization required by the clients.

However, the minimum lead time is 15 days and the maximum lead time is 60 days upon order confirmation.

Which Quality Certificates do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers offer?

The Chinese tumbler manufacturers are expected to comply with environmental, safety, quality and good manufacturing practices.

The bodies in-charge have therefore inspected and ensured that they comply with their respective guidelines.

Some of the certificates awarded are ISO, FDA, SGS, CE, LFGB and RoHS among others.

Which Payment Terms do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturer Accept?

Manufacturing companies accept T/T.

If the tumblers are in stock, 100% payment is required before shipping.

If customized order, 30% deposit before production and 70% balance upon receipt of B/L.

LC is also acceptable as form of payment at sight.

Do Coffee Tumbler Manufacturer in China offer Private Label Service?


The Chinese coffee tumbler manufacturers offer customization services to the buyers.

The clients always give artwork of the desired prints, drawings or writings that they want to be embedded on the coffee tumblers.

Should you Buy Tumblers from Alibaba or Coffee Tumbler Manufacturers?

The buyers can either source for the coffee tumblers from Alibaba or coffee tumbler manufacturers.

For the readily available designs, the buyers can buy from Alibaba.

However, for customized coffee tumblers the buyers should order directly from the coffee tumblers manufacturers.

Secondly, the buyers should order from Alibaba when they need few quantities but buy from tumbler manufacturers for large quantity orders.

Additionally, when you want to save on costs it is advisable you buy from the manufacturers since the sellers on Alibaba pay site fee that eventually trickles down to the buyer.

As you can see, there are many aspects you should consider when importing coffer tumblers from China.

At LaiKoe, we offer a perfect solution for all your tumbler needs.

Contact us today for best process on tumblers, bottles and hydro flask.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Laikoe Coffee Tumblers Material?

LaiKoe Coffee Tumblers are in material of Food Grade stainless steel (Grade 304), Lead-Free.

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

18/8 Stainless steel is trusted and widely used by food and package industries, lead Free and BPA Free. Also eco-friendly, highly sustainable,  100% safe.

What’s the average lead time for my Order?

For Laikoe Steel Coffee tumblers, order could be deliveried within  45-50days after order and all details get approved.


What’ your Sample Policy?

2 pcs of Existed Coffee Tumblers Samples are in Free of charge.

For Custom Coffee Tumblers sample,  Courier cost of us$50.0 will be charged and refunded after order.

What’s Your Payment Method?

T/T with 30-50% Down payment, Balance before shipping;

Or L/C at sight.

What’s MOQ for your Branding on Insulated bottle?

MOQ is 3000 pcs for LaiKoe Coffee Tumblers

If there is  Open order for same styles and color, there is no limits for MOQ.

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