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LaiKoe is a brand of REACHING on Professional Ceramic Mugs Manufacturer and Suppliers in China, which is trusted by Importer, Retailer, Distributor, and Dealer for Ceramic Mugs and Cups Made in China.

Laikoe Ceramic Mugs are made from China Porcelain, have advantages of Lead-Free, microwave and dishwasher safe, Chip-resistant, easy clean and have great styles selection.

Customized Ceramic Mugs with unique decorations are available from Laikoe. Normal imprint includes Silk Screen Printing, Glazing, Heat Transfer Printing, and Laser Engraving, Etc. Check all Models Today for your Ceramic Mugs. Contact LaiKoe to boost your profitable business.


Ceramic Travel Mug

Ceramic Travel Mug

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Coffee Cup

Ceramic Coffee Cup

Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid

Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid

best ceramic travel mug

Best Ceramic Travel Mug

Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Handmade Ceramic Mugs

ceramic coffee travel mug

Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug

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Custom Unique Ceramic Mugs to Boom Your Brand

As a main Ceramic and Porcelain Mug manufacturer and Suppliers in China, LaiKoe has rich experience to supply your Ceramic Mugs with a surface decorated in different processing way, They are applying Glaze, Silk Screen Printing,  Add Decal, Heat Transfer Printing, Engraving, etc.  Contact Laikoe today to Boost your Business!

  • Silk Screen Printing
    Silk Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Printing
    Heat Transfer Printing
  • Laser Engraving Porcelain Cup
    Laser Engraving
  • Decal

LaiKoe is the leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Ceramic Mugs, which is the most common item related to the ceramic industry invented in Ancient China around 3000 years BC. 

LaiKoe Ceramic mugs are great for drinking coffee or tea, thus lots of Coffee Brands like Starbucks ordered a huge quantity of Ceramic mugs with attractive colors and fashion artwork logos decorated.

LaiKoe offers the best quality Ceramic mugs for promotional mugs and advertising mugs.  They are popular in designs and durable for use with economical cost.

Laikoe is able to custom ceramic mugs for clients from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc throughout the world, with customized or personalized Mug shape, size, color, graphic print, packaging, master carton, etc. You could create your own ceramic mugs for your coffee brands, store, and company name.

The range of Laikoe ceramic mugs includes Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Custom Ceramic Travel Mugs, White Ceramic Mugs, Black Ceramic Mugs, Custom Enamel Mug, Color Changing Ceramic Mugs, Sublimation Ceramic Mugs, Printed Ceramic Mugs, Advertising Ceramic Mugs, and more different styles.

Laikoe ceramic mugs have passed the FDA approval and SGS tests, to make sure our custom ceramic mugs or promotion ceramic mugs safe to drink coffee, tea, and water.

The day capacity of Laikoe ceramic mugs are 20,000pcs. The normal production period per order is 30days. Welcome to choose LaiKoe ceramic mugs to Boom your brands!




Ceramic Mug Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Ceramic mugs are made from naturally occurring material such as clay and water and fired at high temperature.

They have desirable qualities such as purity and do not interfere with taste of your beverage, however, they are very delicate.

How does Ceramic Mugs compare to Porcelain Mugs?

Ceramic mugs have thick walls hence can retain temperature for long while porcelain mugs have thin walls and lose heat faster.

Ceramic cups are made from clay material whereas porcelain mugs are made from Kaolin clay, silica, quartz, feldspar.

The firing temperature for ceramic mugs is about 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit (F) while that of porcelain mugs is 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit.

While ceramic mugs are opaque and do not allow light to pass through them, porcelain mugs are whitish and translucent.

They allow a certain amount of light to go through them.

Ceramic mugs are less fragile and cheaper than porcelain mugs which more fragile, elegant and expensive.

Both ceramic mugs and porcelain mugs are generally referred as ceramic because they use naturally occurring material and same manufacturing method.

Ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs

Porcelian mugs

Porcelain mugs

Are Ceramic Mugs Safe?

Yes, they are.

Ceramic mugs are manufactured using natural raw material such as mud which is fired at high temperatures.

The mud is made from purified clay and does not contain any harmful substances that may be toxic to humans.

How do Ceramic Mug Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality control is a major factor when it comes to ceramic mug production.

As a result, manufactures have ensured that they purify the natural raw material; clay before using it to make slurry.

Secondly, manufacturers have trained staff that handle quality control matters from start to finish of the production process.

They ensure the right consistency slurry is achieved at the start and the kiln are set at the right temperatures.

The trained staff are also responsible for formulating the standard manufacturing procedures that are in line with global set standards.

These guidelines are confirmed by agencies such as SGS, EU, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which certify the manufacturers.

Mid production, each ceramic mug is randomly selected and inspected for any cracks, shrinkage, etc.

The mugs that do not meet the set standards are remolded or thrown out of the process.

The same inspection is repeated at the end of the production process before packaging the mugs.

The manufacturers also request clients for their feedbacks as a way of improving and controlling their mugs quality.

The feedbacks enable them to rectify where necessary.

Are Ceramic Mugs better than Glass Mugs?


Ceramic mugs and glass mugs sharing similar properties such as neutrality, fragility and are easy to clean.

However, ceramic mugs are porous hence air bubbles seal them slowing the heat loss process by conduction.

This makes them retain temperature longer than glass mugs. Glass mugs on the other hand are non-porous thus they loss heat faster through conduction.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Mugs?

  • Ceramic mugs are strong compared to other mugs.
  • They are made from natural raw material hence they are non-toxic and harmless to humans.
  • They have a smooth finish thus they do not accommodate bacterial growth.
  • They are easy to clean by hand washing or in a dish washer.
  • Ceramic mugs can be used in a microwave and oven to warm your beverage.
  • Ceramic mugs are slow in heat conduction thus can retain the beverage temperature for a relatively long period.
  • Ceramic mugs are neutral thus do not impart the taste of the beverage held. This ensures all the beverages consumed from the mug retain their original taste.

What are the Limitations of Ceramic Mugs?

  • The glazing material may contain lead compound which is toxic to human health when it leeches into the beverage.
  • It uses a lot of energy thus it is expensive to produce in the long run.
  • Ceramic mugs are fragile and easily break upon dropping on hard surface.

What Causes Ceramic Mugs to Crack?

Crack on ceramic mug

Crack on ceramic mug

Cracking occurs in ceramic mugs as a result of sudden temperature changes and is referred to as crazing.

This sharp thermal change causes the body of the mug to expand and contract unequally thus developing cracks along its body.

Crazing occurs on the glaze coating of the cup hence it is not a structural issue.

For instant, when you rinse ceramic mug with cold water when it is still hot, crazing is likely to occur.

Another cause for ceramic mugs crack is fast drying during the production process.

It is important to allow the mugs to dry at their own pace before proceeding to the next step of production.

This avoids cracking as a result of structural flaw.

Do Ceramic Mugs Maintain Temperature of the Beverage?

Ceramic mugs have thick walls which slow down heat conduction through it.

Conduction is the process of heat loss due to contact with material from one end to the other.

Due to its porous nature, air pockets form in the pores hence slowing down heat loss.

As a result, ceramic mugs are able to maintain beverage temperature for a considerable amount of time compared to other mugs.

How do you Print on Ceramic Mugs?

Printing is a customization method done on ceramic mugs to make to add logo and make them decorative.

Some of the printing techniques used are as below:

Printed ceramic mug

Printed ceramic mug

· Decal Printing

This printing method is also known as roasted flowers. It involves using a thin paper film that has the patterns printed on it.

The paper film is them plastered on the flat surface of the mug without wrinkles or any trapped air bubbles.

This can be applied by hand or with a machine for uniformity.

The mug is then placed in a kiln with the film attached to it and baked at the appropriate temperature.

Baking the patterned film at temperatures lower than the required will result into a faded color print which is not glossy.

This can be wiped off with a wet cloth. And baking at temperature higher than the recommended will lead to a pale and white print.

The right temperature baking will melt the glaze and enable the pattern to penetrate the glaze.

Once the mug is cooled off, the pattern will have integrated well into the graze giving a glossy and bright finish.

· Sublimation

This technique, the image, logo, text or pattern is transferred using inkjet printer that has inkjet paper and sublimation transfer ink.

The sublimation paper is heated using a thermal machine at200 degrees Celsius to transfer the image on the mug surface.

· Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen method of printing involves the use of a mesh, printing ink and stencil placed over the mesh.

The pattern is then traces using the on the stencil and through the pores of the mesh.

This is a low method printing technique and is ideal for few orders.

· Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a high-end form of printing which leaves behind a permanent image with a classy finish.

It uses a laser machine to etch the imager, pattern, text or logo on the ceramic mug surface.

The pattern design is uploaded on the laser machine and the software directs the laser beams as required.

It repeatedly passes beams of laser on the ceramic mug surface to cut out the design.

This method is fast, expensive and suitable for mass customization.

Do Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers offer Warranty?


Manufactures offer to replace each damaged ceramic mug provided the client can prove that the damage is not man made.

The warranty period normally runs for a period of time from the date of purchase of the mugs.

Also, the warranty can only apply if the client bought directly from the manufacturer.

Under What Terms Do Ceramic Mug Manufacturers offer Free Samples?

Ceramic mug manufacturers offer free samples for available stock ceramic mugs and charge a small fee for customized ceramic mugs.

This fee is refundable when clients order mugs of certain quantity.

Stock samples are dispatched within 2 days of request and are shipped using courier services such as TNT, DHL, UPS, etc.

Clients can use their own courier accounts for shipping while those without are required to pay shipping cost to the manufacturer.

Which Ceramic Mug Designs do you have?

Different designs of ceramic mugs

Different designs of ceramic mugs

Manufacturers offer several designs of ceramic mugs for clients to choose from.

The designs can be vintage mugs, mugs with bamboo handles, color changing mugs, different mug shapes, among many others.

Clients who wish to design their mugs can do so by sharing the design idea with the manufacture.

The files can be sent using acceptable file formats such as PDF, AI, etc.

The design team will then assist the client by making a sample of their design for their approval.

How much do Ceramic Mugs Cost?

Ceramic mugs have an average cost of between USD 0.29 to 3.0 per piece.

This cost is determined by size, color, printing method, etc.

They are sold as a piece or as a set of six, twelve, etc. Some of them come with accessories such as spoon.

How do you get Best Prices from Ceramic Mug Manufacturers?

In order to get best prices from ceramic mug manufacturers, clients are encouraged to place bulk orders.

This makes it easy to negotiate for price discount for every piece bought.

Another way of getting better prices is when a client is loyal to a particular ceramic mug manufacturer.

Manufacturers do award loyal clients with better price for them or even come up with exclusive price list for such clients.

Such clients help boost manufacturers’ sales targets hence they make great business partners.

Clients who are wholesaler dealers of ceramic mugs may request manufacturers to offer them dealership agreement with better price terms.

Finally, clients who do not have the capacity to buy in bulk should consider consolidating their orders with other small clients.

This consolidation of order gives them a negotiating power for better prices with the manufacturer.

Which Ceramic Mugs Custom Options do you have?

Manufacturers allow customization of ceramic mugs in terms of size, color, shape and printing design.

All these affect the final price of the ceramic mug, therefore, customized ceramic mug cost more than plain ceramic mugs.

Clients are free to specify to the manufacturer the custom options for their ceramic mugs when they are ordering.

Are there Heavy Ceramic Mugs?

Yea, there are.

When compared to porcelain mugs, ceramic mugs are made of thick walls which makes them sturdy and heavy.

How does Plain Ceramic Mugs compare to Decorated Ceramic Mugs?

Plain ceramic mugs do not have any form of print on their surface whereas decorated ceramic mugs have patterns on them.

Plain ceramic mugs are cheaper than decorated ceramic mugs because they are faster and cheaper to produce.

Plain ceramic mugs are not as attractive as decorated ceramic mugs which are likely to be sold out faster.

It takes longer to produce and deliver decorated ceramic mugs compared to plain ceramic mugs.

Decorated ceramic mugs

Decorated ceramic mugs

Plain ceramic mugs

Plain ceramic mugs

What are the Key Components of Ceramic Mugs?

Naturally occurring raw material such as clay and water are the main material used in making the ceramic mugs.

They have considerable mechanical strength are opaque and whitish in appearance.

They are resistant to chemical attacks and do not leech into the beverage held.

Ceramic mugs are thick and porous thus do not loose heat faster.

They are able to withstand high temperatures up to a certain level thus can be put in a microwave and oven.

Do Ceramic Mug Manufacturers have Product Return Policy?

Manufactures have a return policy for ceramic mugs that arrive damaged or when the design does not please the client.

This policy is applicable when the client reports to the manufacturer within 30 days after receipt of goods.

The client is required to contact the manufacturer via email attaching photographic evidence of their claims.

The manufactures then assess the mugs and when satisfied with the complaint, the client can return the mugs to their warehouse.

Only mugs that are unused and in their original packaged are accepted back and compensated accordingly.

This is done by exchange of the mugs with a new one or at times, they may refund the money.

How do you Determine the Quality of Ceramic Mugs?

A good quality ceramic mug should have a smooth glaze finish which is not faded or cracked.

The handle should be of the right size to accommodate enough fingers and make holding the mug comfortable.

The edge of the mug should be smooth and even edge all around, to avoid scratching one’s mouth.

The wall should be thick enough to retain beverage temperature for some time during consumption.

There should not be any leakage when using ceramic mug, and the mouth opening should be of the right size.

Decorated ceramic mugs should have a classy finish that cannot be wiped off during washing.

The base of the mug should be smooth and balanced not to scratch the surface where it is placed or topple.

What are the available Color Options for Ceramic Mugs?

Different colors of ceramic mugs

Different colors of ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs can be made in several different colors such as blue, green, red, yellow etc.

Clients are allowed to choose the color of their choice when placing their ceramic mug order.

This is done by selecting the color code on the Pantone color scheme and sharing with the manufacturer.

The manufacturer will then match the color code to the color on the chart.

Some manufacturers may also make a color changing ceramic mugs depending on the temperature of the beverage.

How does Ceramic Mugs compare to Stainless Steel Mugs?

Ceramic mugs are manufactured from natural materials; clay and water whereas stainless-steel mugs are manufactured from metallic material; stainless-steel.

Stainless steel coffee mug

Stainless steel coffee mug

Ceramic mugs are fragile and can shutter when dropped on a hard surface, stainless-steel mugs are sturdy and cannot be broken.

The manufacturing process of ceramic mugs is mainly molding and firing at high temperatures while stainless-steel mugs are cut and shaped.

Ceramic mugs are neutral and do not impart on the beverage taste while stainless-steel may affect beverage taste overtime.

Ceramic mugs are not prone to rust or chemical attack, stainless-steel mugs may develop rust when inner surface is scratched.

Ceramic mugs do not have vacuum insulation while stainless-steel mugs are double-walled hence, vacuum insulated.

While ceramic mugs can retain temperature for a little while, stainless-steel mugs can maintain temperatures for several hours.

Both ceramic mugs and stainless-steel mugs are considered safe for human use.

Both ceramic mugs and stainless-steel mugs can be recycled hence they are environment friendly.

 Ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs

Is there different between Ceramic Mug and Ceramic Cup?


Ceramic cups come as a pair with a matching saucer whereas ceramic mugs are without saucers.

Another difference is that ceramic cups are smaller in size capacity compared to mugs.

The average cup size is 220ml while a mug is 330ml.

How do you Manufacture Ceramic Mugs?

Ceramic mugs are made using clay, water and fire by either Pottery Wheel Method or Slip Casting Method.

Pottery Wheel Method uses hand-made technique which is very time thus not ideal for mass production.

Slip Casting Method uses a mold to produce different shapes of ceramic mugs within a short time.

This method is used in industrial production of ceramic mugs.

Pottery Wheel Method

Potter Wheel method technique use hand to build the mugs from a moving wheel.

Specific clay mud material is used and is cut at an appropriate size that can form a mold.

The mud is then mount on a spinning wheel and a potter works it into a desired shape of the mug.

The resulting mug is then joined to a handle by direct contact method using water and vinegar as glue.

The mug is then fired at 1338-1690 degrees Fahrenheit (F) in a special oven known as kiln.

This results into an unglazed mug which does not contain physical or chemical water, hence the mug cannot break during glazing.

The firing temperature is determined by the initial clay material used.

Porcelain material uses different type of clay which requires very high temperatures for firing.

The ideal firing time is between two and twelve hours depending on kiln size.

Once firing is over, the kiln is turned off and the mugs left to cool down completely for about 48 hours.

The mugs can now be removed and glazed as desired by dipping, spraying, sponging or brushing for a smooth finish.

The ceramic mugs are then taken back into the kiln for a second firing for final drying.

The temperatures are moderated accordingly as per the glaze type and initial clay material.

The end product is left to dry again and ready for packaging.

This method is not good for mass production of ceramic mugs because it requires much time for every single mug.

Besides, it also requires skilled potters to work the mold to avoid mistakes.

It is therefore, best used with large objects such as vase, bowls and plates which are generally round.

Slip Casting Method

This method begins with creating a prototype that looks like the final product using either plastic or plaster.

Plastic material is preferred in this case because it is not easily destroyed compared to plaster molds.

Plaster mold are made into four halves with two being the mug body and the other two the mug handle.

They are made in large numbers so as to produce several ceramic mugs can be produced at a go.

Once this process is over, slurry is made by mixing purified clay with water to achieve a certain consistency.

The slurry is then filled into plaster mold with the drain valve closed and left to harden.

The plaster mold absorbs the moisture from the slurry leaving behind a hard clay which is now removed from the mold.

The next step is firing of the resulting mug molds which are now dry and hardened.

This is done in a kiln at the temperatures of between 1338-1690 degrees F depending on the material used.

Porcelain materials require high temperature of up to 2,600 degrees F while earthenware is fired at 2,100 degrees F and below.

The kiln has several shelves for putting the mugs and firing for 2-12 hours depending on the kiln size and type.

When the firing is over, the mugs are removed from the kiln using special oven gloves and left to cool down.

Glazing is done to add a smooth texture and color to the ceramic mugs.

The cold mugs are then fired for the second time in the kiln at specific temperatures depending on the glazing material.

The color can be of your choice as long as it is available on the Pantone color scheme.

At this point the ceramic mugs are complete and ready for packaging and shipping.

Why should you buy from Ceramic Mug Manufacturers in China?

There are several reasons as to why you should consider buying ceramic mugs from manufacturers in China.

One of them being, they offer competitive prices for the ceramic mugs both for stock orders as well as customized orders.

Secondly, manufacturers in China have many years of experience in the pottery of ceramic mugs.

They, therefore, produce high quality ceramic mugs worth every penny charged.

Besides, they have repeat clientele all over the world who can attest to their great quality products.

Thirdly, manufacturer in China accept and support OEM businesses by allowing them to place orders for customized designed ceramic mugs.

They guide them from the moment they make inquiry to the acceptable file formats required for customized idea through to shipping.

Additionally, they offer to assist clients with shipping logistics in case they need one.

This gives clients a ‘under one umbrella’ shopping experience which is very convenient.

Furthermore, manufacturers in China use advanced technology in their production of ceramic mugs.

This has greatly reduced production lead time and increased their daily output to an average of 3000 pieces a day.

As a result, they are able to deliver all client’s orders within the shortest delivery period.

Manufacturers in China are fully certified with international bodies in charge with regulating such industries such as FDA, SGS, BSCI, etc.

This confirms that they follow the acceptable manufacturing standards in their production process thus producing quality ceramic mugs.

Finally, these manufacturers value their clients’ feedback on their service delivery and quality of ceramic mugs produced.

Hence, they have dedicated team that handles all customer feedbacks and any complaints.

They then respond accordingly on all the feedbacks received.

Do Ceramic Mug Manufacturers offer Flexible MOQ?


Ceramic mug manufacturers are ready to discuss quantities lower than the minimum order quantity with their clients.

This is to enable clients who are on market trial to get mugs that they can easily manage.

They calculate the lower orders accordingly and share with the clients.

They also offer discounts on big orders thus encouraging clients to buy in bulk in order to get competitive prices.

How Do you Package Ceramic Mugs for Shipping?

Manufacturers have different packaging solutions for every shipping mode. Individual packaging services may also be customized to suit clients needs.

When shipping in bulk via sea or air, ceramic mugs are packaged in individual boxes, then packed in bigger carton boxes.

These are then wrapped in pallets to avoid clashing in the container or air cabin during transportation.

Few orders that are shipped by express courier, are packaged individually and put in a box of 30 or 60 pieces.

Some of the individual packaging boxes that clients can choose from include; window, brown, white, gift,color, polyfoam and PVC boxes.

Why is Buying from Ceramic Mug Manufacturers better than Alibaba?

Buying ceramic mugs from manufacturers is better than Alibaba because you are liberty to customize your ceramic mugs order.

It is easier for clients to negotiate for lower minimum order quantity with the manufacturer as opposed to Alibaba.

Manufacturers offer clients discounts on their mug orders when they buy in bulk while Alibaba is not flexible with prices.

Clients can request manufacturers for samples to confirm quality of the ceramic mugs before proceeding with mass production orders.

Which Payment Options do Ceramic Mug Manufacturers offer?

Ceramic mug manufacturers accept payment sent via different platforms such as telegraphic transfer (T/T), Western Union, PayPal, among others.

They also accept payment using letter of credit (LC) on sight.

The conditions of payment are that ready stocks are paid 100 % upfront before they are shipped.

Customized orders can be paid in installments with a 30% deposit being made before production can begin.

The balance of 70% is then cleared once the production is done and the mugs are ready to be shipped.

Are Ceramic Mugs Eco-friendly?

Yes, they are.

This is because ceramic mugs are manufactured from a naturally occurring raw material; mud.

It does not utilize harmful chemicals which may be toxic to nature. Besides, it can be recycled into other useful products.

What are the available Sizes of Ceramic Mugs?

Sizes of ceramic mugs

Sizes of ceramic mugs

The average size of ceramic mug ranges between 300ml to 400ml in volume capacity.

The width size is between 7.6-8.0 cm while the height is 10.8cm.

These dimensions may be varied to suit client’s mug size according to their order specifications.

What is the Average Turn around for Ceramic Mug Manufacturers in China?

It takes an average of 25-35 days from the date of order confirmation to delivery of ceramic mugs to clients.

This length of time may be affected by factors such as order size and the customization designs of the ceramic mugs.

Big and complex order may take longer while simple and small order size may take fewer days.

Manufactures use modern technology in their production process hence they are able to deliver within the stated time.

Are Ceramic Mugs Durable?

Ceramic mugs can last for as long as it is taken care of properly.

Their delicate nature makes it easy to crack and break when subjected to sharp thermal changes or dropped on hard surface.

Clearly, there are many factors you should consider before you buy from ceramic mugs manufacturer.

The best part, this guide has clarified everything you should know.

In case you have any questions or inquiry, contact LAIKOE team now.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s Ceramic Mug Material?

Ceramic Mugs are made of ceramic materials such as bone china, earthenware, porcelain, or stoneware.

Is Ceramic Mug Safe?

Laikoe ceramic mugs have passed the FDA approval and SGS tests, they are safe to be used to drink coffee, tea, and water.

What’s the period to get my Order ready?

For ceramic mugs order with normal quantity, it takes about 25-30days for a new order from the confirmation to final delivery. 

What’ your Sample Policy?

Laikoe supplies free ceramic mugs samples to potential clients.

In case there is pattern fee or molds fee for customized ceramic mugs samples.

Courier costs will be charged while refundable after order.

What’s The Payment Method?

Telegraphic Transfer, 30-50% Deposit, Balance Against Copy of Bill of Lading  for Sea/Boat shipment; All balance is to be paid before Air shipping or Courier shipping.


What’s MOQ for your Branding on Ceramic Coffee Mugs?

The MOQ is 3000pcs for the existed colors and normal logo way of silk screen printing, laser engraving.


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