BP008 BPA Free Sports Water Bottle

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BPA Free Sports Water Bottle

Features of BPA free Sports Top Water Bottle #BP-008

  1. Food grade Tritan material
  2. Durable and Portable
  3. Multi colors available
  4. Convenient to handle
  5. Thermos mouth wide enough to accommodate ice cubes.
  6. MOQ: 5000pcs

Precautions of BP008 BPA Free Sports Water Bottle

  1. Use warm soapy water to clean
  2. Avoid direct heating, otherwise, it will cause destruction of the vacuum layer, plastic destruction & discoloration.
  3. Do not use any metal objects (e.g. steel spoon) to wash or wipe the thermos.
  4. Avoid storing beverages with carbonic acid (e.g. soda, soft drinks, etc.)
  5. Keep at a safe distance from children while storing hot beverages.
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